La Reina del Sur Monday 6/3/19 #2.30

Previously: Teresa caught Francesco up on her progress with Zurdo. Epifanio proposed to Genoveva. Sofia decided her mom and Lupo were accomplices in her kidnapping. Paloma called home and gave Charo the address to the club. Siso’s on his way to Culiacan.

Teresa wants to take advantage of the Gallegos showing up and turn “Operation Hammock” against them. She tells the team she needs four locks. Conejo gets right on that.

Teresa tells the others that an enemy is on their way and she needs to know if anybody has given out the address to the club or the house. Nobody has anything to say, so she dismisses them…and keeps Paloma at the table.

Paloma admits she called Charo after the thing with Ray….

And did she give Charo the address?


Teresa tells her to go home with the others. She tells Oleg Siso’s found her and they’ll have to get ready.

Alejandro’s big surprise for Danilo is a helicopter ride. Fireworks go off. Alejandro tells Danilo he’s his refuge and he’ll never let him go.

The helicopter lands and it’s time for champagne. Danilo and Alejandro talk about meeting each other for the first time…there was a party, Danilo was trying not to look like he was into Alejandro, Alejandro asked if they knew each other from somewhere, Danilo said he would have remembered. And it’s been three years.

Sheila has gained access to the Batcave. There’s a fair amount of snogging and giggling. Batman wants to make her a “paloma,” tequila and grapefruit soda.

When he goes to the kitchen for the soda, Sheila starts searching the bar room. She tells Batman to put some salt on her glass, but Batman’s already on it and he gets back to find her rifling through a drawer. She says she was just looking for the thing to put on some music….

Oh, the remote? It’s right there.

More snogging and giggling and suddenly Sheila starts babbling that she can’t do it! The photo of his wife is staring at her! And the painting across the room! Nope, nope, nope, she’s outta here!

Alejandro and Danilo are still on the roof. Danilo asks what’s going to happen when Epifanio wins the election. Alejandro begs him not to think about that right now. (You’re gonna have to think about it sometime….)

The Gallegos have found the club. Siso figures they’ll hang out at Zurdo’s ranch and then come back when the bar opens. And not a word to Zurdo that they’re chasing Teresa, ’cause Zurdo could be in love with her.

Benxa’s like “And you’re not?”

Suddenly, Teresa herself walks out of the club…takes out her cell phone…drops her keys….

Siso thinks this is going to be easier than they thought.

Teresa’s playing with her phone, ignoring them, and approaches a blue SUV. Siso’s ready to shoot her when she opens the door, but a cop car pulls up and she says hi to the two cops who are there to do who knows what.

Siso panics and tells everybody to get back in the car so they can follow her.

Lencho’s in the cab of an 18-wheeler with three people strapped to the bottom of the trailer. Oleg and Antón  watch it drive past them and then follow.

Teresa can see the Gallegos following her and calls someone to tell them everything is going according to plan. “You’re so predictable, Siso.”

Lencho puts Wagner on the truck stereo over the driver’s objections.

Oleg tells Ahmed it’s go time. They start cutting through the floor of the trailer.

Lencho’s still trying to justify Wagner and singing along and the driver is still not liking it.

One of the cousins wants Siso to just pull in front of Teresa’s car and stop her. But Siso’s like “No, she’s too smart, and we’re on her turf.” It’s not like death is in a hurry.

Alejandro’s sneaking out of Danilo’s place early, as usual. Danilo thanks him for the helicopter ride and stuff. But here they are again, hiding inside four walls.

Alejandro insists they’re always going to have to. Not because of people in general, but because political world is machista. They’ve never had a gay president or senator, or minister.

Danilo’s sure they have, they just haven’t said so.

Because it would be political suicide! And it’s no one else’s business but the two of them.

Danilo says if everyone thought like Alejandro they’d still be stuck in the stone age. There are plenty of people who are out–singers, actors–and they keep working.

Alejandro insists that’s not the real world. And he doesn’t want anyone to hurt them. Danilo hands him his baseball cap. Alejandro tells him not to be late to the office.

On the stairwell, Alejandro waits for someone to go into their apartment before he passes their door.

Ahmed’s team is ready. Oleg tells the others it’s time.

The truck driver thinks he hears something in the back of the truck, but Lencho assumes he just wants to shut off the music and turns it up louder.

So now we’ve got a hole in the floor of the trailer with a ramp going down to the pavement. Ray’s in the first of four trucks that start following the semi.

Rocio and Paloma are driving cars from two directions and fake a collision. They’re both fine, but other cars are stopping, so they start a fight. (Why does there always have to be that one guy who’s like “Pinche viejas can’t drive!”)

Teresa tells Conejo and Sheila to get ready…they’re waiting for Teresa to drive into a warehouse so they can shut the gate behind her.

The Gallegos are stuck outside. Sheila’s panicking about how dangerous they are. But Teresa’s ready for them. Conejo has the locks ready. Teresa starts handing out guns and Sheila’s like “We didn’t talk about this last night! I’ve never done this before!”

Teresa says she’ll today, when Teresa gives the order. Theresa flips some switches on an electrical box and says this will lock the door.

The Gallegos are still outside having a little pep rally. They can’t get through the gate, so they look for other ways in. Siso picks the door to the transformer room.

Lencho and the semi driver are still arguing over the music. In the trailer, Ahmed’s team tell Oleg they’re ready. They start sending the conveniently packed plastic boxes full of drugs down the ramp. Ray and the other guys in the trucks start scooping them up. (But why Ray? I mean, I guess it’s good that they had to hire one less person, but why would you have your IT guy picking up boxes?)

Rocio and Paloma are still at the site of the accident, blocking the road. Rocio can’t get the insurance company to pick up the phone and Paloma refuses to leave until a police officer shows up.

The Gallegos make it through the transformer room and into the warehouse…and the door locks behind them. They keep checking for other ways out, but there aren’t any. And Teresa’s not in that blue SUV.

Teresa starts firing at them…or in their general direction, I guess. The second round of shots come from her and Sheila, so the Gallegos are assuming there are two shooters, one on the left and one in the middle.

More shooting and the Gallegos reload. Sheila’s trying to keep it together behind her stack of pallets.

Ahmed’s team continues emptying out the trailer. Oleg brags to Antón that this is why they call Teresa la Reina. He doesn’t know how she came up with this plan, but it’s a work of art.

The semi driver realizes he’s being followed by a line of trucks and none of them are passing him. Lencho doesn’t see the problem. It’s probably a bunch of chicks who just don’t feel like passing. It’s not like Spiderman is going to get into the trailer and steal all the drugs, right?

The Gallegos are finally out of bullets, which was Teresa’s plan all along. She says they’re only alive because she’s not a killer.

And Teo died of a cold?

The thing is, Siso does it because he likes to. He killed Pedro in Italy when he had nothing to do with any of this. And then he killed Flores.

Siso asks how she knew he was coming.

Because she’s la Reina del Sur. She’s got contacts. Powerful people who owe her favors. Meanwhile Siso’s the same pendejo as ever.

Siso dares her to come downstairs.

It’s time for Ahmed and his crew to leave the trailer. They slide down the ramp like three more boxes of drugs and the trucks pull over to give them cover while the guys jump into the backs. Then they all get turned around and head away from the semi. Oleg calls Paloma and tells her it’s time to clear their path.

In the semi, the driver wakes up Lencho to tell him all the trucks turned around and went the other way. And there were more trucks than the driver was thinking. They get the semi stopped and run around to the back. They see the ramp first and then the partially-emptied trailer. The driver asks Lencho if he’s gonna call the boss. (Dude…flee the country.)

Sanchez-Godoy and Zurdo are making plans to sell this shipment for double the usual price.

When Lencho calls and tells Zurdo half their stuff is gone, Zurdo tells him to quit joking around and hurry up so they can get it to el otro Laredo (shout out!) Lencho swears he’s not kidding. They were professionals! They even used a ramp!

Zurdo walks back inside without a word to Sanchez-Godoy.

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