Betty en NY Thursday 6/13/19 #91

Previously on Betty: Margarita’s worried about Marcela and her liver. Marcela told Armando she slept with Ricky. Armando asks Marcela for the truth after Ricky denies it.

Marcela pretends she doesn’t remember anything that happened yesterday. And of course she wouldn’t have cheated on him with Ricky! And even if she did, Armando has no grounds to complain.

OK, he just wanted to clear things up.

If he’s so interested in clearing things up, he should go online and “clear up” the gossip about the mystery woman.

Sofia wants to know what Pati was doing in her ex-boss’ office.

Pati smarms that she doesn’t have to tell Sofia anything, but yeah Roberto told her to get the office ready because there’s a new executive from…*literal crickets*…well, from somewhere. So Sofia’s going to be Roberto’s assistant and Pati gets the new executive.

Sofia laughs. She takes orders from her bosses, not from Pati.

Berta comes over to see what the fuss is about and get the chisme on the new executive. Which means she’s at Pati’s desk when Nicolas shows up.

They’re all kind of “Nicolas?!” when Smith comes over talking like he and Nico are bros and how “crazy” his resume is and Armando said so many good things about him and he’s from V&M’s “sister company” BAR.

As they run of to talk about that “crazy” resume, Pati, Berta, and Sofia all do a head tilt.

Armando goes online, finds the article with the picture of him and Betty at the mixer and goes on a mental vacation to the cabin, accompanied by sexy guitar. Where could his Betty be….

Betty’s out in front of her hotel reading the same article and feeling embarrassed.

Joaquin comes over to see if it’s her and he startles her. He figures she’s on the way to his rehearsal, right? He’ll give her a ride.

Armando’s interrogating all the assistants. Where’s Betty?!

  • Aura Maria: No idea. She’s not taking calls and she hasn’t been on social media.
  • Sandra: Haven’t seen her since Marcela threw her out.
  • Sofia: Well, since you fired her…uh, terminated her contract…she hasn’t been in touch with any of us.
  • Inés: I wasn’t even here when she left. And it’s a shame–she was a good worker and a good person.
  • Berta: I don’t know, but I have some theories. You didn’t want her to go, did you? You’re worried about her, we’re worried about her…. Just between us, why did she get fired? Come on, you can trust me….

Armando says she can go.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

Roberto and Nico are reviewing the current situation–V&M can’t pay back Anderson and they can’t do payroll either. Nico mentions multiple times that Armando took out too many loans and at this point they’d be cutting into BAR’s capital, but if Roberto orders him to do it….

Roberto orders him to take the money from BAR.

Nico’s drawing up the paperwork when Sofia walks in to ask for the afternoon off to deal with a family member in the hospital.

Pati comes to Nico’s office to demand he quit because he’s a lying liar who took advantage of her.

Nico tries to spin it as being so in love with Patricia and her having such high standards and oh, BTW, he made up that fake millionaire, “Jordan.”

Joaquin’s frustrated with the rehearsal. He calls a halt to everything and tells the models to smile and connect with the audience. All better.

He tells Betty she should rehearse too. Her smile. And he’s not buying the fake one. He has her close her eyes and remember the happiest moment of her life.

She thinks about Armando walking into her office and kissing her.

Joaquin tells her to hold on to that, don’t think about what happened later…and then he snaps a picture. He says this is the real Betty, the Betty she tries not to let out, the Betty who dreams and yearns for things. She should let go of her fears, because she’s beautiful, and not just inside.

Malu comes into Marcela’s office all freaked out because Marcela’s not answering her phone. Marcela’s not even sure where it is. She only came in to try and calm down some of the rumors, but she’s really not in the mood to have everyone looking at her like they feel sorry for her. She’s going to take Malu up on her proposal.

Malu wishes they could go to Europe now, but Daniel is refusing to give back her money.

Marcela assumes he just invested it and he’s waiting for the earnings….

Well, Malu might be all “zen” but she’s not gonna take this lying down!

Mariana and Giovas are talking about moving in together and when she can give him keys and how he’s gonna get his stuff there. Turns out Giovas doesn’t even have a bed–just a hammock. He says he used to get up every morning shaped like a banana, but now he’s getting the hang of it and wakes up more upright and without nausea.

They’re laughing about that when Aura Maria sees them. She’s jealous. Instead of telling her they’re moving in together, Giovas says the doctor told him to stay near someone in case the convulsions from being electrocuted come back.

Mariana doesn’t like it, but Giovas is embarrassed for Aura Maria to find out he’s moving in with her. He’s been trying to get enough for a big apartment where he can live with her and Tommy, but he just can’t right now.

Mariana gives him until the holidays for Aura Maria to finally notice what a hard worker he is and if she still hasn’t then she’ll tell her everything. She’s not gonna end up the subject of chisme just for trying to help him.

This is going to require some forgetting of details and suspension of disbelief, because Ricardo and Julia BOTH get their hands on Betty’s diary.

Detail: the tablet Betty left at the office that Ricardo copied data from was all black; the tablet Julia’s looking at has a floral cover.

Suspension of disbelief: No way would Betty not have had that thing locked down so well it would take a DNA sample to open it.

There’s zero security on Ricky’s copy and Julia just has to answer a question. “Who is the person you most hate?” She tries Marcela, Patricia, then she remembers Madame Monique, the ballet teacher.

Armando keeps getting Betty’s voicemail so he goes over to her house. Demetrio answers the door, but Julia’s not having him in her house! She says he was just leaving, right? He’s got his relationship to patch up, according to the papers.

Armando takes the hint.

Efrain’s awake and he doesn’t remember the last two years. No Jenny, no divorce, no Charlie being Sofia’s boyfriend. The doctor recommends they don’t burst his bubble, at least while he’s at the hospital and hopefully the amnesia will resolve on its own. Sofia tells Charlie she’s not waiting. She’s going to make sure Efrain remembers every moment of his miserable life!

Demetrio can’t figure out what Julia’s so upset about. She says she’s frustrated that Armando won’t leave them alone. Next time he comes by, she’s dumping a bucket of dirty water on him. She’s had enough of him. It’s not like he actually paid her enough to make up for what Betty had to suffer! Has Demetrio already forgotten the late nights waiting up for her, staring out the window, wanting to go find her?

Well, ok, but then he got used to it and he thought it was a good opportunity.

Julia says they bullied her at that job. The whole company is full of ugly people with twisted hearts. Betty hung in there because she was trying to support them and Demetrio was sick, but now he’s better and Betty hit her limit.

Sofia finds Jenny rehearsing her, uh, dance moves…if you can call them that…in the backstage area of the workroom. She’s super nice about telling Jenny to come get her man back, but Jenny’s not going for it.

Julia comes to V&M the next day looking for Armando, but Aura Maria says it’s too early for him to be in. I don’t know why, but she also tells Julia that Armando has a full schedule and doesn’t see anyone without an appointment.

Julia’s all “You remind him that he comes over to my house whenever he wants to and I answer the door!”

Armando gets off the elevator and Julia says he came over yesterday for something really urgent and now it’s her turn.

In the conference room, she gets right to the point, “How long have you been having a relationship with my daughter? And don’t lie, because I know everything.” No, Betty didn’t tell her, but she…found out, let’s say. And she wants the details.

Armando’s like “It’s complicated, what happened. It was unexpected. We fell in love.”

Julia doesn’t believe Armando. She thinks he was just taking advantage of Betty. He ruined her life!

Armando’s all “I’m suffering too!”

Guys like him aren’t capable of recognizing the value of someone like Betty.

Armando agrees, that’s what he was like before he met her, but Betty made him a better person. He’s never loved anyone the way he loved her.

And what about Marcela?!

The relationship was already over, but Armando didn’t see it until what happened with Betty.

The thing Julia doesn’t understand is why he made her suffer if he loved her. Why aren’t they together if his engagement is allegedly over? What did he do to Betty?

Armando says he did the worst thing a man could do to a woman, but he doesn’t think it’s his place to tell her. He made the biggest mistake of his life and that’s why he has to see her, to explain his feelings.

But Betty doesn’t want to see him and Julia respects her decision. Maybe whatever he did that he doesn’t want to tell her about is unforgivable. If he really loves her, he should leave her alone.

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