Betty en NY Wednesday 7/24/19 #110

Previously on Betty: Romina confessed to selling Hugo’s designs to Mata. Armando suspects Daniel. Fabio moved out and cleared out Hugo’s bank accounts. Inés finds Fabio and Romina’s marriage certificate. Amul tells Ricky and Armando that Daniel didn’t just steal Hugo’s designs, he was also manufacturing them. Armando attacks Daniel in the lobby.

Armando puts it all out there–Daniel stole their designs, sold them at a discount, and they were made in his factory that burned down. Daniel’s narcissism is just hiding his inferiority complex.

Somehow, Amul and Esteban end up holding Daniel back and Nico’s blocking Armando. Armando keeps screaming at Daniel that he hurt his family’s own company and was participating in slavery. Daniel tries to punch him, but gets Nico instead.

Betty tells Daniel to get out before she calls the cops. And the ever-prepared Pati got the whole thing on video.

Hugo can see the two big transfers made from his account to Fabi’s. Inés wants to call the cops, but Hugo’s still making excuses–Fabio didn’t even know his passcode.

Yeah, and they didn’t know his and Romina’s brother-sister act was fake. They’ve got the marriage license right here. Why does Hugo insist on protecting Fabio?!

Hugo says he just doesn’t want to accuse him if he didn’t do it. He needs to talk to him.

Daniel didn’t leave so much as go to Marcela’s office, where he rants at Malu and Marcela about Armando daring to accuse him of a crime and swearing he’s going to get a protection order.

They both tell him to calm down and explain.

Daniel says there’s nothing to explain because Armando lied. He doesn’t have any businesses in India.

Marcela would still like to understand what’s happening.

Daniel says Armando’s trying to get them off the board so when Betty returns the company, she’ll only be returning it to the Mendozas.

Betty scolds Armando in her office for picking a fight with Daniel in front of all the employees.

Ricky comes in and asks WTF just happened.

Armando says he couldn’t stand Daniel’s “Businessman of the year” face.

Esteban says Daniel’s on alert now. It’s going to make their investigation more difficult. He explains to Betty that Amul doesn’t have any proof of the things he’s told them. They have nothing on Daniel…but they do have stuff on Mata.

Armando’s all excited now, wanting to go get Mata so he can rat out Daniel.

Daniel has “explained” to his sisters and Marcela wants to go ask Armando for an explanation. Malu thinks Daniel should just let them investigate if they’re not going to find anything anyway. Daniel gripes about not giving Armando the satisfaction.

And then he says Armando needs a psych eval because no one in their right mind would break up with Marcela for a fea. (What is this? 6th grade?) And they wouldn’t seize their own company and they wouldn’t make accusations like Armando made.

In Nico’s office, Pati’s barely dabbing his face with a dry hankie. She’s thinking she should go get some teabags to help with the swelling. He can’t have his face looking like that for weeks. He’s the #2 of this company. (*snort*)

Nico’s after a kiss, but Pati says they need to discuss the matter of her getting her “baby” back. Don’t ask me where she had that piece of paper stashed, but she pulls it out of wherever and hands it to Nico.

“Is this a date of birth or an amount?!”

Pati pouts her way to a “loan” on the condition that she not tell anyone or they’ll all be trying to borrow money. He tries to do this weird tongue-flick and it’s just terrible and awkward. Pati gets out of his office as fast as she can.

Armando goes looking for Hugo, but he’s not in the workroom. Marce comes in and tells him she’s worried about him.

The one he should be worried about is Daniel.

Does he have proof of his accusations?

Well, no, but he will.

Marce says this time he’s gone too far–he threatened to kill Daniel.

Yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have done that, but Daniel’s the one who got them into this mess!

Um, does he really want to talk about that?

Armando says he doesn’t have time right now and if she sees Hugo, tell him Armando’s looking for him.

Malu asks Ricky what proof they have against Daniel. Of course he didn’t send her to check things out for him, he’s way too proud for that. She begs him to tell her.

Ricky says they have it from a good source that Daniel bought a textile factory in India using corporate espionage. Mata got Daniel the information he needed to buy the factory.

“My brother would never….”

He’s not done. That textile factory was producing the stolen collection. Big coincidence, right? That factory burned down with most of the employees inside

Malu says Daniel might be aggressive, but he’s not a criminal!

OK, well…he respects her relationship with her brother, but she can go online and check it out herself. Daniel’s not who she thinks he is.

Mata’s house got broken into. Whatever’s missing makes him think Daniel did it.

He calls Daniel all “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” He says he’s going to start talking.

Well, no one will believe him now that he doesn’t have any proof.

“Aha! You did steal my computer!”

Daniel has no idea what he’s talking about. He thinks Mata should enjoy his freedom while he still has it.

Efrain goes over to Sofia’s house to throw Junior a birthday party without Sofia’s knowledge and/or consent.

Betty and Nico are showing Thompson their business plan. They’re confident that doing the casual line, with Hugo designing, is absolutely going to work.

Armando barges in to tell Thompson to back off–Betty’s their president!

When someone can finally interrupt him, Nico says Thompson’s not here to take Betty. He’s investing.

Thomson’s like “Damn, I didn’t know you were so possessive of your employees!” He’s just here to invest in the casual line and only because Betty’s here. (subtext: Since she’s the only one who even remotely has a chance of wrangling y’all!) In fact, he’s adding that to the contract–if Betty’s not in charge, they don’t get his money.

Sofia gets back to party central. She’s pissed. Charlie has to haul her upstairs so she won’t attack Jenny or Efrain. Not that they don’t deserve it.

It’s quittin’ time and Aura Maria asks Giovas for a ride home. Unfortunately, only two fit on the bike and look at this cute helmet he got for Mariana! They keep up the smooshy love talk while Berta and Sandra watch Aura Maria seethe.

Sandra wonders who ever would have thought those two would be so in love. And here comes Wilson, looking like Sandra’s an afternoon snack. Although, from the look on her face, the snacking is mutual.

Berta thinks it’s nice to see so many people in love. And now she’s gotta go because her tigre‘s waiting.

Hugo’s still moping. Inés isn’t going to leave him alone.

Charlie and Sofia have sort of joined the party. Berta, Enrique, Giovas, Mariana, Sandra and Wilson arrive. Aura Maria was already there with her kid. Giovas is starting to feel bad about pretending he and Mariana are a couple, but she tells him to stick it out. She’s on the verge of falling.

I guess the grown ups have alcohol in their drinks? Because there’s “drunk” and there’s “so drunk you start making a toast to your kid, but you grab the wrong kid.” Jenny points Efrain in the direction of the right one and I kid you not, Efrain says “You heard what I said to the other kid? Same to you.” He’s babbling about wanting to give his kids what he never had.

Sandra: “Decency?”

Charlie tries to take the mic away, but Efrain’s got his arm around Junior’s neck, so Efrain keeps choking Junior as he tries to keep Charlie from taking the mic. So, we’ve got trespassing, child abuse, and now Efrain says he’s giving Junior a horse. How much worse is this going to get?

Sofia gets the mic away from Efrain and says the party’s over, everybody out!

What the hell kind of caterers don’t clean up after the party? Sofia’s so angry at Efrain she wishes she had the money to buy him and Jenny one-way tickets to the moon. Junior says she’s going to let him have the horse, right? They can keep it in the living room….

Betty and Armando have stayed at the office late to figure out what Armando would have to do to buy Daniel’s shares. Armando tries to invite her to dinner, but that’s not happening. He offers her a ride home, but they both see the incoming call from Marcela. Betty tells him he should answer and let her know he’s on his way home.

Julia’s been following Joaquin’s social media. She’s convinced he’s thinking about Betty…in a selfie of him and Betty.

She’s worried when Betty says she stayed late at the office to work on something with Armando. And no, Nicolas wasn’t there. She warns Betty to stay away from him.

Betty says it’s hard when they work together. But she promised Marcela she’d stay as far away from him as possible and that’s what she’ll do.

When Inés comes downstairs in the morning, Hugo’s gone. She calls Betty in a panic. Betty calls Wilson and tells him to call if he sees Hugo.

Wilson says Hugo’s been there since early this morning. He saw him on the cameras.

Armando catches up to Daniel on his morning run and says he’ll buy Daniel’s shares in the company and he won’t go after him for the theft of the sketches.

Daniel still acts like Armando’s just making stuff up. He turns down the offer. Soon, he’ll be the one buying Armando’s shares and Armando will have nothing.

Nearby, someone with a gun is waiting for their shot.

Betty’s in her office waiting for Hugo. (I have to interrupt myself to say that I love when she rocks this ’80s vibe.) He shows up and warns her he is not in the mood for her today.

Betty understands….

What would she understand about loving someone and imagining an entire life with them and then one morning you wake up and realize it’s all a lie?

Betty keeps listening as Hugo says she must be happy. She was right. Fabio was cheating on him. And here she is, like a vengeful angel, getting revenge on them one at a time.

When she realizes he’s done talking she says she’s not happy about any of this. She knows what it’s like to be used and lied to and she doesn’t mean recently, she means always. And then she thought she could fall in love. And she did. With someone who broke her heart, like Hugo’s getting his heart broken, and completely destroyed her.

They have a lot in common. They’ve both been discriminated against and lied to.

Armando tells Daniel again to think about it–they can save themselves the annoyance of having to see each other at the office. He walks away and the person watching them shoots Daniel.

And Armando, because he’s a decent guy, runs back to him and calls 911.

Betty knows Hugo can’t see a way out right now, but that’s because it just happened. He needs time.

Hugo’s all “Don’t be telling me what I need!”

Betty apologizes. But they need him. They’re all working toward the same goal and he’s got this challenge to dress the average woman. Why not start designing?

Hugo gives her that line again about it not being a challenge, but something disgusting.

Well. He could take some vacation time, then, to deal with his personal situation.

Oh, hell no, he’s not leaving! So Betty can save her magazine advice.

Then how about taking some time off and then working on the collection. Because they need him.

Well, what he needs is to stop seeing her and hearing her. (Don’t try this at home, kids. It tends to get you fired.)

Armando calls Marcela as she’s on her way into the office with Malu.  He doesn’t have a lot of details for her and there’s a cop waiting to take his statement as the ambulance drives off with Daniel.

Armando tells the cop he doesn’t know what happened. They were talking, he said goodbye, he walked away from Daniel, he heard a shot behind him, turned around, and Daniel was lying on the ground. He doesn’t know where the bullet came from.

And his relationship to the victim?

Uh…ex-brother in law.

And their relationship is?

Normal? They have some business problems, but that’s it.

At V&M all the admins are gathered in front of Betty’s desk to tell her the little they know…Daniel got shot, Marcela and Malu went to the hospital to see him, nobody knows if Armando knows or not.

The doctor tells Marcela and Malu the shot went straight through and didn’t hit anything vital. When he wakes up, Malu asks who did this to him and the jackass says “Armando.”

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