Betty en NY Friday 6/7/19 #87

Previously on Betty: The board found out Betty owns BAR and V&M. Roberto accepted the role of temporary president. Marcela found out Betty was Armando’s lover and that she knows Marcela slept with Ricardo. Betty accepted Catalina’s job offer.

Ricky’s still having a hard time understanding why Armando wants to go find Betty. She screwed them over! And she waited until the worst possible time to do it.

Armando says he has to tell her that all his kisses, every time he touched her, none of that was a lie.

Margarita’s trying to talk Marcela into forgiving Armando.

Marcela says Margarita doesn’t know him. She doesn’t know what he’s capable of doing. She shows Margarita The Video.

Betty’s packed. Julia reminds her to wear sunscreen. Nico tells Betty he got rid of el molestoso. She tells Julia it’s just a joke. And yeah, she’s got the sunblock packed.

OK, then…she should eat! Betty always forgets to eat when she’s upset. And she should have fun and meet people and make friends.

Armando rings the doorbell and helpfully yells through the door that it’s him and he wants to talk to Betty.

Daniel blames Mata for Armando knowing about the factory in India. It couldn’t possibly have been Daniel, because he’s “completely clean” and they have no way to get to him. Now he can’t send Armando to jail like he wanted to.

Mata points out that Daniel will be able to buy the company soon. Daniel agrees–he’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse. But for now he wants Mata to find out just what information they have.

Julia sends Betty and Nico out the side door and lets Armando into the house. Betty’s worried that Armando’s going to tell her everything.

Inside the house, Julia tells Armando he and his company have been horrible for Betty. She’s glad Betty quit and she wants Armando to leave her alone. And good luck in his marriage. He’s no longer welcome in this house.

Armando nearly sees Betty and Nico when he walks out the front door. Julia has to yell at him some more to distract him.

Oh…molestoso. Nico put the giant stuffed bear with the trash. Armando takes pity on him. Nobody wants either of them here.

Ricky stops by the workroom. Hugo’s sitting on his couch with the remains of Marce’s wedding dress and complaining to Romi.

Ricky asks her to give them a moment alone so he can beg Hugo not to tell anyone about Betty owning the company.

Mariana reads the cards for V&M, but all she gets is that they’ll have tough times ahead.

Berta asks her to do a spread for Betty, but it goes against Mariana’s ethics. The others talk her into it.

Betty’s reading is about her future–a sudden change of situation, a trip, parties and celebrations, a man…a rich man, he’s going to fall in love with her, moving, change, change for better, having to choose between two paths.

Pati comes over shrieking about how Betty’s STILL going to get good stuff?!

Berta warns her she’d better not say anything about them reading Tarot cards in the break room or she’ll tell the boss that Pati’s eating half the food they get catered for meetings.

Pati begs Mariana to read her cards and once again the others talk her into it….

Ricky comes to Marcela’s office while she’s reading one of his notes to Betty.

“It’s not what you think!”

Marcela plays him the video and says he was Armando’s accomplice.

Ricky says he was Armando’s support, which is different and he did it for the good of the company.

Marcela says what they did was so low there’s no excuse for it. And Ricky knew Betty was Armando’s lover and he didn’t tell her!

“Yes, I did! I told you in Miami, but you didn’t believe me.”

How was she supposed to believe something so absurd!

Ricky says it’s not his fault. Armando planned everything.

Marcela knows it was Ricky’s idea that Armando should seduce Beatriz.

Ricky says he was drunk when he said it and he had no idea Armando would take him seriously. Everyone’s a victim of Armando’s ambition. Ricky never would have done this to Marcela!

Marcela says Ricky makes her sick. He’s seriously trying to convince Marcela they can be together now. She shoves him away and kicks him out of her office.

Patricia’s cards predict a dark and lightless future, probably meaning her electricity gets cut off again and she’s going to end up with a jobless alcoholic.

When Pati goes running, Mariana gives them the real scoop–Patricia’s got such good luck! And she’s going to have money and date a millionaire.

Wilson comes upstairs and gives Armando the keys and registration for the car. Betty didn’t say anything else to him, other than that he’d know what this was about, but she looked like she was about to cry.

At the airport, Betty puts Nico in charge of returning BAR. He says he’ll take care of it. From now on Betty shouldn’t think about BAR or V&M.

Betty feels awful about the possibility of her dad finding everything out.

Nico says she was in love. And when you’re in love you’re blind and stupid.

Betty says that’s him now–be careful with Patricia! And she’s sorry she got him into this.

Nico’s sure they’ll be happy again, laughing over everything that happened. Now’s her chance to go reinvent herself. Adapt to the changing market.

“I love you, Nico!”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you more.”

Margarita comes to Armando’s office to ask him if Beatriz is his lover. She’s seen the video. What they did to her was horrible! His dad doesn’t know and she doesn’t want him to.

Armando says he’s going to do what he can to fix this and regain their confidence.

In that case, he can marry Marcela.

(You know, for a bunch of people who were bad-mouthing Betty five minutes ago they sure are quick to criticize Armando. Yeah, what he and Ricky did was awful, but that doesn’t erase things like planning to have her fired or calling her names or looking down their noses at her. They’ve all been pretty awful to Betty. With the possible exceptions of Roberto and Malu.)

Betty walks slowly through the airport remembering Armando telling her he loved her and she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Betty wonders why Armando did things this way. She hears that her flight is boarding.

Seriously, Margarita? No, he’s not going to marry Marcela. He doesn’t love her. He’s learned to stop lying. He should have called things off when he first told her.

Margarita says it’s thanks to her that Marcela just might forgive him right now.

But he’s not going to marry her. He loves Betty.

Nico psychs himself up to make a call to Pati. She whines that she’s had a terrible day. They make plans to have dinner later.

Pati comes to Marce’s office to ask Marcela what’s going on.

Marce calls Mariana and gives her the garbage bag of stuffed animals to dispose of.

Pati asks what was in the bag.

The proof that Betty was Armando’s lover.

Pati thinks it must be a joke…but Marce’s not laughing.

And Betty’s the owner of V&M. It was Armando’s way of trying to save the company. To make sure he had her loyalty he seduced her.

Pati can’t believe it. Betty has a rich boyfriend AND a rich lover.

Marce says the boyfriend isn’t rich.

Pati sobs that she gave him “everything,” and for free!

The Pelotón meet in the bathroom to try to figure out what the garbage bag of stuff means. If this stuff came from Nicolas then why did they end up in Marcela’s office? And why were the board members upset about something that happened between Betty and Nicolas?

Sandra recognizes Ricky’s handwriting on a card.

But why would Ricky write love letters to Betty? He must have written them to someone else. But why would Betty and Marcela have needed to talk about this in private?

Armando moves into Ricky’s office.

Ricky doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do now. They’re like that Chinese vase from grandma that no one knows where to place.

Armando’s sure his dad will realize he was right and the company will recover.

Ricky disagrees–the board isn’t going to make the risky moves they would have.

Armando desperately wants to talk to Betty. She’s the only one who can help.

Ricky’s like “Seriously? This is all her fault!”

Because she thought they were going to betray her!

So she betrayed them first. Where’s his unconditional Betty who always supported him? She’s left, like everyone who embezzles does. All she left them was a little slip of paper saying she gives everything back to them. Where’s BAR’s money?

Nico has it. He’ll give it back.

Nicolas hates them! He’s sure Nico and Betty planned this.

Armando tells Ricky whatever problem he has with Betty, he has with him.

“This is why everyone’s turning against you.”

Mariana and Sandra still can’t make sense out of what happened. If Armando knew that Ricky and Marcela cheated, he wouldn’t have moved in to Ricky’s office. And if Nico sent Betty the stuffed animals then why was Ricky’s handwriting on the cards? Maybe the cards and the stuffed animals don’t go together?

Marce goes to Daniel’s office to tell him he was right about Armando. She wants to turn Armando, Ricky, and Betty in.

Sofia gets home to a surprise from Jonathan, Junior, and Charlie…the four of them are going on a cruise!

Daniel tells Marce if they press charges, people will lose confidence in the company. The best thing they can do is give Roberto time and see how things go.

Marcela thinks Daniel’s hiding something from her.

Hey, he tried to save the company before, but Marcela didn’t want to. So now their best option is to wait.

Marcela says she won’t wait.

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