Betty en NY Tuesday 7/23/19 #109

Previously on Betty: Hugo’s going to have to start designing for the average woman. Hugo’s worried about what Armando’s investigation will uncover. Inés saw Fabio and Romi having a non-sibling-ish kiss. Armando stops Romi on her way to the airport to ask who else had access to Hugo’s collection.

Is this really Armando’s plan? He says he knows she stole the designs and she should just admit it.

Romi tries to tell him it was Inés, but Armando tells her to save her breath. Inés comes in and Romi says this is just another one of her lies.

Um, no, lies were things like…she was losing her memory…she was sick…she’s too old to be working…she wrote the emails Romina put in her account…THOSE are lies.

If Romina wants to say Inés set her up, then she’s going to have to prove it. ‘Cause they’ve got some evidence of their own, like her bank balance and the picture of her with Hugo’s stolen painting in the background.

Betty wants to know where Ricky’s getting this idea from, that he “knows” she’s in love with Armando.

He says he knows her type, women who fall in love forever.

Betty’s not going to put up with him being disrespectful. Hasn’t he had enough? With the stuffed animals and the notes.

Ricky says she knew what was going on. Armando was with Marcela and Betty accepted her role.

That’s the last time he’s going to talk to her like that. Next time he shows up in her office to talk about personal stuff, she’s going straight to HR and making sure he never sets foot in V&M again. Hey, she’s just sharing her POV. If he doesn’t like her decisions as president he can quit. She tells him to get out and shut the door behind him.

Romina’s still screeching at Armando and trying to blame everything on Inés, because she never liked her and she was afraid of losing Hugo.

Armando says she hasn’t figured it out. The people she sold the collection to betrayed her. So either she can tell them what happened or she can tell it to the cops.

Romina sniffles and says it was Gregorio Mata who contacted her and offered her a bunch of money for the collection.

Mata’s in Daniel’s office whining about wanting Daniel to protect him. ‘Cause he’s got a lot of information on Daniel. Daniel kicks him out of the office and says he’s not allowed back in the building.

Hugo’s in Marce’s office complaining about not wanting to dress the Pelotón. He refuses to dress the working class. Those people who reek of minimum wage.

Marce says there’s nothing they can do. Roberto supports her.

Hugo starts talking about Betty drugging Roberto. Marce whines about nearly leaving and Roberto thinking Betty and Nicolas can save the company. Hugo complains about getting wrinkles.

Romina’s still sobbing about needing the money and how Fabio wouldn’t help her.

Inés asks why they’re sucking face if she and Fabio are siblings?

Romina says she must not have seen clearly. Then she starts complaining about not being able to breathe and needing her medication. Armando has Inés take her to the bathroom and says he’ll go get her medication.

Romina keeps making sobbing, gagging sounds in the bathroom while she sends a text and starts pulling the grate off the vent.

Malu’s in Ricky’s office trying to talk some sense into him, but he keeps complaining about Betty wanting revenge on him. He thinks they should go to Europe already. She should give him her money and he’ll start setting up her business.

How funny–this time it’s Armando having to get Wilson to let him into the bathroom so he can chase someone down. And once again, the person who was supposed to be in there snuck out through the vent.

Armando and Inés update Betty on the investigation and Romina getting away from them. Inés reminds Betty that she had seen the two of them not acting like siblings.

Yes, she did. But she understands Hugo. Sometimes we’re so in love we don’t realize when someone’s lying to us. They need to decide who’s going to tell Hugo.

Just then, Hugo arrives with Marcela. They play the recording of Romina, but Hugo says he doesn’t believe it. He leaves for the workroom and Inés says she’ll talk to him.

Marcela’s sure this was Betty’s idea. And Armando saying it was his idea and Betty had nothing to do with it doesn’t help.

Hugo’s also blaming it on Betty.

Inés tells him to cut it out. Does he really think Ines would lie to him? It’s time he pulled the blindfold off and found some things out.

It looks like Mata was behind the whole thing, but where did he get the money to pay Romina? Armando and Betty are quiet long enough for Marcela to say there’s no way Daniel would have done this. It’s a family business. He has shares and so do she and Malu. She’s not going to let them make false accusations!

After Marcela walks out, Betty asks Armando if he’s sure about this. Armando says Daniel would do anything, even hurt his own family, to win.

Inés asks Hugo if he remembers the time Betty said she saw Fabio kissing a model? Well, it was true. And remember the time he asked Inés to water his plants? She saw Fabio and Romina in their underwear, way too close together and they were making excuses about the heat and how it’s totally normal where they come from. And earlier today she saw Fabio kissing Romina in the workroom. They’re not siblings.

Hugo’s still deep in denial. Armando and Betty must have tried to set Inés up, but when Hugo defended her, they decided to blame Romina. He tries calling Fabio, but his phone is off. He’s going to go home and confront him and give him a chance to explain.

OK, then Inés is coming with him. He always says she’s like a mother to him so he doesn’t get to prevent her from protecting her baby.

Ramiro comes to V&M to see Sandra. He’s ready with the super soaker for when the baby arrives. He misses her at home. He knows he behaved badly. Can they be family again?

He’s going to have to apologize to Wilson. And he’s going to have to buy different baby toys because she’s having a girl. (I would think Sandra, of all people, wouldn’t be so hung up on “girl toys” and “boy toys.”) They start fighting over the gun as Wilson lurks around the corner. He thinks Ramiro’s here to kill him and they’re fighting over an actual gun and it’s going to go off and they’ll stand there staring at each other and we won’t know who got hit until one of them dies.

Sandra and Ramiro come over to show Wilson the gift for the baby.

But he heard gunshots!

No, that was just Giovanni’s new ringtone.

Marcela confronts Daniel and asks him to swear on the memory of their parents that he had nothing to do with the theft of V&M’s last collection.

Daniel keeps trying to talk around it and saying Armando accused him, right?

Marcela says Romina did. And she said she sold the designs to Gregorio Mata. Ring a bell?

Daniel doesn’t swear on the memory of their parents, he just says “of course” he didn’t do it.

In that case, Marcela wants him to come to V&M and defend himself.

In Ricky/Armando’s office Esteban, the lawyer, says they have no evidence. Romina’s confession gives them the starting point for an investigation, but it’s not going to be admissible in court. He can get the ball rolling and go after Mata. If Daniel had anything to do with this, they’ll get to him through Mata.

At Hugo’s place, Hugo realizes Fabio took all his stuff. And somehow his and Romina’s marriage certificate got left behind. Inés find it and shows it to Hugo.

She tries to soothe him, but he’s already sobbing thinking about having to go back to V&M and tell Armando he was right. (Dude…check your bank balance and lock that sucker down, kick Fabi off all your credit cards, time’s a wastin’!) Aw, yeah, and the baby was Fabio and Romina’s.

Jenny comes prancing through the admin area showing off her new mink fur vest, French boots, and gold watch. Sandra does a rap on the theme of “aunque la mona se viste de mink, mona se queda.” Jenny brags about how rich Efrain is and how she wouldn’t even care if she got fired. (Can she get fired, please? Soon?)

In the breakroom, she shows off to Pati. She even left the price tag on the vest to prove how expensive it is. She brags about Efrain having “almost” a quarter of a million dollars.

Pati offers to invest some of that money for them, but Jenny’s too smart to fall for that.

Charlie gets the boys home and tells them to go up and take their showers. And lots of soap because it was a rough game. So shower, dinner, and then they can talk video games.

But no, Efrain shows up with presents (I don’t know which boy is having a birthday) and talks about taking them to Europe with “Mami Jenny.”

Amul thanks Ricky and Armando for seeing him without an appointment. He needs to tell them something that might affect their relationship…. It’s nothing to do with their contract it’s just that he heard they had a collection stolen. Well, he knows what company in India was producing the collection and it was Daniel’s.

Oh, they totally figured.

But did they know the factory that was producing the stolen collection burned down?

Mariana tells Berta the truth–she and Giovanni are just roomies. He’s a terrific roomie, though. He’s neat, he pays on time, and he’s been fixing everything around the house that needs fixing. She was keeping it a secret because Giovanni didn’t want Aura Maria to think he’s a loser, until just now when she lied. She would never get involved with someone’s boyfriend or husband, and especially not with a friend’s!

She’s angry that Aura Maria keeps acting like she owns Giovanni!

Berta says the way she was acting? The call that jealousy where she’s from. She thinks Mariana shouldn’t say anything to Aura Maria until Aura Maria realizes that her “better than nothing” is actually the best one.

Giovas passes by the front desk and flirts with Aura Maria.

She explodes! She knows all about him and Mariana and the sex they’re having and that he lives with her!

What? And how is it any business of hers? They don’t have a relationship. All she ever did was string him along as a backup and he told her. He TOLD her that one day a woman would come along who appreciated him. So he’s done being her lap dog!

Aura Maria runs off crying and Wilson, who saw the whole thing, tells Giovas that was a jealous scene! She’s jealous! Giovas is so excited–he finally knows how to get to her!

Amul tells Armando and Ricky he heard it from a reliable source, but there’s no evidence, no piece of paper with Daniel’s name on it.

Armando wants to go confront him, but Ricky says they have to let the lawyers handle it.

Hugo refuses the tea Inés makes him. He’s sitting on the couch saying he’s dead when his phone dings. It’s the notification from his bank that he just had all his accounts cleared out.

Armando and Ricky are walking Amul out when Daniel gets off the elevator with Marcela. Armando goes after him saying he’s never going to get his hands on V&M. Pretty much everyone gathers around to witness the scene. Armando accuses him of not caring about hurting other people and says threatens to kill him.

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