Betty en NY Friday 5/31/19 #82

Previously on Betty: Armando’s parents made a surprise visit. Armando told Margarita he’s not in love with Marcela and he wants to break off the engagement. Roberto has heard the company’s in trouble and asks Armando if it’s true.

Armando says the company is “perfect” and blames Daniel for the rumors. Daniel would do anything to get his hands on V&M. He’s famous for buying companies and selling them off in pieces. Besides, Roberto will be able to see for himself how well they’re doing at the next board meeting.

Roberto’s happy. He had his doubts, but Armando has taken care of things. And Margarita will also be happy–she always believed in him.

Armando agrees. She did.

In the break room, Catalina’s trying to convince Margarita to go to a specialist.

No worries, her health is perfect, she just faked it to make sure Armando didn’t cancel the wedding. But why isn’t Catalina surprised?

Well…she knows things haven’t been going well between Armando and Marce. And if Armando’s having doubts, she doesn’t think they should get married.

Margarita says it’s a phase. Or he’s stuck on whoever he’s having an affair with. She’s going to find out who it is and get her out of Armando’s life.

Betty confronts Ricardo about looking for something in her office. She hands him a full financial report for BAR. She’s realized he has doubts about the way she’s managing Armando’s money. She reminds him the money was supposed to be hers, but she wasn’t comfortable accepting it. If he has questions about her, he can ask her himself.

Romina “confides” in Inés that she’s worried because she’s not happy about her pregnancy like every other pregnant woman seems to be. She’s thinking of giving the baby up for adoption.

Margarita comes into Betty’s office to demand the name of Armando’s lover. (I really wish she’d said Armando wanted to call off the wedding.)

Inés tells Hugo what Romina said earlier and the wheels start spinning in Hugo’s mind. He assures Inés he’s not going to let that baby leave the family.

Aura Maria flirts with Giovas. The rest of the Pelotón are watching. Berta wonders what they can do to get Aura Maria and Giovas together. Sofia has an idea….

Margarita insists Betty must know who the other woman is. Betty insists she doesn’t. She doesn’t even admit there is another woman.

Margarita seriously tries to tell Betty she knows working here hasn’t been easy for her, but “I’ve always supported you.”

Betty asks Margarita not to put her in this position.

Margarita drops the nice act. She tells Betty that her loyalty to Armando is going to ruin his life. She at least hopes this conversation stays private.

Mariana asks Aura Maria for Marcela’s mail. Aura Maria just happens to get a notification from her dating app and she’s all excited. But she’s totally going to ask the guy right off if he’s married, ’cause she already learned her lesson. Mariana gives Sofia and Sandra a thumbs up.

Seriously, Armando, you are a grown man. How are you gonna be all “I couldn’t cancel the wedding. I tried!”? He still swears he’s gonna do it and wants to sneak off with Betty after their meeting with Amul.

She tells him to take Ricardo. She’s busy working on the report for the meeting. And then she smiles when he leaves. What’s that about?

Maybe it’s about her inviting the Pelotón to lunch because Nico made a bunch of money on the stock market. Pati sneers that it’s probably at a food truck with carnitas (And this is how you know they’re real friends, because the Pelotón would be perfectly happy with that.) Betty says they’re going to a “cool” restaurant and Pati invites herself along. Betty’s like “the invitation is for my friends. Not for you.”

Hugo now passes on the completely secret news that Romina’s considering giving the baby up for adoption (it seems like there’s a less judgmental way to say that, but I can’t think of what it is right now) to Fabi. Fabi offers to talk to his “sister” but Hugo thinks Fabi would probably slap her. Hugo has decided it’s his job to talk to her.

At lunch, Amul asks Armando and Ricky what kept them from closing a deal with his competitors.

Um…they had doubts about production. They didn’t want to be involved in exploiting labor.

Amul says they won’t have any problem with his company and he’s got the paperwork to show they follow all the rules.

Betty hired a limo to take the Pelotón to lunch. She tells them Nico did it. Group selfie!

Nico’s not coming to lunch with them, but he left word that they can order anything they want. Pati gets outside in time to see the Pelotón getting into the limo and whines to Wilson that it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

Armando and Ricky tell Amul they’d like to do business with him. They just have this one tiny favor…who’s the owner of his competition? They suspect there’s something illegal about the formation of that company.

Pati whines to Marce that the Pelotón went to lunch in a limo like ’90s pop stars. And she wants someone to pick her up in a limo like a pop staaaaar!

Marce’s like “You wouldn’t date a guy like Betty’s boyfriend, right?”

Oh, no…definitely not…not if he was the last man on earth who could pay off her bills…. Pati’s eyes get all misty.

Roberto’s playing golf with Daniel, which just irks me! He lets Daniel bad-mouth Armando and the most he’ll say is “You know these rumors are bad for the company.” Daniel begs Roberto to let him do an audit.

Betty and the Pelotón get back from lunch. Smith, Pati, and Marcela are waiting in front of the elevator because they’re THIRTY TWO minutes late. And they had some drinks at lunch. They’re still in that vague “You’re in trouble!” space before the sentence actually gets handed down when Armando gets off the other elevator. He claims he gave them permission. Muahahahaha!

Ricky gets the email and a follow-up call from Amul. The owner of that other company is Daniel Valencia. They’re just starting to go into production to send fabrics to the US.

Ricky gloats that Daniel engaged in corporate espionage. He and Armando start piecing it together…Daniel wanted them to do business with a factory he owned. Before that it was Jack Anderson’s. And Mata convinced Anderson that the business was on the verge of bankruptcy and he should sell it for a low price. And Daniel bought it and turned a profit.

But this isn’t enough yet. They need evidence.

Ricky says he can get it from Cindy. She won’t like that her dad got ripped off.

OK, so the Pelotón used the dating app to get Giovas and Aura Maria together. What could possibly go wrong?!

Fabi confronts Romina, but she’s made up her mind. Hugo will raise their child and give them the best of everything and Fabi will stay married to Hugo. And she’s not going back to Buenos Aires. (But what about their other kid?)

Nico asks Betty about lunch, but she’d rather talk to him about Armando. He said he was going to cancel the wedding and he really sounded like he meant it.

Nico shows Betty the picture Pati just posted…of Armando and Marcela and their families all having dinner.

OK, then. He’s not going to cancel the wedding and this was his last chance.

At the dinner, Margarita announces she’s passing on the argolla (wedding ring, though the same word also means shackle, just saying) that her mother-in-law gave to her. She wants Marcela to have it. She gives it to Armando and says he has to carry on family tradition.

Armando puts the ring on Marcela and says they’ve already heard and he’s carrying on family tradition. Subtext: And that’s the only reason I’m doing it!

Roberto says Marcela’s parents would have been happy. Pati insists on taking a picture of Armando kissing Marcela (barely) while she holds her hand up so everybody can see the shackle. Ring. Whatever.

Nico checks out the new photo and Betty has to beg him to show it to her. She almost feels bad for Marcela, knowing what kind of guy she’s marrying.

Catalina stops by Betty’s house. While she’s waiting to talk to Betty, she gets Demetrio’s help with her taxes. Her accountant has been both underpaying and paying late. He shows the figures to Betty and Nico when they get downstairs and sends Julia to make her some tea.

The good news is, he’s got some new software…. He and Nico go get on the computer.

This was seriously the reason Catalina came by, because she didn’t know who else she could go to. But now she feels bad for interrupting Betty and her boyfriend.

Demetrio pops his head back around the corner…boyfriend?

Nico and Betty say it wasn’t “novio” but “no vio,” Didn’t you see that Nico was already leaving. So now he’s actually gotta leave. And Catalina’s making this face like “What did I walk into?”

At the bar, Aura Maria’s doing her best to get both Giovas and herself drunk.

Ricky decides it’s time for him to make a toast. It’s thinly-veiled snark, talking about Armando’s marrying a woman who’s faithful and loyal…their love has survived every *significant pause* ugly challenge…Marcela should take care of his BFF and never let the passion die.

Catalina is chugging that tea Julia made her. She explains to Demetrio that her PR company has grown so much in the last year and she’s running it by herself. Her accountant won’t take her calls anymore!

That’s probably because he embezzled money. Demetrio says he’ll figure out how much she was supposed to be paying in taxes and work out a payment schedule with the IRS. And if might help if she sued her accountant to see if she can get any of the money back.

Catalina asks for another tea. In the kitchen she tells Julia that Betty’s the soul and the brain of V&M. She knows Betty gets picked on, but she’s above all that.

Well, Julia wishes she’d find a less stressful job. And just between them, she doesn’t like how close Betty and Armando are. He drives her home a lot.

Cata didn’t know that.

Julia insists on Cata staying for dinner. Cata’s face is confused.

Hugo pretends he cares that Romina has seemed down in the last few days. Romina pouts and whines about thinking the best thing she can do for her child is give them up for adoption.

Away from the dinner table, Armando and Daniel butt heads again. Daniel accuses Armando of faking the financial reports and Armando asks if there’s not something else that Daniel’s hiding. Daniel’s face barely twitches.

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