Betty en NY Monday 7/8/19 #98

Previously on Betty: Armando’s PI finds Betty in Miami. Catalina and Armando see Joaquin kissing Betty on the beach. Armando tries to beg Betty to believe he loves her. Not happening.

Malu shows up at Marcela’s, interrupting Ricky’s nefarious plans. He doesn’t even have the grace to look guilty and she knows he wasn’t dropping off paperwork like Marcela said he was.

Efrain’s still torturing Sofia with the whole “Charlie has a girlfriend” thing, but he sinks even lower this time, saying Charlie’s been going out with her since before his wife died. That, I don’t think she believes.

Berta and Enrique are getting ready for bed. She complains about Charlie cheating on Sofia and says she’s 100% sure. Enrique tries to talk her out of telling Sofia, but Berta’s not in the habit of saving food or secrets.

Whatever Joaquin and Betty were up to at the store, it’s ready to go. He couldn’t have done it without her.

Betty says she just followed instructions. She hopes tomorrow goes well.

Joaquin’s still trying to kiss her, but he goes for the forehead this time and says if she doesn’t ask then he’s not going to kiss her.

Betty tells her diary she wanted to believe Armando. She wanted to kiss him. What if he really did come to Miami just for her? She wishes she could believe him, but when she thinks of all the damage he’s done she can’t forgive him. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to hold back if she sees him again. She still loves him.

Sofia’s been messaging Berta since last night and she wants to know what happened with Charlie.

Berta says he just went home after work and that was it. But if she were Sofia she’d take things slow.

Sofia’s suspicious. Berta was the one cheering on this relationship!

But maybe Charlie’s not what he seems.

Sofia tells Berta to spill or she’ll tell the whole office her second name is Eduviges.

OK, then, Charlie’s cheating on her with a pretty woman and he has a child with her!

Romina made an email account with Inés’ name and she’s emailing buyers, offering to sell them Hugo’s designs so it will look like it was her the last time too.

Inés tells Mariana something weird is going on. Betty warned her that Fabio was hiding something. She saw him with a model, and then Inés saw him with another model. She didn’t want to believe it at the time….

Mariana begs Inés not to tell her anything.

Well…does she think Fabio likes women?

Mariana screams that she doesn’t know and it’s none of her business! The secrets are rotting her soul! Why can’t anyone understand?! Malu comes over and asks to speak to Mariana.

The store opening seems to have attracted a lot of people. I can’t really see what Betty and Joaquin did with the space. Joaquin insists on having photos taken with Catalina and Betty, saying he couldn’t have done this without them. (So…is Debora fired?)

Joaquin goes over to talk to somebody, leaving Betty and Catalina with the photographers. Catalina tells her to keep smiling…but Armando just walked in wearing a suit with no tie and carrying a red rose…. Catalina looks over and sees what Betty’s seeing.

So now Malu’s hypnotizing Mariana in the copy room and telling her to go back to their last session.

Mariana’s tired of all the lies and secrets!

Yes, let them go…What are Ricky and Marcela hiding?

Cata wants to throw Armando out, but Betty doesn’t want to cause a scene. Catalina says either she throws him out or Betty talks to him, because he’s not going to leave on his own.

Betty’s on her way over, but Joaquin grabs her. He wants her with him when he talks to the press.

Sofia shows up at the exterminator office and tells off a very confused Charlie.

Joaquin talks about modern women not fitting stereotypes and reinventing themselves constantly, using clothes as weapon to confront life’s challenges. Today’s woman takes risks. She’s complex. Unique. Which is why he’s based his designs on a real woman, one who’s always “under construction.”

He snaps his fingers and two guys pull down the fabric covering two enormous black and white photos of Betty.

Armando and Naomi look upset.

Joaquin says Betty is his muse and the most “real” woman he knows.

Armando rolls his eyes, drops the rose on a chair and walks out. Betty looks disappointed. She starts to go after him, but Joaquin says she’s the star of the moment–just smile and enjoy it!

Malu’s still trying to get an answer out of Mariana, but Mariana’s on to her. She says Ricardo Montaner and Marcela Gándara are releasing a new single.

Annoyed, Malu says Mariana will come back on the count of three…and Mariana says she feels so much lighter.

Yeah, yeah. Malu gives her a lavender spray and says everything will be fine.

Sofia’s still shouting at Charlie and demanding to know who he was with yesterday afternoon.

Ah, Charlie gets it. Berta was spying on him. But he doesn’t have to answer her. He doesn’t owe anybody answers but his romantic partner and that’s not a coward who can’t decide between him and that lying liar Efrain.

So. Until she tells Efrain that they’re together, he’s not going tell her who Berta the metiche saw him with.

Smith tells Berta to shut off her musica banda because this isn’t a cantina. Whatevs, she was on her way out anyway.

Smith opens his mail and finds an anonymous tip–the person who ripped off Hugo’s collection works in his department.

Romina sent it, of course, but Fabi doesn’t think it was a good idea. Romina says they’re not going to care where the letter came from and by the end of the day they’ll be rid of Inés.

Joaquin doesn’t think Betty liked the surprise as much as she says she did.

She says it’s not that…Armando was here. But he left already.

Mariana tells Sandra about her fake hypnotism session with Malu. And no, she didn’t tell her anything about Ricky and Marcela. Plus she got this lavender spray….

When Sandra inhales it she starts gagging. Or maybe she inhaled through her mouth? Ooh, or what if there’s a little Sansón or Wildra on the way?

Smith tells Berta to get all of Hugo’s department together. Just do it! He runs off to Roberto’s office, leaving Berta to find the anonymous letter. She takes a picture before putting Smith’s desk back the way she found it.

Wilson brings Sandra a gift that someone left for the most beautiful woman del mundo mundial….

Sandra inhales the bouquet of flowers…and starts gagging. Because the smell is very…impregnated. And she’s still got the taste stuck in her mouth of some medicine she took this morning. It’s probably something she ate.

Wilson thinks he’s got the medicine she needs…but she gets a whiff of his cologne and there she goes again. She swears it’s not the same one he wears all the time.

Berta desperately needs to tell someone the chisme, but Mariana doesn’t want to hear it. Neither does Sofia, but Berta’s not giving her a choice–someone’s trying to blame Inés for the theft of Hugo’s collection.

Betty sobs to Catalina that it’s over. Armando left.

Cata says it’s best that way, but Betty’s heart no entiende razones. She says she wants to die, but Catalina says life has beautiful things in store and this will pass.

Betty can’t understand why she can’t stop loving him. Cata doesn’t have an answer for her.

911 meeting in the Pelotón conference room! Berta reads the letter and they’re all outraged. No way it was Inés! She’s the nicest…what kind of black-hearted person would want to hurt her?! They all think they should tell her, but Berta’s worried the shock would kill her. Aura Maria’s inclined to agree.

Sofia’s figured it out–the letter came from Jenny!

Mariana says they have no evidence. But until they find the guilty party, all of them are suspects.

Ricky stops by Marcela’s office, but Malu says she’s not coming in today. He says he was just coming to check up on her.

Malu says he and Marcela are closer than they used to be. Before, Ricky spent more time with Armando than Marcela. He practically ignored Marcela, so Malu wonders what changed.

Ricky says when Armando and Marcela started planning the wedding and having crises Ricky just always happened to be there for Marcela.

How nice. Looks like he’s a sensitive guy after all.

Ricky invites her to dinner…and Daniel comes in and asks what Ricky’s doing in Marcela’s office. Is this what they pay him for? He tells Ricky to leave so he can talk to Malu alone.

So here’s the Pelotón’s big plan. They’ll get Mariana to read the cards for Inés at lunch. Inés needs to watch her back. Someone’s plotting against her. Difficult times are coming, like a nightmare. And it’ll all be resolved, but she has to take care of her health.

Inés is like, “Whatever! Who would want to hurt me?”

Mariana tells her to watch out…it’s someone close.

Sandra says it’s her turn now.

Inés just found out she has to watch her back. What’s Sandra expecting to see?

Hey, maybe Wilson wants to ask for her delicate and feminine hand. They laugh, but Mariana gets to reading….

A man with dark skin. He’s in love. And the Empress….

On cue, Sandra starts gagging again. She runs for the bathroom and Berta asks what the Empress means.

Abundance. Lots and lots of…abundance.

Daniel tells Malu she can check with her bank. He’s deposited some of her money.

She doesn’t need just “some….”

Hey, it’s her money and it’s going to get back to her.

She feels like he’s trying to run her life.

No, it’s just that he has more experience with money and with people than she does. And BTW, Ricky’s just after her money.

Malu tells him not to be like that. And if he wants to help someone, help Marcela.

Why? Is she still upset about the breakup? It’s the best thing that could ever have happened to her!

Can he for once be nice? Marcela loved Armando and Armando’s out there looking for Betty. He and Betty are in Miami together.

Betty’s still sobbing when Joaquin comes over. She says she watched Armando leave and she realized she still loves him and it hurts and she feels stupid and she wants to die.

She wants to die? Well…ok. But no crying. He’ll help.

The admins are stressing over the general V&M atmosphere and someone trying to frame Inés. Mariana suggests they visualize her in green.

Sofia says she’s in red! Since Betty left there’s been nothing but bad news. And Don Armando’s still all “Not my problem! If you know how to count, don’t count on me!” Where is the boss of this company? Where’s the one who should be getting us out of this and WHY AREN’T YOU LETTING ME TALK?!

Oh. Hey, Don Armando. Must be a good day if he’s coming in all tanned.

And why aren’t they working?

Sandra swears they are, but Pati’s like “HA! This is their gossip time.”

Armando: “Did I ask you anything, Patricia? Shh! Don’t say anything.” He asks Sandra if anything important happened while he was gone.

Um. No. Same old.

Now it’s Marcela’s turn…look who’s back from vacation! “Can we talk, or are you busy?” (Uh, is she drunk?)

Marcela knows he went to Miami and she wants to know why.

He went to talk to Betty. No, not for the company, but to try to explain his side of things.

Why does he care what she thinks?!

“Please don’t make me answer that question.”

But no, Marcela’s determined to ask what she doesn’t want to know. Is he in love with Beatriz?

Armando says he loves Betty.

And now Marcela’s like “Wasn’t it enough to break my heart?!” (Pues…you asked!)

Armando says he’s sorry, really, but he didn’t plan it this way. He learned his lesson about lying and that’s why he’s telling her the truth.

Marcela insists he doesn’t love Betty, he just feels guilty. He loves HER, Marcela, the one who’s been with him his whole life, the one he proposed to, who he’s going to marry. (And just to confirm, she did not say “was going to marry.”) She suggests they just start over and pretend nothing happened.

Armando says he does love her, but he’s not in love with her. He’s not going to keep lying to her or to himself. “I love Betty and that’s never going to change.”

Well, then Marcela hates them both for ruining her life.

On her way out of the office she tells Mariana to move all her appointments to next week.

Mariana asks if she’s OK and Marcela says she’s fine.

Neither Mariana nor Sandra look like they bought that. Mariana wonders if Armando found out about her and Ricky. Sandra blames this on her for telling under hypnosis. “You’re a chismosa!”

Say that one more time and Mariana’s unleashing the lavender spray!

Joaquin says he’s taking Betty to meet some friends of his who are going to show them how to do something. He hands her a flyer and Betty freaks out.

Well, she said she wanted to die, so he’s going to introduce her to a new experience. When she’s out flying over the water she’s going to realize the stuff that’s been happening doesn’t matter at all.

“And if we die?”

Wilson finds Sandra in the copy room. She’s feeling better, but she’s still going to go to the doctor. And she’s annoyed that they’re always sneaking around. Why don’t they ever go to his place?

Because his parents are always there and he just has an easy chair and they won’t both fit.

Sandra thinks he’s embarrassed to be going out with her.

Naw, she’s like the light that brightens his days!

Prove it!

Sure, he’ll do whatever she wants.

Come to dinner at her place with her dad and her brothers.

But…they’re all overprotective and they know how to fight and he’d end up deboned!

But if he loves her he should be willing to suffer that and more.

Wilson begs her to at least let them get used to having him around before they tell them they’re in love.

OK, then, she’ll see him tonight.

Smith shows Hugo the letter, but Hugo doesn’t get it. He trusts everyone he works with. Why wouldn’t the anonymous letter-writer just tell them who it is? Does Smith have all of his colors of the rainbow together?

*blank stare*

“Oh, you don’t speak gay.” Does he have all the evidence gathered?

Smith checked everyone’s company emails and it looks like Inés is the one who stole the sketches

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