Betty en NY Tuesday 6/25/19 #96

Previously on Betty: Joaquin sees Betty as more than a friend. Armando brings up the factory fire and calls Daniel a murderer. Daniel’s PI finds Betty in Miami.

Mariana’s hitting the valerian. She’s so stressed out it’s either that or sex.

Malu sees her in the breakroom and suggests reiki.

Nico tries to hide out in Hugo’s workroom, but Jenny’s in her underwear and Pati catches her showing Nico where she thinks it’s too tight. Dramaz.

Malu takes Mariana to Marcela’s office, sprays something in the air, has her breathe deeply and relax and go to a safe place….

Mariana starts mumbling about not wanting people to find out her secrets.

No problem…she doesn’t have to tell any….

She doesn’t want anybody to find out that she’s living with  Giovanni…and Sandra and Wilson are having sex all over the office….

Nobody’s going to find out…release the weight of all the secrets…

She’s letting go of the secret that Betty’s in Miami…and that she knows who stole Hugo’s painting…and what happened to Marcela….

Malu really wants to hear about that last bit, but Marcela comes looking for her because they’re waiting on her to start the board meeting. Malu says she’ll be right there.

Mariana thinks she just took a little nap, but she’s feeling like a great weight has been lifted off her. Malu’s right–reiki is the best! She thanks Malu and walks out. Malu looks like Mariana passed that great weight on to her….

Oh, is there still an argument going on in the workroom? Pati and Jenny are screaming at each other, Pati starts throwing punches, and Jenny accidentally knocks out Nicolas.

In the conference room, Armando tells his parents he’s making a quick trip to resolve some personal issues. No one will even notice he’s gone.

The rest of the board file in and Roberto tells them they’re here to consider Daniel’s proposal to buy V&M.

OK, so Marcela and Malu are like “How are you going to buy V&M when you just told us you have no money?” Except for no, they don’t say anything.

Armando complains that the company isn’t for sale.

Ooh, yes! Malu says it–how’s Daniel going to buy V&M if he’s broke?

Roberto gets everybody to stop screaming at each other and Armando informally calls a vote. He says no, so does Malu, and Ricky, and Marcela finally raises her hand.

Daniel keeps up his bluff–it’s the best option right now. In two months, when the truth comes out, the company will be worthless. He tries to make a run for it, but Malu says they’ve gotta talk.

Armando says he’s gotta go catch a flight. Ricky and Marcela follow him out.

Margarita says “I told you so.”

Marcela hears Armando tell Ricky he’s going to Miami, but he doesn’t explain anything. They don’t know why he’s going.

Betty’s parents are going home. Demetrio’s swigging a bottle of Heineken. The cab driver says he can’t have an open container of alcohol, but no worries it’s 0% alcohol. And thus ends our product placement for today.

Betty goes back to the beach to remember being there with Armando and cry. Joaquin shows up (so is this work time, personal time?) and she tells him she was happier that she’d even been on this beach, but the memory hurts.

Joaquin tries to guess…it was morning?


And she and this guy were together, happy, they were in the water.

No, she fell in by accident.

So they were all wet, the water was warm, and then this nameless guy kissed her.

How did he know?

It’s what he would have done on an afternoon like that on a beach like this. Kiss, fall in love, make love. Not that she has to tell him what else happened, but if she wants to he’s all ears. Maybe it starts with “I fell in love with him como una loca.”

Seriously, how does he know that?

Because everybody’s gotta be locamente enamorada at least once. So then what?

Well, she fell in love with him como una loca and she adored him and gave him everything.

And then?

Betty starts crying. He broke her heart. He destroyed her. Joaquin hands her a handkerchief.

Armando tries looking for Betty at her hotel. Naomi’s there and she truly thinks Armando saw the video she sent and came here to find her because they’re both single.

The receptionist totally bursts her bubble, telling Armando that Beatriz Rincón isn’t in her room.

Pati’s confused–does Daniel own the company now? Because after that fight he and Armando got into….

Marcela says he doesn’t. The fight explains the bruise on his face, though.

Malu comes in and asks to talk to Marce. Daniel gave her another excuse so this time she’s suing him.

Marcela doesn’t care. They’re old enough to know what they’re doing. She’s annoyed that Armando went on a trip and didn’t even tell her.

Where did he go?


Is Marce sure? Because Beatriz is in Miami.

Marcela flips out. Armando’s going out there to meet with that criminal. Betty’s probably having a great time spending their money.

Malu says they don’t know that. And Armando will probably tell them what happened after he comes back.

She gets a text from Daniel asking her to come to his office. Marcela tells her to go for it. Maybe he’ll even return her money.

Betty has apparently told Joaquin the story. He’s just trying to make sure he understands…her boss seduced her to turn her into his lover and manipulate her…and she ended up being the fake owner of an investment company that saved her boss’ company? So he’s thinking that 1. She must be brilliant at finance. And 2. She’s more naïve than a child.

Betty agrees.

And her old boss is a creep.

Betty nods.

At the hotel, the PI points out Betty’s boss. She’s a secretary or assistant or something like that, but he thinks it’s a ruse.

Armando asks him to wait while he goes over to talk to Catalina. He says he has to talk to Betty. Did she tell Cata what happened?

That he ruined her life? Yep. Hasn’t he done enough?

Armando begs her to listen.

Betty says she should have known he wasn’t going to fall in love with her. She’s ugly.

Joaquin’s getting a little sick of hearing that.

Betty says it’s true! She’s ugly! She has no style, not the perfect measurements, not pretty hair, nothing to do with the women her ex-boss is used to. Not what he was expecting. Even her ballet teacher told her she’d never shine. She’d watch the pretty girls from the balcony.

Joaquin says the problem is she listened to the ballet teacher and to the kids who picked on her at school and that’s why she let that guy hurt her, because she can’t see how wonderful she is. He tells her not to let anyone make her feel “less.” And forget about that “Betty la fea” everyone wants to make her believe she is. And stop feeling sorry for herself. Take away the power she gave to that creep. Believe in the woman she is and she’ll start to be that woman.

Betty’s not sure how to respond to that.

Armando has told Cata the story from his POV, but she doesn’t think he loves Betty. This is about him feeling guilty. If everything had gone as planned, Betty would be last on his priority list. That’s not love. It’s his ego.

Armando’s tired of listening to what everybody else says. He loves Betty and he doesn’t care if anyone believes him or not.

If he cares about her, he should respect her decision. She came here without telling him because she didn’t want to see him. She needs time. She needs to move on with her life.

Armando whines that her life is with him and if she just gives him a chance he can make her the happiest woman in the world.

Cata says he hasn’t realized the harm he’s done. He broke her heart and took away her will to live. He publicly humiliated her. He doesn’t deserve a woman like Betty.

Armando says that’s Betty’s choice. If Cata “lets” him talk to Betty and she tells him to go away, he’ll never bother her again.

Betty thinks Joaquin makes it sound easy. But where to start?

Joaquin says she already has. She’s gotten some distance from that guy, she’s in a new place with new people, and she’s feeling her feelings.

“But it huuuuurts!”

And it’s going to hurt until it doesn’t hurt anymore and she’ll feel stronger and happier. Joaquin likes a lot of things about her, but the thing he likes best is that she takes a fresh look at everything and holds her heart out. Ever since she helped him, he’s dying of this feeling of tenderness he has for her. She’s sweet. He could never hurt her. All he wants to do is make her smile. He loves her crazy hair. He loves being with her.

She wishes she could believe that. She wishes she could have faith in someone, but she can’t anymore.

Pati calls her building association, prepared for a fight about the six months of dues she hasn’t paid…but someone paid it off for her. No, not her ex Mauricio….

Pati likes that Nico’s keeping an eye on her…but wait, no, he’s a liar…but he does have this job…maybe it could work.

Marcela doesn’t believe that Ricky doesn’t know why Armando went to Miami and doesn’t know that Betty is there. They can’t figure out how he would have found out, though. The only person Marcela can think of who’s in Miami is Cata. Ricky takes a look on social media and finds the picture of Cata and Betty with Joaquin.

Joaquin tells Betty he doesn’t need anything from her, he’s not going to use her, he doesn’t want to hide her away. He just wants to get to know her better and he thinks they could write a good love story together.

The PI takes Armando and Cata to the beach and points out Betty. He loans Armando his camera to get a better view and Armando watches Joaquin kiss Betty. Heh. Take that!

Betty shoves him ’cause CONSENT! No, it’s not ok to “steal” a kiss. And him acting like it wasn’t a big deal is just making her feel worse. He feels like a teenager getting caught in class? Too bad! She didn’t ask for a kiss and she didn’t send him any “signals!” But that’s dudes for you, always thinking they can do whatever they want and ESPECIALLY with women like her ’cause they assume they’re desperate and that’s not how it is!

OK, he’s sorry. Can they move on? She can give him a torta…a cachetada, they call it. Like on a telenovela. (LOL…I’m picturing her smacking him with a sammich.)

Betty turns him down. Catalina’s waiting for them.

Armando’s getting all angry ’cause this guy’s over there with HIS Betty.

Cata’s like “She’s not YOUR or ANYBODY ELSE’s Betty!” If he says he loves her, he should leave her alone.

Armando whines that if she knew the whole truth, she would be doing this to him.

Again, Cata’s like “She’s not doing anything to you! Grow up! She’s just trying to put her life back together.” She recommends if Armando wants to talk to her, he should do it when Betty’s alone.

Joaquin gets an ice cream cone of peace for him and Betty to share. Yeah, we’ll see how the “sharing” works out.

He asks if she didn’t maybe like the kiss a little bit.

Dude, her life is all complicated right now. She likes hanging out with him and probably if That Guy had never happened, she would be happy that a guy like Joaquin had kissed her.

Oh great, is she going to tell him That Guy left such an impression that she’s never going to be able to forget him?

Well…not that she’ll never forget him, but she still feels a lot of things for him–anger and hate included–and she’s not like a hard drive you can reformat.

Well what about un clavo saca otro clavo (I’m still thinking computers…one password gets rid of another password…no wait that’s clave).

Betty points out there are a lot of women out here doing yoga and stuff, why’s he going after the one who’s most conflicted?

Joaquin says he’ll wait for her heart to reset. They joke about his Spanish pronunciation of resetear.

Pati calls Nico over to her desk. Roberto’s waiting for him and he had her cancel all his appointments for the afternoon.

Yep, Nico’s about to go in there and present the results of his “study.” They’re going to restructure the company.

The Pelotón start angsting about how badly they treated Nicolas before. Berta assumes Pati’s the only one who has her job guaranteed, thanks to her secret relationship with Betty’s Ex.

Pati denies it. He’s just her boss.

Well then, she’s in the same position they are.

Screw it, Berta’s not going to work while there’s major chisme going on in Roberto’s office. They all end up scrunched by the glass, trying to listen in.

Nico’s first suggestion to Roberto is that they move production to India, at least until the company’s doing better financially.

Second, they need to focus on what they do really well–catalog sales of lingerie. And Nico’s set up a meeting with the world’s biggest online retailer to partner with them. If they can just increase sales by 10% they’ll break even.

And what about…personnel cuts?

Marcela calls Cata to yell at her about hiring Betty.

Well, Betty’s a good worker, she’s been a lot of help to Catalina and Catalina doesn’t really care about the past.

But Betty’s the reason the wedding got called off!

No. The wedding was already called off and for different reasons. She tried to warn Marcela.

Marcela tells her to keep Betty. Their friendship is over. She hangs up the phone.

Nicolas comes out of Roberto’s office and the kissing up starts again.

Sandra flat out asks if they’re getting fired.

Nico cracks a smile and says they’re not. He wanted to make sure he did as much as he could to keep them from suffering while they company is.

Sofia apologizes on behalf of all of them for treating him badly because they were on Betty’s side. Mariana offers to read his cards anytime. Berta says he can join them for lunch…or invite them out.

Pati goes over to hang off Nicolas and tell them to leave her boss alone! She realizes he’s put his hand on her ass and moves it. How about they go over his schedule…and she can make him a coffee.

So Betty and Catalina really are doing work stuff, and today Joaquin had to talk to the media again. Betty says he’s great at it. She’s sure the new store will be packed when they have the opening party.

Yep, Joaquin’s great with the media. Is there anything else Betty wants to tell her…? Anything about something unusual that might have happened on the beach … with Joaquin…?

Betty says she can explain! It was a kiss, but he kissed her, and she’s not ready!

Cata says Betty doesn’t have to justify herself. Cata just wants her to be happy. Betty needs to heal and forgive herself and give herself another chance to love. Love is beautiful and powerful and she deserves a beautiful love story where she’s appreciated and treated like a queen.

Betty thanks her…but what’s wrong?

Well, Cata wasn’t the only one who saw her with Joaquin on the beach. Armando was there.

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