La Reina del Sur Wednesday 6/12/19 #2.37

Previously: Manuela killed Willy and set up Danilo’s cousin Edgar. Teresa, Sheila, and Rocio land in Morocco with Zurdo and Faustino. Abdelkader invites them to a party.

Post-sex at Jonathan’s house. He tries to insult Manuela by asking how much he owes her. Manuela tells him to stay away from Sergio or her next visit won’t be for sex.

Party time at Abdelkader’s palace. I don’t know if those fans trailing scarves are remotely authentic to…well, anything…but I want some. Zurdo’s definitely won over.

Danilo’s at Alejandro’s place. Alejandro asks if he’s still upset about Edgar.

Danilo admits that Edgar wasn’t his favorite cousin. He figured out that Danilo was gay and he was constantly harassing him about it.

Alejandro tells him Edgar tried to extort money from him. He said he’d make Alejandro and Danilo’s relationship public. Alejandro figured maybe he saw something at the party? And now the money that was going to pay for his silence is going to pay for his funeral.

Danilo, not being as suspicious as I am, just thanks Alejandro for being there for him.

Abdelkader introduces Teresa and Zurdo to some rich guy who just married his fourth wife. Zurdo’s like “Four? I couldn’t deal with one!” Abdelkader says they’re allowed up to four wives as long as they have the resources to support them all.

But anyway, they’re here to talk business. (For a second there I had a flashback to someone trying to sell us a timeshare.)

Faustino drags Rocio off to a waiting SUV. He wasn’t kidding about taking a helicopter ride to visit grandma.

Abdelkader says a friend of his just said he wants to invest in Zurdo and Teresa’s business. Zurdo makes a bleeped and probably racist remark about how he doubted Teresa when she said her friend “the African” had a lot of information, but now he can see how powerful Abdelkader is.

Abdelkader brushes it off before mentioning that Faustino and Rocio have just gone out for a ride. Faustino asked for his help giving Rocio a surprise.

Paloma and Ray are in the waiting room at a clinic. He’s trying to talk her out of having an abortion, but Paloma has her mind made up. She’s not going to have a child as a reminder of Juanito raping her. And what’s she supposed to tell the kid when they grow up? “Sorry you don’t have a dad, but your aunt Rocio accidentally threw him off a roof to defend me”?

When the nurse calls her, Ray wants to come in to. He says he’s the baby’s father.

The doctor explains he needs to do an ultrasound to figure out how far along Paloma is. He starts talking about her options being a pill or an aspiration…. Paloma doesn’t want any more explanations.

She and Ray leave with a blister pack of two pills.

Abdelkader sees Teresa standing alone at the party. It brings back memories. The first time she saw this house, she asked Abdelkader to let Santiago work for him.

Abdelkader has fond memories of that night, but gentlemen aren’t supposed to remember.

Zurdo interrupts them, with Sheila and Abdelkader asks about their business plan.

Teresa explains she wants to create a drug monopoly out of the only four people in the world who would actually be capable of doing it. Sanchez-Godoy, Zurdo, Abdelkader, and her. Sanchez-Godoy’s got production, Zurdo controls the north part of Mexico and the way into the US, Abdelkader controls all the hashish coming out of Africa, and Teresa can get things from point A to B.

In Italy, she and Zurdo will meet with distributors.

Sheila’s feeling a little left out, though…she can mix a mean drink. Can she be the fifth member of the monopoly?

Abdelkader toasts to a return to good times and the return of La Reina del Sur.

Alejandro tells Epifanio that Teresa’s with Zurdo in Europe and Lupo has gone to join them. He reminds him to think of these not as expenses, but investments.

Epifanio heard they killed Danilo’s cousin? Does Alejandro trust him?

Oh yeah, totally.

Epifanio calls Danilo over to give his condolences and ask him to give his secretary an address so he can send flowers.

Beba shows up, talking about going wedding dress shopping later and getting something very simple so no one can accuse them of being ostentatious.

Epifanio, of course, won’t go because that would be bad luck. But after this he expects her to be…I can’t believe he said this…stuck to the bottom of his shoe like gum.

Rocio’s leading Faustino around the house, looking for an unlocked door. They finally find the kitchen door unlocked and Rocio comes in just as Charo’s finishing a puchero (stew). Charo’s surprised to see her, and concerned–the cops are still looking for her.

Rocio explains that Paloma’s still in Mexico and she just wanted to stop by and see them, but she’s on her way back now.

Faustino comes in and Rocio awkwardly tries to introduce him without putting a name on their relationship. Before she can finish, Cayetana comes in and asks what Rocio’s doing here. (Not in a mean way…I feel like I have to say that, ’cause it’s Cayetana’s default.)

Cayetana saves most of the rudeness for Faustino. She refuses to shake his hand and tells Rocio to escort him out of the room. Because, see, in Spain they focus on the important things, unlike South America.

Faustino tries to keep the smile on his face as he says grandma’s feisty. Rocio asks him to please go with Charo.

Cayetana makes her attempt to get Rocio to testify against Teresa in a custody hearing. She’s not asking her to lie or anything.

Rocio refuses. Teresa’s doing everything she can to get her daughter back. And Rocio can’t exactly go before a judge when they’re still looking for her.

Faustino comes back to the kitchen and tells Vampirita he just got scolded over the phone and they’ve gotta go back now.

Cayetana asks who he is, so he tells her–he’s Rocio’s boyfriend.

Cayetana flips out…look at the way he’s dressed!

Faustino tells Rocio she said grandma was “complicated” but that fell short. Forget “bad character” ’cause it’s way more than that. Now, say goodbye ’cause they’ve gotta get back on the helicopter.

Cayetana knocks over the bowl of puchero and tells Charo to pick it up. (Get out, Charo!)

Sheila has borrowed someone’s wings so she can dance with them. Zurdo and Lencho are focusing on her, leaving Teresa another quiet moment with Abdelkader.

He thinks it’s funny that she’s doing all this to try to get her daughter back, but all the same it’s going to make them a ton of money. And how is her daughter?

Teresa says Sofia hates her.

Eh, so did his sons when they were Sofia’s age. They hated him for his businesses. Now they live in Paris and are supported by the money he makes with the businesses they used to hate. Sofia will understand eventually.

First, Teresa has to get her back.

Zurdo and Sheila come over. Sheila says she loves Moroccan parties…and she feels like she’s been running for two days straight!

Zurdo tells her to wait till they get to Italy! They’re gonna meet the pope and everything. (*roll eyes*)

Speaking of popes, Abdelkader wants to baptize this new monopoly with $100M. Will Zurdo do the same? (AWKWARD!)

Teresa thanks Abdelkader, but he says he knows she’s going to double or triple the money. Teresa reminds them she’s not buying or selling drugs, she’s just the transporter.

Sure, Zurdo will put up $100M. Sheila giggles about talking about millions like they’re talking about potatoes. They toast again.

Genoveva has picked out a plain white dress with some sparkle around the low back.

From out of nowhere comes Carmen. She comes after Beba with all that patriarchal crap about only virgins getting to wear white, like she did when she married Epifanio. And “what God has joined” no man can separate…much less a woman. She kind of tries to warn Beba, saying it’s all fun and games with Epifanio until you realize you’re married to the Devil himself and it’s too late to do anything about it.

Beba’s like “Come on, don’t act this way over a man,” and can’t Carmen just get over it and leave her alone.

Sorry. Carmen definitely can’t do that. She’s going to be Beba’s shadow. Nice dress.

Paloma stands at the sink, contemplating the pills she’s already stuck in her mouth and fished back out once.

Conejo tells her the story of her abusive husband and his horrible mother who egged him on. She got pregnant twice and ended the pregnancies. She didn’t want a child from a guy who would beat her whenever he got a few drinks in him. So she poisoned the wine and killed him and his mother.

Sounds familiar to Paloma. Juanito raped her and his mother just looked the other way. How could she let him treat another woman like that?

Well, the thing is, Juan’s dead. He’s never going to be able to hurt her again. Calderón de la Barba said “la vida es sueño, y los sueños, sueños son.” Paloma has a chance to let her child have their own dreams. But whatever she decides, they’re going to support her.

Paloma dissolves the pills in the sink.

Ray is trying to find out if Paloma’s credits will transfer, but the woman he’s talking to says she can’t just tell him, he has to fill out some paperwork….

Jimena comes in and says she tried to do it to transfer to a school in the US and it’s a real pain in the ass.

I hate to say Ray’s flirting with her, but it looks like he’s flirting with her. He gives her his number in case she needs anything.

In the middle of the party, Francesco calls Teresa. Abdelkader smoothly distracts Zurdo while she takes the call.

He says he’s landed in Palermo and that his kids are excited about meeting her, so they’re going to his favorite restaurant for dinner. He’ll send her the address.

Beba complains to Epifanio that Carmen isn’t going to leave them alone. She feels betrayed and Beba wouldn’t put anything past her.

Epifanio says if Carmen won’t leave them alone por las buenas, she’ll leave them alone por las presidenciales.

Batman’s fishing. Lupo calls to check up on Sofia.

Batman says she’s doing better and she’s turned into an ecologist and is cleaning up the island.

Lupo tells him not to trust her.

And has he met up with Teresa yet?

They’re having dinner tonight.

“Tell her I said hi.”

Yeah, right.

They end the call and Batman calls to Sofia that if she’s feeling all domestic maybe she could wash the dishes. She tells him to learn how to fish and goes back to assembling her pile of stuff that looks like it has potential to become a bonfire.

Cayetana and Charo are arguing about Faustino and his appropriateness or lack thereof as a boyfriend for Rocio.

Cayetana’s lawyer shows up. She starts talking about how she couldn’t convince Rocio to testify…but he’s come by to give her the judge’s ruling. She has custody and guardianship of Sofia.

Charo’s confused–how is she supposed to get Sofia when they don’t know where she is?

Cayetana says she’ll show this to the authorities in Mexico and tell them Sofia’s been kidnapped and they’ll look for her. She tells Charo to pack her bags–she’s going to Mexico.

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