Betty en NY Monday 6/3/19 #83

Previously: Nico kissed Betty in front of Armando, Marcela, and Ricky. Armando says he’s going to call off the wedding, but his mom guilts him into not doing it.

Aura Maria and Giovas check into a cheesy hotel with a room that’s supposed to look like a hut in the tropics. Giovas is trying to make this romantic, but it’s just freaking Aura Maria out. She finally agrees that yes, they’re together, but he doesn’t have to make such a big deal about it!

When Ricky gets to the office the next morning, I figure Marcela’s “What do you think you’re doing?” was about the toast. It’s actually about Maria Lucía.

Romina puts cough syrup in Inés’ coffee.

Marcela tells Ricky to stay away from her sister, but what’s she gonna do if he doesn’t? Tell her about them?

OK, fine, but Maria Lucía’s never going to take him seriously.

Then she might as well relax. She already told him the Valencia name was too big for him.

Roberto wants to know what’s going on with Margarita. Not that she’s not being super obvious, with giving Marcela the ring.

She says it’s nothing, just normal wedding stress and kids these days are afraid of commitments. They have to support Armando.

Well, Roberto talked to Daniel and he’s starting to have doubts about Armando.

Ricky scolds Armando for the picture Pati uploaded of him and Marce and that ring. Now it’s going to be obvious to everybody that he’s getting married. What’s poor Betty going to think?!

Armando says she’ll fix the report for him because she’s not going to want to give Daniel his head on a platter.

Ricky warns him not to make any more promises to Betty. They both agree they need to get Cindy Anderson to get them the evidence against Daniel.

Margarita doesn’t think Armando is doing anything wrong, but Daniel sounded so sure to Roberto. He’s considering giving Daniel what he wants and making him auditor. If Armando’s not doing anything wrong, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yeah, but those two have always been competitive. Margarita says they’ll wait until the meeting and then Roberto will make whatever decision is best.

Giovas and the Pelotón are waiting for Aura Maria to show up. The Pelotón hide around the corner and listen in as Aura Maria dances into the office and Giovas gives her a box of chocolate. She’s still wanting to keep things quiet, so he’s all “We’ll let the silence speak for us!”

As soon as he’s gone, they all gather around her desk and Berta does an imitation of Giovas, asking if they went out last night or what?

And Aura Maria actually admits they did! Sandra declares an emergency Pelotón meeting in their conference room.

Armando comes to Betty’s office and asks how she is.

Extrañada (surprised) because there wasn’t a stuffed animal or a card waiting on her desk. She always thought those were…romantic. And how did his breaking up with Marcela go? ‘Cause wow, breaking up after giving her a ring that’s been in the family….

“My mom did it!”

And the announcement that the wedding of the year is happening in a few days. So was he planning to be married to both of them? Is it going to be an Islamic wedding? Mormon? Hey, she understands. That’s her job, right? To agree with all his decisions?

Armando totally gets that she’s angry, but um…the board meeting is coming up….

And he wanted her to fake the report again? No worries. She’s on it. It’ll be perfect. She learned how to lie from the best. He can go now.

Aura Maria admits she had a good time on her date. Sofia and Berta pretty much tell her the whole thing was a setup, but Aura Maria either doesn’t catch it or doesn’t care.

And besides, just because she went out with Giovas doesn’t mean he’s her one-and-only. Look, he’s cute and all, but she wants a guy with a lot of money and muscles. She wants a luxury car and a mansion in the suburbs.

Forget it. They all give up on her!

Marcela comes into Betty’s office to shove the ring in her face and tell her to tell Armando’s lover that she’ll never take Marcela’s place. “I win! I win!”

In the breakroom, Inés confirms that the ring has been in the family for decades and once you’re wearing it you’re in the family for life. Sandra’s all “My prrrrrrecious!” Too right, Sandra. Aura Maria likes rich people customs.

Sofia asks and none of them got invited to the wedding except Mariana, and that’s just to run Marcela’s social media during the event.

Sandra notices Betty’s not talking and she says she was just thinking of stuff she needed to do for the meeting. So she’s off to go do those things.

Margarita’s still on her Matrimonial Manipulation tour. She gives Ricky a handkerchief from Milan and asks him for a penny. It was her mother’s superstition. If you give a man a handkerchief you had to get a coin from him in return or the friendship wouldn’t last or your heart would be broken.

Ricky finds her a quarter.

And now, she wants his help convincing Armando to get married. And when Ricky says the best thing to do if Armando’s having doubts is call off the wedding, she says his coin was worthless. He just broke her heart.

Margarita complains to Marcela that Betty won’t help her at all and she’s a bad influence on Armando.

Marcela’s like “I told you!” Anyway, once the meeting is over, Betty’s getting fired. They gloat.

Catalina stops by Betty’s office to check up on her.

Betty says she’s just tired from all the stress of the meeting.

Catalina thinks it looks more like sadness. We spend over 50% of our lives at work. If you’re not happy, you shouldn’t do it. (Between this scene and the previous one, I think there’s a statement here about who gets to work to be happy and who has to work to survive.)

Betty says she gets satisfaction from working.

But that’s not happiness. She deserves better. She’s so smart and she’s got her dad and Nico–they could have their own business if they want. Seriously, if she’s not happy here, what’s keeping her here? What keeps her tied to V&M?

Betty says it’s the first workplace where she’s been treated with dignity.

Cata’s not buying that. Being stuck in this closet isn’t dignity. She’s doing both her job and the job of a VP of finance. And after what Betty did for her yesterday she knows they can’t be paying her more than a fifth of what she’s worth.

Betty says that’s fine for now. And it’s not like the company has any money in the budget.

Cata says she can’t believe that Betty’s looking after the interests of a company that’s not even hers. Cata’s sure Betty has let everyone walk all over her millions of times. She just wants Betty to know that she appreciates her work. And if she ever decides to leave V&M Cata would hire her without a second thought.

Malu’s drinking tea with Marcela just so Marcela has an excuse to ask what’s going on with Ricky. And hint that something’s going on, right? And remind Malu that he’s not serious relationship material. And that the company forbids employees to date each other.

Wow. Um, Malu’s an owner of the company too and owners can disregard pesky rules like that, right? And she’s just gonna go now, ’cause there’s kind of a scolding mom energy in here that’s icky. She tells Marcela to let her know when it passes.

Armando finds his mom looking at stuff on his desk. She warns him that Daniel’s been getting his dad all upset with his rumors again.

Armando tries to change the subject to the ring and says Margarita shouldn’t have given it to Marcela. It’s not right to make her live a lie.

Margarita tells him not to throw his future away. Ricky and that “insignificant” Betty won’t give a cent to help him if he makes a mistake right now. He could lose everything. He could lose his family.

In the workroom, Inés is feeling kind of woozy, but she insists on staying to work. She tells Romina to hand her the fabric she’s supposed to cut. Romina hands her something that looks like too little to work with, on top of looking expensive.

Yep. It’s expensive and now Hugo’s going to have to order more and pay for it.

Margarita and Marcela can’t convince Smith to fire Betty. Armando would just fire him for disobeying orders!

In that case, they want him to work on Betty’s firing papers and give her enough money that she won’t complain. And start looking for a VP of Finance with the same profile as Betty. But keep it a secret. And be careful with Berta, ’cause she talks too much.

Inés keeps getting increasingly disoriented. She starts calling for Hugo or Romi…instead Betty comes in and doesn’t get there in time to do much more than cushion Inés’ fall. Hugo comes in all pissed off like Betty did something to Inés. And then he tells Inés to wake up and forbids her from dying!

Betty tells him to call an ambulance.

At the hospital, Romina tells the doctor that Inés started feeling bad maybe a half-hour after taking the cough medicine? Doesn’t Inés remember taking the cough medicine?

Hugo comes in apologizing for being so mean to Inés. He informs the doctor that this woman is a saint, she’s like his own mother and if she dies, he’ll die too. And then he’ll come back from the dead and kill the doctor.

Armando and Ricky are drinking at a bar and lamenting that Armando said anything to his mother about cancelling the wedding. She’s convinced Armando is cheating on Marcela. She tried to get info out of Ricky and she’s mad Ricky wouldn’t tell her anything.

Armando says if not for Betty he and Ricky would have been out of V&M way before this.

And Ricky says instead they’re now on the way to the patíbulo.

Armando’s like “Patíbulo? Do you even know what that means?”

Of course he does, or he wouldn’t have used the word! (Gallows, place of execution) So did Betty give him the report yet?

No. Armando calls her and finds out she’s at the hospital with Inés. Armando insists on coming over. Partly because Inés is his employee and partly because he wants to be there for Betty.

Hugo thanks Betty for staying calm, because he wouldn’t have known what to do if he’d been there alone with Inés.

Betty’s like, “You don’t have to thank me, it’s what I would have done that for anybody.” They both know they don’t like each other and Betty doesn’t belong in his world.

So he checks her name tag and says “Rincón” is the only pretty thing about her. And order is restored to the universe.

The Pelotón are gathered around Inés bed. She’s joking about how awful she must look…and then she starts telling them about Romina saying she asked for cough medicine, but she wouldn’t have done that because it’s contraindicated because of her blood pressure…Romina swears she asked for it…and she’s been forgetting things…and losing things….

Sofia says from now on, she needs to let them help her. If she loses something, they’ll all come help her look and they’ll pray to a saint that finds lost things.

Armando and Nico get to the hospital at the same time, both insisting they’re going to take Betty home. Betty has to come outside and break up the fight.

Ricky meets with Cindy Anderson. She thinks they should tell her dad what’s going on, but Ricky says they need proof first and he knows she’d easily be able to get it out of Mata.

Aha, so he wants her to be a secret spy? Well, she’s going to need something in return before she carries out this dangerous mission!

Marcela toasts with Pati to something she can’t say anything about yet…but it might involve a raise…and Pati being someone’s assistant…no, not Marcela’s…OK, Betty’s getting fired and it’s a complete secret. Cheers!

Armando and Nico keep yanking Betty back and forth. I guess if one of them rips her arm off they’re already in the right place? Nico finally has enough of verbal sparring and hands Betty his glasses before he punches Armando. And then he’s like “Ow, my hand!”

No amount of Betty screaming at them is going to stop this now. But at least the Pelotón got to witness the event.

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