Betty en NY Tuesday 6/11/19 #89

Previously on Betty: Hugo’s entire collection got ripped off. Betty met a guy in Miami. Armando finds out Nico has a copy of his letter of culpability.

Armando’s glad Nico has Betty’s back. He knows they weren’t dating–they’re like siblings. He asked Betty to keep up the fake relationship.

So he could keep manipulating a secretary who ended up falling in love with him?

Armando says he fell in love with her too.

Nico’s not Betty and he doesn’t believe Armando. But damn, he’s a good liar.

Armando says it was a mistake.

Oh, no, this goes beyond being a “mistake.” Armando’s a shit. Nico’s not going to let him keep messing with Betty.

Armando says he’s sorry and asks for the copy of the letter. It’ll help him convince everybody that it wasn’t Betty’s fault.

Nico looks like he’s trying really hard not to believe him.

Armando gets back to the office and finds his parents, the company lawyer, Hugo, and Ricky in his old office. They explain to him that V&M’s collection got ripped off. And there’s nothing they can do because the other company registered the copyright on the designs.

Sofia comes in to say Anderson’s on the phone, asking to talk to the president.

Armando wordlessly points at his dad, but Roberto tells her to let him know they’ll call him back. And be nice!

Hugo asks the “Lombardi Girls” to leave the workroom so he can talk to Inés alone. Well, not alone, because he’s got Romi tagging along.

Inés has been transferring his designs to a USB drive, assuming Hugo would want to give them to Roberto.

I’m disappointed in Hugo. He seriously asks if Inés didn’t maybe give the designs to someone or take things home or just lose them.

OK, Inés knows she’s been having these memory problems, but no way would she have done anything like that. For someone to rip off an entire collection from Hugo, with that level of detail, they’d need to be pretty sharp. Not some old woman with memory loss. She glares at Hugo and Romina before walking away.

Hugo calls himself trash. He’s going to go apologize.

Roberto’s getting off the phone with someone when Sofia comes in. The textile factory in Mexico is waiting for a deposit….

Armando says Betty always handled them personally.

Robert tells her NOT to tell them Betty doesn’t work here. They’ll call them back.

OK, but also, the bank is on the line about some overdrafts…?

Armando shoots Ricky a panicked look. “Payroll!”

Sofia gets the drill. They’ll call back.

As everybody’s sitting there, paralyzed, Pati comes in to tell them that Anderson–


Anderson’s here. With his daughter and some lawyers and the same looks everyone in here has on their faces.

Everybody meets in the conference room. It’s about the stolen collection. (I wish it had been about Daniel and Mata’s shenanigans. I could really go for that right now.) The lawyers have investigated and V&M was going to sell them a collection that doesn’t belong to them. Anderson wants his money back.

In Marcela’s office, Malu’s on the phone to wherever Marcela and Armando had registered for gifts, telling them that the wedding is off. They’ll return the gifts they’ve received, but if they could just inform anyone else who tries to order…she’ll let them know if they reschedule.

She marks something off on a list and mutters that it’ll probably be the 31st of February of next year.

Mariana gets to Marcela’s office door just as Malu’s telling someone named “Solange” that the wedding has been postponed. Armando’s in the ICU with canine meningitis. She shouldn’t call his parents–they’re too upset. Yep, she’ll keep her informed. Mariana slinks away before Malu can see her.

Despite everyone’s assurances that it was V&M’s collection that got ripped off, Anderson is cancelling the contract and he wants his money back. Margarita reminds him they’re friends, but that’s exactly why Anderson’s doing it this way instead of suing. Roberto thanks him for that.

Back in Armando’s/Roberto’s office, Roberto doesn’t know how they’re going to get out of this hole or where they’re going to get the money to pay back Anderson. How were they staying up to date on all their expenses before?

Armando says Betty would take care of it. She’d ask the banks for money, she’d give it to V&M, and BAR would keep up with its obligations. This contract with Anderson was essential to getting V&M back on its feet.

Roberto knows. He read Betty’s report. Well, if BAR was supporting them, they’ll have to keep up the relationship. He asks Sofia to get Nicolas Ramos on the phone.

Nico’s working on BAR’s financial report, but…priorities! So nobody comes with the chisme later, he’s telling Julia that Armando came looking for Betty. Again. And if he didn’t know what a big lying liar Armando was, he would have thought Armando was sorry.

Deme comes in, looking for the report, but Nico’s phone rings. Roberto asks him to come to V&M. Actually, he’s not asking so much as ordering. Or he can send his lawyers….

Nicolas gets off the elevator, looking around nervously for Pati. He bumps into her when he’s nearly made it to presidencia. Cue shrieking.

Roberto comes out of his office and tells Pati he wants to see Nicolas Ramos as soon as he arrives. Nico says that’s him and escapes into the office with Roberto.

The Pelotón seem to be getting out of a meeting in their board room. Was that Nicolas Ramos?

Nico’s meeting with Roberto and the lawyer. He’s alarmed at the lawyer saying he’s just here to witness this “first interview.” See, he’s here to turn BAR over. He hands Roberto the financial report.

Roberto agrees, it’s amazing what they’ve done with the original $5M investment in so little time. He hands it over to the lawyer. And just to clarify, Betty’s the owner of V&M’s debt and of BAR.

Nico blames that on Armando and Ricky.

The lawyer says Nico and Betty are in a very delicate position.

Roberto doesn’t think they did this in bad faith, but Nico and Betty have to confront their responsibilities or face the law. Yep, he means prison. And yes, he knows that means Armando would go to prison too, but that’s not going to happen…as long as Nico helps him.

The lawyer clarifies they’re offering him a job.

Nico goes off about what a nice way this is of offering someone a job and Roberto just lets him get it out of his system and confirms they’re offering him a job along with a raise and an office. Nico will keep being in charge of BAR, he’ll just be doing it under Roberto’s supervision.

Armando comes in and Roberto tells him about the job offer. Armando thinks it’s a great move. Nicolas is brilliant. Roberto says they’ll give him Mata’s old office

Nico still wants to think about it. And he wants to make sure, if he comes to work here, he’s working for ROBERTO, taking orders from ROBERTO, not Armando and his little friend.

Roberto agrees. Armando just looks embarrassed.

Cindy meets Ricky for a drink, but she’s not interested in hearing more excuses about the collection or talking about “what they have” ’cause that’s nothing. All she wants is to know what was on Mata’s hard drive.

Ricky says they’re still analyzing it and haven’t found anything.

Well, if she finds out later that he was keeping information from her about her dad, she’s telling everybody he slept with Marcela. He can call her again when he has something more to offer her.

On the golf course, Mata’s obsessing about his “hacked” computer and who could have done it. And the only person he can think of who was in his office who isn’t usually, was Cindy Anderson.

Daniel starts freaking out about “They’re going to find out about our deal and now I can’t screw over Armando! Although…I could still do it to Betty.”

Mariana ducks into the copy room to talk to her mom on the phone. Mom’s sick and Mariana wants her to use the rent money to see a doctor and Mariana will just figure out how to pay the rent later. (Finally we get a little Mariana backstory and this is it? One side of a phone call?)

Mariana hangs up when she notices Giovas is sleeping on the floor in his underwear.

His excuse is that his roommate parties all the time and he needs sleep and he figured no one would be coming into the copy room.

Armando and Ricky did find something on that USB drive, but they’re keeping it from Cindy because it’s their last defense against Daniel. They’re also hoping Cindy won’t try to copy Mata’s hard drive again and/or that Mata will have deleted the incriminating information.

Ricky’s pissed off about Nicolas working at V&M and he thinks Armando’s just supporting the idea because he hopes having Nicolas around will mean he has a better chance of finding Betty.

Sandra’s coming to the conclusion that the company’s going under. Any minute now they’ll start firing people. Her boss had her cancel all his appointments and she doesn’t think he’s VP of sales anymore. Nobody’s saying anything, at least not to the admins, and they’re all walking around with these looks on their faces…. She’s jumpy and nervous and she keeps wanting to cry for no reason.

Wilson can only think of one solution….

Sandra wanders out of the janitor’s closet in a daze, buttoning up her shirt and fixing her name tag as she walks back to her desk.

Berta comes out of the women’s restroom focused on her phone.

Wilson comes out of the janitor’s closet behind her, also trying to pull himself together and pretending he was just…um…killing a spider.

Looks to Berta like it was the other way around.

Nico’s on the phone to Betty, telling her about Roberto’s job offer. As he’s talking, the Pelotón assemble behind him. Betty thinks it’s best they stay away from V&M. Nico realizes he’s surrounded and says he’ll call her back later.

He tries to sweet talk them, then get a selfie, then Sofia steals his phone and says they have questions about Betty.

OK, but it’s not his place to answer them. He gets his phone back from Sofia and turns around…Sandra’s there. Berta tells him to ‘fess up about why Betty left.

Nico claims he’s got a confidentiality clause in his contract so….

But Sofia and Mariana know the questions they’ll be asking won’t come anywhere near that contract. What did he have to do with Betty leaving? Did he cheat on her with Pati? Did he just want a one night stand with Betty?!

Nico says his relationship with Betty is really not what they think it is….

Sandra loses patience and attacks.

Armando comes off the elevator and sees the Pelotón bunched around Nico. He asks to talk to him. Yes, now.

Nico thanks Armando for saving him from the Pelotón. Now, what does he want? To tell Nico not to accept Roberto’s offer?

No, Armando thinks that’s a great idea. BAR is what’s keeping V&M afloat and Nicolas has what it takes to run it and to work at V&M.

Nico thinks Armando’s just buttering him up to ask for a favor.

No! OK, well, actually yes. He needs to talk to Betty, but she won’t answer her phone and he thinks she’s blocked him. Where is she?

Nico’s not telling him anything. See, he actually does love Betty and he’s loyal to her, so even if the Pelotón rip him to pieces, he’s not telling Armando anything. And he likes Armando’s new office. Shame there’s not enough room for his ego…ha!

Nico hasn’t gotten to the elevators yet when he runs into Giovas and begs Giovas to save him from the Pelotón. Giovas hides him under Aura Maria’s desk until they’ve gone. Wilson shows up and he recognizes Nico as Betty’s boyfriend. These two buy the “I’m forbidden to talk about that by a confidentiality clause” excuse. Wilson starts sneaking him away from the front desk.

Malu’s trying to understand the financial report from the meeting. Ricky comes in and says nobody understands it. But seriously, she wants to know!

Ricky offers to get together later with some wine.

Uh, no. She’s not in the mood for that. But she does have a question–was he really Armando’s accomplice in the Betty situation?

Ricky swears he wasn’t–it was all Armando. Poor Marcela got the worst part of this. He asks Malu to tell Marcela if she needs anything she can call him.

Roberto asks if Sofia has been able to talk to Beatriz.

Nope. And they’re all trying, but nobody has talked to her. Sofia even called her house and her mom said she’s out of town.

Roberto asks if she knows Betty’s family. What are they like?

Uh, normal? Just…regular people.

Roberto tells her to keep trying to put him in touch with Betty.

Margarita goes by Marcela’s office and asks Malu how she’s doing.

Malu says she stayed home today to rest. She’s still processing everything that happened.

Margarita’s sure she’ll get over it. She’s strong.

But what Armando did was so low…Malu doesn’t know anyone who could get over that. Not even in Tibet.

Malu asks to talk to Armando. She wants him to explain how he could do that to Marcela.

All Armando can say is that everything got out of hand.

Malu says he ruined Marcela’s life.

Armando says if he could, he’d make different decisions. Now all he can do is try to hurt her as little as possible.

Well, Malu doesn’t know how he could hurt her any worse. She’s worried about her.

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