La Reina del Sur Wednesday 6/5/19 #2.32

Previously: Zurdo’s drugs got stolen. Teresa told Zurdo Siso took them. Sofia saw Epifanio on the island and realized he’s her mom’s boss. Siso tried to tell Zurdo that Teresa tricked them…but Zurdo’s drugs were in the truck.

Siso starts screaming that this isn’t even their truck! They just stole it because Teresa messed up their car! Teresa did it! She’s lying! They didn’t do anything! She lured them and locked them in and now she’s trying to make Zurdo think they stole his drugs!

Yeah, but Sanchez-Godoy warned him too. Did he trap them too?

He’s Teresa’s friend! Siso swears on his father that he just stole the truck and they had no idea what was inside.

It’s quite a coincidence, they stole a truck full of his merchandise.

Siso’s down to sobbing and begging. Teresa says cowards never take responsibility for their actions. Siso spits on Teresa when she says his dad would die all over again if he could see Siso now.

For that, Zurdo punches him, listens to more of Siso’s ranting about how he and Teresa are “savages” and the Pernas don’t leave things half-done, and then the shooting starts.

Sofia takes the wine bottle and a notebook to the shore of the lake, away from the dock. She writes a note saying she’s been kidnapped and to please call her grandmother Cayetana. She puts the note in the bottle, re-corks it, and tosses it in the lake.

Lupo starts yelling for her and she hides the notebook. She screams at him that she doesn’t want to hear from him or his boss or anyone!

“At least let’s talk….”

“No!” she runs into the woods to get away from him and falls into a pit…

Right before Lupo decides he’s not going to keep playing this game and he’s going back to the house to make dinner.

There are bugs in the pit. *shudder*

Pretty much everyone but Ahmed and Oleg are disturbed about the fate of the Gallegos.

Zurdo tells Teresa he told her this is how he deals with betrayal.

It’s just hard to watch someone die, even if they deserve it.

Zurdo goes all narco life coach, telling Teresa this is how you learn how to not be so pendejo and get others to respect you.

(Seriously, Zurdo. She’s been around the block twice already, killed you, and you just don’t know it yet.)

Anyway, the Gallegos didn’t count on Teresa’s friends!

Yep. She doesn’t have many, but the ones she has are loyal.

Zurdo’s going to give her the ten million, and now that this is over, he wants them to be partners.

What would she get out of it?


She doesn’t need money.

Oleg can tell Teresa’s killing two birds with one stone here.

Zurdo’s all “We could rule the world and everyone would respect you like they do me.”

What makes him think she’s not respected? Respect and loyalty are all she asks. And she doesn’t need people to be scared of her to respect her. All she wants is to keep Epifanio from becoming president.

Zurdo says they should talk about it at the house and if he convinces her, maybe sign some paperwork. He’ll be El Rey del Norte and she’ll be La Reina del Sur and no one would stop them.

Teresa shakes his hand, but says they’ve gotta talk common goals and numbers before she hears the word “partner” again.

Oleg tells Paloma she shouldn’t have come.

Conejo says she’s been to prison, she’s almost died twice, she’s seen people knifed and has some experience with death, but the hair on her arms is standing up, so imagine poor Paloma!

Ray takes over the comforting for a few seconds before Oleg says they should all head back to El Submarino.

Um, I thought the lovebirds were supposed to go to the hotel? Instead Sanchez-Godoy takes Rocio to a haunted house. That’s…sweet.

But this is so not Rocio’s scene. It’s tacky and low-budget. It was a nice gesture, but this is more of a scary house for kids.

Sanchez-Godoy agrees. But at least it’s dark…they’ll come up with something to do… A guy with a mask and a chainsaw jumps in front of him and he freaks out! Rocio laughs. He tells her to hold his hand until they get out…or really, she can do whatever she wants.

Epifanio keeps trying to call Teresa, but Batman’s sure she’s with Zurdo (duh!).

Epifanio complains that Teresa’s gotta get into Zurdo’s organization soon or they’re screwed. And he’s really tired of dealing with Sofia.

So he was serious about killing her?

Epifanio says he never said that! He would never do that! He just wanted to pressure Lupo into keeping her on a tighter leash, ’cause she’s smarter than Lupo and Batman and getting information out of them.

Epifanio knows she’s reminding Batman of his kids. But when has he ever seen Epifanio kill a kid? Or a priest? Well, OK some priests, but kids? No. He tells Batman to take a hike–his vieja is here.

Beba’s all “Oh, I missed you!” *barf*

Willy goes to Carmen’s house. She starts to shut the front door on him when he says he’s with the DEA, but he tells her he’s investigating Padre Anselmo’s murder and he knows Jimena was arrested, but Epifanio got her out. And he knows what she said on TV and that Epifanio said it was all a lie. He’s been after Epifanio for years and he thinks he’s the only one who can help her.

She lets him in and checks outside before she shuts the door.

Teresa’s looking at Zurdo’s Doble Aguila and reminiscing about Pote. He was more like a father than a bodyguard.

Zurdo says it’s a good choice of weapon. Then he starts asking how her friend in Africa knew what was going on and he’s surprised it’s so close to Spain. Then Teresa starts talking about Gibraltar and Zurdo complains that it’s all Chinese to him.

Teresa thinks learning geography is the best way for him to grow his business.

Um, the business is already all grown up and an adult.

But he’s just moving drugs in the US. There’s more to the world than el gabacho. How many tons does he usually move in a week?

Ten to twenty.

See, she used to move 150 tons of hashish a week between Morocco and Spain. She started out with one boat…but he’s read the rest in the newspapers.

Zurdo’s got a question he can’t help asking. She sent Epifanio to jail and the DEA hid her for 9 years, but how does he know they didn’t send her to bust him?

Willy says he knows about Padre Anselmo and the deal to get Jimena out of jail. He just wants to hear it from Carmen.

Carmen won’t say. And neither will Jimena when she comes downstairs and tells him to get out of her family’s business.

Willy hands her a card and says he’s seen the ballistics report. The gun was specially made and he knows a girl like her wouldn’t have access to it.

That’s what she kept saying! They planted the gun in her backpack, probably at school.

Virginia comes out of the kitchen, but Carmen doesn’t introduce Willy, saying he was just leaving.

Willy mockingly says goodbye to Carmen Martinez, ex-Vargas and says he expects to hear from her.

Faustino and Rocio are still going through the haunted house. A standard tux-and-cape vampire lunges out at Faustino, but Rocio says it’s a chapuza (botched job) because a vampire could never have dark skin.

Faustino’s like “Vampires are racist?”

No, just that the vampire venom gets rid of pigment in human skin. That’s why they’re always pale. And this guy looks like he just came from Jamaica.

Faustino says she’s a vampire know-it-all. He wants to be her student. She can bite him right here on the neck….

Rocio definitely goes for his neck, but the platform they’re standing on moves and shoots out a bunch of smoke, startling Faustino yet again.

Rocio giggles as he says if his business partners could see him….

Rocio assures him his secret is safe with her.

What happens in the house stays in the house? *scary house smoochies*

Rocio thinks she has to go back to the hotel.

OK, but before they go…she did like the kiss, right?

Rocio kisses him again.

Beba tells Epifanio she has to quit her show, so no one can accuse her of being partial. And her dad’s mad at her.

Epifanio says he’ll have to bite his tongue when she’s first lady.

Danilo explains his newest strategy to Alejandro and a couple of other guys. They need to flood the internet with memes about Epifanio and Beba, to get people identifying with their love story. And they should look “homemade.” Like someone just made it with their cell phone.

The other two guys are not feeling it. Alejandro says he likes it, but they need to tweak it a little. They’ll meet again tomorrow.

Danilo bugs Alejandro about coming to dinner tonight. It’s his mom’s birthday and he promised. It’s time to meet his family.

Some guy sticks his head in and says the fútbol match is about to start.

Teresa and Zurdo get back to his house and Teresa explains that the DEA had promised her safety for handing over Epifanio to them. And then as soon as Epifanio got out, he started spreading money around to find her and the DEA didn’t do anything about it. So yeah, she’s got tirria (ill will) towards them.

OK, so now Zurdo doesn’t think she’s working for the DEA. But her thing is Europe.

Yep. And it took a lot of work. She started in the south of Spain…if he goes to Japan, Russia, or Italy and asks about her, they know her. But do they know Zurdo there? The Chechens, the Japanese Yakuza, the Italian ‘Ndrangheta?

OK, so are they partners? Because he assumes partnership comes with her introducing him to the rest of the world.

That comes later. First is Epifanio not becoming president. Then they’ll talk about taking over the world. For now she wants half of his earnings in exchange for all the knowledge she gained the hard way.

And here he thought she didn’t care about money!

Hey, he’s the one who wanted to be partners. If he doesn’t like it, they can be friends. He does his work in his part of the world, and she does her work in hers. They won’t even be competition, because she doesn’t sell drugs–she just gets them from Point A to Point B.

He’s like “You don’t gotta get all upset about it!”

She’ll give him time to think. Can someone give her a ride back to the hotel?

As they walk back to the driveway, he thanks her for the info on the Gallegos. She thanks him for there being a little less trash in the world.

Oh, crap! Right! Sofia fell into a pit with bugs. I think she broke her arm. She tries to shout for Lupo, but she doesn’t have much of a voice yet and she can’t use her arm to help her stand.

Lupo’s outside yelling at her to come inside. It’s getting dark. It won’t be his fault if Tozzi runs away. He doesn’t like playing cat and mouse. OK, fine, she can stay outside. He’ll go back to the house.

Willy’s looking over some surveillance video with some tech. The person they’re looking at on the video is “definitely” a woman, from the size of her feet. Willy gets the guy to zoom in and clean up the image and they can see a gun in her left hand. So this is the Padre’s murdered. Did the cops see this?

The tech guy says they did.

And they didn’t realize it?!

No comment.

Willy wants a closer look at the hands. He remembers Jimena’s long nails…unless that was just to throw him off? But he doesn’t think this is Jimena. So who is it?

Manuela sees Sergio playing with his phone and demands to know why he’s got Jonathan’s picture on it.

Sergio’s like “That’s my friend Esteban.”

Willy calls Jonathan to ask him if Manuela has short nails or long. Did she ever scratch his back during sex?

Um…short. She said long nails messed up her aim. And why is he asking such a personal question?

Willy tells him to get on the first available flight and meet him in Culiacan.

Teresa’s hanging out in her hotel room in lingerie, ’cause don’t we all? *roll eyes*

Epifanio calls with news. Sofia saw him. She knows too much. She knows Teresa killed her dad, and she knows Epifanio is running for office.

Hey, they were doing just fine in Italy–he’s the one who brought them here. It’s on him.

He’s just telling her to work faster so she can get her kid back before anything bad happens.

Like falling into a pit with bugs and being stuck there all night?

Teresa says she’s the one who wants to finish this up and have a normal life. She doesn’t like him threatening her daughter.

He says he’s just warning her. Every day that passes, Sofia turns more and more against her.

Well, he can tell that Lupo guy he’ll be done babysitting soon. She’s already working for Zurdo. So if he wants this wrapped up fast before it all goes to hell she needs a video of Sofia saying what day it is and that she’s safe. If not, Teresa’s ending this. She wants that video today.

Sofia lies down on her not-injured side and weeps.

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