Betty en NY Tuesday 6/4/19 #84

Previously on Betty: Margarita gave Marcela a ring that’s a family heirloom. Armando asks Betty to fake the financials again. Inés ends up in the hospital thanks to Romi. Armando and Nico both show up at the hospital at the same time with the intention of driving Betty home.

Hugo’s got the right priorities. Armando and Nico are rolling around on the pavement and he’s got his phone out.

Betty peels them apart again and drags Nico out to the car.

When Hugo asks Armando what’s happening, Armando asks if they don’t have anything better to do.

Pati’s thrilled about her pending promotion. She wants the VP of Finance’s office.

Um, no, that’s for the VP of Finance, when they get one. But after the meeting it’s all going to get better for them.

Hugo shows the video to Inés, Romi, and Fabi. Hugo says he’s going to demand an explanation tomorrow when Armando shows up looking like he boxed with Canelo.

Hugo wants Inés to come stay at his house when she gets released. Inés tries to beg off. Romi tries to tell Hugo Inés needs to be comfortable.

Well, if they’re all going to make decisions without him, then he’ll just cut his veins. With his teeth.

Betty attacks Nico with an ice pack. She’s upset that he was fighting with Armando, but also…did he happen to mention the video from Ricardo?

No. But he did call Armando a liar.

Well, now he’s gonna have to help Betty think of what to say to the Pelotón ’cause they all heard it.

Um, just tell them Armando grabbed her ass and Nico was sticking up for her? He’s offended that Betty still has too much consideration for Armando to do that. He’s done. If all she’s gonna do is take Armando’s side and make up false reports for him and let him profit off of his and Betty’s intelligence then she can count him out.

Daniel meets Malu for dinner. She says she likes this place. It’s clandestine. Not that they’re being clandestine, just more like…discreet? She gets the impression both of her siblings hate him and they’re trying to protect her because they think of her as the stupid sibling and they think he’s a bad boy.

And what does she think?

That he’s a bad boy. And that he’s ambitious and hates where he’s at.

Which is…?

In the shadows. Waiting for his turn to step out and triumph. But hey, she’s just the stupid Valencia. What’s he think of her?

That she’s a pretty blonde and she does such a good job of filling the “dumb blonde” role that her siblings believe it, but she’s way more interesting and dangerous than they realize.

So they’re the Bad Boy and the Dangerous Girl.

Ricky thinks they could be characters in a “telly-no-vella.”

Nico calls Pati so she can complain about how all the ungrateful women get everything. Nico agrees. Anyway, he’s on Wall Street…sure he can come over! But she should heat up some tortillas ’cause he’s coming with an appetite.

He hangs up and Pati says she doesn’t even have lemons. What’s she gonna feed him?

Betty asks her dad how it’s going with Catalina’s situation.

Well, she’s got to pay a steep fine, but he got it down to monthly payments. He can’t believe there are people who do that–falsify reports so they can skim. This guy probably doesn’t even have the money anymore.

Betty wonders if maybe he was deceived…?

Demetrio says he knew right from wrong, but he betrayed his client’s trust and he should be in jail. People like that make him sick.

At Pati’s she butters Nico up before asking about the money he said he’d lend her.

He doesn’t have his wallet, but he’s got his phone…and he’s transferring 10% to her through his bank app.

10%! She feels a headache coming on!

Nico says it’s his daily limit, but he can get her the rest tomorrow.

Oh, hey, it’s a miracle! Her headache is gone! They commence snogging. Pati says his cell phone’s making her uncomfortable.

The cell phone sitting on the couch next to them? Turns out Nico’s just happy to see her. And Pati’s happy that Nico’s happy to see her. IYKWIM. AITYD.

Pati’s still awake after sex. Nico’s snoring. She complains about what a horrid noise he’s making…but who could ever have guessed he’d be so…generous, so…pleasing, with such a big…soul. She finally gets it! “La suerte de las feas las bonitas la desean.”

Priorities, though. She grabs his jacket off the floor and starts searching his pockets. She finds his BAR business card, but doesn’t understand what it means.

Nico wakes up and Pati asks him where he learned his mad skillz.

Movies. ‘Cause he’s never been with anyone else. They go for round two.

Julia brings Betty hot chocolate and complains that she’s still working. She wishes Betty would quit that job. They can handle losing the money until she finds somewhere she actually likes working.

Betty promises everything’s going to be fine…but she’s gotta get back to what she’s doing.

The Pelotón get off the elevator the next morning, talking about Inés getting out of the hospital today. And as for that other thing that happened they probably shouldn’t talk about it.

Which is why Sandra praises Armando’s right hook. Aura Maria asks who would have thought Nicolas had it in him!

Armando steps off the other elevator.

Sofia says all Armando’s mass wasn’t good for anything besides falling. Ha!

Armando says good morning to everyone from behind his dark glasses.

Sofia says she was talking about this boxing match she saw last night….

Cindy Anderson shows up at Mata’s office. Long time no see! And here she thought they were friends!

Anyway, she has some money she wants to invest and she thought he could advise her. But first, could he call his assistant and get her a green tea or an herbal tea?

Mata seriously pretends he has an assistant who’s just not answering the intercom and says he’ll go make it himself.

Cindy plugs a USB drive into his computer that presumably is going to download everything.

Betty gets to the office and the Pelotón pull her into the admin area to ask what happened.

Oh, um, Nico’s just upset that Betty hasn’t gotten a raise in the whole time she’s been working there.

Yeah, but what else?

Hugo wanders over, calling Betty the Troll of Discord. Even he wants to know what made Nico punch Armando, but Betty’s not talking.

Hugo asks the others to tell him what happened, but Berta says they don’t know. Betty was about to tell them and he interrupted. And the chisme belongs to the one who works for it!

“The orgasm too.”

Berta agrees.

Even though he doesn’t have the whole story, Hugo tells Catalina about the fight and shows her the picture on his phone.

Armando and Marcela come by–Armando wants the latest bocetos (sketches) to send them to production.

“Are you wearing makeup?”  First he fights with Betty’s boyfriend and now this!

Marcela apparently hadn’t heard. Hugo’s generous enough to show her the picture.

In his office, she scolds him for fighting with Betty’s boyfriend in front of everyone. And what was the fight about?

Armando says he just got carried away.

Marcela’s sure it has something to do with Betty. Ever since she showed up, Armando has changed. She can’t wait for the board meeting to be over so Betty can leave. And he should take off that base–it looks ridiculous! (OK, well…she’s not wrong.)

Aura Maria’s still chatting up other guys. Giovas is willing to put dinner at an expensive restaurant on a credit card. And he thinks they’re novios. I just can’t with this.

Margarita’s in Marcela’s office complaining about Armando and why’d he get into a fight and who’s Betty’s boyfriend, bla bla bla. She tells Marcela not to confront Betty again, she’ll be gone soon enough.

Marcela complains about how much Armando trusts her and he’s changed since she started working there.

Margarita tries to find out more about the fight, but Armando says it was nothing. He was having a bad day. It was hot. Whatever. He gets upset when Margarita calls Betty “insignificant” because…she shouldn’t talk about the employees that way. And he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Margarita’s sure Betty’s a bad influence on him.

In the conference room, Betty shows Catalina how much she owes the IRS and what her deductions are. And really, there’s nothing to thank her for–they’re here for whatever she needs.

Cata heard about the fight….

Betty’s embarrassed. There’s no excuse for violence.

Cata thinks maybe it’s a sign from the universe that Betty’s been working here long enough.

Pati comes running into Marce’s office trying to get more details about the fight. Marce blames it all on Nicolas. Clearly he’s dangerous. A killer, even!

Pati thinks he seems loving and generous…very generous. Um, she means Marce’s right, men are dogs, this one too.

Armando stops by Betty’s office. She seriously needs him to leave her alone so she can finish this report!

But she wasn’t answering his calls last night!

Because she was working on the report! If he won’t leave her alone, she’ll have to go home.

OK, Armando agrees to leave her alone, but he wants to go out later. Betty agrees, but I feel like she’s just doing it to buy time and she’ll have disappeared by the end of the day.

Inés hasn’t been released by the hospital yet. Hugo and Romi are trying to talk her out of coming back to work as soon as she gets out. Margarita shows up and she’s alarmed to hear from Romi that Inés has been having problems with her memory.

Aura Maria makes up a visit from a cousin to cancel her dinner with Giovas. Wilson tries to tell him, Aura Maria’s not up for anything serious. She just wants to have a good time.

Cindy’s got the USB drive with a copy of Mata’s hard drive on it. She makes Ricky promise that if he finds any evidence of Mata committing fraud with her family’s business he’ll tell her right away.

Pati goes to Daniel’s office to get some cash out of him. She knows where Betty’s boyfriend works and it’s a company called “BAR.”

Armando took Betty to the Italian restaurant. The one that used to be “his” and now it’s “theirs.” He knows she’s upset about him not calling off the engagement, but…she still loves him, right?

Betty says she’s faked every report he’s asked her to. She’s committed fraud. She’s turned into a liar and a hypocrite and it’s because she loves him.

“Betty’s boyfriend works at a bar?”

Pati shows him Nico’s business card, but Danny says there’s no way this is a legitimate business. He would have heard of it. He sends Pati away without a check.

Armando’s going on and on about how tomorrow everything’s over–from the lying to the engagement. He begs Betty to believe him.

She wishes she could. She gets up from the table and Armando stops her and tells her he loves her.

Betty loves him too…if only she didn’t love him so much….

Betty tells Nico she’s faking the financial reports again, but it’s the last time. Tomorrow she gives everything back to Armando and Ricky and it’s their problem. But she’s got a long night ahead of her.

Nico agrees it’s going to be a long night…because his grandma got the flu.

Betty tells her journal it all ends today. Armando said he loved her and she felt like she was kissing him goodbye. Tomorrow she starts a new life without him. Or she starts to die without him.

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