La Reina del Sur Tuesday 6/11/19 #2.36

Previously: Willy was murdered. Renata, Zurdo’s daughter, called Cayetana to try to help Sofia. Kira/Manuela is working with Alejandro.

It’s trip time. Oleg warns Rocio and Sheila that Zurdo’s all about brute force–they need to trust their guts when it comes to him. Oleg and Teresa have a metaphor about the belly of the beast and Teresa knowing what makes the beast vomit. Antón promises he won’t let anything happen.

Faustino is so thrilled Rocio’s coming with them.

Zurdo’s sure this is going to be a life-changing trip.

Lupo’s scolding Sofia for her note-in-a-bottle trick. And how did she have Cayetana’s number?

Uh, from his phone.

Did she call Cayetana?

Did he lie about not knowing her?

“I’m the one asking the questions here!” Aw, gosh, Lupo, it must suck to have a 9-year-old outwit you. He threatens to call Cayetana and Sofia tells him to go for it, since he never trusts her anyway. Tozzi adds “QUIT UPSETTING MY HUMAN!”

OK, fine, he’ll trust her this time. And BTW Batman’s coming over for a few days.

“You’re going to see my mom, right? If you really loved me, you wouldn’t leave me here injured!”

Lupo gives her a kiss on her fussy forehead.

Jonathan’s getting caught up on the interactions between Willy and Carmen’s family. Jimena says he checked out her nails, but he didn’t say why. But he knew she was innocent. He wanted to know where she’d been before she found the gun in her backpack.

Jonathan takes down the name of Jimena’s university–Juan Aldama.

Carmen asks if Willy suffered.

No. He was shot through the head and didn’t even have time to realize it. Jonathan warns them not to tell anyone they know him, least of all Epifanio or Alejandro, or any of them could be in danger of dying.

Kira/Manuela warns Alejandro that Jonathan’s in town and that he’s been hanging out with her nephew. Neither of them know anything and she’s going to make sure Sergio stays out of things.

Alejandro asks Kira/Manuela to delay her flight back for a few hours. He needs her services to keep something from coming to light.

The Mendoza-Villa party are taking a luxury private airplane to Europe. Faustino teases Rocio about sitting next to him because he’s afraid of flying.

Teresa’s phone beeps and Zurdo comes over, practically trying to rip the phone out of Teresa’s hands assuming it’s something from Sofia. Why can’t he see her daughter when she’s seen his? (Because consent doesn’t work that way.)

Sheila takes over. The video is chick stuff…you know? The kind of thing a chick would be embarrassed for a dangerous narco who thinks the world revolves around him to hear? (I might have embellished that.)

Zurdo cracks up. Oh, he knows about that stuff! But isn’t Sofia a little young…?

Sheila’s like “Oh, no, she totally doesn’t get her period yet, but her…uh…boobs are growing. And she wants to show her mom.”

Teresa’s like “You don’t have to be so graphic!”

Zurdo’s like, “I’m sorry, I was being stupid.”

Faustino mentions his throat is dry. Zurdo tells Lencho to get him an aguardiente and a tequila for Teresa. He gives Teresa a completely squicky look like he enjoyed the previous conversation in a non-wholesome way.

Faustino prays for them to make it safely to Morocco and then teases Rocio about being nervous flying. He knows she spends all night flying when the moon is full.

Rocio says it’s not that, she just misses her grandma and Charo.

Well, then, Faustino will get them a helicopter and they can go see her grandma and her nana, but she’s gotta smile for him again. The plane gets going and he’s like “It’s taking off! Hold my hand!” If the plane doesn’t fall into the Bermuda triangle, she’ll be home tomorrow.

Jonathan’s reviewing the security footage at Juan Aldama and finally sees Alejandro. Not that he’s doing anything, but he was there.

Jonathan tips the security guy very generously to forget him, get him a copy of the video, and let him know if the police come by again. And for informing him that the police have a copy of the same video.

Cousin Edgar’s waiting for Alejandro at a park. He hands over the cell phone in exchange for the agreed-upon cash. Alejandro warns him he’s going to have someone check and make sure the photos weren’t sent anywhere or uploaded to the internet. Then he buys Edgar’s jacket.

Edgar’s all “Take care of my cousin. And if you guys have a son, name him Edgar. He’ll be smart and good looking.”

As soon as Edgar takes off on his motorcycle, Alejandro gives Kira/Manuela the jacket and tells her to go chase Edgar down.

Zurdo’s next creepy move to attempt to seduce Teresa is revealing that this is a karaoke plane. He sings De Que Manera Te Olvido. Don’t get me wrong, if I had the kind of cash to own a private plane, it would totally be wired to do karaoke, but Zurdo makes everything creepy.

He doesn’t like the look on Teresa’s face when he’s done, but she says it’s not him. It’s that every time she gets on a plane, she feels like she’s never going to see Mexico again. He assures her she will, and in two days not twenty years.

Kira/Manuela swipes a woman’s purse and lets a guy take a picture with his cell phone. So now what it looks like is a guy on a motorcycle with a black jacket with a dragon embroidered on the back stole her purse. The cops go after “him.”

Lupo meets Alejandro in a quiet bar. Alejandro got him a couple of credit cards with no limits, in Francesco Belmondo’s name. He asks what Lupo’s planning to do about Teresa’s request.

“Introduce her to my kids.” He smiles sadly at Alejandro when Alejandro says if he’s found out, he’ll be dead.

Motorcycle chase. Kira/Manuela pulls up next to Edgar at a stop light and tells him Alejandro sent his jacket back. She points a gun at him and tells him to put it on and go.

She fires her gun into the air and then calls the cops and says she just got assaulted by a guy on a motorcycle wearing a black jacket with a dragon on the back. Then she drops the purse she grabbed from the woman earlier, drops it in the road, and takes off.

Alejandro tells Lupo not to let Zurdo see him and to get as much information about Zurdo from Teresa as he can.

Lupo says he hired the best.

Right, but The Best seems like he’s falling in love with Teresa. He’s going to miss this mission when it’s over.

Lupo thanks him for the credit cards and/or bottled water and leaves.

Edgar realizes the cops are after him and his response is to drive faster and speed in and out of traffic.

Danilo’s at his aunt’s house, telling her he has a lead on a mechanic job for Edgar. She laments that Edgar’s like his (dead) father–lazy. Danilo’s about to leave when the motorcycle chase ends in front of his aunt’s house.

Edgar was looking through his jacket pockets and found a gun. The cops see it and he gets shot right in front of his mom’s house.

Manuela gets there after the cops have arrived. She calls (probably) Alejandro to tell him the job is done.

The cops explain to Danilo and his aunt that Edgar had assaulted people and was carrying a gun. The wad of cash in his pocket doesn’t help.

Danilo calls Alejandro and says the cops just shot his cousin in the street. I guess Alejandro’s coming right over. Seriously, I don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, but he is the worst fucking boyfriend ever.

From his own swanky private plane, “Emilio” aka Lupo aka Francesco Belmondo, calls Cayetana. So all those times she said she didn’t know a “Francesco Belmondo” she wasn’t lying. And I don’t know if you caught it or not, but I completely forgot that in the first episode Cayetana called and left a message for “Emilio.”

Anyway. “Emilio” lost an address book and he’s calling all his contacts to warn them in case they get calls from anyone.

Cayetana tells him about the girl who called talking about a note in a bottle, but she didn’t believe it.

“Emilio” apologizes. Cayetana tells him to have a nice day and hangs up.

Charo comes over with tea and asks if Cayetana slept last night.

Yeah, she’s sure Charo just wants to know who called. It was Emilio, that detective she hired, to tell her he lost a notebook with her number in it. And she supposes she has to drink the tea to keep Charo happy.

Batman’s feeding Sofia noodles when Lupo calls and tells him to get rid of ALL the bottles in the house and destroy the corks.


And he’d better not leave his phone anywhere Sofia can find it ’cause she’s got a contact book in her head. He wants to talk to her.

Batman hands Sofia the phone and says she’s in for it now. (It cracks me up the dynamic between these three. I mean, obviously the guys are horrible people, but they can’t seem to help falling into the “dad” role.)

As Lupo scolds her, Batman’s pulling all the bottles out of the pantry and putting them on the table. He says she lied to him, she put that note into one of the bottles, someone called her grandma, but no worries he just called and told her it’s a mistake. Lupo, 1; Sofia, 0.

Batman keeps putting bottles on the table and says Sofia’s so young and already getting drunk. They’ll have to put her into AA.

Alejandro gets to Danilo’s aunt’s place and fixes his hair in the rearview mirror before he goes over to comfort Danilo and his family. Not that he’s any good at it.

Teresa goes to the bathroom, leaving Zurdo to whine to Sheila about how Teresa’s stolen his heart.

Aww, in all her career she’s never heard a guy say anything so sweet. She’s…a psychiatrist. She goes off to the bathroom herself to get Terea to hurry up before Zurdo dies from not having a heart.

Teresa lets Sheila into the bathroom. She says Zurdo would kill and/or die for her.

Teresa feels bad for betraying him when he’s trusting in her.

Sheila says they’re both victims. But why’s she in here? Does she like Zurdo?

No, she just wants to see the video of Sofia.

It’s pretty bad. Sofia says they’re making her do this video to say she’s OK, so she’s OK. She imagines this is for mom…what’s she supposed to call her? Mom? María? Teresa? La Reina del Sur? She doesn’t have anything more to say. Bye.

Sheila says one day Teresa and Sofia will watch this video together and laugh.

But Sofia’s just like her. They forget, but they don’t ever forgive.

Alejandro talked to the cop in charge and got him to agree to open an investigation. If the cops did anything wrong, they’re going to jail.

Danilo tells Alejandro his cousin really screwed up this time. He had a bunch of cash and a gun. How could he do this to his mother?! (KITTY!)

Alejandro goes back to Danilo’s aunt and asks her to let him deal with the funeral expenses, to lighten their load a little.

Jonathan drinks and looks at the pictures that were left with Willy’s body. There’s a knock at the door and he sticks his gun in the waistband of his boxers.

It’s Manuela at the door asking what he was doing at her house and calling him “Esteban.”

Jonathan denies everything and kicks Manuela out of his house. Except they both seem to enjoy fighting during sex. So there’s that.

Abdelkader’s welcome is designed to impress. And not that Zurdo isn’t impressed with the red carpet and General Chaib’s dress uniform, but it’s like he doesn’t take it seriously. Teresa introduces Rocio and Faustino to him. And Sheila, who he’s already met…he calls her una distinguida dama. And lastly Lencho and Antón, the bodyguards.

Well, before they go to Italy, he’d like them to come to a “little” reception at his palace.

Zurdo: “You really have a palace?”

Abdelkader: “I have two.”

Zurdo’s taking selfies as they head to the cars.

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