Betty en NY Friday 7/19/19 #107

Previously on Betty: Betty’s president. Marcela’s angry. Hugo’s quitting.

So is he leaving because he’s afraid of her or because she’s the new president? ‘Cause she respects his work. So how would the living legend of fashion like to be remembered? As the designer for V&M’s first successful prêt-à-porter line? Or the one who had to sell his collection to Mogollon’s Market?

Margarita comes to Armando’s office. He mentions he’s working on a business plan to expand into the West Coast market, Canada, and Mexico.

Margarita goes fishing for Armando’s opinion on Betty. He thinks she’s the best person for the job and corrects his mom–Betty was more his victim than his “accomplice.”

Well, what Margarita came to talk about is the accusations against Inés. Armando doesn’t think she did it either. Someone must have set her up.

Romina’s losing her cool. All Inés did was look at her and she starts babbling defensively.

Hugo comes in and asks Inés for the designs he was working on in spring. His entire career has been a prologue for what he’s going to become. And now he’s going to connect with the gods on Olympus.

Romina begs for a task.

Hugo asks for a plain glass of water.

Pati comes to Maaarceee’s office. Betty keeps giving her orders.

Well, she’s going to do everything Betty asks.

Pati whines about not wanting to. Betty’s an evil mastermind who only pretended to be fea! She’s going to get rid of them in revenge for all the bullying.

Marcela tells her to work like she always does. (So…not at all?)

But she’s prettier! Betty shouldn’t be giving her orders!

Like she did at the beginning of the show, Marce’s once again asking Pati to be her spy in presidencia.

Jenny comes to the exterminator office to get Efrain back. I have to give Candela props for not laughing at the stuff she has to do as Jenny.

Malu searches Ricky’s office. I have some problems with this. First off, whatever that call from the psychiatric hospital was about, it’s none of her business. And second, they want us to believe that Ricky would have personal info stashed in his office where anyone could find it? The packet Malu finds is addressed to “Family Member.”

Poor Charlie has to witness the horror that is Efrain and Jenny on the couch. Since Efrain’s here, he figured he’d ask what’s going on with the rat poison vendor. Their credit got cancelled because they didn’t pay? Charlie had to pay up front. Did Efrain forget, or what?

Efrain decides he and Jenny need to leave.

Julia’s home, but she’s spent so much time in bed, she’s tired of lying down. She knows what she’s supposed to be doing to take care of herself, so Demetrio can quit fussing. She wants to call Betty.

Demetrio says it’s her first day! She’ll tell them about it when she gets home.

Julia sends up a prayer to protect Betty from the vultures.

Pati stops by Betty’s office to start working on Marcela’s plan. She wants to wipe the slate clean. Betty didn’t think there was a slate. Is Pati worried about getting fired? ‘Cause she’s not getting fired.

OK, well, now that they’re friends she can keep Betty better informed about things like Marcela’s suicide attempt. And how Armando saved her and they got back together and social media has caught up and knows they’re back together.

Betty’s like…maybe we should work. Pati threatens to bring coffee.

Armando’s confused that Marcela had a conversation with Betty. And she’s not yelling at him now.

Yeah, she talked to Betty. She’s only back to save the company and then she’s leaving. Just like Armando said.

OK, so now she knows there’s nothing going on between them.

Oh, no, she’ll never believe that.

Armando’s not going to bother defending himself anymore.

Betty goes to Nico’s office to tell him what Pati said. She feels awful about this.

Pati interrupts and Betty asks her to order catering for six from Gaddi’s (?) and put it on her personal card. So she can have lunch with the Pelotón.

Pati goes to whine to Marce that Betty’s getting catering for her fat, ugly friends and Pati’s not invited. She was hoping Marce would do something about this, but it’s on Betty’s personal card. Marce offers to get Pati a salad.

Armando goes to the workroom, but Hugo’s busy being possessed by the Olympian gods and creating his best work. Hugo does his customary Betty insults. Armando says he heard about Inés and he knows she’s innocent. Is there anyone Hugo suspects? Nothing like this has happened before and Armando knows all the employees…except Fabi’s sister.

Hugo thinks he should be looking for evidence, not a name. If they don’t get this together, Inés is going to pay. He really can’t say if he suspects Romina or not.

Inés toasts a thank you to Betty for the great lunch.

Betty says this is her way of thanking them for being such good friends…and also to ask for their help while she’s president. She wants to do a good job and not let anyone down, so…they’re all going to behave, right?

Everyone promises. But Berta thinks Betty owes them an explanation for what’s going on.

Betty says no one’s getting fired, they’re not bankrupt, and they’re getting paid on time. And she can’t tell them anything else until this is over.

So…she’s not going to tell them what she was doing in Miami with Joaquin de Quiroz? Mariana shows Betty the picture on social media.

Pati’s watching them all have a good time from her desk, counting how many slices of cheesecake Berta eats, lamenting that she’s filling the conference room with calories. She begs Marcela to take her out for lunch.

Marcela says she’s having an apple.

Betty insists her relationship with Joaquin was strictly business.

Inés thinks Hugo knows him, but he doesn’t like his designs.

Betty says they have different approaches to fashion. Joaquin’s all about inner beauty and Hugo’s more…classic and Eurocentric.

Mariana decides they should read Betty’s cards. She promises it’ll only take a few minutes.

Betty wants to know how things are going to go with V&M, but Aura Maria begs her to ask about her love life.

Ok, so, who couldn’t guess that there’s a man in her past and a man in her future and she’s going to have to make a decision–with her heart, not her head.

Ricky’s sure Daniel was behind the theft of the designs. But like Armando says, they don’t have any proof. Hugo thinks it might have been Fabio’s sister. She did have access. And if Daniel was behind it, they’ll get her to tell them.

Mata tells Romina his scary, scary “bosses” don’t want to give her any more money.

Romina’s not intimidated. She’ll take it up with his boss if she has to.

Mata calls Daniel. He’s upset that Mata didn’t kill Romina like he ordered him to do. Mata whines that he thinks they should just give her the money. Daniel disagrees. Kill her or Daniel will kill him.

Pati and Marcela check out the picture of Betty and Joaquin. Marce recognizes Joaquin. Pati likes his designs, but she had no idea he looked this good.

Marcela says he used to be an underwear model.

Pati’s upset that Betty’s going out with him, but Marcela doesn’t think she is. He’s bitter, ridiculous.

Pati says he’s got money. He should be with HER, not a Transformer like Betty. And Marce knows him?

Yep. She just doesn’t know why they were together in Miami.

Efrain’s looking at his archives of something he doesn’t want Charlie to see.

Charlie arrives with Pete and Frank. They have a check for him! The city settled for 1/4 of a million dollars.

So, $250,000? So he’s rich?!

Romina’s still strolling leisurely through the parking garage trying to make it convenient for Mata to run her over. But she throws herself out of the way.

Efrain signs the paperwork, Charlie gets a photo of the other three holding Efrain’s check. Pete and Frank made sure to take their fees out of the check. He can afford it, being a millionaire.

Charlie reminds him that some of that money belongs to Sofia and the kids. He should be thinking about where to invest it, maybe in the business?

Efrain says Charlie can have Sofia and he can have the business.

Uh, OK, but when Jenny spends all his money, he’d better not come back here claiming amnesia.

“This is way more than Jenny could spend!” Yes, really, he said that. I give her a week, tops.

Daniel’s upset that Betty’s in the president’s office.

Well, she’s the president.

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