Betty en NY Thursday 6/20/19 #93

Previously on Betty: Armando told his parents he’d already mortgaged the house in the Hamptons. Julia confronted Nico about not stopping Betty. Betty’s parents showed up in Miami. Seriously. Nico started working at V&M. Roberto asked Pati to be Nicolas’ assistant. Julia comes clean about reading Betty’s diary.

Julia defends herself, saying she had already guessed. The giant bear. The mood swings. The birth control pills. The way Betty looked at Armando. She knows what she did was wrong, but she’s not sorry. She needed to know just how much of a mistake Betty had made.

Well, this is her life and those were her mistakes!

But Betty’s always going to be her baby and she won’t let anyone hurt her baby. She didn’t bring Betty into this world to suffer. And now she feels like she’s done a terrible job. Because of what happened at the prom. And she wishes she’d known sooner, before the trauma made Betty lose faith in herself. Yeah, she read about that too.

Sofia brings Nicolas a sandwich and some coffee, since he’s working through lunch.

Nico’s suspicious that she’s here to beat him up or she’s put something in the coffee to knock him out and he’ll wake up in a coffin.

Chill out! She likes him. If he wasn’t a good person Betty wouldn’t have gone out with him. And he wouldn’t be working at V&M. She’s so grateful to Betty and Betty’s such a great person and really, all she wants is to talk to Betty.

Well, Nico would be happy to pass on a message.

Hahaha…no. She wants him to get hold of Betty right now and tell her Sofia wants to invite her to dinner.

Nope. Can’t do it. ‘Cause of his contract.

In that case, Sofia takes his sandwich away and says they’re gonna have to do this the hard way. Whatever happens after this point is his responsibility.

Charlie thinks Efrain’s faking the amnesia, but he keeps denying he knows any “Jenny.”

Hugo’s picking out pictures for the baby’s room. He wants one of Inés too, to show the baby how everyone looked before they were born. (Less sleep-deprived?)

Inés looks at the picture of Hugo and Fabi sitting on the couch at Hugo’s place…and the artwork Hugo had up on the wall. She remembers looking at pictures of Romina with Mariana and seeing that painting in the background. She blurts out “Your painting!” and Hugo says yeah, those are the ones that were stolen.

Betty tells Julia she believed Armando when he said he’d break off his engagement. She wishes she would have listened to everything Julia taught her. She did things she regrets now. And the whole time he was lying so Betty would do what he needed her to do. She’s always been the laughingstock, ever since she was a kid. She doesn’t know why she never learned that women like her didn’t have the right to be happy.

Hey, she knows Betty’s sad, but she’s not going to let her say negative things about herself. She’s beautiful and smart and sensitive and of course she’s going to be happy. And she’s going to find a guy who loves her. Maybe this Joaquin guy. He seems so attentive. She thinks he likes Betty. Even her dad noticed–that’s why he’s being all possessive. But if Betty doesn’t think so, OK. And no, they’re not going to say anything to her dad.

Jenny goes to the exterminator office to try to get her rent payment out of Charlie.

That’s between her and Efrain. She can find him at the hospital, but he doesn’t remember her.

Jenny’s sure no man ever forgets her.

Esteban, V&M’s lawyer, asks for a meeting with Daniel to tell him he has a week to give Malu’s money back or she’s suing him.

Nico gets treated to some prime melodrama. He listens to Pati whining to her dad over the phone that it’s not her fault Manhattan’s so expensive! She gets paid well, but it’s just not enough! And she’s his favorite daughter! She begs him for money. Her dad hangs up on her.

Inés has Mariana check online again and sure enough, that’s Hugo’s painting.

Mariana suggests that maybe Romina found it and she’s planning to give it back to him?

She wouldn’t have the money to buy it….

So, maybe she didn’t buy it.

Inés doesn’t even want to contemplate that.

Daniel calls Mata to complain about Malu. How very dare she involve a lawyer! He’ll have to sell off the textile factory in India. There’s no other choice. He’ll use the money to give to Malu and the rest to continue with his nefarious plans. Besides, too many people know he owns that factory now.

He makes it Mata’s problem to sell the factory in a week. Because it’s Mata’s fault everyone knows about it. If Ricky and Armando come after him, he’ll throw Mata under the bus.

Roberto asks Margarita what she thinks about Armando’s behavior lately. He’s never defended anyone like he does Betty. You can’t say a thing against her. What’s that about?

Margarita’s sure Betty brainwashed him and fooled him into thinking his business plan would actually work and Armando’s just defending her because he has a good heart.

Um, to Roberto it looks more like Armando convinced Betty.

Margarita insists–Betty made Armando think she was loyal. But a woman with ethics wouldn’t have done what she did.

Still, Armando’s risking going to jail to protect her. It doesn’t add up.

Margarita keeps saying it’s all Betty’s fault and soon Roberto will realize it. And Roberto keeps looking at her like he can’t believe she really thinks that.

Daniel offers to buy the company and promises if Roberto sells it to him no one will know what Armando did.

Roberto’s not exactly seeing the dismantling of his company as an “offer.”

Marcela eavesdrops on the Pelotón. Berta checked with Betty’s neighbors and they said the whole family went on vacation and they’re usually gone for months when they do that. (Neighbors? The mean kids?)

But she just got fired, so how would they pay for a long vacation?

Berta suggests maybe Betty embezzled money from V&M? It’s just a theory!

Marcela spreads the chisme. Roberto’s doubtful–after all, Nicolas has been there answering for everything.

Well, maybe it’s part of some plan….

Ricky’s a little more receptive, since he’s always thought Betty was planning to get her hands on the company. Marcela mentions Nico being their only link to Betty and Ricky says he’ll keep an eye on him. And thanks for trusting him with this information.

Um, she doesn’t trust him. She just knows this affects his finances.

Well, the enemy of his enemy is his friend. She can count on him. They shake on being “partners in crime.”

Jenny comes to the hospital to collect the mortgage money. Efrain doesn’t remember her. But when Sofia starts screaming about how he ditched her and the kids for Jenny he remembers running into Sofia when he and Jenny were lingerie shopping…and Sofia throwing fries at him and Jenny at the drive-thru…and the judge telling him he’d done irreparable damage to his kids.

He says he needs to throw up. Sofia tries to grab him something to throw up in, but he spews on Jenny instead.

Jenny’s still trying to get Efrain to sign a check for her, but Sofia kicks her out of the hospital room.

Mata comes running to Daniel’s office with bad news. Their factory in India caught fire and the employees were locked inside.

Nico’s coming over to Sofia’s desk when he sees Mariana looking at a picture of Naomi with Betty in the background. He can’t tell her why, but he begs Mariana not to tell anyone where Betty is.

Sandra comes over to ask what they’re whispering about and Nico says he was just telling Mariana…that when he was a kid he got a bit of pencil lead stuck in his ear and now it hurts when anyone screams at him.

Betty catches Joaquin snorting coke backstage. He’s all indignant about it. It’s to help him relax.

He’s drunk, too.

This helps him manage that! It’s not the first time he’s done it.

What happened to his inspirational speech about putting yourself out there and not being afraid? This is fear. He doesn’t control the drugs, the drugs control him. He’s running from something too.

The more Betty keeps arguing with him, the more angry Joaquin gets, until he’s screaming at her that it’s his life and this isn’t part of her job.

He’s right. She’s just an assistant. She thought he was different.

Armando hires a PI to find Betty. The PI assumes it’s because she embezzled money from the company. Because it’s either that or Armando had a relationship with her, which he doesn’t think is likely.

Armando tells him to just find her.

Ricky sees the guy leaving the office and Armando says he’s nobody.

Daniel’s staring at an article about the fire and asking how this happened. (He slept through the class where they talked about the Triangle Shirtwaist fire?)

Mata says the building was old and the only two exit doors were locked.

Daniel tells Mata to go to India and erase any evidence that connects him or Daniel to the factory.

Mata whines about having no protection there and being subject to the laws of India.

Either he goes or Daniel will blame it all on him.

Pati gives Nico some paperwork Roberto wanted him to have. Nico offers to put her on his cell phone plan. She gives him the account number.

Joaquin’s collection is long and flowy. He describes it as not being tied to norms of elegance or to trends, but seeking to connect to one’s inner beauty and bring it out, thus changing the world around them.

He thanks Catalina and Betty. Debora’s not happy.

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