Betty en NY Tuesday 7/16/19 #104

Previously on Betty: Pati tells Marcela and Armando Betty’s back in town. Betty tells Roberto she wants to give the company back and disappear. Daniel’s upset that Marcela’s with Armando and Pati’s with Nico.

At the hospital, Betty tells Demetrio she’s supposed to go to a meeting at V&M tomorrow. He offers to go with her, but she’d rather he stay with Julia and she’ll take the lawyers.

Betty says if she only had some sense she wouldn’t have to make all these explanations now.

Demetrio says she does have sense and that’s what’s going to get her out of this.

Romina’s back at Hugo’s. Fabi tells Hugo the painting was a knockoff that he gave Romina because he knew she liked the original.

Hugo says he’s so sorry and from now on the way he treats them is going to change, but I’m not sure in what way he means that.

Pati cries to Nicolas about Mauricio daring to take his wife to that event. She complains about “everyone” treating her like she’s just a worthless bimbo. Why does every bad thing happen to her?!

Nico tells her changes are challenges.

When the server comes over Pati orders every kind of chicken and every side. She tells Nico the only thing that’s going to make her feel better is food. Where is the man of her dreams? She notices the way Nico’s looking at her and tells the server to pack everything up to go.

Sofia’s checking things out at the exterminator office when Charlie comes in with the lovely Araceli. “So. You’re the tica.”

Charlie explains that’s what you call someone who’s from the DR.

“But I’m as Mexican as my uncle Charlie!”

Yep. She’s his niece. The kid is his godson. Charlie’s paying for the post-baptism party. Araceli sure hopes Sofia will make it. Charlie’s told her so much about her.

So now Sofia feels awful and Charlie’s angry that she believed Efrain and Berta.

Marcela didn’t realize Armando spent the night on her couch. She’s way too excited about making him coffee.

Security desk shenanigans. Wilson’s barely able to move, none of the admins have anything but dirty looks for him this morning, and he’s got an itch on his lower back that he begs Giovas to scratch for him.

Marce brags to Pati that Armando slept on her sofa. Little by little, things are going back to the way they were. She’s worried about Beatriz, and she knows she’ll have to show up at V&M sometime, but it’s strictly business.

Danny shows up with Malu and kicks Pati out of Marcela’s office. Pati says he’s ugly. He says she’s overweight. Malu and Marcela don’t even bother telling him anything.

Nico, Pete, and Frank have arrived at V&M. Nico leaves them in the lobby until it’s time for the meeting.

Sofia gets off the elevator and sees them there, because el mundo es un pañuelo. And even better than that, Jenny gets off the other elevator and hears them saying they’re going to get Efrain millions of dollars.

Sofia says she doesn’t care, but she’s sure plenty of zorras inmundas will be interested.

Nico rescues them before Jenny can pounce.

Romina meets Mata in the parking garage and tells him the board of V&M is about to find out he stole Hugo’s designs unless he gives her $1M.

But wouldn’t she get busted too?

Sure, if she doesn’t get enough money to let her skip town. And someone very powerful and close to both the Valencias and the Mendozas is right on their heels.

Mata says he’ll investigate and get in touch with her.

Daniel wanted to meet with Malu and Marcela to remind them they’ve gotta stick together because Roberto is only looking out for Armando.

Marcela says she’s still going to support his decisions.

Daniel also warns them that Betty will be at the next meeting.

Marcela asks Daniel what his plan is. Because they have to make her pay for everything she’s done to them!

Roberto’s reviewing paperwork before the meeting. He’s made a decision but only he and Esteban know what it is. They’re just waiting for Betty to show up to get started.

Wilson and Giovas are the first two people Betty runs into. They’re wearing their shocked faces and she teases them about teaming up to answer the door.

Next up is Aura Maria, who didn’t recognize her even though she heard Betty before she saw her.

Malu goes to Ricky’s office to tell him it’s time for the meeting, but instead they end up on his desk. And Mariana gets an eyeful.

It takes Pati a minute to recognize Betty and she chokes on her apple. Marcela’s upset that Betty’s there at all.

Now it’s the Pelotón’s turn. She’s gorgeous and they’ve missed her! She’s missed them too!

Pati says Betty spent all the company money on plastic surgery.

Romi threatens to show their marriage certificate to Hugo if Fabi doesn’t come to Argentina with her.

Daniel’s annoyed that Betty is running late. But here she is. And now the board gets to stare at her…or stare at Armando staring at her. Because he totally is.

Fabi whines at Romina that if she just gives him another week they can clean out Hugo’s accounts and go. She gives him three days.

Julia’s worried because Betty hasn’t called. Demetrio’s not because Roberto said he’d make them respect Betty.

He’s gonna trust the guy who raised Armando? And Daniel Valencia will probably be there too. She wishes Betty had stayed in Miami.

Yeah, yeah, Demetrio knows she liked Hernán Cortéz’s cousin, but Betty had to come back and fix her mistakes.

Mariana asks Sandra if she’s ever known Ricky to be really in love with anyone.

There was a model once. But he got over it. Wait…did Mariana see Ricky kissing Marcela?

No! She saw him kissing María Lucía. She wants to tell Marcela, but she’s not sure if Malu knew Marcela and Ricky had a thing going on.

Roberto explains that he asked Betty to be here, to take responsibility. Betty and Armando can’t quit looking at each other. Roberto says he doesn’t want to hear any insults or sarcasm. They’re going to treat Betty with the respect she deserves.

So. Betty’s here to turn over the company, which is not as easy as it sounds. If Betty turns over the company they’ll have trouble with the banks. Esteban backs him up on that.

Right now Betty is the only one the banks trust. She’s the one who’s paid her debts on time. If she gives back the company their creditors will want to be repaid.

But there’s no money, Roberto reminds them. This would mean the company would be seized and dismantled and they’d lose it.

Roberto’s plan is to give up the presidency. He proposes they elect Betty.

Cue the insults from Marcela and Daniel. Betty lets it die down and says she’s not a criminal, she’s not an embezzler, and she’s not going to run a company for people who don’t trust her and don’t trust Nicolas. She apologizes to Roberto and says she’ll meet him outside with the paperwork.

Daniel once again makes a pitch for letting him buy the company.

Pantera shows up to try to accost Wilson, but he tells her Sandra’s pregnant. They just haven’t told anyone yet.

Well. To La Pantera moms are sacred. She’s out.

Aura Maria heard their conversation and heads back upstairs.

Peter and Frank try to talk Betty into taking the presidency. They can negotiate a sweet salary, for a commission. Or she can hire them to work here at V&M.

Betty refuses. She’s not going to take anything that comes from V&M or BAR.

Nico dismisses Peter and Frank so they can talk in private. Betty’s worried she might be making a mistake and turning down the presidency could make things worse.

Nico thinks she’s the best person for the job. V&M would have been toast if not for them. And it’s not like she has to do it forever–six months is plenty to get the company back on its feet and then they can live.

Betty gets the feeling he’s trying to talk her into staying to give him more time with Pati. And for that, he doesn’t care that she’ll have to be around Armando?

Nico says she promised her dad she’d try to fix things. Six months should be enough to fulfill her promise.

Marcela’s throwing a tantrum. Malu thinks it’s funny. Is Marcela mad because Betty came back or because she came back looking so pretty? She looked nervous, but she presented herself well…of course, if Marce would rather Malu lie and say what she wants to hear, she thinks Betty’s uglier than ever.

Marcela thanks her sarcastically and then attacks Margarita.

Hey, she knows Marcela doesn’t like that she voted for Beatriz to stay, but Roberto thinks that’s what’s best.

Marcela complains that Betty will run the company into the ground.

Margarita: “Even you don’t believe that.” She and Malu both think Marcela needs to quit showing weakness in front of Betty.

Marcela starts shrieking about wanting to rip her hair out.

This is where she loses, according to Margarita, when she loses her temper. She can’t leave Betty a clear path to Armando.

Pelotón meeting in the bathroom. Betty’s clothes are great, they show off her figure, her hair is so soft, her aura’s so clean!

They want to hear about what she’s been doing since she left.

No, wait, they want to hear about why she left and why she came back! Because the last time they saw her that creep Marcela was kicking her out like a dog.

Yes, Sofia, Marcela’s right behind you. But she’s also curious about where Betty was and why the change of look and why is she back.

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