La Reina del Sur Thursday 5/30/19 #2.28

Previously: Teresa goes to Zurdo’s party with Conejo, Rocio, and a tracker. Epifanio got the divorce papers signed. Sanchez-Godoy warns Teresa to be careful with Zurdo.

Zurdo goes with Lencho to check on the tracking signal. As they walk by Teresa, Sanchez-Godoy asks what’s wrong. She steers him back to the topic of Zurdo. Why’s he working with someone he’s afraid of?

He’s not afraid of anyone. It’s complicated to do business with Zurdo. He’s good peeps, but he’s dangerous.

Ray’s still convinced Zurdo won’t be able to tell where the signal’s coming from. Oleg says Zurdo might have better equipment than they do.

On the map, it looks like the signal is coming from near the pool and Zurdo’s convinced Teresa brought the tracker.

In anticipation of Epifanio getting the divorce papers signed, Alejandro set up an interview with Marietta Lancaster. He’s got some notes for Epifanio to read and he’ll be staying at the office to live Tweet the interview.

Epifanio wants to give everyone some kind of surprise, but he won’t tell Alejandro what it is or it won’t be a surprise.

By the pool, Sanchez-Godoy’s telling Teresa his business tanked when she disappeared. He had to go looking for new partners and there was Zurdo. He knows Zurdo does business with the Gallegos, but he doesn’t–because of what they did to Teresa.

Antón gets a message.

Ray’s sure everything is fine and decides to take a bathroom break. Oleg would rather he didn’t, but Ray insists it’s going to be fine.

Ray didn’t want to go to the bathroom so much as check on Paloma. She praises his computer skills. He bugs her about not smoking while she’s pregnant. She ends up telling him the whole story (except for how Juanito died). Ray puts out her cigarette and makes with the snogging.

Cayetana’s sitting out on the back porch holding a couple of hydrangeas and remembering Paloma and Rocio running around in the yard when they were kids.

In her memory, she was inside with Teo, wanting to figure out how to tell the girls about their mother so they wouldn’t find out from the press. She told him she didn’t like Teresa.

And Teo asked her never to abandon his daughters, no matter what happened.

Charo comes outside, telling Cayetana she needs to see what’s on the news.

They found the bodies of Flores and that other guy. Cayetana’s sure it was Siso. She’s worried he’ll kill Sofia just to make Teresa suffer.

Charo’s like “Are you not even worried about your other two granddaughters?!”

Somewhat inconsistently, Cayetana tells her to put the flowers in water because she’s going to take them to Teo. Poor Teo, who died without knowing he was going to be a father for the third time. (Make up your mind…do you have 1, 2, or 3 granddaughters?)

Sanchez-Godoy asks who the chick is that Teresa brought with her. She explains that she brought both of Teo’s daughters, her daughter’s sisters.

Sanchez-Godoy belatedly congratulates her for having a child. He says that little vampire over there bit him in the heart and Teresa laughs.

Zurdo comes back to take Teresa somewhere. Oleg starts screaming for Ray.

Sanchez-Godoy goes over to Conejo and Rocio to ply them with mezcal. It’s a bit too strong for either of them. He takes Rocio over to a less crowded space by the pool to dance with her.

Zurdo’s showing Teresa the memorabilia room. Isn’t this the kind of thing that’s better for the third date?

Oleg’s still watching the video, horrified, and Ray’s not back yet.

Zurdo confronts Teresa about having a tracker on her.

Oleg’s screaming for Ray and he’s furious when he sees him snogging Paloma. But first things first–Zurdo figured out Teresa’s got a tracker.

Teresa admits she has a tracker. She didn’t know if she could trust him. But then Sanchez-Godoy talked to her and Zurdo gave her that great gift and things have changed. The tracker emits a false signal. And she’s glad the ranch is this secure.

She puts her bracelet into a glass of water and Oleg tells Ray to get ready to cut the signal.

Lencho calls his boss and says the signal disappeared. Zurdo’s still cranky about Teresa “testing” him to see if he’s worthy of being her partner. He never would’ve done that to her! Her reputation precedes her and she’s smarter than people think.

It’s not intelligence, it’s experience.

Paloma checks on the guys and asks if Teresa’s OK.

“Yes. No thanks to you two.” Uy…grandpa Oleg’s pissed.

Antonio Alcalá’s getting ready to watch Marietta’s show. He doesn’t like her, but she’s interviewing Epifanio. He just hopes the interview puts more distance between Epifanio and the Alcalá family name.

Virginia calls Carmen into the kitchen to watch.

Epifanio holds up his divorce papers as “proof” that he’s been divorced from Carmen for fifteen years. He says she’s got mental problems.

And then he announces he’s engaged to Genoveva. I can’t tell from her facial expression whether she’s angry or moved.

Epifanio says he loves her and wants everyone to know it. Yeah…she’s gonna crack.

Sanchez-Godoy’s still dancing with Rocio. They joke about her not knowing how you’re supposed to dance to this music, but Sanchez-Godoy can dance! He says it’s ’cause he’s Colombian and they don’t play Colombian babies lullabies, they play salsa, merengue, vallenato.

Conejo pretty casually mentions Teresa’s been gone for a while. Sanchez-Godoy is sure she’s the best-attended person at this party. They’ll dance to one more song and if Teresa’s still not back, he’ll go look for her himself.

Once they start dancing, Conejo starts moving towards the house.

And now it’s time for another surprise from Zurdo. It’s a diamond ring. And he’s sure it will fit Teresa. It’s hers, he’s convinced. He bought it off a guy who stole it from Güero’s crash site.

Teresa doesn’t think the joke is funny.

No joke. The guy found it near Güero’s body. It was hard to get hold of it, and he wasn’t 100% sure it was for Teresa, but who else could it be for?

Teresa says it’s probably the surprise Guero said he was bringing home.

Zurdo puts it halfway on her finger and I’m glad Teresa pulls her hand away to finish the job herself. She says now he’s stirred everything up. Zurdo thinks the ring fitting Teresa proves it was hers.

Marietta asks Epifanio about the potential friction between him and his future father-in-law, who belongs to the opposing party. Epifanio spouts some political BS about how the two of them can make a better Mexico.

And what does he have to say about Padre Anselmo’s murder?

Epifanio says he knew and respected him and he hopes his murderers are brought to justice.

Carmen says he’s not getting away with this one.

For whatever reason, Epifanio says Alejandro Alcalá’s his campaign manager and it’s not because of nepotism. He’s brilliant, etc.

At campaign HQ, Alejandro’s all pumped up and tells everyone to get out there and start talking about Epifanio and Genoveva, ’cause everybody loves a love story. Danilo, however, looks angry.

He lets the other guys out of the office and tells Alejandro they need to talk, and not about the campaign. Alejandro looks terrified.

I’m only slightly surprised that Danilo and Alejandro are together, but I’m really not surprised at all that Danilo’s chief complaint is that Alejandro keeps putting him last and they never seem to have time for each other. ‘Cause Alejandro’s totally a workaholic like that. On top of being a jerk.

“After the campaign” isn’t going to fly anymore. Danilo’s tired of Alejandro calling all the shots. He’s tired of hiding.

Carmen’s still in revenge mode. Seeing Epifanio’s face everywhere just makes it feel like he’s laughing at her.

Jimena says at least the reporters have gone.

Carmen starts laughing–her fifteen minutes of fame are over. Maybe Epifanio’s marriage to Genoveva will last longer than fifteen minutes.

Antonio can’t figure out where he went wrong. How are his kids throwing away all the opportunities that his grandfather and his father gave them. Alejandro is brilliant. HE should be president, not that dirty old man Genoveva’s with.

He’s destroying Mexico. Populism is the modern plague. And Genoveva’s going to be his accomplice. She’ll go down in history as the first lady of the president who turned the country into complete shit.

He still has some hope that Alejandro will get married and run for president himself. And save the country from the destruction Epifanio’s going to leave behind.

Genoveva puts her hands up to stop his ranting and goes back to her room.

Danilo says he knows perfectly well what discretion means. And they used to have a relationship–behind closed doors, but at least they had something. Now they don’t. Is there someone else? Is he bored?

Alejandro says it’s the campaign. And it’s going to get harder the closer they get to the election.

Danilo asks why Alejandro’s so afraid of everyone finding out about them.

Alejandro says Danilo is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. They’re just having a crisis. All couples have crises, but once the pressure of the elections are off….

Danilo’s sure after the elections Alejandro will be Epifanio’s Secretaria de Gobernación and their relationship will be over. When was the last time they did something together, outside of work?

Alejandro grasps at that straw–they’ll go do something together. Something special. Alone.

What hiding again? Like they’ve done for the last three years?

Alejandro says he’ll surprise him. They’ll meet at ten on the roof of the building. (Don’t go, Danilo! Dude’s gonna fling you off the roof!)

Oh, hey, Lupo’s getting out of the shower. And reminiscing about pyramid sex with Teresa.

Zurdo and Teresa toast to Güero. Zurdo adds a toast to Teresa getting revenge on everyone who brought Güero down.

Did he know Güero?

Not well, but they drank together a few times. He offers to destroy Epifanio for Teresa. And he’s definitely not going to be president.

Teresa wonders how he knows that.

Zurdo says he’s got more money and he’s investing in the candidate running against Epifanio. But that’s all he’ll tell Teresa because like she said, they’re not friends or business partners yet. He toasts to them becoming friends soon.

Cayetana’s giving a statement about the last time she saw Teo. She says he was planning to break up with Teresa and said he’d be spending the night with her. He asked Cayetana to take care of the girls if anything happened to him.

Teresa killed him and left her granddaughters orphans. Teresa went into hiding and Cayetana didn’t see her again until Teresa came to her house to steal biological samples to prove that her daughter was also Teo’s. And therefore Cayetana’s granddaughter.

Teresa came back to Cayetana’s house to try to get money out of her, but Cayetana wouldn’t give her any.

She wraps up her statement saying she’s seeking custody and guardianship of her granddaughter. Being in the middle of a war between criminal organizations puts her physical and mental health in danger.

Sofia’s going fishing. And wearing a cute hat. She mocks Lupo for asking where she’s going when she’s clearly holding a fishing pole. Or does he think it’s a magic wand to turn her into a dolphin so she can escape? And even if she could escape, where would she go if she doesn’t want to see her mom?

Cayetana begs whoever to give her the chance to raise her granddaughter in an age-appropriate way.

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