Betty en NY Wednesday 7/31/19 #115

Previously on Betty: Armando crashed Joaquin’s welcome dinner at Betty’s.

Armando’s complaining to Betty about her mom applauding everything Joaquin does, but Joaquin doesn’t love her like he does!

Betty tells him they’ve both got their own lives.

“Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll go.” Of course, he knows she learned to lie from the best (him).

Betty says she doesn’t feel the same way she used to about him.

Armando says that’s a lie…

I don’t know what to do anymore. My heart is making me doubt. I remember the harm he did and I can’t forgive him. –Betty’s diary

Yeah, quoting her diary is probably not the best strategy, Armando.

Demetrio gets his chance to question Joaquin about Betty’s face being everywhere.

Joaquin admits he didn’t get her permission, but he does have a check for her.

Betty’s furious that Armando read the diary. How did he get into the app?

Armando says that’s not important (the hell it isn’t). “Someone” got into it and he couldn’t resist the temptation. He knows it was wrong–

Who’s the “someone”?

“It doesn’t matter.”

He had no right to invade her privacy!

Armando whines that he just had to find out how she felt!

Is he ever going to get tired of taking advantage of her? He thinks he has the right to butt into her life whenever he wants to and now he’s invading her privacy.

Armando gets on his knees and begs her to forgive him. What does he have to do so she’ll forgive him? (Be reborn?)

Julia comes in and sees Armando on his knees, pawing at Betty and asks what he’s done this time.

Betty tells him to leave. She thought he didn’t have a way to hurt her anymore, but he always finds a way. She doesn’t want him in her house again.

Mariana’s leg cramp feels like it’s coming back. Ramiro offers to stretch her…leaning up against the installation with all the dress forms in the lobby. Aura Maria comes over to say good night to her “friend.” She doesn’t look like she believes they were just stretching.

Ramiro offers Mariana a ride home, but Aura Maria says her boyfriend Giovanni takes her home every night. They live together.

Giovas comes over and accidentally looks like he’s offering Aura Maria a ride instead of Mariana. Aura Maria drags a very confused Ramiro away.

Betty comes back from the kitchen, angry. Armando says he’d better be leaving. Demetrio’s all “We haven’t even had dinner!” Betty says he has to go.

He runs into Nico on his way out. Nico just came by to tell Betty she was right about that thing.

Demetrio introduces Joaquin to Nico and insists they have to get along because Joaquin came by to pay Betty for using her image.

Nico and Betty gawk at the check. Nico says she gets paid better to be a model than president of V&M! He offers Joaquin his modeling services and keeps Betty from trying to return the check.

Jenny and Efrain are leaving. And the kids can’t go to Vegas because they’ve got school and stuff. But Sofia does have a wedding gift for them…. She’s returning the dog. Obviously it’s too dangerous for the kids. Jenny takes the dog outside and then starts screaming about the dog biting her finger and swallowing the ring. Sofia finds this hilarious.

(I kind of feel offended on behalf of dogs who are just, you know, trying to do their thing and some dumbass human doesn’t treat them right, but the dog gets all the blame. And I don’t even like dogs.)

Betty still doesn’t understand why Joaquin used her pictures.

He thought it was the most original way to get her attention. He’s here for her, for a chance with her. He’s not going to pressure her, and she knows he likes to just let things flow and see what happens. So he’s staying for a while.

And now they can forget this conversation and move on. Joaquin wants to talk business, but tomorrow.

The chairs are still set up in the workroom. Sandra thinks they should invite Hugo to their “relax” session, but Inés says it would take an elephant tranquilizer for Hugo to relax. He was doing better, but then that degenerate texted him again. She’s worried Betty wants to replace him with the designer who’s meeting with her today.

Mariana thinks it’s more likely they’ll end up without a president, ’cause that guy is definitely hot for Betty!

Marce comes into the office with Pati, asking about her date last night.

Pati forgot the opera was that long. And she didn’t understand anything because her phone app doesn’t translate Latin.

Marce cracks up–it’s in Italian!

Well, Pati doesn’t care, as long as David keeps taking her to nice places.

So she’s going to keep dating him? ‘Cause he’s kind of old….

Who cares! The older they are, the more zeros in their bank account. Marce’s always criticizing her! “He’s too naco! He’s too old!” Does she really want Pati to be single for the rest of her life?

Marcela says she’s divorced. That’s better than single. But she (Marcela) is solterona (an “old maid”). She heads into Betty’s office.

Nico walks past Pati’s desk with his breakfast. That he’s eating ALONE.

“What’s his problem?”

Marce comes at Betty for being in a valla (billboard) for the competition, which is a conflict of interest.

OK, first off, when those pictures were taken she wasn’t working for V&M. And second, Joaquin’s collection isn’t targeting the same market as V&M.

Sure, until she came in here with her ideas, which are going to leave the company in ruins.

Betty laughs…sorry, they’re already in ruins.

Marce “reminds” her that models are just clothes hangers.

Betty agrees. And that’s why she’s not a model. She’s the president of the company. And maybe both of them should get back to work.

Esteban comes to Ricky’s office to pick up the signed agreement for Ricky to manage Malu’s money.

Uh…he signed it, but he left it at home.

Esteban says it’s all he needs to get the money deposited into Ricky’s account, so let him know when it’s ready.

Ricky goes to Malu/Marcela’s office to ask about the papers he’s supposed to sign.

Malu left them at the apartment. She’s having doubts. Like…where was he last night? Because she saw him leave with a model.

He says they just talked and then he went home to rest.

Well, maybe that’s what she needs. Some rest and time to think. They’ll talk later.

Joaquin brought roses for Betty. Armando pulls that macho caveman “She’s mine, back off” crap. Joaquin’s not backing off.

Catalina tells Betty that one of the entertainment shows on Telemundo wants an on-camera interview with her and Joaquin. Joaquin comes in with those beautiful roses and asks if Cata has told Betty about the interview.

Betty agrees to do it, but she wants time to prepare. When’s the interview?


Esteban’s trying to make copies, but the copy machine’s printing too light. Mariana comes in and says she’ll take a look. She blows on one end of the ink cartridge and apparently dislodges some clogged ink…onto Esteban’s shirt.

Aura Maria’s all smirky about “Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt anything!” When Esteban goes off to try to clean his shirt, Aura Maria tells Mariana to leave some men for the rest of them.

Betty comes to Nico’s office to tell him she’s about to do an interview, so call her mom and tell her to turn on the TV!

Nico’s been trying to figure out who hacked Betty’s diary, but he’s not getting anywhere. Who would be so interested in her life? Who’s so ensañado (furious)?

Daniel Valencia? But he hates Armando and wouldn’t have given him that information.

Marcela? She would never hand over something where Betty’s declaring her love for Armando.

Betty thinks she knows who it is….

She goes to Ricky’s office and asks Sandra to leave them. She wants to look at Ricky’s computer. And if he won’t let her, she’ll get someone from IT to do it. She knows he read her diary.

Ricky pretends he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Betty calls him a segundón (second-best). That’s what he is, right? Armando’s accomplice, his “bro.” And he can’t even do that right. A friend wouldn’t do what he did to Armando.

Ricky’s all “Don’t mess with me, you’re only president because I put you there.”

She’s pretty sure it’s because his plans didn’t work out. Because ugly, stupid Betty was smarter than them and didn’t fall into their trap.

Ricky’s blathering about how he knows her “type.” Worthless, giving themselves to a man. Isn’t that what she wrote? “Armando made me feel like a woman.”

Betty slaps him. I can neither confirm nor deny that I watched that several times. He thinks he knows her? Well, she knows him and he’s not a successful businessman–he’s a fake and a loser.

Armando comes in and Ricky says Betty’s gone crazy.

Betty’s not the type to wish Ricky ill, but she’s got no problem telling Armando that Ricky’s his worst enemy. And if either of them spy on her again she’s pressing charges.

The interviewer welcomes Betty and Joaquin and tells the viewers that Betty is the president of V&M and the face of Joaquin’s new collection “Woman In Construction.”

Joaquin says Betty’s also his inspiration for the collection.

The interviewer asks how they met and Betty says it was during a robbery. Which sidesteps the whole issue of why she was in Miami in the first place.

Ricky and Armando are watching in their office. Armando’s nearly eating his notebook in anxiety as the interviewer asks if they have a relationship.

Joaquin says Betty’s his muse, if that’s what she means. And what artist wouldn’t fall in love with the woman who inspires them?

She asks what Betty feels for Joaquin.

“He changed my life. He helped me have confidence in myself, get my self-esteem back, and made me realize how incredible I am.” She’s proud of being in his “Woman In Construction” campaign.

In their office, Ricky gives a nasty laugh and says that’s so cheesy. “Woman in construction? More like destruction, fea…you’re uglier than….”

Armando tells him to shut up and leave her alone.

The Pelotón are excited about the prospect of a wedding in Spain. Time to get passports and buy new dresses, ’cause they’re sure they’ll be invited–if not Pelotón of honor.

Pati whines to Marce that being ugly is in fashion. Marce’s all “Whatever.”

Hey, underestimating Betty is how Marce lost her husband and her business in the first place. It probably won’t be long before she has her boyfriend designing for them. The hottie likes feas. And he’s a good designer. It’s only logical that he’d take Hugo’s job. Marce better watch out or she’ll end up living on the street…or on a roof with Pati.

Inés brought Hugo lunch. He’s whining about his talent being gone. He has no more magic.

Inés tells him to chill. It’s probably best he’s not a work with all the stuff going on at V&M. Just relax and have his soup. Deciding to leave it all behind was a smart move. He doesn’t need to lower himself. He said he didn’t want to look back and Inés supports him.

Hugo gets a message on his phone and complains about constantly getting messages and WHAT IS BETTY DOING WITH JOAQUIN DE QUIROZ AT V&M?! !!!!! !!

Inés tells him not to worry about it. Why fight a battle you know you can’t win? Inés just hopes the new designer will treat her well.

WHAT?! He demands an explanation.

Hugo comes to Betty’s office flanked by Marcela and Armando. He tells Joaquin that he can understand Joaquin trying to take his job, but not falling in love with a fea! It’s professionally unethical! Like Marco Solis says “¿A dónde vamos a parar?”

Marce swears Joaquin won’t get Hugo’s job.

Armando says they won’t let him seduce Betty, either. Because it’s obvious he’s manipulating her!

Betty’s like “Excuse you! I’m the president and I can decide who works here and who doesn’t.” Joaquin would make a great replacement for Hugo. Because he has experience designing for  “real” women. She drapes herself all over him and says she thinks he could do it.

Hugo swears she planned all this! She’s got a rock for a heart and her soul is an iceberg. No wonder she was being all nice to him–so she could stab him in the back later!

Well, all they need for the collection is a designer, no matter who it is.

Yes, and Joaquin has these ideas, like…nylon and polyester.

Hugo says next he’s going to suggest terlenka! He’s not letting Joaquin contaminate his collection with those cheap fabrics!

Betty asks if that mean’s he’s staying.

“I never left!” Hugo tells Joaquin to stay out of his workroom and leaves.

Betty hugs Joaquin as they laugh.

In the workroom, Hugo does indeed complain about the circle of chairs, but then Ramiro introduces himself and as the instructor for the anti-stress classes. He’s sorry they’ve inconvenienced Hugo, but it’s just one day. He’s going to try to help improve the work environment between the employees. And Hugo’s welcome to join in.

Somehow this turns into Ramiro agreeing to give Hugo a private class.

Inés interrupts and says he’s got work to do.

Right. Work. So, um, don’t use his workroom for classes again. He tells Inés to drag him away. He needs an icewater bath, as cold as he can get it!

Marcela and Armando are still complaining about Betty hiring another designer without running it by the board first. Joaquin has to spell it out for them–Betty just took advantage of Hugo’s ego to snap him out of his depression and get him back to work.

Because, obviously, Joaquin already has his hands full with his own designs and his stores. He doesn’t have time for V&M.

Joaquin tells Betty they should go see Cata. They leave Marce and Armando standing in her office. Marce says they make a cute couple. Armando’s face doesn’t agree.

Hugo’s still complaining about how Joaquin’s a nobody and he hasn’t seen anything about Joaquin’s ad campaign when Inés walks him out the front door of the building and points out the billboard across the street.

Time for stress-relief class. Malu and Pati get there just in time. Ramiro has them doing something like an empty chair exercise, but he’s using a piñata. They’re supposed to talk to it like they would someone that they’re angry at and or maybe someone they feel grateful to but they haven’t expressed themselves to that person.

He picks Aura Maria to go first and obviously she’s talking about Mariana. The first person she met in New York. The one who taught her how to navigate the subway and showed her all the cheapest stores. And then there was that one time they went to Madison Square Garden and saw Daddy Yankee!

She has so many good memories…and that’s why it hurt so much to get stabbed in the back! The minute her back was turned this person went after her boyfriend like a vulture! Aura Maria would have taken a bullet for them! She’s a bad friend! She’s disloyal! “I hate you, Mariana!” She goes over and stomps on Mariana’s foot and goes back to her chair.

Pati’s enjoying this. They give Aura Maria a round of applause. Mariana claps sarcastically.

Next up is Sofia. Her sharing is nonverbal. She just whacks the piñata. Ramiro pulls her back and says that was good. Round of applause for Sofia!

And now it’s Pati’s turn and Ramiro’s not letting her weasel out of it. She insists she never holds onto anger. In that case he wants her to demonstrate how she deals with conflict. If she were in a difficult conversation, how would she express herself to this person.

Pati babbles about body language and being totally relaxed and if they have a conflict, they can fix it. So she’d say something like…

She knows this person envied her and felt threatened and started reacting defensively…and then she started down her road to darkness and STOLE PATI’S JOB! And she has two hot guys after her. She knows “Featriz” always wanted to get her hands on the presidency! Pati knows how she works, sneaking in like humidity.

Ramiro says Pati’s getting away from the purpose of the exercise and asks her to relax.

Instead she shoves him away and keeps yelling at the piñata about walking around with Joaquin de Quiroz and showing off like a supermodel and “THAT WAS ALL SUPPOSED TO BE FOR ME!” Because Betty hasn’t done anything to deserve it. She’s just a bat! And she doesn’t even diet. Or brush her hair.

And then Pati starts beating the crap out of the piñata with her bare hands and screaming.

Ramiro guides her back to her chair as most of the others are backing away. Pati pops up almost immediately and starts whacking the piñata with her chair, screaming about how much she hates Betty.

Well, at least we know everyone else has good reflexes and the sense to get out of the way?

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