Betty en NY Wednesday 8/7/19 #120

Previously on Betty: Armando re-proposed to Marcela. The Pelotón ruled the runway. Berta saw Armando and Betty kissing.

OK, I agree with Julia–they’ve discussed Armando staying away before. She tells him everything she’s already told him before and emphasizes that Betty’s happy with Joaquin.

Armando reacts by going to V&M and asking Marcela if she’s happy. Marce more or less says yes, then she gets really happy when he says he wants a small wedding ASAP.

Jenny takes advantage of the lousy security at V&M to try to beg Betty for her job back.

Instead, Betty tells Sofia to print out Jenny’s letter of resignation and then have her lawyers (Sofia’s? Jenny’s?) contact the company’s lawyers so they can work out the thing that happened with the runway show.

Jenny keeps whining about how everyone hates her because she’s pretty and Betty’s like “I said what I had to say, now get out of my office and let me work!”

Daniel’s getting evicted from his office for not paying rent for three months. He tells his secretary to quit crying–he’s got new investors coming in today and they can’t know anything’s wrong.

Betty comes to the admin area to ask Sofia for a report of online sales…and then sees Berta looking at her and rushes back to her office.

Berta’s trying to pretend she’s got something contagious and wearing a mask over most of her face, but the Pelotón know…oh yes, they know Berta’s got a secret.

Berta runs out of the area, but Sofia reminds Mariana and Sandra that Berta has always said a secret that belongs to one of them belongs to all of them.

Ricky comes to Marcela’s office to brag about being a padrino for the wedding.

Oh, hell no! He’s not even invited.

But how will she explain that? By telling Armando they had an affair?

Marce tells him to shut up. He’ll never be like Armando and he’ll never have a woman like her. So he might as well have some dignity and not go to the wedding.

Ricky says she’s the one who needs to have some dignity–Armando’s marrying her to forget someone else and she’s getting married so she won’t end up alone. Marcela slaps him, but not at the right angle to make it really satisfying.

Ricky goes back to his office to pout. He tells Malu he’s tired of being here where no one respects him.

OK, then they might as well leave together. He can sell off his stock and invest in her company and they can go.

Oh, um, no, it’s not that bad. And the shares are just starting to be worth something again.

Malu says that’s the best time to sell. If he wants respect, he has to be a majority shareholder and that’s never going to happen at V&M. Esteban has always wanted to buy shares–maybe he’d have a good offer. But hey, she’s just making a suggestion. She can always find another investor.

Ricky meets with Esteban, who’s ready with an offer. Ricky says it’s not good enough.

Esteban points out that the shares are recovering value because Betty’s in charge. Once she hands the company back to the Valencias and Mendozas who knows what will happen.

They agree on a price. Esteban will get Ricky his money tomorrow and he has no problem keeping this information from the other shareholders.

Jenny whines to Frank about getting fired, Frank says he’ll sue, Efrain catches them snogging. He wants his money back. On his way out of the house, he runs into a wall.

Danny’s walking his new investors out of the building when a couple of men in turbans shoot Danny with a dye bomb and scream that he’s a murderer.

Armando catches Betty looking at their pictures from last night. He has something personal he needs to tell her. And it’s not about the kiss last night. He wanted to be the one to tell her he and Marcela are getting married in a month.

Betty wishes him happiness. The two of them stare at each other with tears in their eyes before they hug. Betty tells him to be happy. Armando promises he’ll try, even if it’s without her.

Mariana’s keeping watch while Sandra gets into Ricky’s computer. Sandra finds the video of Ricky and Mariana gets distracted. What’s that?

Sandra says it’s the end of the world. She tells Mariana to go keep watch again while she sends the file.

Armando and Betty break off the hug. Armando says he will try to be happy, but he’s not sure he can. He was completely happy with Betty. He just didn’t realize it in time. Betty might not feel the same way. It was a nightmare for her. Armando set a trap for her, but he’s the one who got trapped and fell in love.

Betty tries to interrupt him, but Armando says this is the last time he’s going to say this. He also hopes she’ll be happy with Joaquin. He showed up at the right time to heal the damage Armando caused. Joaquin deserves her. Armando doesn’t. But he wants her to remember, he loves her and he always will.

Armando walks out of her office and Betty sobs.

Sofia runs in. She just wanted to thank Betty for letting her see Jenny get fired…she realizes Betty’s sobbing. Betty says she can’t take it anymore. Sofia asks Betty what she can do, but all Betty seems to want is someone to hold her.

Efrain swallowed his fake tooth. And Frank’s stuck with Jenny now.

Someone sent out a 911 to the Pelotón.

Sandra and Mariana say they need to tell the Pelotón about this video they saw…but they don’t know where it came from….

Sofia says Berta’s got something to tell too. Berta says it’s the chisme of the year.

Inés is fine with all this, as long as they go about it in an organized manner…starting with whoever sent the 911!

Sofia’s hesitant, but she admits it was her. She starts mumbling about Betty’s office…and Smith shows up to do confidentiality training with them, in the conference room.

Seriously, Telemundo? Seriously?! You’re going to make us actually watch the confidentiality training? What could we possibly have done to deserve this?!

Bless Inés for faking a cough. She’s embarrassed that they told Smith she was sick, but you do what you gotta do when it comes to chisme.

Mariana starts off–Armando seduced Betty with the help of Ricky and Armando and Betty had a thing.

Berta objects! That’s her chisme! And she saw them snogging yesterday in Betty’s office.

They all gather at the bench to watch The Video. Mariana says it gets worse every time. Sandra’s furious that they were making fun of Betty. Berta says that explains why she took off on them–she found out before that meeting. Sandra wants to go out there and–everyone holds her back.

Aura Maria doesn’t get why Betty came back when she’d been treated so badly. Sandra suggests she’s trying to get revenge by stopping the wedding. Berta complains that they’re missing a lot of information.

Sofia realizes they gave Betty the company. In unison, they say Betty’s the owner of V&M.

And then Pati starts banging on the door, complaining that she’s going to rat them out to Marce. They wait for her to go away and then agree none of them can say anything to anybody. (*snort*)

Danny comes to Marcela’s office to whine about not having anything to do with the factory in India and beg Marce and Malu not to turn their backs on him because of a rumor and oh yeah, by the way, he’s taking a trip.

Armando pulls a folder out of a cabinet in Ricky’s office and finds one of the incriminating cards stuck inside. Ricky comes in and asks if Armando’s trying to get inspiration.

Armando thought Ricky had gotten rid of all this stuff.

Ricky tells Armando not to blame him for Betty ditching him. And hey, isn’t he going back to Marcela, the consolation prize?

Armando tells him to have some respect and not talk about Marcela like that.

Ricky thinks it’s Armando who doesn’t respect Marcela or himself to marry her without being in love with her.

Armando asks what’s going on with him.

Oh, nothing, he’s just tired of Armando throwing fits like a spoiled child. He’s tired of the Mendozas’ arrogance and the Valencias’ acting like they own the world. They all think they’re superior to him and he’s just their “golden boy’s” BFF. Ricky had to work hard for what he’s got. So he quits.

Armando says he can’t. He’s a shareholder.

Nope. He just sold his shares.

Armando says he can’t sell his shares without telling the board.

Well he did it and now Esteban owns his shares. It’s a done deal. Ricky whines about always having to clean up after Armando.

And Armando’s realizing Ricky was never his friend. He was only thinking about himself.

“That’s what everybody does.”

Armando tells him to get out.

Ricky brags that he’s going somewhere he’s appreciated and V&M’s too small for him.

Roberto can’t believe Ricky went behind everyone’s backs like this. They gave him the opportunity to become a shareholder because they thought of him as a member of the family. Yes, he brought in business, but so did other executives and they were never given the opportunity to buy shares. Ricky’s been treated way better than a lot of other people.

Ricky whines about people not acknowledging that he’s been working for the company for years. Like that secretary Roberto made president. He can’t keep working with her, or Marcela, or Armando. Nothing’s the same.

Roberto gets it. Ricky’s had a better offer. He wouldn’t leave if he didn’t. He used to think of Ricky as a son, but oh well. He hopes Ricky has the decency to tell Betty in person that he’s quitting.

Joaquin sends over a present for Betty. Sofia starts ranting about being sure Betty’s still in love with Armando and she’s liable to interrupt the wedding and…Betty’s right behind her. She summons the Pelotón to her office.

What are they out there whispering about?!

Sofia says they know everything. They saw the video.

Berta swears she didn’t do it! It was Sandra!

Ok…she did it…but she didn’t want to! Mariana says they were working on Ricardo’s computer and they found it.

Betty says she’s sorry she didn’t tell them herself.

Aura Maria says Betty has nothing to be sorry for. The ones who should be sorry are those other two! Inés adds that Betty doesn’t owe them an explanation about her personal business. Berta’s like “Yes she does! So nobody starts rumors.”

Betty agrees with Berta. She just wants them to swear not to tell anyone else!

Pati comes running into MARCE! MARCE! MARCE!’s office to tell her “they” want to ruin her wedding. The Pelotón. They were talking about Betty and Armando.

Marce says there’s no way. Betty promised she wouldn’t.

Like she promised she’d stay away from Armando and she went to see him in jail? It’s all been a lie! Betty’s trying to get Armando back.

Ricky comes to Betty’s office to hand over his letter of resignation that he’s crumpled up just to be extra-snotty about it. She hurriedly finishes sending a text and thanks him. It’s the best thing he could have done for the company.

Ricky’s like “Just ’cause you had one good show doesn’t mean you’re a leader in the market.” He turns around to leave and Sofia comes in with Wilson.

Betty tells Wilson to escort Ricky to his office to pack up his stuff and then walk him to the exit. And he’s not allowed back into the building.

Ricky takes offense and says he’ll tell Roberto.

Betty says it’s protocol and Roberto knows.

Ricky’s all “You’re nobody!” He says she’s the same secretary in love with the boss, living a fantasy. She just made a powerful enemy.

“Who? You?” Ricky’s not powerful. He’s a segundón. A loser. He takes advantage of other people’s opportunities and can’t survive without them.

Duuuuude. Ricky smacked the trolls. And then he gloats that Armando’s going to marry Marcela and she can’t stop them.

Wilson’s had enough. He takes Ricardo’s arm, but Ricardo shakes him off and seriously says not to forget he knows karate.

Betty goes to Joaquin’s office. It’s been a day. But she got his note that said he has a surprise for her. She could use some good news.

Joaquin shows her a picture of the house he bought. And his daughter’s going to love that they live by the ocean.

Betty’s happy for them, but she’s not sure what this has to do with her.

Joaquin wants Betty to be the president of his brand in the US and Latin America. And he wants her to come live with him in LA.

Betty likes the idea, but she has mixed feelings. And what about her parents?

Joaquin says if they can’t handle being apart, she can just bring them with her.

Betty doesn’t think her parents would ever leave their house. She just…needs time to think. She gets a message from the office and says she’d better go back.

Ricky’s whining about Wilson watching him pack up his office. Marcela comes over to see if the rumors were true. She’s just happy she won’t ever have to see him again.

Ricky says she’s not getting rid of him that easily. He and Malu are together.

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