Betty en NY Monday 6/17/19 #92

Previously on Betty: Nico started working at V&M. Betty met a guy in Miami. Marcela drank too much and told Armando she slept with Ricky. Julia read Betty’s diary and showed up at V&M to tell Armando to leave Betty alone.

The Pelotón are watching Julia scream at Armando and wondering what’s going on. Sofia’s theory is that Julia’s in there demanding compensation for Betty being fired unjustly. Berta says Armando had better fork it over or Betty will sue the company for so much she’ll end up owning it!

They scatter when Julia starts walking out of the conference room. Armando begs her to at least tell Betty he’s looking for her and Julia’s all “Good day to you!”

Before she gets out of the office, Nicolas shows up. Aura Maria listens in as Julia asks him how he and Betty could have hidden so much from her and why didn’t Nicolas stop her.

Well, he tried, but she wanted to believe Armando’s lies.

What lies? What did Armando do?

Nico won’t tell her.

She says she’s disappointed in him. (Yeah, dude, that’s gonna sting.) As she gets into the elevator, Nico tries calling Betty.

Back at home Julia starts cooking while she talks to her mom. She tells her about the meeting with Armando and how he said he was in love with Betty….

“¡Que no mame!” dice la abuela. And Julia’s like “That’s what I said! No la ama!” But he kept going on about how he’s in love with her and Julia told him to leave her alone. And then she left.

Abuela’s all “I would’ve gotten violent. I would’ve sent him and his mom a la chin–

“Ganas no me faltaban!” But they were in the office. Demetrio walks in as Julia says she’s going to make sure Armando never hurts her daughter again.

“What did Armando do to my Betty?”

Roberto finds Hugo in his workroom, in such a funk he’s lying on his couch like he’s laid out in his coffin. Hugo thinks it’s over for him. He’s out of talent.

Robert tries to cheer him up, but he also asks what Hugo’s so afraid of–that his designs will get stolen again?

No, that Betty will end up owning his designs the way she owns Roberto’s company. It’s no longer “Valencia y Mendoza,” now it’s “Valencia y Mugre.”

Yeah, Julia’s not going to tell Demetrio anything and he knows it. But he’s determined to find out what’s going on between her, Betty, and Armando.

Backstage at Joaquin’s rehearsal, Betty’s eyeing the hair of a model with her hair texture. She kind of idly starts teasing a strand of her hair. Debora comes in and announces the star is here! Naomi!

That would be the Naomi who was trying to get at Armando on the day Betty came to interview at V&M.

Betty tries to hide behind a rack of clothes, but instead she knocks it over onto Naomi. Um, hi?

Hugo’s moping at home. He swears he’s going to wear nothing but black from now on. Romi begs him to get it together. She needs him. The baby needs him. She wants him and Fabio to adopt her child. Well, that just might have worked.

Joaquin’s fussing over Betty. She says seeing Naomi was like going back in time and vaguely mentions she worked at the place Betty used to work….

Joaquin doesn’t get what she was running away from. Who is she? Because she’s not a PR assistant. What happened that made Betty so sensitive? She tries to leave, but Joaquin insists on talking to her and all of a sudden Demetrio and Julia are there and Demetrio’s whacking Joaquin with a map.

Please tell me this isn’t happening!

Ugh. It’s happening. Demetrio keeps hitting Joaquin every chance he gets while he and Betty explain that he’s one of Catalina’s clients and his name’s Joaquin and he’s a fashion designer.

Demetrio wants answers, but he’s not getting them. Debora complains about Joaquin needing to work with Naomi unless “this” is more important. He leads Julia and Demetrio out to the runway so they can watch the rest of rehearsal. Debora tells Betty this had better not happen again or she’ll complain to Catalina.

Ricky and Malu have a drink in his office so he can pretend to care about Marcela and ask Malu out for dinner.

Pati comes running into MARCEEEEEEEEE’s office to complain about Roberto hiring Nicolas and how somehow this is all about Nicolas trying to ruin her life or something.

Marcela thinks she should be grateful she found out about Nicolas’ lies before anything happened.

Pati’s like “Define ‘anything’.”

Marcela can’t believe Pati went there. Nicolas is so…ordinary. Anyway, it’s not like he could manipulate someone like Roberto. Something else must be going on.

Pati gets a notification on her cell phone. Her electricity’s been cut off again.

Malu tells Ricky she’s a widow, which she doesn’t talk about much, but that’s where the money Daniel has been managing came from. And with everything that happened at V&M it made her realize how dependent she is. She wants to start her own business and sell ecological clothing. But first she has to get her money back from Daniel.

Armando has dinner with his parents. Roberto’s talking about putting their family money into V&M to see if that will help. Armando’s all for it–he can use the equity on the apartment, sell his car, his gym membership. Margarita thinks the house in the Hamptons should be plenty.

Armando tells them he already mortgaged the house in the Hamptons.

Roberto explodes. The house has been in their family for generations.

But they had to make payroll and Roberto always taught him that the employees come first.

He also taught him not to be a criminal! He should be in jail for this! And where’s Betty? Because she’s responsible too and she can’t just wash her hands of this! He doesn’t care if Armando made her do it–did he put a gun to her head?

Armando doesn’t think his dad is ever going to forgive him. Margarita tells Armando to give him time.

Hugo has a reason to live now. He tells Romina they’ll split the work and all the big decisions three ways. Fabio notices he’s making his special fat-free carbonara. Hugo says he’s also going to open the bottle of something from 1954. Because they’re going to be parents!

In Miami, it’s mojito time. Joaquin invited Catalina, Betty, and her parents to dinner. Julia loved the food. She can just imagine tamales made with that pork. Whenever Joaquin’s in New York he’s totally invited over!

Demetrio wants to know if he always takes his employees’ families out like this.

Just the special ones. Didn’t Betty tell them that she saved him from thieves and gave him money for a taxi? Catalina agrees, Betty’s special and she’s been a huge help on this trip. Joaquin orders another round of drinks “for the ladies.”

Demetrio starts asking personal questions. Joaquin’s divorced and has a 10-year-old daughter who lives in Milan with her mother. “And why doesn’t she live with you?”

Catalina says those drinks sure are taking a long time!

Fabio tries to get Hugo to reconsider. Because hormones.

“My hormones are fine.”

Right, but Romina’s pregnant.

Oh, no worries they’ve thought about it and the three of them are going to surround this child with so much love and he thinks he can even design again, he’s so happy!

Armando’s drunk and feeling sorry for himself. He talks to AmorOso, who’s probably the only person who will listen to him right now. He says he’s trash, he’s let down the two people who are most important to him–Betty and his dad–he wishes he could make his dad understand or Betty forgive him. He decides he’s going to call her now.

Uff! Blocked.

Fabio’s pissed off at Romina, but Hugo’s happy and that’s what’s best for them, right? Unless he wants to go tell Hugo how she got pregnant.

Daniel’s lurking at V&M again. He corners Pati and asks if she’s noticed anything weird lately.

Hmm…the vending machine never has diet chocolates.

Not what he meant.

Nico shows up and Daniel starts griping about what he’s doing there. Armando comes over and tells Daniel to leave him alone. He’s in charge of BAR’s finances and Roberto wants him here.

Nico says they’re welcome to take it up with Roberto if they have a problem and he’ll gladly take marching orders from him, ’cause it’s not like Nico’s happy to be here.

Armando says as long as his dad’s here, Nico’s here.

Well, Daniel thinks he should at least tell them where Betty is.

Hm, nope. Can’t do that.

Daniel blames this whole “circus” on Armando.

Pati giggles that Daniel called him a clown.

In the workroom, Hugo tells Inés about Fabi’s reaction to being a dad. Jenny shows up late, but whatever Hugo’s happy and in the mood to design again.

Roberto asks Nico to put him in contact with Betty. Like, now. Nico tries to call, but it goes to voicemail. He asks if there’s something he can do for Roberto.

Well, there’s a board meeting today and there are some problems they haven’t resolved yet, so maybe Nico could come.

Nico’s like “Is Daniel gonna be there?” ‘Cause they basically hate each other and Nico wants some assurances that if Daniel attacks him Roberto will pull him off.


Inés is checking inventory when Romina comes over to thank her for helping her make a tough decision. She’s decided to let Hugo and Fabi raise her baby and she wants Inés to be the godmother.

At the meeting, Roberto explains that V&M needs an infusion of cash and he’s asking everyone to contribute. Daniel gets all pissed off and says he should be asking Betty too. Things get predictably heated. Daniel, Marcela, and Margarita are all screaming about this being Betty’s fault. Armando tells them all to quit blaming Betty…and then he pulls out The Letter.

Ricky leaves the room. Daniel says that letter could send Armando to jail. Armando says he won’t be the only one. Malu asks what he means by that. Daniel tells Malu to stay out of it. Marcela tells Daniel she’s trying to defend him.

Roberto interrupts the lot of them and says no one’s going to jail and Beatriz doesn’t have to put up any capital. And for now BAR is providing financial support to V&M. And that’s the way they’ll leave it.

Armando runs into Nico in the bathroom. He thanks him for accepting the job, etc. and Nico’s like “Trying to get on my good side, huh?”

No, really, Armando showed everyone the letter so they’d see that Betty wasn’t responsible.

And how does he know that Armando didn’t show them the letter so later he could be all “Please tell me where she is!” and Nico would tell him and Armando would go find Betty and swear his eternal love and Betty would sign over her parents’ house and Armando would open another branch of V&M?

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

Eh, nothing does with Armando. He’s off now. Might want to light a match.

Anybody else feeling like they’re ready for Armando and Nico to have some bro time?

Inés notices Romina’s makeup bag. It’s designer. Expensive.

Romi laughs that it’s the best $10 she’s ever spent in her life.

But you know Inés knows her stuff and she knows it’s not a knockoff.

Romina starts screaming at her about trying to make her look like a liar and…oh, sorry, hormones.

Uh huh. That’s still no way to talk to her. Inés brushes off Romina’s apologies. When Romina leaves, Inés wonders where she got the money for an expensive bag like that….

Roberto calls Pati into his office….

He wants another coffee, right?

Um, no, ’cause it’s so good he can’t stop at one cup and then he’s up all night. What he wanted to ask her was to do him a favor and be Nicolas’ assistant.

But…Sofia was taking care of that.

Yes, but he needs somebody who knows finance and Pati had those three semesters at DUI, right?

Pati says she learned a lot of stuff. It wasn’t all finance.

Even better!

Pati awkwardly thanks him for the opportunity.

Julia and Betty have some mother-daughter time. Julia thinks they should talk. Betty looks upset. Did something happen, or is she thinking of him? The guy she left New York to escape? Because Julia confirmed her suspicions. Betty had a thing with Armando. And then she pulls Betty’s tablet out of her purse.

*betrayed Betty face* I feel you, sister. I do.

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