Betty en NY Wednesday 6/5/19 #85

Previously on Betty: Nico and Pati did the deed and Pati found his business card. Armando keeps promising Betty it’s all over after the board meeting. Betty has made up her mind it’s over, just not in the same way.

The report is ready. Betty just needs to add some graphics. Or so she says to Ricky.

She types up a letter of resignation.

Nico let Pati drive BAR’s company car to work..but she won’t kiss him or somebody might see.

Sandra, Mariana, and Aura Maria still see enough to know there’s something going on. They have to keep Sandra from going after Pati.

The “paperwork” for Betty’s firing comes across Berta’s email and she freaks completely out. She and Sofia are guessing she’s getting fired because Nico fought with Armando.

The ripped off collection is ready. And Daniel is ready for Armando and Betty to exit V&M.

Ricky tells Armando they might have the information they need to prove Daniel’s a lying liar.

Armando’s just worried that somehow, it might hurt Betty. She only did all this stuff because she was in love with him.

And if someone investigates, her name’s going to be all over everything.

Armando wants to send her out of the country until the company recovers. Ricky’s fine with sending her wherever so she can’t open her mouth.

Betty listens from outside Ricky’s office as Armando says she needs to go somewhere nobody knows her. She has to leave New York.

Sofia and Berta are still upset about Betty getting fired today when Sandra arrives, with Mariana and Aura Maria still trying to hold her back. They tell Sofia and Berta that Nico brought Patricia to work.

Berta tells Sandra not to do anything–they’re already going to fire Betty for the fight at the hospital. They don’t want Sandra to get fired too.

Mariana says this was in the cards.

Sofia says they can’t tell Betty. She’ll only feel worse.

Betty listens as Armando tells Ricardo he’ll make sure she leaves. Betty always listens to him.

She walks away as Ricardo asks if Armando doesn’t care about the rest of them. Why doesn’t Armando ever think about him?!

Armando’s like “You don’t think we can save the company in a couple of months, bro?” And as for Daniel coming after them, well, there’s gotta be something on that USB. Armando will take care of him.

Ricky thinks love is giving Armando wings and he’s not seeing the way the world really is.

Armando says everything’s going to change after the meeting. He’s going to talk to Marcela today.

While Betty’s trying to pull herself together in the bathroom, Nico’s leaving her a voicemail telling her he believes in her and she should keep her head up and the nightmare has to end. They can’t keep using her. She has to take her suffering and change it into strength.

Betty tells the bathroom mirror it’s over today.

Before Daniel goes off to the meeting, he mentions BAR to Mata. Mata’s stuck on the news that Betty has a boyfriend. But yeah, he’ll find out what he can.

Pati and Marce pre-emptively gloat about Beatriz getting fired.

Cata brought over a gift basket of luxury goodies for Julia and Demetrio. She’s so grateful for the way they helped her with her tax problem. She hasn’t found a new accountant, but she’s going to get right on that as soon as she comes back from Miami. She won’t be long, though–she has to come back in time for Armando and Marcela’s wedding.

As Cata’s leaving the house, Nico is arriving. He starts babbling about it being weird for him to be there when his girlfriend’s not home… but Cata knows he’s not really Betty’s boyfriend. She thinks it was good that Betty asked him to fake it, though. Whatever the reason she hopes Nico takes care of her.

Betty walks out of the building and runs into a classmate who just finished his postgrad work. And he’s about to go upstairs and interview for the VP of Finance position. For V&M.

Hugo’s freaking out because it’s a runway day and Inés isn’t here and Romi’s doing everything wrong. Even though she has instructions from Inés.

Mariana comes in to ask if they’re ready for the shareholders…?

No. And Hugo wants Romi to lock Mariana in the bathroom.

Yeah, Mariana knows the way out, thanks.

Romi sees an incoming call from Inés on Hugo’s cell phone and ignores it. She tells him Inés must be asleep or something.

Betty’s classmate, Pablo, finishes up his interview and thanks Smith, Margarita, and Marcela.

Margarita and Marcela want him hired right away so he can start tomorrow. Today, Betty’s leaving.

Despite the email he sent to Berta, Smith says there’s no way he can do that.

Marce tells him to offer her more money to make it OK.

Armando comes into Betty’s office panicking because the tablets aren’t already in the meeting room.

Betty’s like “Yeah…about that….” Somehow the last month’s figures got erased. But there’s a copy in the cloud. She just needs another hour to download the information and make the adjustments again and the longer he’s standing there the longer it’s gonna take….

Armando gets the hell out of her office.

Sandra, Mariana, and Berta confront Pati in the break room. She has no problem telling them she had sexytimes with Nico, but she accidentally tells them Betty’s leaving.

In the workroom, everybody’s loving Hugo’s collection. And nobody has bothered to tell Jenny she’s supposed to be showing off THE CLOTHES and not her bad dancing skills.

Marce wants to move on to the actual meeting, but Armando says Betty had a problem and they have to stall.

Marce goes over to Betty’s office to scream at her for not having everything ready and not doing her job properly because she’s too busy covering for Armando. Just like Betty came into this company, she can go right back out.

Betty tells Marce not to speak disrespectfully to her. Betty’s never been disrespectful to Marce and she expects the same in return.


“WE. AGREE.” But no worries…the wait for the report will be worth it.

Julia brings Nico some crackers and caviar, but he’s not into caviar. She steals his phone and Nico begs her to give it back…he’s waiting for a message from Betty, but he doesn’t know what about. You know how it’s bad luck to talk about something you want that hasn’t happened yet.

Armando asks Hugo to show the rest of the collection. Daniel wants to have the meeting already, but Armando says Hugo’s collection is the best demonstration of how the company is doing.

Pati calls Nico to whine about her money. He’s just been wondering if she’d still be going out with him if he didn’t have money.

Of course not…uh…of course she can’t believe he’s asking the question.

Nico says he’ll make the deposit, but right now an important client just walked in.

It’s Julia with coffee and cookies. Nico says this is a great last meal.

Everyone’s applauding Hugo’s collection, but Daniel’s snippy with Armando. If he doesn’t start the meeting soon, Daniel’s going to have something to say about his inefficiency.

Armando calls Betty, who says everything’s ready. There’s another stall while Margarita asks Armando to listen to something about light color that Pati learned at DUI and he should think about putting her in a different position because she’s so educated….

Daniel invades Betty’s office to tell her after today they won’t be able to hide the company’s financial status.

Is he accusing them of fraud? Because if that’s what he’s doing, he might as well take advantage and do it today, in front of the board.

Daniel’s all “I’m on the verge of figuring out what you’re up to!”

Betty tells him he can investigate all he wants, he’s not going to find anything. And she’s sure he’s going to be pleased with what he hears at the meeting and he won’t have any doubts anymore about the finances.

In the meeting room, Pati’s watching a server pour glasses of water and asking if he can pack up any food leftovers for her. He gives her a look.

Everyone files in. Malu says it seems tense in here. Ricky says that’s just what meetings are like around here.

Marcela follows Ricky to his office to tell him not to flirt with Malu at V&M. He thinks she’s jealous. If she wants him, all she has to do is say the word.

Marcela’s never going to leave Armando for him.

Well, maybe Armando’s the one who will leave.

Now Marcela’s worrying that Ricky might have said something to Armando.

Jenny gets into someone’s car outside the building and the exterminator van follows them.

Daniel’s complaining about them all waiting for Betty. Roberto says Armando already explained there was a technical problem. Malu sprays some stuff to dispel the bad vibes. Armando goes to check on Betty and Daniel excuses himself to take a phone call….

Mata’s way too cheerful when he tells Daniel that V&M has been seized, it’s owned completely by BAR, Nicolas is BAR’s only employee, and the owner of both V&M and BAR is Betty.

Armando asks Betty what the hold-up is. She says the report is ready, she’s just gotta put everything on the iPads. And it’s all going to be clear. Super clear. Like, even an idiot like her could understand it.

Uh…but she’s not an idiot.

Well, it’s just a saying. He can go on to the board room and she’ll be there in a sec.

She calls Nicolas. She tells him to hurry up and get to V&M with the car and the registration.

Then she calls Catalina and asks if the job offer was serious. Because she’s available to work starting today. Starting right now, actually. HR has already hired her replacement.

Cata tells her to go home and pack. She’s going to Miami.

Efrain watches Jenny feed some other guy at a restaurant and confronts her.

Armando comes back to the meeting room and says they can start now. Betty walks in immediately after and hands everyone a tablet with what she says is the only copy of the report. She makes sure Armando and Ricardo get the last two in her stack. As the others are looking at the report, Armando and Ricky are looking at Ricky’s incriminating video message. They scramble to cover the tablets and Armando stares at Betty without saying anything.

Efrain drags Jenny out of the restaurant.

Roberto asks what’s happening. How could they have incurred so much debt since the last meeting.

Armando tells Betty they must have the wrong reports.

No, this is the real status of V&M. That’s what took her so long. She wanted to update it with the most current information from the banks.

Ricky says that’s wrong.

No, and Ricky knows it. This is the real status and projections for V&M. If they have any questions, she can answer them.

Armando tells them not to look. It’s a lie. The meeting is over.

Daniel disagrees. The game is up. This is the real report. They finally have a report without lies. And now Armando, Betty, and Ricky need to explain themselves.

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