La Semifinal de MasterChef Latino #2.12


There are 4 semifinalists:

Team Ennio

  • Lauren

Team Claudia

  • Javier

Team Benito

  • Dubraska
  • John

Creative Challenge

The winner of this challenge will go on to be the first finalist. It’s time for the contestants to see what they can do with…víscera (organs). Dubraska’s feeling confident. They’ll be drawing knives to see which one they’re cooking.

John gets heart. Javier’s hoping for lengua and he gets it. Lauren gets kidneys (I love her hair!). Dubraska gets molleja (sweetbread).

Lauren’s having trouble with the smell of the kidneys.

 John’s trying to keep his workstation clean.

Javier’s doing his take on a tostada Chef Claudia posted on social.

Chef Claudia just has to go over and see how Dubraska’s doing, because her sweetbreads are smelling so good.

  • John did teriyaki beef hearts. Ennio insists on Gaby taking a bite, just so she can say she tried it. She’s being awfully gracious about it.
  • Dubraska grilled her sweetbreads.
  • Lauren served her kidneys with potato puree and mushrooms.
  • Javier did barbacoa de lengua with avocado cream on a tostada.

And now the judges have the arduous task of picking the first finalist…it’s Javier.

Pressure Challenge

Sindy’s on hand for this challenge. She makes the observation that she thought she’d get to experience the kitchen from “the other side” but she still feels like a contestant. She talks about doing pig neck in a pressure cooker–two firsts for her–and lets them taste her dish, queso relleno.

The contestants have to do their version of Sindy’s dish. The winner becomes the second finalist.

  • Lauren made a mushroom tower with the taste of Sindy’s sauce.
  • Dubraska went for a salty-sweet taste, and used fish in place of the pork. She doesn’t see what the big deal is that she didn’t use pork when other people also didn’t use pork. Javier’s up on the balcony making a “Don’t argue with the judges!” face.
  • John’s up last and his queso relleno has pork and chicken.

The second finalist is…John.

Mystery Box Challenge

It’s Lauren vs. Dubraska. They can see all their ingredients in a clear box and they have 45 minutes to cook. If they pick the mystery boxes they’re going to be pushed out of their comfort zones, but they’ll have 60 minutes to cook. They both decide to go with the mystery box.

Lauren’s planning to do a roulade.

Dubraska had the same idea, but now she’s worried about setting hers apart. From upstairs, John tells her to stick to her plan.

And now Lauren knows what Dubraska’s planning and she’s nervous.

  • Dubraska grilled her ternera and made a bulgur salad to go alongside it.
  • Lauren did the roulades like she planned, with carrot inside and then a risotto with beet juice.

The judges aren’t really saying anything, to the point that it’s making John and Javier nervous. After the judges confer, everybody cries, and the show comes back from a commercial break, they announce the third finalist is Lauren.

Which means Dubraska’s going home.

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