Betty en NY Tuesday 7/9/19 #99

Previously on Betty: Based on the emails, it looks to Smith like Inés stole Hugo’s designs. Joaquin presented Betty as his inspiration at the store opening. Armando told Marcela he’s in love with Betty. Seeing Armando again made Betty realize she’s still in love with him. She tells Joaquin she wants to die.

Annnnd, we’re parasailing! Betty seems to be having fun, but she also thinks she’s gonna puke.

Smith fell for the trick just like Romina intended. The emails came from Inés, they said the price would be the same as last time, therefore she’s the one who stole the designs in the first place.

But Hugo’s remembering that weird conversation where Romina was telling Fabio they had to “get rid of” Inés. He asks Smith not to tell Roberto or Inés while he takes a few days to check some things out.

Smith says he can have one day.

Charlie’s grumpily hanging out with Efrain. Efrain’s talking a bunch of crap about how he and Sofia are closer than ever and he wants them to renew their vows.

Wilson’s complaining to Giovas that Sandra’s dad and brothers are going to beat him to a pulp.

Giovas thinks (and I use that word loosely) that Sandra’s getting on in years and they probably realize they can’t get rid of ALL her boyfriends if they ever want to see her get married. So she’s probably doing this on purpose. Sorry, bro, but she wears the pants, you’ve just gotta be where she tells you to be at the appointed time. And Giovas is ready to send his suit out to be cleaned, since he assumes Wilson will need a Best Man.

Hugo confides in Fabio. Things are not looking good for Inés.

Fabio says they should take her age into account–firing her should be plenty.

But there’s still more investigating to be done. Inés didn’t do this alone. They can tell she has an accomplice in this department because they had the email address and the server and the IP. (Undercover Hugo!)

Marcela’s drinking tequila and remembering Armando’s proposal. I’d forgotten she wore a bath robe to that. She remembers Armando saying he loved Betty. Marcela says she hates Betty.

Betty and Joaquin are back from parasailing and Betty’s ready to do it over and over again. She doesn’t want to die. It was a life-changing experience. She thinks Joaquin makes magic.

He proposes they go have Argentinean parillada. They’ll invite Catalina so they can all celebrate the store opening.

Betty thanks him for the experience she’s had working with him and Catalina. Joaquin says it’s not over. He’s opening more stores in the US and he needs her. She could stay at his house…as a guest! Maybe her life isn’t in New York. Maybe it’s in Miami.

Inés brings Hugo some new fabric samples. He’s being all lovey, saying he’d be all alone if not for Inés and he’s never going to let anything happen to her.

Fabio gets back to Hugo’s place and tells Romina they’re screwed. V&M is investigating and they’ve got the IP addresses and it’s going to lead back to them.

Romi says maybe they can negotiate….

Marcela has moved on to something on the rocks. She’s tearing up pictures of her with Armando and saying she hates him. And the bottle of sleeping pills is sitting on the counter. She takes somewhere between one and a handful, but not the whole bottle.

Marcela goes into her (strangely small) closet and throws a bunch of Armando’s suits on the floor. She calls and asks when he’s coming to get his stuff.

Armando asks where she is.

“I’m in Miami with my lover.” She tells Armando he’s crap. He made a laughingstock of her and she never wants to know anything about him–she passes out. Armando grabs his keys.

Romina says Fabio’s making it all up to scare her, but he keeps insisting she has to go back to Argentina NOW.

Hugo comes in and Fabio turns it into “Romina’s great-aunt is sick.”

Hugo thinks she should definitely go see her. They could all go! He’ll get the plane tickets and hotel reservations.

Romina says he’s so busy…if she does have to go with someone, she could go with Fabio.

Hugo’s OK with that too. That way Fabio could meet the father of their baby and get the ball rolling on the adoption.

Sofia’s trying to talk herself out of thinking the worst of Charlie. Berta’s trying to talk her back into it. He has a relationship with that woman and acted like the kid was his son. Face it–he’s got the same factory defects as Efrain.

At the restaurant, Catalina gives Joaquin his invitation to Miami Fashion Week and begs him to just put on a tux and go. And he should take someone with him.

Joaquin wants to take Betty, but her return flight and Cata’s are scheduled for tomorrow.

He says they’ll change her ticket. Catalina agrees–she’ll talk to Betty’s parents and explain that she’s staying for a couple of days more.

“Or indefinitely,” Joaquin suggests.

Betty laughs, but he’s still waiting on her answer about MFW. She says she doesn’t have clothes for an event like that.

Um, Cata’s a PR person and he’s a designer. It’s not like they’re going to let her go to the event without a parachute!

Wilson’s dinner with Sandra’s family is about as machista as I figured it would be. Though, they’re still at threats and not any actual bodily harm yet.

And again…WHY does Roberto have these meetings with Daniel where all Daniel does is badmouth Armando? Oh, he’s not going to let Armando steal his sisters’ inheritance? BECAUSE DANIEL DID IT ALREADY!

Armando gets to Marcela’s and finds her passed out in her bedroom.

Malu gets to the hospital. Armando tells her Marcela’s getting her stomach pumped and she overdosed on alcohol and something else.

The sleeping pills. She’d been taking them since she and Armando broke up. If anything happens to her, it’s his fault.

The kids are having Family Day at school and they ask Sofia if they can invite Charlie. What, has Efrain forgotten that last year he said it was boring and he asked Charlie to go in his place?

Well, this year Efrain’s a manipulative jerk, so he insists he’s going and they don’t need to bother Charlie.

Malu’s still harping on this being Armando’s fault because he took away Marcela’s will to live. The doctor comes out of her room and says Marcela nearly died, but they got to her in time. Now she’ll need to get a psych evaluation and they’ll take it from there. For right now, she needs rest.

Nico thinks Julia’s tamales are especially good today. Julia thinks it’s just because he’s in a good mood.

Yeah, he’s in love. He’s just trying to score enough points with his beloved to get her to notice him.

Julia gets a sudden pain in her stomach and assumes the tamales didn’t go down so well with her.

Daniel gets to the hospital and threatens to throw Armando out if he doesn’t leave on his own. Malu tells him to back off before the hospital calls the cops. Daniel still insists on starting a fight, but now Roberto and Margarita arrive and Roberto shoves them away from each other.

Dinner’s over and Sandra’s basically ready to tell the fam and get it over with. Wilson’s all “Let’s not rush anything.”

Daniel keeps attacking Armando, asking if he’s not going to leave Marcela alone until she’s dead.

Roberto tells them all to calm down. They’re “family.”

So now Daniel goes after Roberto and Margarita asking what kind of a family raises a guy like Armando and saying he warned them. The Mendozas have brought nothing to the Valencias but ruin.

Roberto steers Armando out of the hospital. Margarita tells Malu to keep them informed. She follows Roberto and Armando out.

And Daniel cements his Brother Of The Year award by telling Malu she’s either on the Mendozas’ side or the Valencias’ side.

Fabio complains to Hugo about not wanting to go to Argentina. They were supposed to go to Santorini as a second honeymoon.

Well, the baby can come with them. They’ve spent so much alone time together…now it’s time to think of the family.

The older of Sandra’s brothers asks her if she’s dating Wilson or what? Because if she is, she does NOT have the family’s approval. He’s a deadbeat who lives with his parents!

Yeah? And so does he. And how old is he? She can go out with whoever she wants and if that’s a problem for him it’s HIS problem.

At the hospital Malu’s telling Daniel the problem isn’t just that Armando broke up with Marcela, it’s that he’s in love with Betty.

Daniel doesn’t believe it’s possible for anyone to ditch his sister for Betty. And then something something something “Betty’s a con artist.” I thought he decided that already?

Roberto wants to know why Armando went to Miami and he wants the truth. Armando says when he started putting his plan in place to create BAR he seduced Betty.

Marcela wakes up. Daniel starts attacking her for wanting to commit suicide over Armando.

Marcela says that’s not what happened, but Daniel says he knows what Armando did and it’s obvious he and Betty are trying to steal the company.

So now on top of everything else Marcela’s embarrassed that Daniel knows about Armando and Betty having a relationship.

So Armando cheated on Marcela? How could he do that to her when they were engaged?!

Armando says he hurt Marcela and Betty both.

Margarita would like him to stop talking now, but Armando says it was all a plan to control Betty…and then she owned everything and he couldn’t let her keep it.

Margarita REALLY wants Armando to stop, but Roberto’s had a drink so he tells Armando to go on. He wants to understand. Why did he do it?

It was a plan and it got out of hand.

OK then…Roberto’s going to make sure he’s got it all…. Armando used Betty, cheated on Marcela, and lied to everybody at board meetings? “Who are you?! What happened to the values you were raised with?”

Armando swears he’s paying for his mistakes.

And does Beatriz know he was just using her?

She found out eventually, but he’s in love with her.

Ricky shows up at the hospital. Now if Daniel wants to fight with him and get them both thrown out by security, I could live with that. Ricardo makes appropriate concerned noises, but all I can think is “The woman you had an affair with is recovering from an overdose and you’re hitting on her sister?!”

Sandra. Wilson. Still keeping things secret.

Cata hangs out in her hotel room while a couple of stylists get Betty in and out of various outfits from a pre-selected rack of clothes. If I could shop like that, I’d love it.

Marcela wants to leave the hospital, but they’re waiting for the psychiatrist to talk to her. She swears she didn’t try to kill herself, she was just drunk and misjudged the number of sleeping pills she took.

The doctor advises her to get some rest, but Armando’s lurking, wanting her to tell him if she tried to kill herself over him.

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