La Reina del Sur Monday 6/10/19 #2.35

Previously: Willy and Teresa meet at her old house. A girl finds Sofia’s note. Manuela kills Willy. Edgar blackmails Alejandro. Lupo and Batman find Sofia. Manuela gets away from Teresa.

Teresa goes back to her house. Willy’s not in the pool. He’s lying on a chaise with photos in his hand.

Manuela makes it to a bathroom and changes out of one set of black clothes (wet) and into another (dry) before  calling someone to tell him the job is done.

Jonathan gets to Teresa’s and finds out Willy’s dead.

Cayetana’s lawyer says they can’t file charges against Teresa for killing the Gallegos because there’s no proof. But they can use it against her for the custody hearing. It would also really help if Rocio or Paloma could testify about Teresa’s criminal activities.

Cayetana agrees to take care of it.

The house phone rings. Renata stole her mom’s phone to call Cayetana. She says she’s a friend of Sofia’s, but they’ve never met  and she found this note in a bottle and it’s a secret mission….

Cayetana thinks this is some kind of joke. Renata’s mom sees her on the phone and starts scolding her. Cayetana tells Renata she’s calling the cops.

Renata hangs up. She insists to her mom that she was calling her invisible friend Sofia’s grandmother. Renata’s mom says she’s taking her to a therapist on Monday.

Charo and the lawyer both think the call could have been genuine. Cayetana disagrees. She wants Teresa blamed for the kidnapping.

The lawyer’s off, but he reminds her to get one of her granddaughters to testify against Teresa.

Teresa and Jonathan have a private wake for Willy.

Teresa knew Willy’s son died in an op, but she didn’t know that he thought he was the one who shot him. Willy always made Jonathan feel like he was the son Willy lost.

Teresa says Willy was proud of him. He said he trusted Jonathan as if Jonathan were Willy himself. She’s sorry she didn’t trust Willy sooner.

Jonathan pulls it together and asks Teresa to tell him what happened. Which she does, but then she can’t figure out how the shooter beat her back to the house, pulled Willy’s body out of the pool, and left the pictures.

Jonathan says the message is clear–whoever’s close to her is in danger.

Sofia’s telling Lupo about falling down in the pit. He says her arm isn’t broken, but he’s going to immobilize it so it heals faster. She hugs him and thanks him for saving her.

Lupo says bad girls never die.

Jonathan’s going to take the body to keep the attention of the police off of Teresa. And he’s going to find out who killed Willy. He’s sure if he retraces Willy’s steps he’ll figure out who killed him.

Teresa points out that he’s in the photos–he’s one of the people in danger.

Jonathan just tells her he’ll take care of this. When Teresa leaves, he calls to ask someone if a DEA plane landed in Culiacan in the last couple of hours.

Batman brings Sofia’s lunch up on a tray. But if she and Lupo are going to be speaking Italian, he’s out of here.

Lupo stops him on the stairs and tells him to tell Epifanio that Sofia reappeared and he’ll get him that video.

Batman’s going to try to get back into Sheila’s pants…er, see if he can get any information about Teresa and Zurdo’s “love story.” And yeah, he’ll tell Lupo what he finds out.

Lupo goes back to Sofia’s room, says he sent Batman to buy medicine and starts feeding her.

At the safe house, Teresa gives Ray the news. He’s upset and so are the rest of the team. Teresa vows they’ll find out who killed Willy. Oleg’s upset that Teresa went out without Antón.

Hey, she just thought Willy was going to try to talk her into hiring him.

Well, Oleg’s doubling her security. And he needs her to focus on what they’re doing with Zurdo.

Teresa starts babbling about everything needing to be set up and she needs to call Abdelkader and Zurdo has to be convinced that being her business partner is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Oleg asks if she’s ready.

“When have I ever been ready?”

OK, he’ll make calls to their contacts in Europe, but they have to finish this and get Sofia back. And if anything happens to Teresa none of this makes any sense anymore.

Jonathan watches Manuela get on a plane and says she’s going to pay. He’s sure Willy found out something big and he’s going to find out what it was.

Teresa goes over to Zurdo’s to ask if everything’s ready for their trip to Europe tonight. He’s all excited about meeting her African friend and the Italians and everybody else they’re going to make money off of. (I have this sudden image of Zurdo being incredibly rude to people and not surviving this trip.)

Renata, aka the girl by the lake, comes running up to Zurdo. She’s his kid. As she greets Teresa, Teresa has a fantasy of her being Sofia and gets weepy. Which she explains to Zurdo and Renata. Her daughter Sofia is about Renata’s age. She’s 9, almost 10.

Renata says she has a friend named Sofia.

Zurdo cuts her off–she’s always making up invisible friends. The three of them walk into the house.

Genoveva’s doing her last broadcast and explaining that it’s her last, when Epifanio interrupts.

In her kitchen, Carmen is furious. Genoveva’s getting what should have been Carmen’s. And Epifanio thinks he can keep waving it in her face. She goes looking for Willy’s card.

Jonathan has Willy’s phone and answers it. He explains that Willy’s dead. Yeah, Carmen totally knows what that means.

Genoveva’s trying to give her producer some ideas about who could replace her, but Epifanio interrupts and talks her into getting married next week.

Renata plays by herself by Zurdo’s pool. He tells Teresa she’s been making up imaginary friends since he and her mom separated. She’s constantly surrounded by guards and she she’s home-schooled.

Teresa thinks it’s pretty normal. Her daughter comes up with all kinds of stuff. And she always wants Teresa to tell her stories and that develops their imaginations, right?

Anyway, Teresa’s plan is to go to Morocco first, then the south of Italy. She thinks it’s a good idea to have Sanchez-Godoy come with them.

Zurdo suddenly remembers that Teresa told him she’s hiding her daughter in Europe. Maybe they could visit while they’re there. He could meet her daughter like she’s met his.

Renata comes over to ask her dad if he kisses his girlfriend.

“¡Dios te oiga!” (From your lips to god’s ears.) He says he’s working on it.

Teresa doesn’t argue.

Renata asks if she knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. And does she like painting? She’ll go get her paints!

Sofia’s asleep in her room on the island. Lupo’s hovering. He finds her diary. Dude! Don’t be reading her diary!

He gets as far as Sofia writing that her mom always lied to her and had her kidnapped.

Renata’s chattering to Teresa about dressing up and playing princesses. But the princess is sad because the king has her locked in a tower. She suffers, like in The Beauty and The Beast.

Lupo’s still reading. Sofia’s mom doesn’t want to see her. She likes Lupo better. They saw each other yesterday.

Renata keeps drawing a wolf’s face on Teresa’s hand. She colors the iris blue.

Sofia wrote that she doesn’t like her mother anymore. It’s her fault Sofia fell and broke her arm. She likes Lupo better because he saved her, but Teresa killed her dad.

So now the hand painting is done and Teresa is the Wolf. Renata’s Little Red Riding Hood. Except when Little Red Riding Hood starts screaming, she’s Sofia asking her friend Renata for help because the wolf kidnapped her.

Teresa freezes. Zurdo comes over and tells Renata to cut it out.

“But I have to save my friend Sofia. She’s been kidnapped.”

Zurdo tells Teresa Renata gets out of control.

Teresa says it’s fine, but she’s gotta go. She tells Renata it was nice meeting her and she hopes she gets a chance to tell her Little Red Riding Hood in Italian. Zurdo offers to walk her out, but she says it’s fine, kisses him on the cheek, and gets the hell out.

Zurdo tells Renata he doesn’t want her making stuff up anymore. “But dad…” “No more!”

Teresa tries to scrub some of the paint off her hand before she starts the car.

Lupo’s out looking at the lake.

Teresa’s drinking in the empty El Submarino.

Francesco calls to see how things are going. He can tell from her voice something’s wrong.

She says an old friend died.

Is there anything he can do?

Teresa says she could use a hug, but he’s not going to Mexico this week.

Well, she’ll be in Italy tomorrow–could he clear some space in his busy schedule.

He looks horrified. “Of course!”

Teresa says they’ll be making a stop in Rome. She’s traveling with Zurdo. It’s going well, she’s just gotta gain his confidence. She met his daughter–she’s about Sofia’s age. Which of course, makes her think about Sofia and makes her miss her. Hey, Teresa could meet his kids too. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Um, yeah, but the kids went back South with their mom.

Well, she’s also going to Palermo.

Francesco just agrees and says he’ll do what he can and now he’s gotta go into a meeting. He hopes Zurdo’s not planning to try anything because they’re traveling together.

Teresa says he’s been a gentleman and nobody touches her just because they want to, only the ones she allows. She’ll call him tomorrow from Italy.

Francesco wishes her a good trip. Then he shouts at the lake and kicks the dirt. He finds Sofia’s hidden notebook and rubs enough dirt on it to see what she wrote.

Alejandro meets “Kira” aka, Manuela. She tells him Willy got taken out.

Age made him stupid. They had to get rid of him or he’d ruin the whole operation. One soldier can’t end a war, but if he’s captured by the enemy he can take out his own battalion.

Kira/Manuela is happy to be working with one of “their” best agents.

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