Betty en NY Thursday 7/18/19 #106

Previously on Betty: Roberto and Armando asked Betty to accept the presidency of V&M. Armando’s still in love with Betty.

Hugo’s looking through Romina’s purse. He finds a receipt with her $100K bank balance on it. Where would she get that kind of money? And what about the designer makeup bag?

Inés says she noticed that too, but Romina said it was a knockoff.

Hugo’s not sure he wants to keep investigating. He’s afraid he’ll find out Fabi’s in on it too.

Daniel seriously wants Mata to kill Romina. Or Mata can be the one to die. It’s up to him.

Sofia goes to the exterminator office to apologize to Charlie for not giving him his place in front of Efrain, and being jealous of his niece, and being stupid….

Charlie says the least she can do is apologize on her knees.

The hell with that, it’s not like he’s Brad Pitt! (Waaaaay better….)

Charlie grabs her and keeps her from leaving. She should have seen the look on her face! How did she think he was going to cheat on her when he’s crazy about her!

Sofia says she’s just paranoid about being cheated on.

They make with the smoochies, but Sofia says they should do it at the house. Tonight. He can come over smelling good. Forget about that other guy. And she has a little present for him…. She has trouble digging the key out of her bra, but she hands it to him and says it’s the key to her heart and whatever else it opens. (They’re so cute!)

Betty tells her dad about Roberto’s offer, but she doesn’t want to take it.

But if she doesn’t take it they’ll lose their company. It’s our actions that show who we are and he’s sorry but she’s just going to have to deal. She’s going to be the new president of V&M.

Efrain gets back to Sofia’s house and back to his wheelchair just before Sofia gets home. He says he was at the pharmacy. Where are the kids?

Oh, they’re at Tia Berta and Tio Enrique’s. She was thinking the moon’s in Scorpio and she thought she’d make a nice dinner, light some candles, put on some sexy music and…well, he knows how she gets when the moon’s like this. And she thought she’d take a bath with some nice bath salts, the kind that leave her skin all soft…does he remember?

So she’s gonna get to work on all that. See ya later!

Frank takes Jenny to dinner. She asks about Efrain’s lawsuit and gets dollar signs in her eyes.

Julia’s going home tomorrow. Betty’s got her list of medications, her diet for the first few days at home, her exercises.

Julia’s not exactly happy about low-fat low-salt low-sugar low-red meat and lots of fruits and veg. But at least she’s talked Demetrio into following the same diet. And she’s going to start walking a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon.

And Demetrio’s going to exercise with her too?

He grumbled about it, but Julia says he’ll do anything for her. That way they can take care of their tickers ’cause she does NOT want hers to stop on her again.

And speaking of hurting hearts…how was seeing Armando?

Betty was prepared to see him at V&M but she was not expecting him to come to the house. He wanted to convince her to accept the presidency of V&M like Roberto wants. She felt confused. Even though she didn’t want to, she wanted to believe what he was saying.

That’s why she’s gotta be careful.

Betty says she has to get him out of her heart, but she doesn’t know how.

Julia agrees, she has to find a way. Because Armando is never leaving Marcela.

Ricky is complaining about Armando not wanting to go out. He thinks if Armando wants to go right to bed he should take a couple of models with him…. Marcela walks in and asks what Ricky’s doing there.

Efrain’s watching TV when the doorbell rings. Sofia tells him to answer it–she’s still getting ready.

Instead Charlie walks in, says “hi” to Efrain, and tells his reina that he’s arrived.

“Be right there, mi rey.”

Sofia comes downstairs in that red dress with the ruffle and she and Charlie just ignore Efrain as they play “No, you’re cuter!” Sofia tells Charlie she’s not just wearing red on the outside. They start snogging.

Efrain’s outraged that they’re behaving like this. How long have they been carrying on?

Sofia says he knows. She heard him tell Jenny. So yeah, she knows Efrain doesn’t love her.

Efrain still tries to bluff his way out of this, but Charlie tells him to quit being ridiculous. They know he’s faking.

Efrain says they should look in a mirror–the two of them are ridiculous!

Well, Sofia’s Charlie’s favorite ridiculous person and Charlie’s Sofia’s. She’s really gotta thank Efrain for cheating on her or she wouldn’t have ended up with this guy who runs rings around him as a man, as a friend, and as a lover. They don’t want to keep him–he can get going.

Efrain whines that he can’t.

Well, he didn’t have any problem going over to Jenny’s. So there’s nothing stopping him from walking to the door and getting out.

Efrain says he won’t go, no one can make him.

Then he’d better get comfortable ’cause the show starts in 3…2…1.

Marcela tells Ricky to go out by himself if he wants to go. Armando agrees.

When he’s gone, she takes Armando’s glass of booze away. She knows they said they were going to take this slow, but she just got so scared when she saw that woman….

Armando doesn’t want to keep talking about Betty!

Neither does Marcela, she just wanted to know that he was at home and not out with Betty. She’s not who he thought she was. She begs him to tell her the nightmare of Betty is over. She begs him not to leave her.

Ricky went home last night and called Malu. She’s talking keys and moving in, but he makes stupid excuses about it being more exciting this way. His phone buzzes when he’s on his way to the shower and Malu says it’s the Psychiatric Hospital of New York….

Wilson’s still feeling pretty beat up  in the morning. So is Sandra, after sharing a recliner with him last night. Wilson keeps telling her she can go back home and he’d understand, but no, she’s sticking with him.

Wilson pouts about not being ready for this responsibility to Giovas and asks his advice.

Esteban’s in Roberto’s office reviewing the situation yet again. The banks aren’t going to let someone else buy out their debt and once BAR doesn’t have seniority all the other creditors will rip them to pieces.

Roberto’s worried Betty’s not going to accept.

Sofia announces Betty’s arrival and Roberto tells her to hold all his calls and make sure they’re not disturbed.

Betty comes in and says she’ll accept the position. Roberto’s SO RELIEVED! This is just what they need.

She does have some conditions, though. First off she demands absolute respect (the fact that she should have to spell that out…y’all been a bad bunch, V&M). Second she wants Nicolas to act as VP of Finance for both companies. Third she’s not working in the cloffice.

Roberto says she gets the president’s office.

I think her nerves got the better of her and she asked if she could bring her troll dolls. At least Roberto just said yes and didn’t act all weird about it.

OK, then, she’ll start meeting with all the department heads to create a realistic business plan.

Malu and Ricky are snogging in his office. He mentions going with her to Europe and taking some time off from V&M because they’re not going to need him. Malu asks about the call from the psychiatric hospital and Ricky lies (I’m guessing) and says they were calling for a donation.

Efrain slept at the office again. He hurls a bunch of insults at Charlie about Sofia just using him to hurt Efrain and he knows Sofia’s not that good in bed and neither is Charlie.

Charlie’s like “bro, I’d show you my moves, but you’re not my type.”

Efrain whines about not wanting to be his business partner anymore and wanting “his” half of the company.

Charlie says he’ll call the accountant. The partnership is OVER.

Pati’s impressed that Marcela’s not freaking out about Betty.

Well, of course not, because Armando was at his apartment last night, which means her makeover didn’t “work.” And she’s going to give back the company and everything will go back to the way it was before.

Except Roberto calls everybody into the lobby area to tell them Betty’s the new president of V&M. Marcela takes offense at all the admins cheering for her and flounces off to her office.

Roberto goes after her. He tells her it’s not permanent and if there were any other way, he wouldn’t have done it.

Marcela says she quits! Betty’s a liar, Daniel was right and Roberto only cares about his own family, the makeover was a message. She thinks Roberto doesn’t know everything Armando did, but he says he does. And she didn’t deserve it.

He can’t get rid of Betty. It’s not personal. Everyone out there depends on their jobs. They’d lose the company. She needs to make whatever decision is best for her. He’s sorry.

Malu corners Sandra in the copy room and asks who Ricky knows who’s at the psychiatric hospital.

Sandra’s not authorized to share information like that, but she doesn’t know of anyone Ricky knows who’s there.

Malu says she’s just wondering if it’s a family member or maybe a friend they have in common.

Well, if Sandra finds out later, she’ll let her know.

Betty interrupts Marce packing up her stuff. She can’t leave until they talk. They need her.

Marce’s like “Whatever!” She knows Betty wants her gone.

Betty tells her this isn’t about their feelings, it’s about Marce’s family’s legacy.

Marce tells her to quit faking. Does Betty want Marce to repeat all her lies?

Betty apologizes. She should not have faked the reports.

Marce sarcastically applauds and then asks her where sleeping with Armando went–on the earnings  or losses?

Betty apologizes again. It’s the worst thing she could have done, but Marce saw the video. It was all part of Armando’s plan.

But what does she feel now? She fell in love with Armando, didn’t she? Where are all those feelings?

Yes, she fell in love with Armando. And it was unforgiveable.

Marce wants to put the cards on the table.

Betty says she got between them because she thought she was the only one who believed in Armando and his dreams. She got carried away and she was selfish.

How could she do that? Marce was going to marry him!

Betty says she’s sorry and she knows it’s her fault, but he did manipulate her. HE made her believe things….

Right. He made her believe a woman like her was worthy of him. That he could ever look at a woman like her. He made her into la otra.

Betty insists it was only to save the company.

But if he told her he had feelings for her?

Betty doesn’t want anything to do with him. He always loved Marcela. They’re made for each other. (Burn!)

In the workroom, Hugo’s still freaking out and Inés explains to Romi that he saw Betty and she had a makeover.

Oh no, that was no makeover…it was magic, BAD magic…she stole a body and now she completely controls Roberto…and look! He has wrinkles! From one day to the next! She’s even stealing his divinity!

Marcela thinks it’s good Betty thinks that, because so does everyone else. In fact, they’re giving the relationship another chance. Because that’s what couples do when they love each other. Armando was so sorry! He came looking for Marcela and well, she knows a man under pressure will do anything!

So then Marcela believes her?

Yes and she trusts Betty’s word that she won’t go looking for Armando.

No, she won’t. Her love is dead. So Marcela should stay and help. And Betty will stay as far away from Armando as possible.

The Pelotón point out to Pati that she made Betty’s life hell. She’d better start sending out resumes.

Hugo must have convinced himself Roberto never made the announcement, because Betty’s in the president’s office and what does she mean she’s the president?! It was true?! OK, then, he quits.

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