Betty en NY Monday 7/22/19 #108

Previously on Betty: Armando’s still in love with Betty. Betty’s the new president of V&M. Marcela wanted to quit, but Betty talked her into staying. Pati’s Marcela’s spy in presidencia again. Mata made a failed attempt to kill Romina. Danny’s upset that Betty’s the president.

Betty’s really had it with Daniel’s temper tantrums. All she’s doing here is trying to return his family’s capital and she’s not leaving. So he can call the cops or detectives or whoever. She’s not moving.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Hey, he’s the one who said he wanted to call the cops. So go for it. And you know, she really doesn’t have time for this kind of crap. She’s got a business to save.

Pati runs in to ask if they need anything.

No. Daniel’s just leaving.

He blusters some more about how she’d better do a good job or she’s going to jail. He walks out, bumping into Pati on the way and Pati’s all “So rude!” Betty just stares at her like “Why are you still in my office?”

Pati goes running after Daniel to ask him why he let Betty talk to him like that. OK, but really, she wants to offer her spy services again. She can get him info about Betty. Like that Betty’s dating a designer, Joaquin de Quiroz. She can tell him who Betty meets with, at what time, where she goes.

OK, Danny’s in. Pati reminds him this is work, so he has to pay her. Danny just gives her a smarmy smile and says he’ll pay her however she wants.

Pati starts melting and then realizes what’s happening and says “in cash!”

Inés has made copies of all of Hugo’s sketches. It’s a pretty big stack. He says they’re going to go back to the way they used to work before internet. He’s not letting anyone steal his designs again!

Romina hasn’t come back from lunch. Hugo’s worried.

Armando and Ricky come in to tell Hugo they’ve got a plan to find out who stole the designs.

Romina is really freaked out now. She tells Fabio they’ve gotta go. She tried getting more money out of her buyer and he tried to kill her. It was Gregorio Mata, but he’s working for someone more dangerous.

Jenny and Efrain have been shopping.

Hugo’s making a little sketch of Betty 1.0 when Fabio comes to the workroom. He asks Hugo to go to the movies, but Hugo’s busy. He mentions that he ran into Gregorio Mata at the gym….

Hugo says Armando fired him for being Daniel Valencia’s spy. Fabio keeps fishing for more information, but Hugo’s like “Why don’t you invite them to the movies and ask them yourself!”

They show us the sketch again. I kind of want one.

When Armando comes to Betty’s office, she’s setting up a dinner meeting. He just wanted to thank her for accepting the presidency….

She didn’t do it for him. She did it for his dad and her dad.

And he also heard from Hugo that she’s going to continue with their business plan. Which means she believes in him.

She doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea. She always did believe in his business plan.

Ok, so she doesn’t believe in him, but she still believes in his dream–thanks for that. Is it so hard for her to accept his thanks?

Of course not. She does accept his thanks and she always has wanted V&M to expand and grow and diversify, like he dreamed.

He keeps grinning at her until she starts laughing awkwardly. Marcela walks in and asks what he’s doing there. The answer’s not important. She’s just being a jerk and ignoring Betty.

Betty decides she’s gotta go, but hey, make themselves at home.

No, no, it’s her office, they’ll go. Marcela shoots Armando a dirty look before giving Betty one of her own and leaving with Armando. Seriously, how do they expect Betty to get anything done like this?

Nico’s telling Pati to tell the brokers to sell all the inactive stock. This seems like a bad idea. I wouldn’t trust her with a coffee order.

Pati moves on to indirectly begging him for money. Betty comes in and Pati’s leaning over Nico to write down the amount of money she needs.

They were just…looking at a tutorial here on the computer. Pati makes a run for it. Betty starts scolding Nicolas for not staying away from Pati, who’s only after money.

Charlie’s over at Sofia’s telling her about Efrain’s settlement. She can’t believe he didn’t want to invest any of it in the company.

Well, that’s why Charlie was looking in to buying him out.

Sofia thinks that’s a great idea, but Charlie made the mistake of letting Efrain handle the administrative part of the business and he’s been bleeding it dry the last few months.

Sofia takes a look and says it’s more like a year.

Exactly–the year of Jenny.

Sofia’s not giving up. She’s going to make him pay them back for every penny he stole.

Betty tells Nicolas they need to come up with a new business plan for V&M. She’s all businessy talking about the market and the demand and they have to study the other labels to figure out V&M’s projections. Nico promises to work on it all night. I’m already tired just thinking about it.

Betty’s going out to dinner with Thompson and telling Nico he offered her a job when she saw him in Miami.

Nico tells her to watch it ’cause these millionaires…who knows what he wants!

Betty tells him to cut it out. She’s hoping he has an offer that helps them help V&M out of the hole.

Hugo’s avoiding going home. He tells Inés he’s worried about what Armando might find. He was so hoping they’d be a family, but everything points to Romina being guilty.

Romina’s having trouble finding a flight before tomorrow evening. Fabio still thinks Hugo still trusts him, so they’ll be able to empty his accounts at the last possible second.

So, Thompson has heard that Betty’s the new president of V&M. He’s talking about always getting what he wants. He’s making Betty an offer to be the CEO of one of his companies. Thompson’s also prepared to hire Nicolas.

Betty’s gawking at the offer when Armando and Marcela come into the restaurant. Thompson has no problem gloating to the two of them that he’s making Betty an offer. He’s sorry to steal their president, but that’s business.

Betty thanks him for the offer, but V&M was the only company that offered her a job when she was first starting out. She’s committed to Roberto Mendoza and she’s got to stay in the job for a few months. They can always discuss it again after.

Marcela says they’ll just leave the two of them alone to continue their discussion. Betty’s like “BYE!” Armando and Marcela end up at a table that’s way too close.

Anyway, Thomson knows V&M’s close to bankruptcy. He doesn’t think they’ll last six months. Does she want her name attached to that?

Betty says she’s going to keep them from going bankrupt. Maybe he could do business with V&M?

Malu’s still wondering about the packet she found in Ricky’s office.

Marcela has no idea and doesn’t care about anything to do with Ricky. Although…she thinks she remembers Ricky mentioning his mom being in a hospital once. But it was something medical, like her heart. And she lives in Europe now. No, she doesn’t know what country! She tells Malu to finish her tea because they’ve got a board meeting to go to. Wouldn’t want to show up late and get fired from their own company.

Ah, the extra benefits of Giovanni as a roommate! He fixed the boiler at Mariana’s last night. Aura Maria hears him talking about drainage and needing to be gentle and somehow she thinks he’s talking about sex? Mariana asks him if there are some other things he can check on for her.

Betty’s taking no lip at this board meeting. Daniel wants to know when they get paid.

When there’s money. They have to pay the employees first, and then they’ll see.

Ricky whines about her and Nico not having done much (in the two days they’ve been in charge?).

Betty’s like “Are you seriously going there? You who were part of the previous management team? You who made the deal for the fabrics that lost us money?” He also hasn’t done that report she asked for.

He whines that he’s busy and no one cares about useless reports.

Betty does. But that’s OK, she’s restructuring everything, particularly in Ricky’s department. But that’s not what they’re here for today.

She and Nico did a market analysis and found that other companies like V&M are having way more growth. What they’re doing differently is catering to the average women. Which V&M definitely does not do.

Malu asks who they’re designing for, then.

Models. Beauty queens. Unreachable stereotypes. Less than 1% of the world population of women. Women need to feel they’re being represented….So Hugo’s going to start designing for the typical woman.

How typical is she talking?

Well, like the Pelotón. Like her.

Hugo says that’s not typical, that’s sickening.

Well, he’s going to have to do it. Design for them from the underwear to the casual collection.

Hugo complains that he’s going to die. And he won’t be back in three days, either! It takes him seven.

Aura Maria notices Giovas’ lunch is looking pretty…Puerto Rican.

He says he’s been watching a cooking show.

Aura Maria doesn’t buy it.

Danny and Marcela are complaining about Betty while Malu’s looking at the reports. Betty’s right about them losing customers who are 18-35 years old.

Daniel’s all “Whose side are you on?”

The side of whoever saves their inheritance. Isn’t that what he always says? It’s business? She thinks Betty’s plan can work, but Marcela’s rejecting it for personal reasons and Danny just wants to get his money and get out.

No, he wants to lose the least money possible. Everyone’s talking about them. Everyone knows their situation.

Marcela wants Betty away from V&M.

Malu: “Away from V&M or away from Armando?” They’re the Valencias. They don’t give up right away. They need to give Betty time–maybe they’re wrong. They need to try to get along, because attacking her isn’t going to get them anywhere.

Marcela complains about the stupidity of dressing the Pelotón…but Daniel thinks maybe Malu’s right and they have to change strategy. He says he’s gotta go. If anything happens, let him know.

Out in the hallway, he calls someone and tells them to get rid of Mata. Completely.

Fabio overheard his phone call. He remembers what Hugo said about Mata working for Daniel.

At lunch Aura Maria accuses Mariana of sleeping with Giovas. Because they brought the same lunch. And she heard them talking the things he did for her.

Fabio comes to the workroom looking for Hugo, but he’s out. He tells Romina he’s going to go drop off the car and deposit the cash. He begs her not to be late getting to the airport. He’s not going to feel like they’re safe until that plane touches down in Buenos Aires.

Inés comes in and sees them whispering to each other. They kiss. Poor Inés is going to be traumatized.

She goes right to Armando and tells him Romina and Fabio are in cahoots and also they kissed. And not like a brother-sister kiss, like kiiiiissed!

Armando tells her to stay in his office and he’ll be right back.

Aura Maria’s still yelling at Mariana for going after Giovas, so Mariana rolls with it. Giovani’s so… interesting….

Aura Maria calls him her leftovers. And besides, he’s in love with her.

Sure, but she just keeps messing around with whatever loser she can find. So yeah, Mariana and Giovas have something going on. No, wait, not something, They have it ALL. And she might as well know, they’re living together. So she can quit going after him ’cause he’s already got someone to love him. BYE!

Mariana walks away and Aura Maria’s just sitting there sobbing while everyone else goes on with their lunch. I know that was mean, but it was fun.

Ricky finds Betty in her old office. He’s all “Why don’t you just tell me you hate me already.” Betty says all she’s trying to do here is separate the personal from the professional. And she’s not the one who mixed them up in the first place.

Ricky just keeps acting like he was always right about her wanting to take over the company. He says she’s just the same secretary who was in love with Armando. He knows she’s still in love with him.

How can he be so sure?

Romina’s trying to sneak out of the workroom without anyone noticing her, but she bumps into Armando. He asks her who else had access to the collection that was stolen from Hugo.

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