Betty en NY Monday 6/10/19 #88

Previously on Betty: Betty accepted Catalina’s job offer. The board of V&M found out Betty owns the company. Marcela finds out Betty was Armando’s lover, but Betty also knows Marcela and Ricky had sex. Pati finds out Nico isn’t rich

Betty meets Catalina in Miami. She wants to talk about what happened, but they’re waiting for a client–Joaquin Quiroz, a fashion designer. He’s opening his first store in Miami.

Armando brings AmorOso home and finds Marcela’s suitcases in front of the door. She gives back the osito necklace, since it’s obvious it wasn’t for her. He said he loved her, but he’s the person who has hurt her most. And she’s staying at V&M. Betty’s going to pay for everything she did.

Margarita comes over to Betty’s. Julia won’t tell her where Betty is. After asking Julia to tell Betty she’s looking for her, Margarita gets ready to leave.

Demetrio’s just getting home. Julia explains that this is Armando’s mom and she’s here because Betty left V&M today.

Margarita says it’s not that Betty left something undone or owed something. She just wanted to talk over a few things.

As soon as she leaves, Julia calls her a creída.

Demetrio’s worrying about paying the bills, but Julia says Betty’s already got a job and she’s in Miami with Catalina.

“Who gave her permission?”

Malu still thinks Marcela’s going to forgive Armando and go ahead with the wedding. She doesn’t think Marcela should cancel it.

Marcela tells her Armando didn’t just give the company to Betty–he was sleeping with her. He seduced her and slept with her to keep her under control. Betty stole her business, her boyfriend…her life.

Demetrio’s really concerned about Betty quitting V&M and getting another job the very same day. She had so much responsibility at V&M, there’s no way she could have turned over everything she needed to from one day to the next. And Armando really liked her.

Julia’s like “Don’t even mention him to me!” She’s sure Betty left without owing them anything.

Demetrio’s not going to feel good about this until he talks to Betty.

Joaquin’s “assistant,” Debora, wanders by Catalina and Betty’s table. She says Joaquin’s on his way. She’s going to go wander around until he gets there.

Catalina’s starting to stress about Joaquin not being there. She’s worried they won’t have time to finalize all the details of the launch and the media cocktail party tomorrow.

Betty doesn’t get why they don’t just work with Debora on that stuff.

Debora…prefers to work alone. Now, Cata’s going to get Betty something to eat because she must be hungry.

Betty asks if they can talk about what happened at V&M…and Marcela calls Cata. Betty makes frantic “Don’t tell her I’m here” motions.

Marcela was just calling to tell Cata the wedding is off. Cata says she’ll cancel everything and see her when she gets back in town.

Betty tells Cata that’s what she wanted to talk about. It’s her fault the wedding is being cancelled.

Pati shows up at her dinner date with Nico to make one last attempt to get a free meal and the money to get her car back. She makes a huge scene screaming at him that she forgot she had to use hand signals and that he’s poor and that he took advantage of her and she’ll press charges if he doesn’t pay her.

Nico gets up shrieking and runs out of the restaurant. Once again, Pati shows her total lack of class and loudly announces to the entire restaurant that he’s “off his meds” and “crazy.” She’s going to follow him out, but the server comes back with the check.

Betty assumes she’s fired and says she’ll repay Cata’s expenses.

Cata tells her to sit back down. She’s not fired. Betty made a mistake, but at least she had the guts to own it. One mistake isn’t going to change Catalina’s opinion of her. She suggests they have mojitos, but Betty doesn’t really drink.

In that case they should go get some rest. Joaquin’s obviously not going to show up.

Over breakfast, Fabio notices a catalog with some familiar outfits…. Hugo takes a look and says they ripped off his entire collection! Romi feigns shock.

Armando’s alarm goes off and he realizes he’s not alone in bed…he spent the night with AmorOso. “Do you miss her too?”

He starts thinking about beach kisses in Miami….

Where Betty is now. She doesn’t want to keep feeling heartbroken.

Distraction comes in the form of two guys stealing a wallet from a guy who apparently emptied a bottle of alcohol by himself. Betty scares them off after they’ve taken everything of value he had on him. She convinces him to get out of the sun.

Nico’s packing up the office. He hasn’t heard from Betty. He tells Julia he’s bummed because his “love story” is over.

She hopes this has nothing to do with Betty’s arch-enemy. He’d better be careful!

No, she’d better be careful because she knows how Demetrio gets when he starts asking questions. He’s worse than the IRS! He’s the most metiche person Nico has ever met in his life.

On that note, Demetrio wants an explanation for Betty quitting V&M.

Betty gets Beach Guy a bottle of water, gives him some cash, and gets him a ride home. She’s surprised to see an ad for what looks suspiciously like V&M’s collection on top of a taxi. Beach Guy is surprised she’s in the fashion industry.

His ride shows up. Beach Guy rolls down the window and asks who she is and how he’s supposed to return her cash?

The Pelotón are trying to psych themselves up to get through this day. Betty’s not taking calls and nobody can make sense of what went down yesterday.

Mariana gets them doing a deep breathing exercise about being in a place where nothing can bother them.

They’re all chanting “Today will be a great day!” when Hugo shows up and disagrees. “Today the world’s going to end and we’re all going to hell!”

Hugo goes to Armando’s old office to show Roberto the catalog. They’ve had their entire collection ripped off and this means the end of the deal with Anderson. They don’t have a collection to give them.

In the workroom, Roberto looks at the online catalog and asks how it would have taken to copy the collection. Hugo says if they have the stock (fabric, I’m guessing) and access to the original designs, about a month.

Romi comes over with pills Hugo doesn’t want to take. She sticks around to eavesdrop.

Roberto says this has never happened in the company’s thirty-year history. What happened?

Is Roberto saying whoever did this to them works at V&M?

Well, yeah. Look at the details. Someone took the designs out of here and gave them to these people.

Nico tries to bullshit Deme. He says Armando wanted to shut down BAR and it was time for Betty to leave V&M anyway.

Deme says you don’t just shut down a business like that, from one day to the next. Why didn’t she tell him?

Well, she was leaving before breakfast and getting home so late sometimes she ran into herself at the front door.

Demetrio says he doesn’t like this. Armando’s mom came by yesterday looking really serious. If Betty had done everything right, why would she have shown up looking for Betty?

Nico has no idea.

Malu comes to wake up Marcela and notices a bottle of sleeping pills on the night table with an empty wine glass. She freaks out, but Marcela wakes up and says she only took one.

Marcela wants to stay in bed today, but Malu’s worried about leaving her alone.

Berta reads out Smith’s completely-lacking-in-information announcement that Betty’s not working there and they’ll let everyone know about her replacement soon.

And once again, the Pelotón is analyzing the headless stuffed animal situation and Sofia’s worried about this affecting them and she starts ranting about not letting these Botoxed women tell her what to do….

Oh, hi, Señora Margarita. Sofia was just talking about the 8:30 telenovela.

OK. Well, when they’re done discussing that, they need to check their email. She’s also informing them that Roberto is temporarily president again and that Armando’s going to be working with Ricky in his office. Sandra will assist them both…and what’s the name of the novela?

Hugo’s still refusing to take anything to calm him down. He wants to be awake when they find out who stole his designs.

Romi tries to say it was an accident, like when you start typing someone’s name in your email and it brings up the whole list of people whose name starts with the same letter and you click on the wrong one. It’s not even Inesita’s fault–

Excuse you! Leave Inesita out of this! She didn’t do it accidentally or on purpose.

But she’s been careless lately and doesn’t want to rest.

Inés is like his mother! It wasn’t her.

Inés gets back to the office and everyone’s happy to see her. They get really quiet when she asks how things are going here.

Berta’s recap: Yesterday there was a zafarrancho during the board meeting. Betty left V&M. Armando is no longer president. Roberto is president again. Armando and Ricky are sharing an office. And everybody’s walking around with long faces.

Sofia tells her not to freak Inés out!

It’s OK, Sandra’s got her. But she probably shouldn’t mention Betty’s name.

Well, that explains why Inés had the feeling she needed to come back.

Margarita comes over to greet Inés and asks the others where Pati is.

Berta says Pati thinks she’s the owner of V&M, like Margarita.

OK, well…since she can’t be counted on…Sofia needs to call the company’s lawyer. They need him here this afternoon.

Pati shows up just then and starts with the insults about a witch’s convention or a Halloween meeting, before she notices Margarita standing there. “Kidding!”

Margarita scolds her for being late. She doesn’t have a car? Neither do her coworkers and they all showed up at 9. Marcela might have let her slack off and be rude to the other assistants, but Margarita’s not going to. From now on Patricia is just another employee. And with Roberto acting as temporary president, they need someone serious and reliable to assist him. Since Pati can’t be counted on, she’s going to share duties with Sofia.

Margarita tells Pati to get to work erasing her bad reputation. Because so far, her work has been lacking.

Armando’s banging on Betty’s front door, calling for her. Nico runs outside and tells him to shut it! Her parents don’t know everything that happened. Betty’s gone, but he won’t say where. Whatever Armando needs, Nico’s here to handle it. Armando might have been thinking he could just blame it all on Betty when things went wrong, but that’s not gonna happen.

Because Nico has Armando’s statement of responsibility. Betty ripped it up because she trusted him, but Nico put it back together. He know this day would come. Armando’s in his hands now.

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