Betty en NY Tuesday 8/6/19 #119

Previously on Betty: Betty’s feeling the pressure to get over Armando, but it’s just not happening. Armando’s being a sexist jerk about Betty going up to Joaquin’s hotel room.

It’s the anniversary of Mamá and Papá Valencia’s deaths. Marce remembers that Armando used to come over to her house every day and she’s glad he was there for her. Armando thinks it’s Marce who was always there for him. She says he doesn’t have to thank her, she did it because she loved him. Armando doesn’t respond.

Malu gets to work after the memorial service. Ricky didn’t go, because he didn’t want to upset Daniel (and he was afraid of being struck by lightning). Malu doesn’t care what Daniel or anyone else thinks. She thinks they should go public with their relationship…unless Ricky’s hiding something.

Nooooo, of course not….

Efrain got a gold tooth to replace the one Charlie knocked out. Jenny tells him about the great business deal her “cousin” told her about.

Nico helps Cindy get back into her jacket. She tells him he’s brilliant and he’s going to be a huge success and he shouldn’t let people like Pati put him down. He has to think of it like an investment–play down his weaknesses and play up his strengths. She tells him to follow her lead as she invites him for some REALLY LOUD DRINKS or maybe a PARTY in the HAMPTONS and Nico would be the SOUL of the PARTY because he’s so NICE!

Pati’s listening. And she’s steamed.

Malu comes to Ricky’s office. He conveniently has to step out to take a call from an “investor,” so Malu checks to see what else he’s hiding from her in his computer. I dunno, isn’t there a point at which a guy’s so skeevy  it doesn’t really matter what ELSE he’s done, you’re just through with him?

She finds the pictures of Marcela.

Armando brings Marcela her favorite coffee with a description that sounds like I don’t want to be in line behind her. It’s sweet that he knows her that well, though.

He apologizes for the millionth time about how terribly he’s treated her and then whips out the Mendoza Ring of Guilt Tripping and asks her to marry him.

Malu’s still freaking out over the picture when Sandra comes in to ask her–Malu gets startled and screams. Ricky pops back into the office and both of them make vague excuses about, um, Sandra having that thing ready that Malu asked her for and yeah, yeah, they’re both fine….

Marce tells him to put the ring away. She knows he doesn’t love her and today’s a really bad day to ask. She assumes he’s doing this because Betty rejected him again?

Armando says that’s not it. He and Betty are going their separate ways and he realizes Marcela is the perfect woman for him.

Marcela’s just not sure about his feelings.

Armando suggests they take a month to think about it and she’s invited on a business trip with him that includes San Francisco and Napa. So she agrees to the trip and puts the ring on.

In the bathroom, Malu confronts Sandra. She knew, didn’t she?

Sandra says she didn’t. What she knows is the pictures have been there for a while and for a while Ricky and Marcela were spending a lot of time together, but then they weren’t. She begs Malu not to say she heard it from her or her job will be at stake.

Jenny got her hands on some of Efrain’s money to invest with Frank.

Aura Maria comes into the copy room to snog Giovas.

Hugo has finished presenting his sketches of the collection. Betty asks Marcela her opinion (knowing Hugo’s not going to want to hear it from her). Marcela disparages the target market and tells Hugo he’s done a great job with this difficult challenge and he’s the best designer ever.

Pati comes in with champagne as everyone’s applauding Hugo. Marce told her to come in when she heard the applause, right?

But Marcela wanted champagne to celebrate that she and Armando are getting married. There’s more applause. And Nico reaches out to hold Betty’s hand.

Jenny complains to Hugo about not getting to be in the runway show.

Marcela brags to Malu that she knew Armando would be back to his old self.

Malu thinks Ricky didn’t look happy about her announcement. And he was looking at her in a way…. Well, Marcela told her to be careful with him and now Malu’s returning the advice.

One month later….

It’s time for the runway show and Hugo’s stressing. Inés, as usual, tells him to chill. And Jenny’s plotting to walk that runway any way she can.

Catalina’s fussing with Betty’s hair. Betty thanks her for all the personal attention and Catalina reminds her that she’s doing PR for the event and she needs Betty looking fabulous. Betty’s nervous about today, but Cata’s confident. And she’s going to congratulate Betty now for this day being a success.

Guests are filing into Hugo’s workroom (I think I’d be terrified to have that many people in there with food and drink). It’s a small moment, but when Daniel walks past Catalina without saying anything she looks worried.

She’s apparently got an earpiece in and pulls Betty away from her parents to tell her they have a problem–the models aren’t going to make it.

But no worries, because the Pelotón can handle modeling duties and without even a pep talk from Betty. (One of my favorite moments in the original and seriously WTF are you doing Telemundo?!)

OK, so Aura Maria’s in a pink dress with lots of flounces and it’s kind of like her usual look, only better.

And Mariana’s still in a street look, but it’s less busy.

Sandra’s in her usual pants and boots with a longer blouse.

Berta’s also doing pants and a top, but it still has her overall flirty look and the cleavage is in evidence.

Inés is still going with long lines, but now she’s in black and blocks of color.

Charlie gets up and applauds when Sofia comes out looking like some kind of badass pirate librarian.

They’ve been playing some song about feeling like a goddess. If anyone knows where to find it, please share!

And now, the Pelotón all come back out so the audience can see the whole collection at once. Catalina tells Hugo that applause is for him and he should enjoy it.

Oh, Hugo has no problem enjoying his applause. He gives his muse/models a signal and follows them off the runway.

Armando gets up to thank Hugo for the collection…and Betty, president of V&M and the person who showed them that beauty goes beyond stereotypes and anyone can be who they want to be. And then they hug.

Roberto thanks Betty for what she’s done for V&M. Betty says she committed to doing it and she’s glad she did. And it’s really everyone’s achievement.

Marcela’s just barely over the line into “snotty” saying Betty’s right about that.

Nico says it’s official now, ugly is in.

Cindy says it’s not about beautiful or ugly, it’s about being real. And her dad liked the collection and wants to sell it in their stores.

Margarita says the best thing is that V&M will go back to its original owners. Just for that I want Betty to keep it. She just HAS to mention that Armando and Marcela are getting married.

Betty toasts to that with as much fake cheer as she can muster then says she and Nico need to go say hi to some other people. Thompson tells Roberto he’ll be in touch.

Roberto scolds Margarita for being a jerk.

Uh oh. Just how drunk is Danny? A reporter approaches him to ask about the factory in India and the FBI investigation. He basically slurs that he had nothing to do with that, shoves the microphone out of his face, and tells her to get out. Marcela and Malu do damage control.

But Marcela’s paying a ton of attention to the fact that Armando and Betty aren’t ignoring each other and they’re not looking guilty or awkward.

Hugo approaches Betty. She congratulates him and wishes him continued success.

Hugo’s like, “You don’t have to praise me. I know I’m the best.” He came over there to thank her. And to acknowledge that she tried to tell him about Fabio. And he knows he’s always looking for external beauty, but, and he means this from his heart, no one here is more beautiful than she is.

Roberto congratulates Armando. He finally understood that Armando’s dream could become a reality and that V&M needed a change. He did doubt that Armando could run the company, but now he knows Armando’s the right person. Roberto’s proud of him.

Efrain’s waiting downstairs for Sofia. He tells her that watching her on the runway reminded him of how she used to look when they were just starting out, like nothing was weighing her down. It reminded him how he used to love her.

And then he asks if maybe they could try again…and Jenny shows up and hits him with her purse and drags him out of the building while Sofia laughs.

Pati and David White are at her apartment. He starts to take a little blue pill, but Pati grabs the bottle and says he can’t mix those with alcohol!

Aha, but tonight the blue pills are apparently not needed.

Pati pours herself another drink and begs for divine intervention. She swears she’ll devote herself to a life of charity!

And the guy passes out. Or dies. I’m not sure which.

Betty heads back to her office, and so does Armando. He wanted to toast with her. They’re going to miss her around here.

Betty doesn’t think they’ll miss her all that much. And besides this is a celebration. V&M took a huge step into the world of prêt-à-porter.

Armando says that’s thanks to her. She’s made two of his greatest dreams come true–expand V&M and really fall in love. He just wants one last hug…which turns into a kiss. And Berta got to witness it.

She starts making this wheezing sound and Armando and Betty panic. Armando tries giving her the Heimlich, but nothing happens. Sandra and Mariana come in and Sandra gets the job done properly and then goes to get Berta some water.

Mariana’s wondering why she choked in the first place and Armando swears he just told her a funny joke and the bite of empanada went down the wrong way.

Sandra comes back with the water and Armando’s like “OK, everything’s good, you can go home now” and leads Sandra and Mariana out of the office.

Betty tells Berta she should stay, though, until her, uh, pressure evens out. Armando swears it’s not what she thinks. He was going to kiss Betty on the cheek and then she turned and their lips ran into each other.

So it was an accident? A half-hour accident? Because Berta’s thinking the two of them have something going on and they’re sleeping together.

Betty begs her not to turn this into chisme and please not tell anyone. At all.

Armando tells Berta to name her price.

Pati finally calls 911, but David White regains consciousness.

Joaquin’s back in town. And lucky for him, Julia just made breakfast and she won’t take “I ate on the plane” for an answer.

Pati’s in Nico’s office arguing about her “relationship” with David White and his “relationship” with Cindy Anderson. Pati swears she’s not going out with David for his money. And Nico swears Cindy’s not going out with him for his money. And she actually finished her degree in finance at DUI and he can actually have a conversation with her.

Catalina’s reading some of Hugo’s reviews. Hugo’s like “Finally, they’re noticing my genius!”

Jenny comes in and we get the answer to “What happened to the other models?” She pretended to be Cata and gave the agency the wrong address. And now FINALLY Hugo fires her! I’m tuning out the rest.

Armando’s on his way up the walk to Betty’s front door when Julia intercepts him. She doesn’t want him talking to Betty right now and she doesn’t want him coming to the house again. Have we not had this conversation before?

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