Betty en NY Thursday 6/6/19 #86

Previously on Betty: Betty accepts Cata’s job offer. Betty gives the board an un-altered financial report.

Amid all the yelling the board does get the information that Betty owns BAR and therefore V&M. Roberto’s pretty much the only one looking over the reports.

Betty says they’ll also find her letter of resignation and a power of attorney to get their assets back.

More screaming from Daniel at the mention of “assets” and then Pati comes in announcing lunch and gets screamed at by everyone.

She won’t tell the Pelotón what’s going on, but it’s not like she knows. She says it’s a board meeting and not their business.

But they can hear Daniel demanding Armando’s resignation as president.

Armando says things aren’t going to change whether he’s president or not.

Pati’s like “See, totally casual meeting.”

Berta agrees. Super casual.

Pati says they just love making up stuff because they can’t analyze the situation.

Daniel asks where the money went. It didn’t just disappear from one moment to the next.

Armando swears he didn’t keep it, he was just trying to save the company.

Now Marcela screams at him for giving everything to Betty.

Armando says it’s not her fault, but Daniel’s determined to send her to jail.

Roberto breaks up the argument. They’re a family and they’re shareholders of a company that’s been in business for 30 years. Daniel has said what he needs to say and now it’s time for Armando to explain himself.

Armando says this is all his fault. Betty was only following his orders.

Betty says she already quit, she’s giving back anything, and she’s leaving now.

Roberto wants to talk to her alone first. He tells Armando to use the time to prepare to explain what happened. And NO ONE is leaving.

Marcela’s not waiting for Roberto’s return to ask Armando how he could hand the company over to Betty. Why didn’t he trust her?

Uh, she would have agreed to be the owner of a company that owned V&M?


Daniel says only a woman as calculating as Betty would do something like that. That’s why she turned down his job offer.

Hugo’s sure she would have left Daniel’s company a mess like she’s leaving V&M.

Daniel wonders what Armando offered her in return.


Ricky says she’s giving it all back anyway.

But giving what back? Malu wonders. Daniel says there’s nothing left. Does this mean she’s not going to get her monthly allowance?

Roberto always thought Betty was ethical. So why did she agree to do this?

Because she believed in Armando’s plan and she knew it would lead to profits for V&M.

Yeah, Armando’s always been a dreamer. Betty was supposed to keep him in check!

Betty says she knows, and they had bad luck at the beginning…but she believed in Armando’s dream and she thought they could do better.

But she lied to them. She faked reports. They created a parallel company.

Betty knows it was wrong and she’s sorry. BAR was supposed to protect V&M and she became president because it was the only way that would work. BAR is protecting V&M while it’s getting out of its financial hole.

Roberto’s never seen a report so awful in all of V&M’s history.

Betty says the balance is bad, but the projections show that they’ll be doing much better in a year.

So what? It’s not the Valencia’s and the Mendoza’s company anymore.

Betty says BAR was created with V&M’s money. She’s just an employee, but it’s their company. She doesn’t want to keep anything.

People start walking out of the board room. Hugo doesn’t want to be disturbed. Margarita tells Pati to hold all Marcela’s calls. Pati whines about being one of the family, but they keep on walking.

Roberto wants to see if he understands this–BAR was created with V&M’s money, and V&M has been living off of loans from BAR?

Yes. The banks wouldn’t loan V&M money, but they’d loan it to BAR.

But then BAR would have tons of debt.

BAR invests in the stock market and her friend Nico has made serious profits.

And so, BAR is located…?

At her house. She, Nico, and her dad are the only employees. And BAR’s only capital is a car that they’re giving back today.

Daniel barges in, upset that Roberto’s talking to Betty alone when he’s not the only one affected. He’d better not keep information from them like his son.

Excuse you, he doesn’t do that! He’s just trying to understand the situation.

Well, obviously Betty’s a professional embezzler and she’s on her way to jail. He starts asking Betty to name her price, but Roberto tells him to go back to the conference room and not be disrespectful to him.

Betty tells Roberto again that she doesn’t want their money. They know how the company’s really doing and she’s going to hand over a financial report from BAR so there are no questions.

Roberto has a hard time believing that when she’s shown she can’t be trusted. He’s going to take some time and make a decision.

Armando’s blaming everything on Ricky’s video. Ricky’s blaming it on Armando giving Betty too much power. Daniel comes back to the board room and says Armando and Ricky should be enjoying their last few hours of freedom, because he’s about to call his lawyers and send them to jail.

Actually, no, Daniel’s not making that call. Because Armando and Ricky aren’t the only ones who have committed fraud. Can Daniel deny that he steals confidential information to damage companies and then buy them at a third of their value?

Yeah, didn’t he commit corporate espionage to buy a company in…India? Didn’t he manipulate Thompson to sell it for cheap?

But he didn’t do it alone, right? He had help from…Mata. Right, Gregorio Mata.

“You can’t prove that!”

Then call the lawyer. And they’ll tell Thompson what they know. He’ll have to confront that billionaire…that’s Billionaire con B de Burro.

Roberto gets back to the conference room. It’s time to talk to Armando and Ricky. He asks Daniel to leave them alone.

Roberto says he’s disappointed in Armando. How could he lie to them like that? How did he sleep at night? He always had this little trick in mind. He knew it was right on the verge of being illegal and that Roberto didn’t agree with it.

“I was trying to save the family money.”

What money?! He gave V&M to Beatriz!

Armando says she’ll give it back. They went into debt to her so their other creditors couldn’t seize it.

Roberto asks how they even got here.

Armando says the first collection was his fault. And the second one…they were victims of fraud.

The company from New York that got ripped off in Miami? That was V&M? He should have called for a meeting.

But Daniel would have taken advantage. Armando was trying to save the company.

More like trying to save his own ass and keep Daniel from finding out he was right. This is what his pride has cost them. They’re losing everything.

Armando accepts the blame. And quits.

Oh no, he and Ricky are going to stick around and fix what they broke, but they’re being stripped of their titles.

In Marcela’s office, she’s upset at Armando and upset at herself for not realizing what was going on. Margarita’s all “It’s Betty’s fault!” Malu suggests deep breathing.

Marcela snaps at them both that they’re out on the street and Betty’s the one who owns V&M!

In Betty’s office, she has it out with Armando. Why did he do this? Why did he hurt her when he knew what she’d been through?

Armando says there’s an explanation, but Betty doesn’t want to hear it. She kept thinking it was a lie or that he’d stop playing this game, but he kept going to the last moment.

Armando says that’s how it started, but he fell in love with her. He loves her like he’s never loved anyone before.

She heard him this morning, talking about getting rid of her.

Armando says he wanted to do it to protect her! It’s not what she thinks!

He’s right. It was never what she thought. She tries to get out the door with her stuff, but Armando keeps her from leaving. He insists he has to talk to her. He loves her.

Marcela comes in asking what’s going on.

Betty says she’s leaving.

Armando says he has to talk to her.

Marcela doesn’t see what he has to talk to this thief about. They’re waiting for him in the board room.

Now Margarita’s gotta come over, asking what That Woman is still doing here.

Armando tells Betty he’ll be right back.

Roberto tells the board they have to elect a new president.

Armando and Hugo object to it being Daniel.

Marcela suggests Roberto.

Daniel and Margarita don’t think Ricky or Armando should get a vote.

Roberto accepts the job of temporary president and ends the meeting.

Marcela confronts Betty about the garbage bag. Betty convinces her they should open it in private. For both their sakes.

In Marcela’s office, Betty says what’s in the bag was something that didn’t come up in the meeting. A part of Armando’s plan to save V&M.

Marcela’s baffled by the bits of stuffed animals. Armando sent her these?



Remember when she asked who Armando’s other woman was?

She’s not seriously going to try to say it was her? But she opens up a card. “You? You’re Armando’s lover?”

“Something like that.” Betty admits she was his lover, but he never stopped loving Marcela.

Marcela says it’s a lie!

It’s a lie that Armando and Ricky put together. She sends Ricky’s video to Marcela’s phone and Marcela still can’t believe it.

Betty says it was how they’d be sure she didn’t keep everything. And she had it coming for being naïve and for getting involved with someone who was engaged.

Marcela says Betty’s making everything up.

Betty says she’s not. She made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. Even Marcela. She’s not saying it was her fault, but Marcela had an affair with Ricky. She saw them kissing, but she’s not going to say anything. It’s none of her business.

Marcela shoves Betty’s beat-up box into her arms and shoves Betty out of the office.

Ricky’s skulking around Betty’s office, looking for who-knows-what. He sees she left her tablet behind and starts copying the data.

Margarita’s worried about Roberto’s blood pressure, but he laughs it off–if this didn’t give him a heart attack, nothing else will. He’s upset that Armando lied to his face and committed a crime. He should fire Ricky and Armando both.

Margarita argues that he can’t fire Armando because Armando’s the only one who knows the true state of the company. She’s sure Armando will change now that Roberto’s teaching him this very important lesson.

Roberto thinks Armando’s too old for anyone to still be teaching him lessons. He just hopes Armando learns the lesson this time. He’s going to go visit the banks and find out how much money they owe. He asks Margarita to stay at the office and wait for him.

Ricky’s furious that Betty waited until now to screw them over. (Although, he also always thought she was going to, so why’s he so surprised?)

Marcela kicks him out of Armando’s office so she can ask Armando if he seriously had a thing with Betty. She slaps him when he says “yes.”

Outside the building, Nico has arrived and Wilson’s taking selfies with the car. Betty tells Nico to give her the keys and the car registration. She hands them to Wilson and tells him to make sure Margarita or Roberto gets them. They’ll know what it’s about. And thanks for being a friend and defending her.

Nico needs a minute to say a proper goodbye. *eye roll*

Giovas comes outside and gives Betty her tablet. She and Nico head for the subway, like old times.

Pati brings Hugo a little snack.

Hugo gets all cranky about how he needs food for his soul and his imagination. That’s the kind of food he needs.

Well, yeah, that’s why she brought cookies. She really just wants the chisme.

Instead Hugo gets all philosophical about things being pointless and fashion doesn’t exist and Einstein was right.

All Pati can come up with is “One of my professors at DUI once said ‘In the mirror, you can see the reflection of who you are.'”

Hugo agrees. We are reflections. He can’t tell her what happened in the meeting because her innocent brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. If science gets to the point where we can get brain transplants, he’s going to ask for Pati’s brain. He wants one that has never been used.

Marcela screams at Armando. She can’t believe he slept with Betty. She’s seen Ricky’s video. She doesn’t want to hear Armando’s explanations. No wonder he always defended Betty. He’s the lowest of the low. She hates him! (So…just to clarify…the wedding is off, right?)

Hugo’s in the workroom throwing a tantrum and saying he’ll never design again.

Marcela comes in and starts shoving dress forms over in her search for The Wedding Dress. She grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting it up screaming about how she hates Armando.

Margarita comes in and tries to get her to calm down.

Back in Marcela’s office, Margarita says she’s disappointed in Armando too. Lying to everyone….

Marcela says Armando’s the worst man she’s ever met in her life.

Margarita thinks this is about the fake reports, but to destroy her dress a few days from the wedding….

Oh, good, Marcela says the wedding is off. Armando ruined the company and he ruined her life.

Armando wanders into Betty’s office and sits behind her desk. Ricky finds him there and invites him for a drink.

Armando says Marcela saw the video. She would have ripped him to pieces with her bare hands if she could have. He’s the most hated man in New York and surrounding areas. He’s trash.

And that video! What was Ricky thinking about when he made that?!

“Sorry, bro.” But Ricky’s still convinced a drink will help.

Armando tells him to go for it, he’s going to go find Betty.

Betty and Nico make it back to her house. Betty explains to Julia that she quit V&M, but she already has another job. She’s going to work with Catalina.

Julia’s thrilled to hear it, even if it means Betty’s going out of town today. She tells Betty she did the right thing. And she’ll be starting a new life.

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