Betty en NY Wednesday 7/17/19 #105

Previously on Betty: Roberto tried to make Betty president of V&M. Nico thinks Betty’s the best person to run both companies. Betty really doesn’t want to be around Armando. The Pelotón and Marcela want to know why she left and why she came back.

Marcela wants to know about Betty’s metamorphosis from oruga (caterpillar) to butterfly.

Betty says it’s not a metamorphosis. She has friends who helped her believe in herself. A hair style or make up or designer clothes doesn’t change what really matters. She’s the same caterpillar she was before, just now she’s not embarrassed to be.

OK, then. Marcela will leave them to their gossip. No worries about not getting any work done–ever since Betty left the company’s in shambles anyway.

The Pelotón’s not sure what Marcela meant by that.

Betty figures it means Marcela hates her and doesn’t want her around.

Pati chases Marcela back to her office and demands an explanation. What did Betty do?!

Ripped off V&M.

Right…because the surgery must have been expensive. There were probably stem cells involved. Genetic engineering.

Marcela tells her what she should be worried about is her job. Roberto just proposed Betty as president of V&M, but she said she had to think about it.

Patricia says it’s La Venganza de las Feas! First Betty took Armando, then the company, then Marce’s position as most beautiful woman in the company after Patricia.

Marce tells Patricia to get out of her office or she’ll whack her with a statue.

Hugo’s turn now. The Pelotón are asking Betty to stay for lunch. Hugo’s coming from the opposite direction and has to stop to admire Betty’s fashion sense. The rest of them should take note. And why are they all gathered around her?

Well, Betty came by….

Hugo can’t believe she was here, that genetically altered fly that’s practically a monkey.

Mariana says Betty’s beautiful inside and out.

Well, sure, if they’re talking about her internal organs…but imagine the outside!

Betty says apparently it’s easier for her to change than Hugo.

Hugo freaks out. What has she done to “our” Betty?! This is the devil’s work!

Betty gets a call from Roberto and says she’s on her way….

The president’s office is empty. Betty looks in on her old office and remembers The Great Stuffie Masacre of 2019.

Roberto arrives. He hopes she doesn’t mind that he sent all the lawyers home and said they’d call them tomorrow. After Betty left, they took a vote on her becoming president and the majority were in favor.

She starts to make excuses, but Roberto says they need her. And he knows it isn’t going to be easy for her, but it won’t be easy for them either.

She complains that no one wants her here.

But they need her. And she owes a debt to this company. Or is she going to leave them in ruins? He asks her to think about it and let him know tomorrow. (What’s the point if he won’t take no for an answer?)

Danny tells Marcela and Malu he told them so.

Malu really doesn’t get why he doesn’t trust Roberto. He’s never done anything to hurt them and he ran this company for thirty years.

Danny says he only cares about Armando. He suggests they press charges and have Armando put in jail.

Marcela wants to send Betty to jail. Who does she think she is coming back with that ridiculous makeover?

The owner of V&M. They have to pressure Roberto into selling the company to him.

Malu asks what he’s going to do, break it apart and sell it?

“You’re worried about that now?” It’s better than giving their family legacy to Beatriz.

Marcela agrees.

Inés is fixing Hugo a drink while he flips out about her looking all normal, but then Betty’s voice came out….

She laughs. It sounds to her like Betty just had a makeover.

Hugo insists they put her brain in a different body. It’s the work of the devil! It’s witchcraft!

Pati comes in to make sure Hugo’s caught up on the makeover chisme before she tells him Roberto offered Betty the presidency.

Wilson sees Betty on her way out. He says she looks like a model.

A statistical model…ha!

So is she really not coming back to V&M?

Betty says she just came by to tie up some loose ends, but no, she doesn’t think she’ll be back.

Daniel says for once she’s making an intelligent decision. She should never come back. (Don’t do it, Betty! Don’t get in that elevator with him!)

Daniel tells Betty she should sell the company to him and avoid a whole lot of problems.

He’s the one who’s going to have problems, after he gave her mother a heart attack. She’ll be getting an order of protection against him. Because when someone messes with her family…well, she gets like he does when someone messes with his money.

Efrain keeps sinking lower and lower…Junior busts him stalking Jenny online and realizes he’s lying about not remembering her. Efrain bribes him with $20 to tell his mom that his dad wasn’t looking at anything.

So when Pantera said moms are sacred, she just meant she wouldn’t fight Sandy. She has no problem going to the gym and telling Ramiro he’d better find a worthy sub since Sandy won’t be ready to fight for a year and a half–nine months of pregnancy, forty days to recover, and then getting back into shape. And Wilson’s the dad.

Outside V&M Wilson tells Sandra that Pantera came by and flirted with him, but he told her to take a hike. ‘Cause Sandra’s la mera mera. He wants to talk to her family and tell them he and Sandra are in love and they’re going to get married and have a family. Sandra says if they don’t like it, that’s too bad for them. She kisses him and says those pregnancy hormones have got her kind of….

Sofia gets home and Junior tells her his dad wasn’t looking at anything. His dad paid him $20 to tell her his dad wasn’t looking at anything. He paid $20 because he wasn’t looking at pictures on Insta of someone he doesn’t remember anything about.

Wait, so his dad gave him $20 so he wouldn’t say anything about a woman he says he doesn’t remember, but she and Junior know who it is? And right now their dad is…?

He went out. Wearing his expensive cologne.

Well then. They need to finish their homework and brush their teeth and put their pajamas on and she’s going to get them a HUGE pizza and ask the neighbor to look in on them. She’s off to commit murder.



Sofia calls (I’m guessing) Berta and asks her to come over right away because she either needs a witness or an accomplice.

Marcela’s trying to talk about work, but Armando’s not listening. She gives up. She saw how he looked at Betty. Does he still love her? Didn’t they agree to be honest with each other?

Armando says Betty’s making a life without him and he’s going to do the same.

That’s not what she asked.

Armando says it was like looking at a stranger. She didn’t look like that in Miami, but there was something…like she didn’t need him.

And it hurts because he still loves her?

Armando says he does. And it was a shock to see her today, not because of the makeover, he just thought he was never going to see her again. But they’re going to have to work together, so for the good of the company, he and Betty are just going to be coworkers.

Efrain goes over to Jenny’s. She wants nothing to do with him. He tells her the last two months of mortgage payments he missed weren’t because he had forgotten about it, but because he didn’t want to pay it.

She tells him to go back to Sofia. He complains that he only went back to her in the first place because Jenny had abandoned him. He was just with her for the room and board, it’s Jenny he loves!

Sofia and Berta are listening at Jenny’s window.

Wilson and Sandra try to tell her dad what’s going on, but her brothers interrupt and say Sandra’s having this worm’s baby.

Sandra says it’s true. And Wilson came to ask for her hand because they want to get married.

The brothers go after Wilson, who’s still injured from last night and can’t move his arms much. Wilson says he and Sandra love each other and they’re having a baby…they wouldn’t want to do anything to their nibling’s dad, would they?! Wilson slithering between the ropes without using his arms is hilarious!

Armando comes over to Betty’s. He says she’s changed…her hair, her clothes, the makeup…why did she do it?

Betty says that’s just her appearance. And of course that’s all he noticed. But it’s not what’s important. What’s important is how she grew as a person. Cata and Joaquin taught her how to believe in herself, love herself, accept herself as she is, without caring what anyone else thinks. She can be whatever she wants.

Armando says she was always wonderful. She didn’t need to change. She looks great, but….

Betty asks him why he came over…multiple times, because he gets stuck babbling about the makeover and how he’s sorry about Daniel coming over and he hopes her mom’s OK. But what he really wanted was to beg her to be president of V&M. She’s the only one who can save the company.

Efrain’s still trying to convince Jenny to take him back. In the process he says Sofia’s old and just thinking about kissing her makes him shrivel up inside, bla bla bla. Berta has to drag her away from the window and make her promise not to kill him. But Sofia’s sure not going to leave it like this.

Wilson ends up on the floor outside the ring telling Sandra he’s not gonna make it and she’ll have to go on without him. Sandra says he’ll be fine.

Her dad’s like “You’re pregnant and you’re not married?”

“Seriously, dad?!” Wilson came over to talk to them and ask for her hand because they love each other. And they nearly killed him!

She’s sick of all of them. She’s an adult woman and she can make her own decisions and she’s choosing Wilson. Because they love each other and they love their baby. So if her family doesn’t want to be part of this story, they’re the ones who will lose out. She’s moving in with Wilson. She tells her dad to talk to her brothers.

Pati. Marcela. Pati’s still freaked out by the makeover. Marcela says Betty’s the same “insignificant” woman she always was. And Armando didn’t even care when he saw her. He’s totally over her.

Betty thinks V&M can get along just fine. They have Nico. All Armando has to do is follow his advice and they’ll be able to reach their projections.

But the creditors will still descend on them. They need Betty. Nothing is the same without her. And he doesn’t mean just for V&M, he means personally. He can’t leave without telling her the days he’s been away from her have been the worst days of his life. He’s not giving up.

He hugs her and won’t let go.

Betty manages to get herself unstuck and asks if he wants coffee.

Over coffee, Armando says Miami was good for her. She seems more calm. Maybe it was good for her to be away from him.

Betty says it gave her time to think.

About all the crap he pulled. If she could just forgive him….

She did. The hate was hurting her too much and she thought if she was going to forget him, she’d have to forgive him.

Armando says he can’t forget her and he doesn’t want to.

Betty says they need to turn the page. He should go. She has to go to the hospital.

But did she really forgive him completely? Was she able to stop loving him?

Nico comes in and says it’s time to go to the hospital.

Armando says he was just leaving. He asks Betty to think about what he said.

Nicolas is like “Seriously? Again?”

Betty swears nothing happened.

Yeah, but if he’d been ten minutes later he’d have a nibling.

Berta begs Sofia not to leave the kids without a father. And a mother–’cause she’d end up going to jail.

Sofia says she won’t. She just needs Berta to take the kids for the night, feed them pizza, and make sure they go to bed early.

Berta makes her promise not to spill a single drop of Efrain’s blood.

Sofia promises. Because she doesn’t want a single drop of his blood defiling her house! But there are a lotta ways to die….

Wilson calls Giovas from outside Sandra’s house complaining that he’s not ready to take her home to his parents’ house and share his recliner with her!

Sandra comes out with her ginormous bag and he babbles about how maybe she shouldn’t leave and she’s the little girl of the family.

But she doesn’t want to be anymore. Now she wants to be Mrs. Wilson or whatever.

Daniel complains about Romi asking Mata for more money. Paying blackmail is bad business.

So is going to jail.

That’s why Mata’s going to get rid of her.

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