Betty en NY Friday 7/12/19 #102

Previously on Betty: Betty had a makeover. Armando’s trying to take care of Marcela. Demetrio’s worried that Daniel was telling the truth about Betty stealing money from V&M. Daniel sends Pati to see if Betty’s mom is still alive. Betty hears about her mom’s heart attack and says she’s coming home right away.

Armando tucks Marcela into bed. He remembers proposing to her and feels guilty.

Charlie’s at his house remembering telling Sofia he thought she was sensual.

Sofia’s at her house wondering why Charlie’s not calling! And Efrain’s lurking in the background like a stalker. He wants to watch La Reina del Sur 2.

Well, Sofia would rather take a bath and watch it later. (Plus she knows I’m behind on recaps, so she’s not in a hurry. Ha!)

And as soon as she leaves the room, Charlie calls her phone. Efrain tells him Sofia’s in the shower waiting for him. Creep.

Julia’s not loving hospital food.

Betty shows up and Demetrio doesn’t recognize her. Julia’s digging the new look.

Armando ended up falling asleep in Marcela’s bed with his clothes on. He overslept, but he’s going to shower, go to the office, and come back. Marcela starts kissing him.

Julia thinks Betty looks elegant and modern. Demeterio doesn’t like how different she looks.

Betty says it’s not that different–contacts, makeup, clothes.

Julia gripes that she told Demetrio and Nicolas not to say anything about her being in the hospital.

Well, why did she think they would listen to her?! Betty sends Demetrio home to get some sleep. He says he’ll have to get used to the makeover but she was already pretty.

Betty curls up with Julia and cries on her shoulder. “I love you” “I love you hijita

Armando looks a little weirded out by the kiss, but he tells Marcela not to worry about it–she’s OK and that’s what’s important. I get the feeling she could get away with anything right now and that’s how he’d respond. He thinks this is his fault, and he’s talking about how he lied to her. Marcela just puts her head on his shoulder and smiles. Otra creep.

Pati sneaks into the hospital, but Nico still recognizes her in her brilliant disguise–a scarf and sunglasses. She pretends she feels a flu coming on, so she came to get a vaccine. Nico says he’ll get one with her.

Demetrio comes to V&M looking for Armando, but instead we’re gonna get a dad-to-dad chat. Roberto introduces himself and says he’s Armando’s dad and the current president of V&M.

Demetrio hopes Roberto can help him. Daniel Valencia showed up at his house yesterday and said Betty’s a criminal.

Roberto can’t believe Daniel did that! He’s so sorry.

Well, sorry’s not gonna cut it this time. Thanks to Daniel, his wife had a heart attack.

Roberto’s a guy with his priorities in order. He asks how Julia is doing.

Demetrio says she’s going to make it out of this and be pretty much OK, but…they raised Betty with a sense of ethics and he can’t understand what happened. So he’s asking, from one dad to another, for the truth.

We return after Roberto has told Demetrio at least the business part of the whole sordid story. BAR wasn’t just a sister company of V&M and BAR now owns V&M.

Roberto says that’s pretty much it and it’s caused some tension between the shareholders, which does NOT excuse Daniel’s behavior.

“Or my daughter’s.” Demetrio can’t figure out how Betty got to the point where she was falsifying financial reports. He set the example for her. Not so much as a pen went missing on his watch.

Roberto understands. Sometimes kids disappoint you. Maybe it was the relationship….

Demetrio’s like “yeah, they were friends, but a boss-employee relationship isn’t an excuse for crime!”

Roberto realizes Demetrio didn’t know and he’s sure not going to tell him! He says they’ve removed Armando as president and Roberto is trying to correct the mistakes he made.

Demetrio says Betty’s gong to return the company as soon as possible.

Roberto can tell Demetrio’s his kind of guy. They’re going to get along great.

Armando made breakfast. Malu convinces Armando and Marcela to go to an art show with her.

Pati finds out from talking to Nico that Julia’s still alive. For some reason she’s trying to convince him that she and Betty weren’t mortal enemies. He finds it odd that Pati’s so interested in how Betty’s doing.

Pati feigns offense and says she’s going back to work.

Hugo seems cranky in the morning. Fabio tells Romina he’s suspicious. He was talking about calling the police.

Romi’s not worried. Hugo has had her right under his nose the whole time and he’s never suspected her because he’s in love with Fabio. So make a great dinner tonight and light some candles and do what he likes and his suspicions will disappear.

Fabio says he can’t control Hugo. She should go back to Argentina.

She’ll go with him and with everything they can get from Hugo.

Roberto asks Sofia to make a copy of V&M’s financial reports for Demetrio. The dads are having a total love-fest. They’re SO happy they met each other and found out they both cheer for the same team (Necaxa). Demetrio will keep quiet about the company’s financial problems and Betty will be in soon, now that she’s back in town.

Roberto seems concerned that she’s back.

Julia’s complaining about not liking exercise and getting sweaty and Betty’s trying to explain she’s not supposed to sweat like a boxer–

Nicolas interrupts, doesn’t recognize Betty, and says he’ll be back. Betty and Julia start laughing and Betty tells him to come back.

Nico’s like…did you get a face transplant or what?!

Betty says it’s just a change of look, makeup, contact lenses.

Nico says she’s like her, just prettier. The, uh, ” pretty” costume looks good.

Julia objects, it’s not a costume, Betty’s as beautiful as ever, just now she believes it.

And now, Nico needs to sit down and tell them what he was talking to Pati about.

Nico tells them about the 2-for-1 vaccines. And he’s sure Pati didn’t see Betty, but if she did she wouldn’t have recognized her. It’s like she’s in a telenovela, La Bonita Incognita!

Nico offers to stay here with Julia while Betty runs home to change. He jokes about entertaining Julia and does another scene of La Bonita Incognita. Then he goes off in search of chocolate.

Julia warns Betty that her dad’s going to ask about what that Daniel guy said. (That just cracks me up…she didn’t really think he was just going to wait and ask Betty, did she?)

Betty says she’ll tell him the truth…except for the part about her relationship with Armando. She’d be too embarrassed.

Julia says Armando manipulated her and Betty was just following her heart.

Betty says she knew better and didn’t do what she was supposed to.

Nico comes back. Betty tells him to take good care of Julia. Be-Ni promise!

Nico pouts to Julia that they can’t do Be-Ni promises anymore. He wants an operation too! He says Betty was always pretty, just that now she’s spectacular.

Julia tells him to shut up and turn on the TV.

What’s worse? That Marcela’s all happy because she thinks she’s guilting Armando into getting back together or that Malu’s all happy because she slept with Ricky?

Malu has a flashback to “after” and Ricky begging her not to tell Marcela or Daniel. His excuse is that the family’s going through enough without dropping another bomb. But hey, if she wants to….

Malu says she’ll wait. And then they go for round two.

Malu tells Marcela she stayed at a hotel and went to the spa. And Armando?

He spent the night, but nothing happened.

Malu warns her that what Armando’s feeling is just guilt.

No worries, Marcela knows what she’s doing.

Betty gets home and Demetrio’s at the dining table going over both the faked and the accurate reports for V&M. He never expected a disappointment like this. He talked to Roberto, who told him everything and gave him copies of the reports. He knows Armando’s not president anymore, and for good reason. He turned out to be a fraud.

Demetrio tells Betty not to cry. He won’t be moved by her tears. He wants an explanation–why did she do this?

Inés comes to Smith’s office. Hugo told her about the accusations and she’s here to say she didn’t do it. She could never steal from anyone, much less from Hugo who’s practically her son. She started working when papas Valencia and Mendoza were running the place. Way before Smith was hired. How could they think she’d betray 30 years of trust?

Smith figures she did it for the money. The investigation’s going to run its course. Hugo asked for some time, but Smith thinks he needs to talk to Roberto. Inés should prepare herself for what comes next.

And what would that be? Is he threatening her? Does he think she’s the only person who has access to those designs?

He asks if she suspects someone.

Well, yes, but she’s not going to make an accusation without proof. So Smith needs to take a better look around, because he’s making a mistake thinking it was her.

She goes back to work and Smith makes a thinky face.

So, did Armando force Betty to fake these reports?

Betty says he asked her to and she did.

But why, if she knew it was wrong?!

Because she believed in him.

And why did she believe in him?

Betty says she believed in his business plan and his ideas. All he wanted to do was make the company grow and everything that could go wrong went even worse.

And this is how she’s justifying the lies and the fraud?

Betty knows she made a mistake, but she’s sorry.

Demetrio says this wasn’t a mistake, it was a crime.

Betty says that’s why she quit.

Demetrio says that’s an act of cowardice. If you make a mistake you should fix it.

Betty says she did. She gave back everything. She never intended to keep anything. She’s not a thief! She just doesn’t want anything more to do with the Mendozas or the Valencias. She begs Demetrio to forgive her. She knows she let him down and he’s disappointed.

Demetrio says she doesn’t have to ask forgiveness of him. He’s her dad and he’s always going to back her up…as long as she fixes her mistakes. She fought so hard to be a professional. If she leaves the company the way it is, she won’t be able to hold her head up. She needs to help fix it and not abandon them. He wants her to show him she’s the woman he raised, who can fix a mistake with dignity. He wants her to be brave and confront Roberto Mendoza. He wants to be proud of his daughter again.

Betty promises she’ll do it.

Demetrio tells her to clean things up. He loves her.

Wilson. Giovas. One’s freaking out about impending fatherhood and the other’s fixing a sink.

Roberto meets with Esteban (the lawyer) and says Betty’s back in town. He talked to her dad and it looks like they’re not expecting anything in return for giving back the company.

Yeah, and Betty’s lawyers are preparing everything so she can give back the company…but the thing is that’s not the solution. If she gives the company back, BAR will lose their “seniority” over V&M’s debts and the banks and other creditors can then sue for what they’re owed. V&M doesn’t have a way to repay those debts. If Betty gives back V&M, it’s the end of the company.

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