La Reina del Sur Friday 6/7/19 #2.34

 Lupo finally finds Sofia in the morning. She knew he would.

“Never do anything like that again! I thought I lost you!”

Sofia asks if he loves her, because she loves him like the dad she never had.

Lupo agrees, he loves her like a daughter.

Sofia wakes up, still in the pit. Can we get this poor child out of this pit already?!

The bottle with the message bobs on the surface of the water.

This partnership negotiation is going nowhere. I think they’ve nearly agreed on terms, but Teresa wants to take Zurdo to Europe tomorrow so he can see her whole operation.

Faustino and Rocio come in as they’re toasting and Zurdo says they’re partners now. Faustino wants to celebrate with aguardiente, and if they don’t have it, Teresa will get some.

Rocio goes off to find Paloma after giving Faustino a little kiss.

Teresa goes to the bathroom (which is probably code for the surveillance room), leaving Faustino with Zurdo. Zurdo fills him in about Epifanio’s visit to the hotel and Teresa telling him off. Faustino thinks that’s definitely worth a toast.

In the surveillance room Oleg tells Teresa she’s making him remember old times. Ray’s worried that Zurdo’s too stubborn, but Teresa says she can’t tell him–she has to show him.

She has to go back into business as a transporter, get everything set up again, and he’s going to fall in love with her operation…and then he’ll tell her everything. Once they have everything, they’ll kill his organization.

Lupo and Batman have started traipsing through the woods, finally. Aw crap, there are snakes.

Batman’s muttering about how he missed his chance with Sheila because of Sofia. And he’s gonna stick her in a dog kennel again!

Sofia’s throat is just too dry to say anything, but he was close.

Batman tells Lupo he thinks Sofia swam away. Or built a boat.

Lupo’s convinced something happened, but he agrees with Batman that they’ll have a better chance in the morning.

There are teenagers on some other shore of the lake, daring each other to stick their feet in the cold water. They find the wine bottle with Sofia’s note and the boy tosses it back in the water, ‘ cause he’d rather be snogging.

Alejandro tells Epifanio from now on their campaign strategy will revolve around the future presidential couple. Epifanio likes the idea.

He moves on to remembering his first meeting with Alejandro and Genoveva when he was in prison and how Alejandro has changed his life and he only agreed to talk to Alejandro because he brought Genoveva.

Alejandro’s all “Well, I knew you were the victim of the president and the DEA.”

Yeah, see, Epifanio’s not buying that. What’s the real reason?

Alejandro says Epifanio’s his revenge on the party. Everyone kept calling him his father’s successor, but he didn’t want to be a politician. He told the party he didn’t believe in them and they said they’d destroy him. So he went out and found a candidate who didn’t need to steal–someone who would actually help people.

It sounds like more crap to me, but Epifanio buys it.

Alejandro can see Danilo’s cousin in the office talking to Danilo and he looks worried.

Danilo’s cousin came by looking for a job. They go to HR.

It’s morning. Lupo has decided to use the drone to look for Sofia, but he’s flying it over the island and not into the trees.

The sun coming into the pit wakes Sofia and she calls softly for Lupo.

Willy wants a meeting with Teresa. He wants to talk to her in person, because he doesn’t trust that the phones aren’t bugged. What he should’ve been worried about was Manuela following him.

Teresa agrees to meet him in fifteen minutes at her old house.

Danilo’s getting Edgar to fill out a job application. When Alejandro and Epifanio walk by, Edgar goes over to shake Epifanio’s hand and hug Alejandro.

Danilo pulls him off Alejandro and says his cousin is very effusive. He’s looking for a job.

Epifanio gives him a bullshit platitude about how he likes people who are trying to help the country.

Edgar fakes like he seriously thought having Alejandro over for the party meant they were buds now.

On another shore of the lake, a kid finds the bottle, but her mom insists she throw it back into the water.

So the next time she fishes the bottle out, she hides it from her mom and reads the note. When some guy in a suit comes over to tell her to come sit with her mom, she holds on to the note.

Lupo decides there’s a shadow in the woods that doesn’t look right. He takes the drone down lower and ta-da! There’s Sofia.

Lupo hands the controls off to Batman and runs into the trees with his backpack and rope.

Renata, the girl at the lake with her mom, asks what she should do if someone’s kidnapped and asks her for help.

Mom thinks this is about her being afraid of being kidnapped herself, but that’s not going to happen. Because they have bodyguards.

Lupo finds the pit.

Renata tries again–she’s not talking about herself. She meant, if a friend got kidnapped and got a secret message out to her telling her to call her family, she should do that, right?

Mom agrees you’ve gotta help people when they’re in danger.

Lupo throws his rope down into the pit and anchors the other end to a tree. He finally gets Sofia to wake up. She apologizes for not paying attention and falling.

 Lupo wraps her up in his shirt.

Batman watches Lupo pull her out of the pit.

Renata’s mom tells her to stop thinking about that and take a dip in the lake. Or have some cookies or something.

Renata sees a cell phone nearby.

Lupo carries Sofia back to the house and tells Batman to find two pieces of wood about the same size as her arm.

Batman really thinks they should let the professionals handle this. And then decides he’ll just break a chair.

Paloma tells Rocio about the Pernas getting shot. Rocio can’t believe their grandma let them in the house!

Paloma’s worried that Rocio’s falling for Faustino. This isn’t some vampire novel–he’s a narco and he’s old enough to be their dad!

But he’s not. Rocio says he’s funny and they kissed, but that’s it. She’s not going farther than that.

Willy meets Teresa at the house. He’s been there before, but Teresa didn’t know.

Because Güero kept things secret.

Willy tells her Jonathon’s on his way too and Teresa wonders why.

They head for the table by the pool. Willy’s kind of disconcerted by how everything in this house is the same. All it’s missing is Güero. They toast to him.

Manuela’s picking the lock on the gate as Willy tells Teresa that a priest was killed in Mexico. He had ties to Epifanio. And Willy thinks the same person who killed the priest is after her too.

He’s not even finished saying it when he pushes Teresa behind him and Manuela shoots him in the head.

Teresa watches Manuela run off, looks at Willy, bleeding in the pool, and starts chasing Manuela.

Edgar’s sitting on Alejandro’s car when he gets to the garage. Cue the inevitable blackmail. Danilo isn’t out to his family, but Edgar says he always suspected. Alejandro offers him 50K pesos in exchange for the cell phone (about $2633 today). Edgar wants the money first.

Alejandro tells Edgar to meet him tonight at 9 and he’ll have the money. (So, Edgar’s dying at 9:01?)

Edgar goes back inside to tell Danilo he’s not taking the job. And he should invite Alejandro to Edgar’s birthday party next month.

Alejandro calls Danilo to gripe about Edgar. He doesn’t want anyone from Danilo’s family working on the campaign. Because people are going to say it’s nepotism..and also because reasons.

Well, Edgar already said he didn’t want to take the job after all, so it’s not a problem. Whose apartment are they meeting at tonight?

Alejandro says he can’t tonight (because he’ll be busy killing your cousin).

Manuela walks down the sidewalk. Teresa’s far enough behind that she’s just barely keeping up with Manuela turning corners.

Manuela shuts a heavy gate to slow Teresa down.

Teresa accidentally opens the wrong door and interrupts a couple having sex. She hears Manuela breaking a window and opens the correct door just as Manuela’s jumping out the window.

The chase continues. Teresa takes a chance and shoots at Manuela, but misses. Manuela beats a guy with his motorcycle helmet and steals his bike.

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