Betty en NY Tuesday 7/30/19 #114

Previously on Betty: Amul shared what he knows about Daniel’s operation in India with Armando’s parents. Someone filled Betty’s office with flowers. Joaquin’s in Betty’s office.

Joaquin wanted to surprise Betty and she’s certainly surprised. He’s moving to New York. He and Armando bicker about who gets to talk to Betty first.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón are waiting for Aura Maria to give them the chisme of the year….

Marcela swears she can tell from the picture that Pati wasn’t just pretending to get into “enemy territory.” She looks happy in that picture, like a teenager in love.

Pati swears there’s nothing between her and Nico except something physical….

Marcela realizes Pati’s slept with him. She’s flipping out about Pati wanting to be an ordinaria naca pobretona living in Jackson Heights.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón are checking out Joaquin online and talking about how unbelievable it is that their Betty would come back as the friend of the president of a PR company and a European house of design.

Well, she’s smart and she’s a good friend, but pretty…? Berta says she was ugly. What, did anybody think she was pretty?

Who cares, it’s the guy who’s important! How did he get her picture up all over town and buy her an entire flower shop and now he’s shown up in person? He must be in love.

Pati agrees, because the fea’s luck…she forgot how the rest goes. “The pretty girls don’t care about it,” Berta mocks her.

In the breakroom, Wilson confronts Giovas. He saw the security videos from last night and he thinks Giovas is a rat for cheating on Mariana.

Giovas explains that Mariana’s the one who came up with the plan. Wilson thinks that’s twisted. But obviously it’s working.

Marce and Pati complain about Joaquin being interested in Betty. Pati figures being fea is in, so they’d better get with the program.

Giovas stops by Aura Maria’s desk. She’s  asking if he’s working late tonight, but he doesn’t know. Sandra and Mariana come walking down that weird hallway that seems to go behind the elevators, looking at Mariana’s horoscope app. Mariana says hers says someone’s going to betray her.

And what sign is Aura Maria? Hm… “There are opportunities that only appear once in your life. Don’t let them pass.”

Mariana giggles with the rest of the Pelotón about Aura Maria’s reaction to her fake horoscope. The real one said she was going to have an unforgettable encounter. She’s hoping it’s with a $100 bill.

Oh, hey Ramiro! He’s apparently got an appointment with Malu. He gets Mariana’s stamp of approval on his jacket before she walks him to Malu/Marcela’s office. Berta watches him walk away all “Damn, it’s too bad I’m married!”

Betty and Joaquin walk out of her office laughing at something. From in front of them, Armando’s complaining about nobody working. From behind them Marcela’s all “Joaquin?!” This is the last place she expected to see him.

Armando: “So you know each other?” Marcela nods.

In her office, she tells Armando she met Joaquin at a dinner at Milan Fashion Week. She thought he was rude and arrogant. And he was married at the time, but she heard later that he got divorced. He’s probably just here to hang out with his “model.” Just saying.

Next thing we know, Armando’s in Betty’s office and she’s begging him to quit talking about Joaquin! He’s trying to tell her the very important thing he wanted to tell her…but Pati comes in. There’s a reporter wanting to interview Betty about Joaquin’s campaign.

Pati is completely baffled when Betty tells her to tell them she’s in a meeting and she should call Joaquin.

Armando’s ready to give it another try…but Pati comes in screaming that the biggest magazine in New York is on the phone now wanting to talk to Betty.

Armando goes all Original Recipe and starts screaming at Pati to get OUT or she’ll never set foot in V&M again.

But Betty’s like “Excuse you! Pati stays.” She tells Armando he’d better learn to respect Pati. And if he had something important and business-related to tell her then there’s no problem with Pati being here, right? So what was he going to say?


Nico called Pati to his office to see if she’d like one of the two tamales he brought for lunch. And we all know what it means when a boy wants to share his tamales with you. It means you end up selling tamales at a stand in front of your more-or-less mother in law’s house while you’re pregnant and your older child is supposed to be watching the younger one, but you can hear stuff breaking inside the house and Marcela stops by and tells you she TOLD you not to marry Nicolas and you still insist you could be a fashion model and Marcela laughs and says she’d rather use Betty because at least Betty has been the face of a campaign before.

Pati comes out of her nightmare and starts sobbing and saying she’s not going to fall for Nicolas’ tricks! He says he wants to offer her a tamale to eat, but she’ll just end up selling tamales to support him! She’s never going to change her lifestyle! Not for anybody! And she’s not naming the kids Luismi Brian or Dayana Patricia!

But she’ll take a piece of a tamale.

Malu’s in the conference room with Esteban, getting ready to sign the paperwork so that Ricky can get her business started. Although, as her lawyer, his advice is for her not to sign it until she’s sure Ricky’s the ideal person to manage her money. He’s just saying, he thinks it’s best to manage her own money. But Malu trusts Ricky and knows what she’s doing.

Aura Maria finds Giovas in the copy room and comes on to him. He says they can’t! It’s not right! Mariana’s her friend and his girlfriend!

Wait, so…he used her last night?

If she wants to see it that way, it makes them even. She used him a whole buncha times. His advice to her is to stay strong and try not to notice the train of forbidden passion that’s about to run off the rails.

Aura Maria screeches at him to forget her and dramatically exits the copy room. Giovas says she’ll thank him later.

Malu comes to Ricky’s office to get the truth out of him. Marcela told her “everything.”

So he says it’s true, but it’s over and it doesn’t mean anything to him now, so he hopes she won’t judge him for his past.

Of course she would never judge him for interning his mom at a psychiatric hospital.


Malu’s sorry, she investigated. She just had to know.

Well, now Ricky’s angry. She had no right to butt into his life!

She agrees.

Ricky apologizes for reacting that way. It’s a sensitive topic. He’s sorry.

In the lunch room the Pelotón are trying to get Betty to admit that Joaquin’s not just a friend. She sticks to her story–she doesn’t have any suitors!

Inés apologizes for the rest of them–they do it out of love. Sandra complains that she’s always scolding them. ” And always about the same thing!” Betty adds.

Pati’s super rude to a visitor until she recognizes him as David White, the owner of WhiteMart. They’ve met before, at parties, when she was still married to Mauricio Goldberg? But she’s single now! And, um, she heard about his wife. She knows just how he feels.

Why? Did her ex-husband die too?

She wishes!…she could fill the emptiness, bla bla bla, she needs love.

Mr. White is here for a meeting with Nicolas. And Pati will gladly show him to the conference room right over…oops, dropped her pen…. Seriously, Jenny has been a bad influence on her.

Woo hoo! Mariachis!

Damnit, Efrain! Go away!

Oh well, at least he’s there for Jenny and not Sofia. Although Jenny’s apparently not a fan of mariachi at work. Efrain wants witnesses to this farce. He asks Jenny to marry him. She begs Sofia and Berta to pretend this isn’t happening because it’s NOT HAPPENING.

And then Efrain pulls out a box with a ring and she’s all excited about the ring. I don’t know if that counts as a yes.

Sofia and Berta are trying not to laugh as Efrain brags about how Jenny’s ring is a REAL diamond to show his REAL love for a REAL woman. They get to the point where they can’t hold it in anymore and start laughing.

And now that they’ve witnessed this moment, Sofia just wants to say the size of a man isn’t measured by the size of the rocks he gives, but by…other things. Well, they came, they witnessed, should they applaud? They’ll applaud. Sofia congratulates Jenny and wishes her happiness. Berta says you can tell how in love they are.

Efrain pretty much hauls Jenny away with him as Wilson complains that he’s not letting the mariachis play.

Berta’s like “Damn! Dude’s bleeding from his credit cards.”

And did she see the size of that rock?!

Berta says he must have spent $30K just to show Sofia what she’s missing. And that’s on the low end. Sofia just grins and kisses her own ring.

I don’t know who this is getting off the elevator at V&M, but she’s flirting with Ricky and Ricky’s flirting right back. She was looking for Hugo, but since he’s not there, Ricky suggests they go have a drink together.

Malu and Marcela see them getting into the elevator. Marcela’s like “You know what Ricky’s like.” It’s probably one of his long list of conquests.

Malu asks how long a list it is.

“If I told you….”

Nico comes over to Pati’s with food because he didn’t understand what she was saying earlier and he didn’t like the way they left it and…David White is in her apartment. In a tux. With champagne. And he and Pati are on their way to the opera. Nico grabs his takeout and takes it the hell out of Pati’s apartment.

Joaquin’s at Betty’s. He brought her mom a fancy purse. Demetrio’s like “Hey, to go with the dress you wear to funerals!” Julia says it’s from Joaquin’s line. Demetrio: “Probably left over from last season.” Betty says it’s from the current collection.

Joaquin also brought something for Demetrio…it’s a bottle of tequila. “It’s not like I’m a drunk!”

And then Armando shows up, because why not? Demetrio’s definitely Team Armando. Julia is definitely not and she’s rubbing it in his face that they’re welcoming Joaquin to the city and he brought them gifts because HE’S a gentleman. Demetrio asks if Armando wants to try some of his new tequila. Betty’s sure he’s gotta go…but no Armando’s happy to stick around unless anyone objects. Joaquin says it’s Betty’s call. Betty laughs like “You have met my parents, right?”

Sofia gets home and Efrain and Jenny are in the living room with the kids. They’ve told them they’re getting married. In Las Vegas. With the boys and Efrain in matching Elvis costumes. And potentially “Mami Jenny” as Marilyn. Sofia asks to speak to Efrain in private.

The Pelotón are setting something up in Hugo’s workroom. Sandra’s telling everyone where to put the chairs. Mariana gets a leg cramp and Ramiro helps work it out. Aura Maria takes the opportunity to taunt Giovas about someone checking out his girlfriend.

In the kitchen Sofia tells Efrain to just go marry Jenny and leave her alone! But he’s convinced she’s jealous and wants him back and if she begs  he’ll go take the ring off Jenny’s finger. He tries to kiss her and Sofia’s yelling “No” and clearly being attacked. Thunder, the dog we haven’t seen yet comes to Sofia’s defense, biting Efrain’s leg. Who’s a good boy?!

I don’t know how many they’ve had, but Armando wants just one more shot of tequila for a toast to Betty. He congratulates her for her success and says he’s not surprised at all because she impressed him with her intelligence when she first came to work for him. He also congratulates her on her new life–not only being the president of his family’s company, but also being the face of a European company.

Demetrio complains that they’re using her image for free.

Julia toasts to Joaquin for being the best boss Betty has ever had and appreciating her and being honest with her UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.

Joaquin starts to make a toast, but Armando just talks right over him and pours himself another shot.

Betty takes the bottle away. That’s enough tequila and Armando said he was coming over to talk about V&M right?

Armando goes off into the kitchen and Betty tells the rest of them to enjoy the tequila.

In the kitchen, Armando throws a temper tantrum ’cause Betty got on with her life without him. He’s all about his feelings. And oh look, they even made Joaquin dinner. And he knows her mom thinks Joaquin’s the perfect man for her, but HE’s the perfect man for her.

Betty says Joaquin’s a friend of the family.

Oh please, he’s totally after her! Are they officially dating now? What happened after  Joaquin kissed her? Is it so hard for her to understand that he loves her? That’s why he’s here begging her to love him back! Begging her to get back together. Does he have to plaster her picture all over the city? What does he have to do…?

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