Betty en NY Friday 6/28/19 #97

Previously on Betty: Joaquin really wants to kiss Betty. Armando’s PI finds Betty in Miami. Mariana unloaded all her secrets to Malu. Betty’s faith in love is basically wrecked. Catalina doesn’t think Armando deserves Betty. Armando and Catalina both saw Joaquin kiss Betty on the beach.

Marcela tells Margarita that Armando ran off to Miami to find Betty because he’s still in love with her.

Margarita thinks he’s just looking for her for business reasons.

Marcela wants to tell Roberto so he can put an end to this.

Margarita doesn’t want Roberto to know. He’s already dealing with enough other things. She hopes this trip helps Armando and Betty both realize some things. (Like…that family barbecues are going to be super awkward?)

Marcela’s still upset about getting ditched for a fea.

Hugo’s got some new design software. Romi’s messing around with it when Inés comes over to confront her about the painting. Romi’s defense is basically “Who are you to be asking me about this?” and “Don’t mess with me!”

Hugo comes over, looking for Jenny. Romina says she’ll go find her. When Hugo can’t see her, she shoots a dirty look at Inés.

Naomi finds Armando outside the hotel. I swear she’s got him chipped. Anyway, she wants him to hang out with her today because it’s her day off from working with Joaquin de Quiroz.

Berta can’t believe Sofia let Efrain move back in. She agrees with Charlie–he’s faking the amnesia.

But…what if this is the universe giving her another chance?

What?! Another chance to have Efrain leave her for some cucarachita? And what about Charlie? Charlie’s a good man, like Enrique. And the difference between Charlie and Efrain? Light years.

But…Efrain says Charlie has a Tica. A woman, from Costa Rica, a Tica.

OK, then, Berta will investigate.

Junior and Jonathan think their dad’s a loser. Efrain sees an ad for Pete the Lawyer. Hurt in an accident? Pete can get you a million dollars!

Naomi’s actually talking to Armando about her job. That she’s the face of Joaquin’s collection and she thinks he’s going to be a revelation–his designs are beautiful.

And Armando’s like, “But does Betty work for him?”

Uh, she thinks so? But she doesn’t know why, because this is not Betty’s world.

And is there something going on between her and this Joaquin guy?

What is up with him and Betty? Did he come here looking for her? Does she know something? Oh, Betty knows who the mystery woman is! Whoever she is, she’s not going to make Armando as happy as Naomi would.

Armando looks up and sees Betty. He says he’s gotta go.

Betty starts to run. Armando catches up to her and she drops her boots trying to get him to let go of her arms. She thinks she’s listened to enough lies already. She knows what she heard–he was trying to get rid of her once she finished the report. He can quit calling her “mi amor.”

Armando begs for one last chance to talk to her. He swears he loves her. All the lies turned into truth.

Betty asks if this is his and Ricky’s latest strategy.

Armando swears Ricky doesn’t even know he’s here. He came here to find her because he’s going “crazy” without her.

Betty’s not buying it. He must need something from her.

Forgiveness. And for her to believe he loves her. What does she need him to do to so she’ll believe?

Dude, Betty’s tired! She’s tired of competing with Marcela and all the models! Of his mom looking at her like a thing. Of constantly being told how awful she is. That everyone in his life judges her based on how she looks. ‘Cause this is it–she is who she is.

Armando swears he loves her just the way she is and he’ll get everybody to respect her.

Now? After everyone at V&M  made fun of her? After he manipulated her and laughed at her?

Armando agrees he did and he’s sorry. But it’s over. He’s not president anymore, everyone thinks he’s a loser, and he doesn’t care.

Oh, she gets it. He’s here for V&M. He doesn’t care about her.

Is anybody surprised Daniel didn’t get his loan approved?

Malu comes to his office with the lawyer, but she asks him to wait outside after Danny throws a tantrum. She’s not leaving his office until she gets her money back.

Betty already signed all the paperwork V&M needs, so what does Armando want?

He knows he’s a liar and an idiot, but he loves her. He broke up with Marcela, he’s free.

Betty tells him to leave her alone.

But she has to explain to him why she was kissing a guy on the beach! Has she forgotten him already?!

Doesn’t he deserve to be forgotten, considering what he did? What more does he want from her?

Sofa comes home and finds Pete and Frank in the living room with Efrain. They’re going to sue the City of New York! Yay!

Danny whines to Malu about what a tough time he’s having.

She’s done with him treating her badly. She’s his sister! And what he did to her is a crime. If he wants to do this the hard way, then they’ll do it the hard way.

Danny whines about how it’ll hurt his reputation and if she just waits he’ll get her money back. (Don’t back down, Malu!)

Isn’t Armando done laughing at her, hurting her?

But he’s hurting tooooo! Doesn’t she remember their time at the cabin? *flashback* Does she really think that was a lie? They love each other!

Betty doesn’t think he ever loved her. And if he did, he’d leave.

“I don’t want to lose you!”

He already did. She doesn’t believe in him and she’s never going to forgive him.

Catalina checks out the store space and it looks like work hasn’t started. Actually, according to the voicemail she leaves Joaquin, Debora undid all the work.

Romi and Fabi are whispering about Inés knowing Romi has the art. How was she supposed to know Inés would look her up online? They’ll just have to kill her.

Fabi asks if she’s gone “crazy.”

Well, she could ruin all their plans. Think about it!

Fabi says she’s gone too far.

It looks like Hugo heard the entire conversation.

Armando runs into Joaquin in the hotel and they sit down to have a talk about Betty. It’s kind of a stupid conversation. Armando’s all “She’s just mad, but she loves me, don’t hurt her.” And Joaquin’s like, “As if! You’re the one who hurt her!”

Betty shows up and she’s like “Why are the two of you together?” And Joaquin’s all “He wanted to talk about you.” And Armando’s all “I can explain!”

But he’s not her boss, so she has nothing to talk to him about. And Joaquin IS her boss and Catalina wants them to come down to the store because there’s some kind of problem.

Hugo runs into Inés on her way out of the office. He asks if she’s had any problems with Romina. Is there anything she needs to tell him?

Nope. She gives Hugo a kiss and goes on her way.

Hm. Hugo knows she’s hiding something. And she probably slept with Parra from IT. (Um…did what now?)

Efrain. Sofia. The kids. I’m going to get millions from the city! Let’s go on a cruise! Let’s buy a yacht! Your mom totally loves me. Sure dad.

Berta sees Charlie in the exterminator office with a woman and a child. So obviously Charlie has a whole other family.

Catalina’s talking about postponing the store opening, but Joaquin won’t go for it. He tells Cata to keep planning and he and Betty will take care of the space.

Efrain’s definitely faking. He’s pissed that Jenny’s just going on with her life and posting things on social media. He mutters that once he gets out of this (wheelchair? cast?) he’s going to get back at her.

But he drops his phone and in his attempt to not let Sofia see it, launches himself out of the wheelchair. Sofia picks him up and he puts on a show about how miserable he is and how much he loves Sofia.

Pati calls her dad to tell him she’s fine, no thanks to him, but if this were a movie she’d be contemplating jumping off a bridge. Or something like that.

Hugo’s trying to bust Romi and Fabi. He says Inés keeps forgetting things…an inventory sheet, a call from Roberto…he thinks it’s time to find a replacement.

Romi totally volunteers! And hey, the baby moved!

Mata calls Daniel. He’s made sure Daniel is in no way connected to the factory. And their insurance is going to pay for the damages, which Mata’s going to use to make the necessary payoffs.

No way! Daniel needs that money. He’s closing his business in India and he’s going to focus on V&M until they have no choice but to sell to him.

Nico bought groceries for Pati. He suggests he stay over, but Pati thinks they should sleep separately. Byeeee!

Betty and Joaquin take a dinner break. Subway. Because product placement.

Joaquin asks how she’s doing, considering Armando showing up.

Well, she thought she was over him, but seeing him made her fall apart all over again. So she’s just gotta pick up the pieces he scattered. She’s under construction.

Nico helps Julia with the dishes and asks how Betty’s doing. She shows him a picture of Betty with Joaquin and Nico says it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to come back. Julia just hopes Armando doesn’t go looking for her.

Ricky comes over to Marcela’s. I’m sure we can all guess why.

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