Betty en NY Monday 6/24/19 #95

Previously on Betty: Roberto’s angry and he knows Armando should be in jail for the things he did. Julia told Betty she read her diary. Julia thinks Joaquin has a thing for Betty. Armando showed everyone the letter of culpability, but Nico thinks he has an ulterior motive. Roberto asked Pati to be Nicolas’ secretary. Smith informed the employees that Nicolas would be restructuring the company. Daniel’s textile factory in India burned down. Marcela spreads the chisme that Betty and her parents are on the run and she’s trying to keep V&M. Armando hired a PI to find Betty. Naomi’s making a play for Armando now that she knows he’s single. Roberto suspects that there’s more to this Armando-Betty-V&M-BAR situation that he doesn’t know about yet.

Whew…that was a lot.

Pati inflicts her special coffee and a lot of whining on Nico as a peace offering. She asks if he paid her bills, but he denies it.

In Miami, everyone’s still at the beach. Joaquin orders everyone drinks and takes a selfie with Betty and her parents.

Pati comes to MARCE! MARCEE! MARCEEEEEEEEE!’s office to thank her for paying the bills.

Yeah, Marce didn’t do it.

Pati decides that Nicolas must have done it just so it hurts more when he restructures the company and fires her.

Marce’s like “He’s not going to fire MY best friend!”

Sofia and Charlie get Efrain back to the house. He bla bla blas about how they’re always here for him and they and the kids are his only family. I’m still suspicious.

Malu’s not taking Daniel’s calls. He tells Pati to find her NOW.

Armando comes over to Pati’s desk. Pati’s not Daniel’s employee and here at V&M they treat employees with respect!

Well, Daniel’s going to be president soon, so she should to as he tells her.

No, he’s not going to be president. Hasn’t he heard about the fire at his factory in India? At least Armando’s not a killer.

Seriously, Efrain’s doing this on purpose, isn’t he? Sofia tells him Charlie rented him a hospital bed to put in the guest room downstairs, but Efrain’s all “Oh, no, I sleep upstairs with my wife,” and Sofia’s all “No, you sleep in the special bed and I sleep upstairs ALONE.”

Daniel’s all “What did you just call me?!”

Armando says he did what he did to save the company and he didn’t hurt anyone (umm…). Hasn’t Daniel heard that the factory doors were locked and no one could get out. Why doesn’t he admit he’s a rat who’s only after money?

They start throwing punches. Pati screams. Ricky comes over to break it up.

The fight is enough evidence for Pati that Armando was right.

Charlie thinks Efrain’s faking, but Sofia’s not sure. Charlie suggests telling Efrain the truth, but Sofia thinks it might cause trauma. Charlie doesn’t think anything traumatizes Efrain. And besides, if he really isn’t faking the amnesia, what’s Sofia going to do with the two of them?

Sofia says they’ll wait.

How long?!

Efrain starts screaming at Sofia that he’s alooooone!

Charlie leaves.

Efrain’s screams for Sofia seem angrier.

The PI is following up on a lead, but he doesn’t want to give Armando the specifics until he can verify it.

Cynthia (the reporter?) snuck into the office while everyone wasn’t paying attention. She figures now that she and Armando are both single they can finish what they started. (OK, seriously, he’s cute and all, but what the hell? Do they read the society pages religiously? Is there some app that sends up-to-the-minute alerts when someone you’re interested in becomes single again?)

Betty and Joaquin are still hanging out at the beach. He takes a photo of her doing Rose from Titanic.

Betty likes love stories, even when they end badly.

Joaquin asks if she wants to be a protagonista.

If the story has a happy ending.

With a kiss before “FIN”? They should try it.

The what?! They’re not protagonistas! They’re not at the end of anything…they’re not even at the beginning of anything! And her dad’s right there!

So what? Her mom already likes him.

Betty makes a run for the water. Demetrio complains that that boy had better not lay a hand on her. Julia’s like “Shut up, she’s happy!”

The PI gets a nice shot of Betty and Joaquin playing in the water.

Armando pours Cynthia a drink, but he won’t answer her questions about the breakup with Marcela. She can see it on his face, though. There IS a mystery woman and he’s in love with her! She didn’t think Armando was capable of that.

Well, he is. And he’s paying for all his mistakes. He thought he could control everything, but he fell in love without realizing it.

Cynthia says that’s how the best loves start. But not everyone gets to love. She must be a special woman.

She’s the first woman who’s known the real Armando

Cynthia’s just gotta know–is she a model? An actress?

She’s just…herself. And she showed him you have to give everything, leave everything, for love.

Cynthia wants to meet her. Armando’s way hotter than he was before. She made him grow up. She made him feel things.

And that’s what’s killing him now.

So why aren’t they together?

Because he lied and used her and broke her heart.

Nico finds Mariana in his office. There’s been another Betty sighting. She shows him the picture of Betty with Joaquin and Cata at the fashion show and says if Betty’s trying to lay low these are not the people she should be hanging with. Nico pretends he doesn’t know Cata (’cause we’ve seen them have multiple conversations).

Mariana thinks he’s not helping her by keeping quiet. Was she fired because she stole from the company?

No! But he can’t tell her why Betty was fired or he’d be hurting her. Which is the opposite of why he’s here now.

OK, last question…are a lot of people going to be let go in the restructuring?

Nico gives a nervous laugh.

Marcela visits Danny’s office to tell him to give Malu her money back already before they end up fighting over this. She missed the part where when Danny said he “couldn’t” he really meant “couldn’t.” As in, he doesn’t have a dollar to his name right now. He’s got creditors breathing down his neck and he doesn’t have any money to pay ANYONE. So he really doesn’t care if Malu sues him.

Marcela’s face: “Maybe I really have been drinking too much….”

Pati’s lurking outside Nico’s office to confront Mariana. Like Mariana says after that very wordy argument: “You could’ve just started with ‘I’m jealous.'”

Marcela tells Daniel she just wanted to see if there’s anything she can do to help.

Does she have an extra $2M lying around?

Uh, nobody does. Not even if she sold her apartment.

But what about the house in the Hamptons? They could sell it, split the money three ways and he could borrow Marcela’s third to pay back Malu.

Malu’s not going to sell her part of the house to pay herself back for money Danny owes her!

Then Malu can do whatever she wants, but he’s got no cash.

Efrain’s totally faking the amnesia. Sofia starts feeding him soup and he says he “just” realized what a lucky man he is. Sofia picks up on it too. Just now?

Charlie shows up. Without knocking. Because he’s got a key.

He says he just came to return the key and Efrain says they’ve bugged him so much lately, he should go home and relax.

Sofia won’t have it. He’s staying for dinner, because isn’t that the least they can do after he helped them so much?

Efrain’s like “What about my dinner?”

Sofia says his dinner is soup and he can eat it by himself.

Armando tries calling Betty again. He leaves a weepy voicemail saying he has to apologize to her in person, but she’s not letting him trick her again.

He looks over at AmorOso, who for once looks sad.

Ricky’s leaving work and he’s on his way over to see someone wearing a minimum of clothing. He’s about to get into the elevator, but Malu’s there. She kind of figured he’d be working late and she wanted to ask if she could come over to his apartment, but if that’s a problem for him she can leave.

Sofia and Charlie are arguing in the kitchen. Charlie thinks Efrain’s hitting on her and he’s just the spare tire she’s taking back off the car because the other tire got fixed or something.

Sofia keeps asking what it’s going to take for him to believe he’s the one she wants to be with?

The answer is apparently a snog in the kitchen.

Malu’s talking to Ricky, but he’s not listening. His friend’s girlfriend left him and the poor guy keeps texting him. He’s gotta go.

Malu didn’t buy that at all.

Efrain screams for Sofia again because he’s lonely or bored or thinks he can guilt her into staying married to him despite the fact that they’re legally divorced. That rata de 1 1/2 patas tells her she doesn’t have to be so nice to Charlie ’cause Charlie’s got a movida. Lots of them, actually…he changes girlfriends more often than he changes underwear.

Damn, Sofia bought it.

Joaquin tells Betty he’s not addicted to drugs. But he is addicted to alcohol and when he drinks he gets down….

And that’s how addiction starts. She might sound old-fashioned, but she’s seen what drugs do to people.

He knows. And she told him the other day he’d lose something important and that already happened. He lost custody of his daughter. He had a serious accident and his wife divorced him and took custody of their daughter away from him.

Betty’s sorry about the way she treated him, she didn’t know.

Joaquin says she did the right thing. She’s his friend. More than a friend. He came to the US to expand his clothing line and reinvent himself. Betty came to his life for a reason. He doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Armando’s PI is sitting at a nearby table taking pictures again.

Joaquin wants to know more about Betty, but she’s still not ready to tell him. And her past still hurts. But right now he’s the best friend she could have.

He thinks she’s more than a friend. He’s totally moving in for a kiss, but her phone rings and she says it’s her dad. She’s gotta answer.

Nicolas gets into his office and the Pelotón quickly surround him. Berta says they’re here to give him a warm welcome on behalf of the employees of V&M Fashion. Aura Maria says they want him to be as happy to be here as they are to have him as a new coworker.

Uh, they do know he’s Nicolas Ramos, right?

Sofia says they know. They know he’s taken them out to nice lunches and they wanted to thank him and make sure he knew who he could count on and who…are the tarantulas he shouldn’t trust.

They brought him a cake and insist he eat it.

OK, he’ll take a bite, but he’s gonna get a running start….

He runs right out of the office.

Hm. Sofia thinks he wasn’t convinced.

Screw that, Berta starts cutting slices of cake with a letter opener.

Wow. Armando’s PI sucks. He says he found Betty and she’s living it up and spending all the money she stole from them. She’s closing or closed a big business deal because they had champagne on the beach. And she went to dinner with Joaquin de Quiroz.

Armando says there’s no way…but he hasn’t looked at the pictures the PI sent…. Yep, that’s Betty.

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