La Reina del Sur Friday 5/31/19 #2.29

Zurdo keeps pouring shots. He needs the “liquid courage.” Sanchez-Godoy’s watching through the door as Zurdo grabs Teresa by the face and plants his mouth on hers.

She slaps him and tells him he’d better respect her. Sanchez-Godoy comes in, figuring things are only going to get worse.

Zurdo tells Sanchez-Godoy Teresa just slapped him and you’ve gotta respect women like her.

“Everything OK?”

Teresa tells him to ask his friend here. Nobody gets to kiss her because they want to, they kiss her because they can. And if you want to and you can’t she’ll break your face.

Zurdo whines that he’s sorry and he didn’t mean to offend her.

Well, he did. So thanks for the hospitality and the gifts, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to fall at his feet.

Sanchez-Godoy interrupts. There’s too much fighting and not enough dancing. The band out there’s really good. And Vampirita and Conejo are looking for Teresa.

When she’s gone he lectures Zurdo, saying it was silly to think she’d just show up and drop her underwear for him.

Zurdo says he knows Mexican women. Teresa’s already kissing his feet, she just needs time to realize it.

Charo’s fixing Cayetana’s té de tila when Cayetana comes into the kitchen to ask if Rocio or Paloma called while she was out giving her statement. She wants Charo to try and find out where they are so she can send them some money, but she doesn’t want them to know it’s from her.

Ooh, Grandpa Oleg went with the “I’m very disappointed in you” lecture. He’s going to tell Teresa what happened, and it’s up to her if Ray and Paloma keep working for him, but he doesn’t need either of them.

Conejo and Vampirita are relieved when Teresa comes back out of the house. She shows them the ring and explains that it’s the one Güero was supposed to give her.

Conejo thinks that’s just a story Zurdo’s using to get her into bed.

Teresa says Güero told her that day he had a surprise for her and this was found by his body and Zurdo bought it.

First a house, and then this. If that’s not “love” then Rocio doesn’t know what it is.

Conejo says a wolf doesn’t bite if it’s not looking for prey.

Rocio realizes the Güero they’re talking about is Ray’s uncle. Teresa confirms it–the one who was responsible for everything–the good, the bad, and the worst. They start walking off when Zurdo comes out of the house all pissed off that they’re leaving without saying goodbye.

No, she was going to say goodbye, she just didn’t want to interrupt them.

Sanchez-Godoy praises her for always being so polite. He wants Rocio to stay, but she says it’ll have to be another time.

Zurdo tells Teresa they need to be friends and he advises her to respect him.

Sure, once he respects her first.

He whines that he wasn’t talking about the “kiss”, he means the party.

And she thanked him for it upstairs, didn’t she? But nothing happens by force with her, not even putting on her underwear.

He says he likes that she’s direct, but he says it like he’s angry. He tells Lencho to drive them back to the hotel. He hopes the good parts outweighed the bad. Teresa agrees, they did.

Sanchez-Godoy says goodbye to Conejo and flirts with Rocio some more. Teresa laughs and says he’s never going to change, is he?

Zurdo’s watching as they hug goodbye. Sanchez-Godoy whispers that he needs to talk to her. Teresa agrees–she needs his help. At least it doesn’t seem like he’s getting jealous of Sanchez-Godoy? But how long will that last.

Lupo joins Sofia at the dock and they banter about who fishes better. She’s caught five, but Lupo says she should be catching ten, minimum, in this lake.

In the middle of the night, the phone at Cayetana’s house rings. She’s in the living room because she couldn’t sleep and she’s guessing a call this late means bad news. Charo picks up and it’s Paloma. She’s upset at how different things are here and how useless she feels.

Charo proposes she go to the university and get all of Paloma’s records and send them to her so she can try to get into a school in Mexico. And then she could be a lawyer, like her dad wanted.

Paloma gives her the address to the bar. (Damn. Charo’s good.)

Oleg’s having a team meeting–which right now consists of only Ray, Ahmed, and Sheila–to impress upon them again the necessity of sticking together and keeping everything secret. Paloma wanders in looking at her phone and Oleg’s like “Got it, Paloma?”

Oleg has Ray put up a map of the last location they had for Teresa. If she’s not back in an hour, he’ll go get her.

Ray starts typing and everyone else shifts their focus to the screens. Paloma just stands there looking lost.

Sofia and Lupo hear a motor…not a boat motor, or Sofia would recognize it…it’s a drone with a camera. Sofia jumps up and down shouting for help. Lupo tells her to keep at it and give them his name and their location. He’s cracking up and so is Batman, who’s controlling the drone.

Sofia yells at them both and goes back to fishing.

Batman tells Lupo he brought all of Sofia’s stuff and put it upstairs in her room.

Any news from Culiacan?

Well, according to Sheila…and he has seen Sheila, right?…she’s totally hot and totally hot for his Batbones. Anyway, Sheila says Zurdo and Teresa are sabroseando (enjoying each other). Batman sees the look on Lupo’s face and I swear he says he doesn’t know if it’s mostly one or the other so he doesn’t hurt Lupo’s feelings. Which is kind of sweet.

Anyway, he figures the job will be done soon, ’cause Teresa’s like totally a babe and as soon as she’s with Zurdo they’ll spork or have tamarind candy or something…I assume he means they’ll get it on. And then Teresa’s gonna put three shots in his head and everybody gets to go home.

Sofia gets up and starts walking back to the house with Lupo yelling after her that she should pick up her stuff…the fish, at least!…her shoes…? “Sofia, come back here!” Heh. He said she could do whatever she wanted, right?

Sergio meets “Esteban” to hand over a bottle of prescription pills. He’s annoyed because he’s not supposed to be leaving his grandma alone. His aunt’s busy working in Mexico.

As soon as Sergio takes off, Jonathan drops the act, which seems like a bad idea to me, and grabs his cell phone to call Willy.

They’re both sure Manuela’s searching for Teresa. Jonathan wants Willy to warn Teresa so he doesn’t end up with another (fake) bomb in his car. Willy says he needs more information. Jonathan has to keep working on Sergio. (Dudes…seriously…Sergio’s not going to get you anywhere.)

Epifanio goes to Beba’s dad’s house. Antonio’s not happy to have him there, but he’d rather not see another report of a scandal having to do with his daughter.

Too bad, Tony, he’s here to propose to Genoveva.

Antonio can’t just stand there and listen to Epifanio babbling about love and Beba being naïve enough to believe it.

Genoveva tells him to take a hike–she’s not going to let him treat her disrespectfully. And Antonio, to his credit, leaves.

Which doesn’t mean that Genoveva’s going to jump right to a “yes.” She wants Epifanio to stop talking like a politician and tell her the truth about what he feels.

So he says he’s never loved anyone like he loves her and she accepts.

Antonio pops back in to tell her that she can always take it back…until the last second.

The next Team Meeting includes Rocio, Conejo, and Teresa. Ray apologizes and so does Paloma, for distracting him.

Teresa just tells them to let it be a lesson and moves on to talking about tomorrow’s op….

Ray doesn’t see how he can work with someone who doesn’t trust him. Oleg says the first mistake was Ray’s and the second one will be his if Ray doesn’t come through. So yeah, Ray’s back on the team.

Tomorrow’s op involves either twenty trucks or twenty guys. They’re welding on places to attach harnesses. Ahmed has volunteered to hang from the bottom of one of the trucks–he says he’s used to it from when he crossed into Spain.

Teresa says the important thing is that the hammocks are able to withstand the impact.

Ahmed will check it himself.

She asks if “the girls” are comfortable with the cars they’re driving and Rocio says “yes.”

Teresa excuses herself to take a phone call and tells Oleg to review all the details.

It’s Francesco on the phone, from “Rome.” Teresa wants him to send her a picture of what he’s looking at right now. Heh. Stock photos to the rescue? She tells him she’s not serious–Sofia always wanted her to do that.

She puts him on speaker to get him caught up on her progress with Zurdo. She says it’s all gone well for her because he’s “in love” and someone who falls in love blindly makes mistakes. Plus he’s eccentric and egocentric. But she’d rather talk about him.

Francesco says he’s just been doing the usual.

Sofia’s decorating a diary before she writes in it. Tozzi sits patiently next to her. From now on, the diary and Tozzi are her best friends. She’s frustrated when the point breaks off her pencil and starts looking for a sharpener. But she doesn’t have one, so she heads for the kitchen to sharpen it with a knife.

She sees Lupo on his phone.

Francesco and Teresa are back to talking about Zurdo again. He gave her two presents–the house and…um, no not two presents, she meant the house and the party.

Francesco says he’s not used to saying this sort of thing, much less in Spanish, but he can’t stop thinking about her.

Yeah, she doesn’t do this much either but…she’d love to be with him in Rome. Walking with Sofia, going to a museum, like normal people.

Francesco promises they will someday. Rome is perfect for falling in love.

Sofia shows up behind him, startling him, and then runs back to the house again.

Francesco suddenly turns into a terrible liar, saying it was his daughter and she’s rude and yeah the kids were in the south of Italy, but their mom brought them to Rome to spend the weekend with him…she just wants a story before bedtime.

Teresa’s like “Go for it. At least somebody gets to be with their daughter!”

He says he’ll call tomorrow.

Sofia gets back to her room and locks herself in, sobbing.

Oh, is Epifanio still at the Alcalá house? The guys have moved on to screaming at each other. Basically, Antonio thinks Epifanio’s a nobody and a criminal and Epifanio insists it’s all lies and he had to start out growing marijuana so he could feed his mom. Epifanio thinks Antonio only gets to be so squeaky clean because he came from money. Genoveva sticks to her previous decision–she’s marrying Epifanio.

Lupo demands Sofia let him in or he’ll bust the door down.

She’s furious with him and calls him a traitor. She’s figured it out–he and her mom were in on this kidnapping together. She kicks him out of her room.

Abdelkader calls Teresa to tell her he’s been keeping an eye on the Gallegos. They received a big shipment recently…but more important they killed Flores and now Siso’s requesting permission for a private plane with three passengers, heading for Culiacan.

Siso’s got his flight approved. He brags to the cousins that he knew bugging Cayetana’s phone would lead them to Teresa.

One of the cousins wants to toast to Cayetana, but Siso says they’ll toast to Xavi and his dad.

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