Betty en NY Monday 7/15/19 #103

Previously on Betty: Joaquin presented Betty as his muse at the store opening. Marcela appeared to have attempted suicide over Armando. Betty got a makeover. Daniel came over to Betty’s and gave Julia a heart attack. Demetrio and Roberto have a meeting. Demetrio asks Betty to help fix V&M.

Esteban explains to Roberto again. BAR was created to protect V&M in case of a seizure of assets. BAR got first dibs. But if BAR no longer owns V&M then they have to start paying back all their other creditors and they don’t have the money for that. A judge would sell off the company at an auction.

Roberto says BAR only has one employee and Esteban thinks Nicolas is a financial genius. He and Betty are pulling V&M out of bankruptcy. V&M still exists thanks to them. If Betty wants to give back BAR and V&M they’ll have to find another buyer to take on the debt and the bank and the other creditors would have to agree.

Which makes tomorrow’s meeting potentially the last meeting of the board of V&M.

Roberto calls Betty and she answers without looking at Caller ID. Roberto’s thrilled. He tells her he and her dad had a talk and Roberto thinks he and Betty should talk too, in person and in private. She agrees to meet him somewhere at 8.

Betty tells Demetrio about the meeting. Demetrio’s glad. No more secrets! And when she gets back she can tell him what she and Roberto agreed.

Inés gets out of her meeting with Smith and tells the Pelotón he suspects her of the theft. But she’s not going out like that! She’s going to prove her innocence.

Margarita sees everyone gathered in the hallway and asks what’s going on. Inés asks to talk to her in private.

Margarita’s outraged at the accusation. She doesn’t believe it and neither will Hugo and Roberto. Inés was their first employee! She helped take care of the kids! Why is she a suspect?

Inés thinks someone hacked her email. And she has a suspect, but she’d rather talk to Hugo about it, alone.

Margarita says she’ll go scold Smith.

Sandra and Mariana are talking about how Sandra needs to and rid herself of the SECRET that she’s pregnant and tell Wilson, her dad, and her brothers. Giovas overhears and assumes they’re talking about ending the pregnancy

The Pelotón hear Pati on the phone demanding an invitation to a gallery opening. Big laughs about Pati not realizing she’s just a secretary now and no one invites secretaries to gallery openings. And Marcela’s not here to help her get an invitation.

Nico walks through and tells Pati he needs to see her in his office.

Pati complains about the Pelotón picking on her, but what Nico wanted to talk about was this invitation he got for a gallery opening. He wants Pati to be his +1. Pati agrees, but insists it’s just a work thing.

Giovas chases Wilson around the security desk, accusing him of having said something to Sandra….

But Wilson hasn’t been able to talk to Sandra all day.

Giovas tells him to hurry it up, because she’s thinking about not having the baby.

Hugo’s waiting for Romina when she comes back with groceries. He shows her the picture from social media and says that’s her in the picture and that’s his stolen painting. Why did she do it?!

Romina swears there’s an explanation…and then she acts like she’s having abdominal pain. Hugo thinks she’s faking it on purpose, but she passes out. Hugo calls 911.

At the gym, Wilson interrupts Sandra’s push-ups to tell her he’s the father of the baby she’s carrying and she’s having that baby no matter what.

Pati and Nicolas are at the gallery, but she’s desperately trying to put some distance between them. Shouldn’t he be at the hospital with Betty’s mom? Nico accidentally mentions someone being “back” and Pati realizes he means Betty. She sends him for a drink.

Pati runs into Marcela and spills the chisme. Betty’s mom had a heart attack and Betty’s back in town.

Marcela pretends all she cares about is Betty answering for what she did with the company and tells Armando he should go find her. Armando insists he’s staying here.

Pati can’t understand what’s going on. Marcela says it’s “negative reinforcement” (which it’s not).

Roberto doesn’t recognize Betty when she gets to the restaurant. He mentions meeting with her dad and Betty apologizes. All she told him was that she’d left the company.

Roberto kind of scolds her on behalf of her dad. She left everyone wondering what happened, why someone so smart would do something like this.

Betty says she believed in Armando’s business plan and his vision…but there were things about business in New York that he didn’t think about and he ran into a lot of bad luck.

Roberto can’t believe Betty believes that.

Well, the first collection, he chose bad fabric to lower costs. He wanted to prove to everyone he could do it. On the second collection, their “broker” ran off with the money and they didn’t have a way out. And that’s when Armando asked her to create BAR.

But why did she trust him? Why did she think he could pull the company out of the financial hole they were in?

Betty says she saw his passion. He wanted to take V&M to the top. He just didn’t do it well…”we” didn’t do it well.

Wilson’s already trying to micromanage Sandra’s pregnancy. He accuses her of wanting an abortion and says he won’t allow it.

She’s tired of having to answer to everyone–her dad, her brothers, and now Wilson?!

Wilson’s about to tell Ramiro what’s going on, but Sandra twists him up like a pretzel and says she was just teaching him this new hold….

Thompson’s at the gallery opening. He hears Marcela and Armando talking about Betty and says he can’t believe Armando let her go! Thompson always knew she was special. But why is Marcela so down on her? Did Betty do something to her?

Not at all! She loves Betty.

That Armando doesn’t buy.

Roberto tells Betty what a big help Nico has been. Betty says he had nothing to do with V&M, he only managed BAR’s investments. Roberto knows that. And her lawyers have been in touch about giving back the company. What Roberto wants to know is how much she wants in return? For returning everything and for keeping quiet.

Betty’s like “Excuse you!” She’s not that kind of person. She knows she’s partly to blame and nobody forced her to do this. She knows she did the wrong thing and all she wants is to be freed from the responsibility. She’s lost things too–she let her dad down and dragged her best friend into this.

Roberto agrees, kids make mistakes, but she can relax, he knows.

Betty says she’s going to give everything back and disappear from their lives.

Roberto needs her at the board meeting tomorrow to tell the other shareholders what she’s decided. And she should bring her lawyers so they can advise her. He promises no one’s going to attack her.

Is Armando going to be there? She doesn’t want any confrontations with the board.

La Pantera shows up at the gym to goad Sandra into a fight. Wilson gets between them and nearly gets his arm ripped off. But Pantera doesn’t see the point in fighting without an audience.

Marcela’s muttering to Armando about how everyone defends Betty because they think she’s so insipid, but they don’t know what a hypocrite she is.

Cynthia comes over, all surprised to see The Couple of the Year. She has her photographer get a few shots then asks if they’ve made up.

Marcela says they haven’t made up because they were never apart. And those rumors about the mysterious woman…she has no idea what people are talking about.

She goes off to retouch her makeup and Cynthia asks Armando what’s going on. What happened with that woman he said he was in love with?

“It’s a long story and it’s all my fault.”

Danny’s also at the gallery. Pati runs into him. He gives her a hard time about being at such an “exclusive” party. And isn’t she supposed to be keeping tabs on Betty’s mom for him?

Pati says she’s alive, but she could die anytime. The one Danny should be worried about is Betty. But first she checks her bank balance. Nope, she can’t tell him.

Danny rolls his eyes and makes another deposit.

Betty left Miami and she’s back in New York. Probably because her mom’s dying. Or she’s going to sell V&M and take the money to some financial paradise.

We’re at the hospital again. Hugo tells Fabi he confronted Romi about the painting and she passed out. He feels awful and he’s going to blame himself if anything happens to Romi or the baby.

The doctor says everything’s fine, but Romi needs lots of rest.

Gallery. Marcela asks if the odious reporter is gone and hands Armando a glass of champagne.

Armando thinks maybe Marcela should stop being so rude. And stop drinking.

Daniel comes over, yelling at Marcela for being with Armando and asking if they’re together again.

Armando says they are and Marcela’s face is like “Uh…yeah, what he said!”

Daniel can’t believe Marcela’s being so stupid.

People are starting to listen in and Marcela asks Armando to take her home.

Ricky and Malu are having another evening together. She tells him she was invited to the gallery opening, but she wanted Marcela to go with Armando.

Ricky doesn’t know if Armando and Marcela getting back together is such a good idea, but Malu doesn’t think Armando was really in love with “that assistant.” If he didn’t still love Marcela, he wouldn’t be so worried about her.

Changing the subject, Ricky says he knows how Malu can invest the money for her clothing company. But she should be thinking about hiring him. He says he’ll show her what a good employee he can be. (How the hell does he expect this to all to turn out? In what scenario do Marcela and Malu not find out he slept with both of them?)

Sofia’s out of patience with Efrain. He kissed her without consent and whines about how she “used to” like it. (OK, we all know it doesn’t work that way, right? Just because you consented once that doesn’t mean it carries forward forever.)

She tells him to quit faking. Isn’t he embarrassed of himself for everything he’s already put her through?! He needs to get it together and “remember” or she’s going to be forced to tell him what he did.

Pati’s been running away from Nico all night. She notices a photographer and says she doesn’t want any pictures! (Which is also a consent issue.)

Daniel sees them and says he gets it now, how Pati got into the event. How far she’s fallen.

Nico says Pati’s the most beautiful woman inside and out (um…) that Daniel will ever find in this room and in the entire world. And Nico’s here to defend her, so Daniel had better be careful.

Who does Nico think he is? The one who’s saving Daniel’s family’s company. Because without him they wouldn’t be able to make payroll. That’s who he is.

Daniel sarcastically says they make a cute couple.

Pati tells Nico Daniel’s right–she’s fallen so far she can’t get any lower….

And then her ex walks in. With his new wife. Pati runs away again.

Marcela thanks Armando for bringing her home. And defending her from Daniel. And she’s sorry she was complaining about Beatriz all night. She just can’t stand her! And she can’t stand that Armando likes her better than he does Marcela. But almost dying has changed her perspective on things.

Armando can go now. She promises not to do anything “crazy.” And if he wants to go after Betty, it’s fine.

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