Betty en NY Thursday 5/30/19 #81

Previously on Betty: Nico kisses Betty in front of Armando, Ricky, and Marcela. Armando skipped out on lunch to go to Betty’s house. Armando is about to kiss Betty when Demetrio comes home.

Demetrio tries to get Armando to stay for dinner, but Julia’s sure he’s having dinner with his fiancée. Armando tells Betty he’ll see her tomorrow and he’ll do what he promised.

On his way back to Manhattan he tries to reach Marcela, but she’s not answering her phone.

Inés asks Mariana if she’s found out anything about Romina. There are pictures of her online with a little boy…but Inés could have sworn she doesn’t have kids, other than being pregnant right now. There’s a framed print behind them in the picture that Inés could swear she’s seen, but she can’t remember where.

Hugo’s congratulating himself on his best collection yet. Plus he’s happy, he’s got Fabi, he’s in love with him 3.1416 solar systems where Pluto is still a planet. He puts his sketches down on the desk as Fabi suggests they have some champagne to celebrate.

Daniel and Mata have prepared Hugo’s collection. Now they just need a designer to take credit for it. V&M’s going to lose their new collection and their current president.

Armando gets back to V&M, but Mariana tells him Marcela’s out with María Lucía and she doesn’t know when they’ll be back. Ricky approaches and right in front of all the admins, Armando snaps that he has nothing to talk to Ricky about.

Ricky follows Armando into his office and asks if he was planning to tell Marcela here, at the office. He keeps trying to talk Armando out of it, insisting that Betty’s just playing them. If she were really in love with Armando, she wouldn’t have been kissing someone else! She’s not a saint.

Armando tells him to quit talking smack about Betty.

Ricky says he’s going to trash all these years of work, his dream of becoming president…for the love of a fea who doesn’t even love him?

As Armando exits the office, the admins scurry away from the glass and clump around Pati’s desk.

Sandra follows Ricky to his office and hears his “¡maldita fea!” she asks if he’s OK and he asks who told her she could come in. “You’re all alike.”

Sandra and Mariana touch base in the executive lounge. They know Armando’s angry at Ricky and Marcela and Armando had a fight…is it possible Armando knows about Marcela and Ricky?

Mariana says they aren’t even sure there IS something going on between Marcela and Ricky.

Sofia comes in and she can smell the chisme.

Sandra tries to say it’s just that her boss is in his office, hysterical.

Sofia agrees, weird things are going on. She found Ricky….

Sandra: “See, it’s true!”

…searching in Betty’s desk and when she caught him he just dropped everything and left.

Mariana: “See, it’s not.”

Sandra tells Sofia they’re talking about Betty. Maybe that has something to do with the argument they heard.

Sofia agrees, weird things are happening around here lately.

Mariana says there’s energy building up, but it’s not flowing. So she and Sandra are gonna go…flow…outside…and Sofia should flow…in here.

Pati screams at someone on the phone who just told her how much she’s going to have to pay in fines for that traffic violation.

Berta dances over to Pati’s desk and does an imitation of Pati saying “According to a study at DUI if you’re screwed, you’re always screwed. Even if you have a fancy car.”

Pati tells her to wash her mouth out, talking about DUI that way! Berta’s never even been in the parking lot and Pati did THREE SEMESTERS there.

“Awww. Only had enough for three, huh?” She dances off.

Pati decides to resolve her troubles by taking selfies.

Nico and Betty are reviewing all the money he made today. It’s freaking Betty out, but Nico says this means they’re going to get V&M out of trouble sooner.

Nico’s phone rings. He tries to keep Betty from seeing it, but Pati just sent him selfies.

Betty can’t believe he’s going out with Pati after she told him not to! All she wants is money!

Yeah, but Nico only gave her $100 and it was his money, not BAR’s.

Betty’s upset that he’s always lecturing her about Armando and here he is with Pati, who only wants money.

Nico says that’s defamation. How can she know what’s going on in Pati’s head? (Don’t make the obvious joke, don’t make the obvious joke, don’t make the obvious joke….)

Betty’s sure Pati wants to see him. And he can go without his credit card and no cash.

“Can I at least have my metro card?”


Marcela comes over to Armando’s. She’s been at a spa all afternoon with MarIa Lucía, getting a massage and acupuncture and doing yoga and aligning her chakras. She thinks Armando should go too. He’s been really cranky lately. Is he over that yet?

Um…he is still a little tense. And he’s sorry for screaming and behaving badly, but they need to talk.

That sounds bad.

If she thinks about it it’ll probably be good in the long run….

They’re interrupted by the arrival of Armando’s parents.

His dad says this was all his mom’s idea. To make sure the wedding preparations didn’t get screwed up.

His mom says she just wants to help Marcela is all. They go off in search of champagne and leave Armando and his dad in the living room.

Roberto realizes something’s up with Armando, but Armando says it’s just work. They’re getting the new collection ready and Roberto will get to see it tomorrow.

Marce and Margarita get back from the kitchen and Marce complains that all Armando does is work. She’s sure there are times he even forgets she exists.

Nico shows up to Pati’s with a carton of I don’t know what. She offers him a massage and keeps cracking his neck as the buildup to asking to borrow money to get her car back.

Charlie’s giving Sofia a gentler massage with a lot less cracking. They’re watched a movie, had some wine, and Charlie’s telling her she hasn’t even seen his best skills yet. She’s worried the kids will catch them, but Charlie reminds her the kids already know. Sofia keeps laughing when Charlie goes for her ear.

And then frickin’ Efrain comes in. Why have they never changed the locks?! And he needs to shut up because they’re already divorced. Oh, wait, he’s mad at Charlie. OK, I guess.

Ricky’s out drinking at the same restaurant where María Lucía shows up with some friends. She comes over to tease him, asking who he’s arrastrando la cobija y ensuciando el apellido for. (It’s a song.) Ricky tells María Lucía he doesn’t have a name to sully. He’s just a plain ‘ol Calderon. More semi-drunk bla bla bla. I’m pretty sure he’s hitting on her.

Margarita finds Armando hiding out in the bedroom. She tells him dinner’s almost ready, but he says he’s tired. Things have changed. He’s not the same person and he can’t stand all the lies.

What lies?

He says they shouldn’t have come. He was about to tell Marcela the truth. He knows this has always been his mom’s dream, but it’s not his. He’s cancelling the wedding. It’s a mistake. He’s not in love with Marcela anymore. Isn’t that enough of a reason.

His mom says he can’t. It would break her heart. Maybe he’s just confused.

Armando says he’s never been more sure. He loves Marcela which is why he knows marrying her would hurt her and it wouldn’t be fair.

Roberto comes in to tell them to come have dinner. Nobody likes a cold carbonara.

Margarita has chest pains. Am I a horrible person if I think she’s faking?

Back to Efrain ruining a perfectly good Charlie-Sofia scene. Sofia says they’re divorced and she can sleep with whoever she wants to. Efrain decides to attack Charlie. In full view of the kids, Efrain trips?

Ricky hopes he’s not messing up María Lucía’s ladies night.

Nah. Her friends found other company. She’s not interested in playing that game since her husband died (Oh, yeah, right, her husband died…they didn’t mention that until last episode…that’s part of the money Danny’s managing for her). She’s waiting until the match gets more interesting…or the opposing team does.

They’re both kind of impressed at how interesting the other is. Ricky tries to interest her in sex.

“I like extreme sports, but I’m not suicidal.” Plus, he’s not driving. He can follow her home in a taxi, say goodbye at the door,  and then go home like a good little boy.

Ricky thinks that’s a terrible idea, but OK. He won’t drive, he’ll act like a gentleman, and he’ll say goodbye without any physical contact unless she changes her mind on the way.

Margarita’s better, but she doesn’t want them to call a doctor. She says they were just talking about the wedding and she stood up and felt a weight in her chest and passed out.

And then she does that whole manipulative “This wedding was my dream and Marcela’s mom’s. I’m sure they’re happy for you and raining down blessings. You two were born to be together.”

Efrain just has a scratch on his forehead. One of the kids wants blue hair like daddy. The other one wants his eyebrows shaved. Is he spending the night here or with his other wife?

Sofia says Efrain already lives somewhere else with his wife and she and he are divorced and she lives in THIS house by herself, got it? She sends the kids upstairs to brush their teeth.

Jenny calls to tell Efrain she’s going to a party after her show and she won’t be home tonight.

He pretends Jenny wants him to come home because she prepared an erotic dinner for him.

Sofia’s like, “Yes, yes, get out…and give me back my keys!” If he ever enters the house without an invitation again, she’ll call the cops on him for trespassing.

Efrain leaves and Sofia asks Charlie when this is going to be over!. He doesn’t know. Well…in that case…where were they? Oh right, over here! She dives onto the couch so they can pick up where they left off. (I love these two. They’re so solid. No games or messing around…well, except for the fun kind.)

Patricia keeps jerking Nico’s head around until he says he didn’t bring his credit cards or cash or anything with him. She suddenly has a headache that can only be cured by sleeping 9 hours. Bye.

At breakfast, Roberto sees Parker and goes over to say hi. Margarita asks if Armando has told Marcela yet. No? Then she needs him to take her someplace first. (It’s the cemetery, isn’t it?! The level of manipulation!)

Betty’s awkward breakfast includes Demetrio making a big deal about how often Armando’s over at their house and Julia telling Betty not to succumb to temptation.

Papa Smurf shows up at the office and tells Charlie he wants to buy his half of the business. Charlie cracks up–he doesn’t even have enough money to buy a stapler, let alone half the business. After a predictable argument, Charlie tells him to just get to work already so he can earn money to support his kids.

Jenny’s in the bathroom at V&M making a call to a potential new cucarachito. Sofia overheard. This is why you’ve always gotta check and make sure the bathroom is empty.

Betty’s checking in with Nicolas, but she doesn’t have any idea whether Armando cancelled the wedding or not.

Sofia comes in to tell her about Ricky searching her office yesterday. She doesn’t know what he was looking for and she’s not sure whether he left with anything.

Betty picks up her tablet and heads out of the office, telling Sofia not to worry.

Armando’s back from taking flowers to the Valencias with his mom. Roberto says he and Margarita always try to do that. And they’ve felt responsible for the kids–especially Marcela.

That’s nice and all, but why is Roberto really here?

Because he’s heard rumors that the company is in trouble. So do they have financial problems or not?

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