Betty en NY Thursday 8/1/19 #116

Previously on Betty: Armando quotes Betty’s diary back to her. Betty confronts Ricky for hacking the diary, smacks him, and warns Armando that Ricky’s his worst enemy. Ramiro runs an anti-stress workshop.

So, now that everyone’s released their pent-up emotions they all feel better, right?

Not Pati. She’s still screechy. Ramiro talks about needing a network of support…which somehow means trust falls. Malu’s a fan. She convinces Pati to try. She’ll be there for her.

But  Pati has obviously never done this before…and falls forward.

Betty tells Nico about her brilliant play to get Hugo back into the workroom. Armando and Marcela were just shocked.

Well, Nico was shocked to find out Betty and Joaquin were getting serious already. That’s what it looked like on the interview.

Betty wonders if she did the wrong thing.

“Depends on how much you like paella.”

Well, she likes Joaquin, but Nico reminds her she’s in love with someone else. Hey, he was there to take out the first piece of gum someone put in her hair, and he removed all the “LOSER” signs that got stuck to her back, and got stung by two bees someone had put in her locker. So she can’t lie to him.

Betty doesn’t think what she feels for Armando matters. She’s not going to let her emotions control her!

Mariana helps Ramiro clean up after the class. He asks about Aura Maria being so upset at her for stealing her boyfriend or something?

Mariana says he wasn’t Aura Maria’s boyfriend and he isn’t her boyfriend either, they just made it up.

Ramiro thinks it sounds complicated. Maybe she could explain it over dinner.

Armando is drunk after work hours, but in the office. Giovas comes in looking for something to do to keep himself from thinking about Aura Maria. Armando offers him a drink. He knows how Giovas feels.

Giovas downs the drink and asks how it’s possible that Armando can know how he feels when he’s, you know, Armando.

Armando complains that he’s tried and tried, but gets nothing in return.

Giovas never would have guessed. But if there’s anything he can do….

Armando tells Giovas to hit him in the face. Yeah, that’s not happening. He pours them both another drink.

Nico starts to walk past Pati’s desk and stops to gawk at her. “Consider yourself complimented.”

Pati’s way dressed up. She tries to talk to Nico about something to do with the class, but just then David White shows up in a tux.

He makes the same joke again about not knowing Nico was coming with them and he’s only got two tickets, but Nico says he’s just here to entertain Pati until David showed up. As they’re walking off together Nico’s all “Cute couple!”

Armando and Giovas come down the hallway talking about unrequited love. Oh, hey, maybe Nico would punch Armando in the face! He’s willing to try, but Giovas stops him. He begs Armando to quit being self-destructive. Armando has an idea that will help all three of them.

Joaquin’s making alioli. To put on what, I don’t know. He’s joking about his grandmother saying he could give away the paella recipe, but he had to carry the alioli recipe to the grave with him.

Betty gets a call…from Nicolas…but she’s going to ignore it.

Nico, Giovas, and Armando all went out to get drunk/er together. Nico’s complaining that the worst thing you can be is honest, be a good person, be caring, and be affectionate. ‘Cause it just gets you used like a mop.

Armando thinks the worst is not being any of those things because then you lose everything and they don’t believe you anymore.

Giovas announces the lime slice in front of him has something important to say, but Nico and Armando are ignoring him. Nico tells Armando the difference between them is that Nico knows how to love.

Armando decides he’s going to call Betty, but Nico steals his phone. He understands what Armando’s going through, but he has to suck it up and be a man. Nico attempts to order three Lamborghinis. (That’s one of those flaming drinks. I don’t think these guys should be around fire.)

Armando steals his phone back.

At Betty’s they’re having paella and Joaquin’s toasting to feeling so welcome, like part of the family.

Betty’s phone will not quit buzzing. She says it’s Nico. But Julia keeps talking about wanting Joaquin to come over more often and he’s inviting them all to Málaga and Demetrio’s complaining and Joaquin asks what Betty thinks….

“I don’t know, Armando.” AWKWARD!

Armando thinks he sees Betty at a table nearby and messes up someone’s date. Er, or someone’s date’s about to mess him up, we’ll see.

Betty apologizes for calling Joaquin “Armando” earlier, but he says it’s just her subconscious.

Betty admits Armando was calling her, he was with Nico, and they were drunk.

Nico stumbles in just then and offers to do a casting for Joaquin. And then he starts gagging and goes off to the bathroom.

Joaquin tells Betty to have a nice night (um? really?) and says he understands, so don’t worry about it.

Armando got hit after all. Marce’s cleaning the blood off his face as he whines about being so stupid that he couldn’t even appreciate the woman who was with him. Marce says she’s still here. (If they have sex, I am so breaking up with Armando.)

Nico complains to Betty that it was a horrible night after a horrible day. She’s figuring Pati broke his heart again, right?

Oh, no, his heart is steel…what might be broken is his digestive system. He’s never drinking again! He ducks back into the bathroom.

Betty can’t figure out what he was doing with Armando.

Guy stuff. Drinking, partying, women. Ok, no, not that. Lots of Armando getting hit. And Armando loves her.

Betty tries to get Nico to drink something with baking soda in it and take some pills so he won’t have a headache tomorrow. So…what happened with Armando?

Nico says Armando picked a fight with the biggest guy in the place and just let himself get pummeled.

OK, but that doesn’t have anything to do with her, he was just drunk.

Nico says he kept talking about how he lost Betty because he was being stupid and he’d been asking them to hit him since earlier, but he and Giovas wouldn’t do it, so he had to get that guy at the bar to do it. And Nico totally believes Armando loves Betty now, because he heard it with his own ears and saw it with his own eyes. (Both of which were drunk…just saying.)

Marcela’s still trying to make her play and Armando’s all “I don’t want to hurt you,” instead of just being like “Marcela, this is never going to work because I’m still in love with Betty.”

Betty’s trying to work on a spreadsheet, but she keeps hearing Nico’s voice telling her Armando’s in love with her. She starts talking to herself. “Seriously, Beatriz Aurora? Are you kidding me?!” (*snort*)

Ick. Marcela’s bragging about “last night” and how well she slept. (Don’t even talk to me, Armando.)

Over a bottle of water in the breakroom, Giovas tells Wilson about his night out with Armando, culminating in a bar brawl. He has this suspicion that Armando wasn’t upset over Marcela, but someone else. They should keep it between them, though.

From the next table over, Berta agrees. They’ve gotta keep it between the three of them. So then what happened?

Julia takes her time arranging pots and pans by the sofa where Nico’s sleeping. She bangs two of them together to wake him up and then offers him water…which she pours over his head. She’s upset that he was talking to Betty about Armando last night.

Efrain. Jenny. Frank. Sidewalk in front of V&M. Frank’s here to tell Sofia that Efrain’s suing for custody. And now he knows who Jenny is.

Marcela’s bragging to Malu about how her patience paid off and Armando’s going to be back to his old self soon and oh look. Daniel’s in her office. Great.

He’s trying to guilt-trip them about not being there for him in the hospital and taking Armando’s “side” and they had no reason to leave a sibling alone…

And now Pati comes in. Oh, great, Daniel’s alive. Why no, she wasn’t taught to knock. It’s incredible to her that he’s the one person she knows who came that close to death and didn’t end up being a better person for it. Maybe he’s not human.

Marcela dismisses Pati and asks why Daniel’s here.

To talk to Betty and get his monthly allowance back. Yeah, he knows the company’s broke, but he’s not leaving without his money.

Joaquin gets into the elevator with Armando. Armando spouts his crap about not wanting Joaquin in “his offices” etc.

Well V&M is Betty’s, so there’s that. And also Joaquin’s going to HIS offices which he’s just relocated to this building.

Why are they even letting Frank into the building to just wander over to Sofia’s desk unescorted and tell her Efrain’s suing for custody? I’ve never seen a place with such bad security.

Anyway, Sofia tells him anything to do with the kids has to go through her lawyer–Karen Kerbis.

Frank looks intimidated. But she can’t win every case, right?

Sofia keeps the worried look off her face until Frank’s gone.

Frank stops by the breakroom to confront Jenny about lying to Efrain. If she’s so smart, she must realize how he’s going to react when he finds out the two of them went out together.

Jenny thinks they should talk about this some more…in private.

Ricky’s in the copy room begging Malu for a smile (not a euphemism) when he gets a call from the psychiatric hospital that his mother has “escaped.” Malu grabs her bag and goes after him.

Betty finds Danny waiting in her office. He asks her out to lunch. I think we’re all wearing the same look Betty has on her face.

I’m just going to imagine that she said “hell no” and he ran into Roberto on his way out of her office. Roberto confronts Danny about the design theft. See, Armando suspected Daniel of being behind it. He set up a meeting with a businessman from India who told them a pretty dark story.

Turns out the factory in India that was manufacturing the stolen collection was the same one that had the misfortune of having a short circuit that started a fire and killed all the employees, who were locked inside.

Daniel asks why Roberto’s telling him this if Daniel doesn’t have any businesses in India.

Ever since his parents died, Roberto has thought of him and his sisters as his own children. And he’d be very disappointed to find out this was true.

Daniel says Armando’s making it all up.

Roberto knows Daniel’s been losing his credibility in the textile world. People are saying he’s losing investors. If he’s done anything wrong, now is the time to fix it. They say it’s possible Daniel is incriminated in a very delicate investigation. Robert needs to believe in his word.

Sofia tells Charlie about Frank coming by. She’s furious at Efrain.

Charlie tells her to calm down. Efrain wants her to be upset.

Sofia’s going to call Karen Kerbis and ask her what to do.

And in the meantime Charlie will take care of Efrain.

Joaquin guides Betty into his office via cell phone. She’s surprised…and assumes there are some other people who will also be surprised. Not just Armando, but Hugo.

Well, Joaquin can take care of Hugo, but he can’t do anything about Armando. He didn’t realize Armando’s opinion was so important to Betty. Fine! He’s going to get back to work. She knows where to find him.

Armando runs into Daniel on his way out of the office. “Oh, hey, it’s the guy who accused me of trying to kill him!” He suggests Daniel say whatever he wants to say now, without bars between them.

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