Betty en NY Thursday 7/25/19 #111

Previously on Betty: Armando publicly threatened to kill Daniel. Someone shot Daniel in Central Park. We know Armando didn’t shoot him, but he tells Malu and Marcela it was Armando.

Seriously, that’s it? He just says “Armando” and passes out again.

Now Marcela’s all “Armando would never!” And Malu’s like “You say he’s capable of anything, then you say he’s not!” Does Armando even have a gun?

Unfortunately for us, yes. Marce remembers putting an expensive piece of jewelry in his safe and finding a gun. Armando says he used to go to the range with some friends and then he said he could protect her better.

But Marcela lies to Malu and says Armando doesn’t have a gun.

In the admin area, the Pelotón debate whether Armando could have shot Daniel. Armando hears them doing their dramatic re-enactment and asks what they were talking about.

Sofia: “Telemundo’s 9pm/8c telenovela.”

Betty comes to Armando’s office. Yes, she heard about Daniel getting shot and she knows Armando didn’t do it, but she’s here to talk about Hugo and what Fabio did to him.

Armando feels awful for Hugo. Fabio’s a criminal!

Yeah, he made Hugo believe he loved him to get something from him. (hint, hint) Anyway, she tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t let her help him. She thought maybe Armando could try. They really need Hugo to get back to work.

Hugo’s in the workroom remembering the day the modeling agency sent Fabio over to replace the Canadian model he’d been working with before. Fabio was all starry-eyed because Oh Em Gee it’s Hugo Lombardi!

Jenny interrupts his thoughts to brag about her fur thing and Hugo lets her have it. She looks like a zorra in that getup…and I’m not sure if he means it figuratively or literally…if it were a crime to dress badly, she’d get the death sentence. It’s in such poor taste! It’s burning his retinas.

Inés shows up and Jenny whines that Hugo’s saying ugly things to her.

Ugly is her eyelashes, her brows, her hands, her legs.

Jenny thinks they’d better call Fabio.

Uh oh. Hugo grabs the scissors…say that name one more time!

Jenny runs off and Inés tries to soothe Hugo.

Efrain gets to the office and Charlie’s waiting for him…with Karen Kerbis. This time she’s representing Charlie and Sofia. She’s got the paperwork here to sign for them to buy out his share of the company, including giving up his rights to any future earnings.

Efrain tries to get all smart about “What if I don’t want to?” and Charlie reminds Efrain he said Charlie and Sofia could have it.

Karen explains that if he doesn’t sign then her clients will take him to court for theft. And then he’ll probably spend all that money he just got on lawyers and paying back Charlie and Sofia because he will lose. Again. So why not just sign the paperwork and save everybody the trouble.

In Ricky/Armando’s office Marcela begs Armando to tell her he didn’t shoot Daniel. Which is not a problem for him because he didn’t.

Marce says he’s been acting really weird lately. And why did he go looking for Daniel in the first place?

Armando says he knows he’s been behaving like a dumbass, but he’s not a killer. He wanted to talk to Daniel about buying his shares. She knows he would never do something like that. Everybody’s just upset about what’s happening.

Betty comes in to tell them Hugo’s working on the Pelotón’s collection. And next time, she’ll knock.

Efrain signed the paperwork. Karen says she’ll talk to Charlie later.

Efrain taunts Charlie about thinking he’s won something, but Efrain’s just giving him the business. And Sofia. But he’d better not even think of taking the kids!

Charlie has no intention of taking the kids away from him, but they’re going to have to learn to share because Charlie’s going to marry Sofia before the end of the year and become the boys’ stepfather. And Efrain can kid himself all he wants about how old etc., Sofia is, but Charlie knows after his accident, Efrain finally realized what he’d lost. So, yeah, “thanks” for handing her over. And he can close the door on his way out. (Keys…get the keys…change the locks…and the security system passcode….)

Daniel’s well enough to talk to the cops. He says Armando’s his only enemy. Malu helpfully adds that Armando threatened him yesterday, in front of witnesses.

So he’s saying Armando’s the one who shot him?

Sure. They were talking, Daniel turned around, and a couple of seconds later he got shot. Who else could it have been?

Mariana and Giovas put on another show for Aura Maria. She’s so angry she throws Marcela’s mail on the floor instead of handing it to Mariana.

While Mariana’s dropping off the mail, Giovas tells Aura Maria that Mariana doesn’t really deserve her ‘tude. She’s a good person and a good friend….

Aura Maria calls her a quitahombres.

Well, that would mean he was her hombre….

But no, never was, never will be *sniffle, sniffle*

Mariana comes back and warns Giovas not to throw all his hard work away. Then they hold hands and walk past the reception desk again.

The cops show up to pick up Armando as a person of interest in the case. He’s willing to go with them, but he’s kind of freaked out. He wants to call his lawyer first. (Good call.)

Sofia comes into Betty’s office talking about the cops and the army and maybe Daniel died and they’re picking up Armando!

OK, 1: Sofia needs to quit saying Armando did it, because he didn’t! And 2: she runs out to the lobby.

Armando tells Betty they just want to talk to him and no, he didn’t do it. Could she call his parents, please?

Roberto and Margarita are in Daniel’s hospital room, trying to convince him Armando didn’t shoot him, but Daniel says he’d do anything for the company.

Roberto gets the call from Betty that Armando’s been arrested. Daniel smirks.

The gun isn’t in the safe at Armando’s apartment. Marcela admits she lied to Malu about him not having one, but it’s gone. Malu thinks they’d better tell the police or they’ll be considered accomplices.

Catalina shows up at V&M and Pati’s all “I don’t talk to traitors, how dare you, you made Betty pretty!” Seriously, what does she have to do to get herself fired?

Esteban tells Ricky the cops probably suspect Armando and they want to make sure he can’t run. But there must be somebody else…some enemy of Daniel’s…. Ricky names Mata. Esteban suggests they give his name to the cops so they can at least question him.

Sandra comes downstairs to ask Wilson to drag some boxes up to the copier room for her. He’ll do it as long as she gives him some major kissage in the lobby so everyone can see he’s dating one of Hugo Lombardi’s models.

Sandra slaps him. But she’s not against the kissage.

While they go get the boxes, a person dressed all in black except for white socks and a zipper goes into the elevator. Sandra and Wilson come in with their boxes, being all smooshy, and then they look over at this guy whose outfit screams “I AM UP TO NO GOOD!” and that puts a damper on the smooshy.

Is that Mata or not? Maybe his face looks different with the hood and the sunglasses. He takes his gun out and pulls the thing and it clicks. What? I’m not a gun person.

In Betty’s office, Cata wraps up a call with Margarita. Daniel’s out of danger. (boo! hiss!)

Betty wants to go ask him to change his statement, but Catalina says that’s not her job. Her job is to be here, working for V&M, and if there’s anyone she needs to talk to it’s Hugo.

But Hugo hates her. And he’s depressed. And she knows from experience that’s a time when you don’t want to talk to anyone unless it’s someone you really trust. Like Catalina is for Betty.

Ok, so they just need to find someone Hugo wants to listen to. Someone he trusts and respects. Cata knows the person…just get Hugo in the workroom early tomorrow.

On her way out, Cata runs into Malu and Marcela. She tells them she heard about the shooting and she’s glad Daniel is doing better.

Marcela gripes at Catalina about having sided with Betty and “turned her into that thing she is.” Catalina says Betty’s not her enemy–she’s as much a victim as Marcela was.

Marcela’s offended that Catalina would compare Betty to her. She goes off to her office. Malu’s like “Sorry. Don’t know what got into her….”

Malu follows Marcela into her office and asks WTF that was–she’s behaving like a child with no manners. Catalina can be on whoever’s “side” she wants to be. And of course Malu’s on Marcela’s side–they’re family. But she’s gotta quit thinking that Betty’s evil. She’s letting her feelings get in the way of recognizing that Betty’s a brilliant. If she has to spend the next six months with Betty, can’t she make her life and everyone else’s easier?

Inés won’t tell the Pelotón what’s going on with Hugo. But she wants to, doesn’t she…and she knows whatever she tells them won’t leave the lunchroom because *all raise right hands* CHISME IS SACRED!

OK…Romina and Fabio aren’t siblings, they’re married. An d that’s not all…They cleaned Hugo’s accounts out before they left.

Armando tells the cop again for the millionth time that he didn’t see who fired the gun. All he was worried about was helping Daniel.

The cop takes a break and lets Esteban in. He calms Armando down a bit about the repetitive questions–they’re just trying to make sure his story is consistent. They’re not letting his parents in, but that’s not because he’s arrested, those are just the rules. He knows they’ve tested Armando for gunpowder residue and the test was negative (which basically means that he probably wasn’t close to where a gun was fired). 

What they need to do now is refocus the investigation. He’s already given the cops Gregorio Mata’s information. He’ll probably have a lot of things to say.

Back on the ground floor at V&M, Probably-Mata gets off the elevator and brushes right past Giovas, who’s sure it was him. Wilson’s not sure though. He thinks maybe Giovas has been sniffing paint.

Betty gets to the police station to talk to Esteban, but Marce’s all pissed off about her being there. Roberto has to come over to say “Thanks for giving a crap about our kid even if we’ve all been unforgivably rude to you from practically the moment we met you, but could you keep an eye on the company and we’ll take care of this?” It’s possible I embellished a little.

The cop got a search warrant for Armando’s apartment. Who gets to go with him?

Marce and Margarita sit at the kitchen table while the cops look around. They’re whispering too loud about Armando having a gun.

The cop’s like “So, was he a good shot?” Margarita gets all defensive and won’t answer the question. (Although, I doubt either of them really knows the answer.)

Julia’s making dinner for Nicolas and the guest he’s bringing over. They get the “good” stuff and Julia and Demetrio will keep following their diet. (I’m disappointed in the writers for not having faith in Julia’s ability to make something that both fits in their diet and tastes good. Although I guess it’s only been a couple of days.)

Next stop for the cops is to search Armando’s office…which is also Ricky’s office. And he doesn’t look too keen on having it searched.

Efrain goes to Sofia’s. The boys don’t want to let him in because somehow they’ve gotten the impression that he’s going to take them from the house. It’s worse–he brought Frank and Peter because now he wants to sue Sofia for child abuse. Charlie gets home with dinner and throws them out.

The cops are done searching the office. They want to search Armando’s car now. Ricky rolls his eyes, but yeah, he can take them to the garage.

Nico brought Pati to Betty’s for dinner. And Betty’s there. And Julia knows who Pati is.

Sofia had Efrain come to the office to ask him what gives. If he has everything he wants and he’s so happy why doesn’t he keep bothering them?

Efrain says he’s going to take the kids.

Malu steps out of Daniel’s hospital room and Mata walks in, looking more comical than threatening, taking his damn time holding up a pillow like he’s not sure he really wants to do in his mortal enemy, who he failed to kill once already this week.

Armando’s getting antsy in the little interrogation room. The cop comes back and says he’d better get used to it because now he’s under arrest for attempted murder.

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