Betty en NY Wednesday 6/12/19 #90

Previously on Betty: Roberto offered Nicolas a job. Armando thought it was a great idea. Ricky didn’t. Armando has no explanation for what he did to Marcela.

Margarita goes to Marcela’s apartment. She’s been drinking all night, whatever she could find to drink. She has to figure out what she’s going to do with her life because her entire life revolved around Armando.

Margarita’s like “All couples go through tough times….”

“Don’t you get it?” Armando doesn’t love her anymore. Armando loves Betty. She doesn’t know how it happened, but Betty took Armando away from her.

Sofia gets a call from the hospital ER. Efrain fell down a manhole in the previous episode and now he’s at the ER and his insurance lists her as his emergency contact.

Everybody tells Sofia to head for the hospital and they’ll cover for her.

Aura Maria doesn’t get it–why is Sofia running if she’s in love with Charlie.

Berta says Sofia spent twenty years with that dog Efrain and he’s still the father of her children. She’s not going to let him die alone. She’ll be there until the very last bark.

Marcela gives Margarita the engagement ring Armando gave her and the ring Margarita gave her because it was a family tradition. She doesn’t want to see either one of them. And she wants to be alone.

Margarita reminds her that she thinks of Marcela as a daughter. She should call if she needs anything.

The door has barely shut behind her before Marce picks up a bottle of tequila.

Joaquin Quiroz, aka Beach Guy, is heading out of his hotel, assuring reporters he’s happy to be in Miami bla bla bla. He heads for Debora, Cata, and Betty. Betty’s just looking at him like “Why did I loan you money?”

At the hospital, Sofia’s furious that no one will give her any information on Efrain. Charlie shows up. She tells him Efrain’s still in surgery and he’s got his leg busted up in a million pieces, some broken ribs, etc., and what she can’t figure out is why they didn’t call Jenny?!

Charlie’s been trying but Jenny’s not answering the phone. He almost wonders if she’d already broken up with Efrain and has written him off already. He’ll keep trying.

In the V&M breakroom, Jenny explains to Pati that she’s not answering Charlie’s calls because she assumes Charlie’s just trying to pick up what Efrain threw out.

So she’s saying Efrain threw her out?

No, she threw him out!

Pati can’t get her to see that if she thinks Charlie’s trying to pick up what Efrain threw out that means Efrain threw her out.

Anyway. Jenny’s not picking up the phone, Pati complains about Nico and says she’s not just going to date ANY millionaire, bla bla bla.

Margarita tells Armando that Marcela’s been drinking since last night. She’s never seen her like this. Armando has to do something!

Armando thinks the best thing to do is stay away from her so she doesn’t get the wrong idea.

Margarita STILL thinks they’re going to get back together. How many people are going to have to tell her before it sinks in? She tells Armando if anything happens to Marcela it’s his fault.

Malu tells Daniel she wants her money. All of it. She’s going to start her own clothing line. In Europe.

Daniel says he’s not giving her anything until she shows him her business plan.

Uh, does he not get it? It’s her money. He’s been charging her for investing it. So this frees him from any business obligations or personal favors he’s been doing as her brother. How long will it take for her to get the money?

Daniel says it’s invested in one of his best businesses and she’ll have to wait. I think that’s code for “I spent it all.”

Armando goes over to Marcela’s apartment to see how she is.

Oh, she’s perfect. She’s been thinking about the good side of what he did and she realized all those times he didn’t make love to her after he’d made love to Betty was really considerate of him. She toasts with a shot of tequila.

Mariana’s looking at Joaquin Quiroz’s Instagram feed. Lo and behold, there’s Betty in the background of a picture of three women in bikinis. Mariana’s sure it’s her. Sandra’s not. Why would Betty be at a pool party in Miami? Mariana doesn’t know, but there she is.

Armando tries to get Marcela to stop drinking. He says he knows it’s a lot to ask, but he’s hoping she can find a way to forgive him.

Why? Would he be able to forgive her for cheating on him?

Armando says she’d never do that.

And he’d never fall in love with a fea, but look where they are! So yeah, she cheated on him. With Ricky. And she liked it. If he doesn’t believe her, he can go ask Ricky.

Malu’s pissed. Daniel was supposed to be keeping her money safe. She never would have agreed to risk all of it in an investment. He has one week to give her money back–

“Or what? You’ll dis-align my chakras?”

Oh please, they’ve been dis-aligned for years! If he doesn’t give her money back she’s sure there are plenty of legal firms who would love to take her case.

Demetrio’s not dealing well with Betty being away. And he still feels like something isn’t right about the way she left. He suggests going to Miami, but Julia says no way. They’ll look like hangers-on. He just needs to accept that Betty’s a grown woman and she doesn’t need them.

Nico tells Julia about the job offer from Roberto. She doesn’t like it. She’s sure they just want him to keep making money for them. She didn’t like that job for Betty and she doesn’t like it for Nicolas either.

Well, Nico’s been thinking it would be a good way to keep an eye out for Betty. If he’s there, he’ll find out anything they’re planning and he can warn her.

Julia says they’d just better not mess with Betty or she’s coming after them. Starting with Nico!

Armando has Ricky over for drinks. He went to check on Marcela and she’s really not doing well. She told him she and Ricky were lovers. Is it true?

Ricky denies it. Repeatedly. And he’s so outraged he leaves Armando’s apartment without finishing his drink.

Efrain’s out of surgery, but he’s not awake yet. Sofia feels guilty–she did keep telling him he was a sewer rat. Somebody’s going to have to take care of him. Charlie agrees, but it doesn’t have to be her. Sofia doesn’t understand where he’s going with that and tells him to quit explaining–he’s only making it more complicated.

Mariana once again finds Giovas asleep at work. This time under a table outside the breakroom.

Marcela’s in the office, but she doesn’t know how she’s going to go on when it feels so awful being here, being in her office. Malu tells her about wanting to start a business in Europe and wanting Marcela to come with her.

Berta contemplates stealing Pati’s phone and ambushing Nicolas outside his house.

Giovas is fixing something electrical and gets shocked. Mariana knows he fell asleep again. She’s starting to feel bad for him. She wonders if it would be so bad for him to have a woman for a roommate….

Pati made Roberto coffee. I tried to tell him not to drink it, but he didn’t listen. He says it’s…strong. He asks Pati to clean up Mata’s office to get ready for the guy who’s going to start working in it. And he wants Pati and Sofia both to help him.

Mariana found an article about Marcela and Armando’s wedding being cancelled. The Pelotón gather around her as they read…bla bla bla wedding of the year bla bla bla mysterious woman the cause of the break-up.

There are a bunch of photos of women who are apparently associated with Armando in some way, but they’re sure if it was any of those women, the press would have caught them.

The last picture is of Armando and Betty at that horrible cocktail party.

Just when I thought Sofia had put it all together, she says Marcela must have fired Betty because she knew too much. She goes off on a tangent about Marcela being possessed and crawling on the ceiling and…Marcela’s right behind her. She asks why none of them are at their desks.

They scatter and Marcela leaves.

Demetrio shows up at V&M and tells Aura Maria he wants to talk to Armando.

Nicolas arrives and asks why Deme’s looking for Armando.

Because he wants to know what’s going on with Betty. He’s tired of nobody telling him the whole story. So either he talks to Armando or they meet on the field of honor.

Nico tries to say Armando’s super busy today and doesn’t he trust Betty and what are her friends going to say? That her dad showed up to check her homework?

Despues de mucho bla bla bla, Nico steers Demetrio back towards the elevator.

Marcela tells Ricky she told Armando the truth. But now she’s wanting to deny it because Ricky’s the worst thing that ever happened to her.

Uh, worse than Armando?

Marcela doesn’t want to hear his opinions on her life. She heads for Ricky and Armando’s office and Armando says Ricky told him everything.

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