La Reina del Sur Thursday 6/13/19 #2.38

Lupo stops his car in an alley frequented by those who want to hire sex workers. He asks for Vita, who appears to be the manager of a few other women. Vita’s thrilled to see him. She asks about his kids, he asks about her kids, he asks to hire her for the night and she says she’ll do anything for him!

It’s a quiet day on the lake. Batman has fallen asleep fishing. Sofia’s continuing to add branches and dry grass to her pile before she sets it on fire.

Rocio and Faustino are sipping champagne while she talks about the architectural styles of a cathedral she points out to him. He makes a joke about not knowing she was so into churches, ’cause vampires and crosses, you know. He says he’s in love with her. And even more after he met her grandma.

Um, he’s in love with her because of her grandma?!

No, because of what he heard her say, about Teresa. That she wasn’t going to rat on someone who kept her out of jail. He thinks that makes her worth way more than the cathedral.

Francesco’s waiting nervously at the restaurant. Teresa walks in and almost immediately, Zurdo’s calling her and whining about wanting to have dinner with her.

She says she can’t cancel her appointment, but she’ll be back early to get plenty of rest before they talk to the capos. She suggests he go out and have a walk–Palermo’s pretty.

In the private dining room, Francesco tells Teresa the kids are on their way, but their mom’s not the soul of punctuality. He orders champagne for them, telling the server they’re celebrating.

Wherever Rocio and Faustino are still on the roof, and they’ve moved on to sex.

Teresa tells Francesco she’s sure his ex will be here soon. Women need time to get ready.

“Especially when they know they’re meeting the woman their ex is dating.”

Vita finally arrives, apologizing for being late. The two kids hug Francesco and she says she’ll let them have dinner alone. Does he want her to pick the kids up or will he drop them off at home?

Teresa invites her to stay for dinner. Francesco hesitates for about a second before he agrees, Vita should join them.

Julieta makes small talk with Teresa. Where is she from, why does she speak Italian, does she have any kids? Teresa says her daughter, Sofia, is as Italian as they are.

Scene change to Sofia and her evil grin as the sticks and grass go up. Batman’s annoyed that she woke  him up from a perfectly good nap. He yells at her to put the fire out as he tosses the one fish he caught and fills the bucket with water.

Gosh, Sofia would totally help him, but she’s got this hurt arm.

They hear sirens. She starts screaming “Over here!” but Batman picks her up and carries her into the house.

Renata has her therapy session. I guess that makes this Monday? Unlike all the other adults who have tried talking to her about her imaginary friend Sofia, Renata shows her therapist the note from the bottle.

The cops arrive at the dock. Batman says he was making carne asada and the fire got away from him. But he’s put out the bonfire now.

Bonfire, or carne asada?

Um…it was a carne asada that turned into a bonfire.

Well, there are four guys in the boat. The one in charge wants to go up to the house with him to see the documentation for the house and make sure the fire is out. He tells the other three to have a look around.

Renata’s therapist has her rewrite the note and compares the two sets of handwriting.

It’s not hers, right? This proves it?

The therapist says she’s going to talk to Renata’s mom, but no worries, she’s not going to get into trouble.

The therapist thinks Renata’s suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and the ” Sofia” she’s trying to save is really herself. Seriously? She’s not even going to try the phone number? Is it so hard to write a convincing therapist who doesn’t suck? Have none of the writers ever been in therapy?

Batman shows the police officer the papers for the house, but his name’s not actually on them. He says his boss loaned him the place. And he can’t let the officer in to search because his boss won’t like it. He tries to bribe him, but the cop thinks that really makes it look like he’s hiding something.

Upstairs, Sofia’s making a lot of noise, but not so much that he can’t say it’s just the cat. He gets the guy to take the cash and leave.

He goes upstairs to tell Sofia to chill out already, they’re gone. She starts guilting him about what kind of person he is for kidnapping a girl who’s going to be killed like his sons were.

He’s tired of her manipulating him like this and tired of her coming up with plans like burning down the island.

Sofia says this is how it goes–they kidnapped her and she’s not going to stop trying to escape.

Oh? Well then, she can stay tied up.

The therapist writes a prescription for Renata and tells Carolina not to make a fuss if she talks about Sofia.

Lencho picked up Zurdo as soon as he saw Teresa go into the restaurant. Now they’re lurking outside.

Vita’s kids are loving the food. Francesco swats the boy on the back of the head and asks why he’s eating with his hands when he’s got a fork. Julieta says this pasta is great!

Vita’s like “Don’t be insulting my cooking or you’re gonna get it when we get home!” She tells Teresa she’s not a great cook. How about Teresa, does she cook?

Teresa says she makes Mexican food. Francesco brings up the jam and Vita says Teresa will have to show her sometime.

And what does Vita do for work.


Francesco jumps in with “organizing events.”

Vita agrees, yes, organizing events. The clients are so demanding and they expect everything to be perfect, but when it’s time to pay up they’re awful!

Teresa steps out to take a call and Francesco starts complaining about all of them talking too much! Vita knows him as Michele, but he reminds the kids to call him “Papá.” And talk less!

It was Oleg calling. Everything’s set up for tomorrow. These are old friends of his and hers, but unlike Abdelkader if she makes any deals with them she’ll have to follow through.

Zurdo’s working himself up into a state. She’s in there having dinner with someone and then she’s talking on the phone. He’s going to go in there and find out why she didn’t go to dinner with him! Ugh, this guy!

Vita’s talking about how much her dad liked Francesco. Teresa asks why she and Francesco divorced.

Francesco says “It was time” and he and Vita laugh like it’s an inside joke.

Frickin’ Zurdo comes in acting like an ass even though he probably wasn’t expecting her to be having dinner with another woman, a man, and two kids. Vita gives him a warm welcome to Palermo and he doesn’t even have a clue what she’s saying. He asks what Francesco does and Teresa says he’s an investor–he buys properties, remodels them, and sells them again.

Zurdo’s like “Oh yeah, I’m an investor too.” Right this minute I can’t remember why Francesco was supposed to avoid Zurdo, but I’m thinking it’s so Francesco doesn’t snap his neck like a drunk, nosy toothpick.

Teresa thinks they shouldn’t talk business or they’ll bore the kids. And they’re finished with their meal, but Zurdo’s welcome to join them for a drink.

Francesco tries to get the kids out of there, but the boy remembered an earlier promise of gelato, so he’s stuck saying they’ll have gelato and then they’ll go. But Zurdo wants to know how they met and Teresa tells the truth about the jams and just leaves out the part where she was going by “María.”

Vita picks up on them saying they’re “friends” and asks for clarification in Italian, because she thought they were novios.

OK, seriously now Francesco thinks they should go.

Drunk Zurdo’s all “Why was that guy so pissed off? What did I miss? You got something to tell me?”

I feel like she’s said this a thousand times already, but she says their relationship is strictly business, and her personal life is personal. Got it?

FrancescoMicheleEmilioLupo drops Vita and the kids off at home. He gives the kids cash for the gelato they didn’t get to have. Vita hangs out with him in the car for a little while, teasing him about being in love. Come on, she’s known him forever. Ever since they met at the orphanage, when he had the saddest eyes she’d ever seen. And then he went off to be a soldier and came back a man who never fell in love. And now he’s changed, he’s not the same person.

He gives her the money he promised and said she did a good job. (10/10 would hire to play an ex again.) Before he drives off she laughs again that Michele is in love!

Teresa gets back to the hotel. Forget what Zurdo said, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but he’s got this feverish look and he’s all drunk and I’m really glad she didn’t let him in the elevator. ‘Cause even sober, he doesn’t care about consent.

Teresa tries calling someone as she walks to her room, but she can hear the phone ringing from inside. Room service delivered Francesco, huh?

He’s annoyed about Zurdo and he’s saying he doesn’t want to keep up this lie. Basically he doesn’t like that Zurdo’s obsessed with her and following her everywhere and she might sleep with him.

Teresa says getting Sofia back is the priority, everything else doesn’t matter. She’ll do whatever she has to do.

More rambling from Francesco about leaving the road open and getting carried away and whatever and instead of leaving, he shuts the door and comes back in the room and kisses her.

Faustino and Rocio are still on the roof, covered in blankets, looking up at the sky. Rocio doesn’t think they have a future. Not because of either of them, ’cause she thinks he’s handsome and gentlemanly and he makes her laugh, but because of the business. Because of what happened to her father. And what she’s worried Sofia’s going to have to come home to.

Cayetana’s still planning to go to Mexico. Charo begs her to reconsider. She’s going to go to Mexico, confront Teresa with the judge’s order, and then what? It’s not like Teresa knows where Sofia is.

Cayetana laughs it off and says Charo’s just afraid to get on the plane. She should get some rest. Cayetana has planning to do.

Teresa and Francesco are hanging out in bed after. She says she’s thinking about Sofia and about when she finds out who took her she’s going to rip him to pieces. Not Epifanio, but this Lupo guy who’s actually with her. She’s sure he’s the one who told Sofia about her old life.

Lupo’s sure once she finds Sofia, she’ll explain what happened and Sofia will understand. She’s smart.

They start making plans to see each other again. The plane leaves early tomorrow morning. Lupo says he’ll catch up to her in Mexico.

Ok, but no more jealous scenes. It’s Sofia’s birthday in two days and the first birthday they won’t be together.

Sofia’s coloring a picture of Batman making it rain money for the cop. She writes that it’s her birthday in two days and she wants to be with her grandmother Cayetana.

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