Betty en NY Thursday 8/8/19 #121

Previously on Betty: Armando and Marcela’s wedding is on again. Ricky tells Marcela she’s just marrying Armando so she doesn’t end up alone. The Pelotón find out about Betty and Armando’s affair and the shell game with the companies. Ricky throws a temper tantrum and quits.

Marcela doesn’t think Malu would actually go for Ricky. He informs her they’re not just in love, they’re starting a business in Europe.

“No, she’s starting a business in Europe with me!” Marcela realizes Ricky’s just after Malu’s money.

He agrees, he is. And Marcela’s jealous.

Marcela denies it.

Then she should have no problem seeing him at family events.

Marcela knocks some stuff off his desk like he did to Betty earlier and goes back to her office.

Marcela asks Malu to tell her if she’s seriously going out with Ricky. He’s dangerous! She knows because…she knows him better.

Not gonna cut it. If Marcela doesn’t have a better answer than that, she’s signing over all her money to Ricky tomorrow.

Marcela says Ricky’s trying to get back at her, because they had a relationship.

Malu figured. She just wanted confirmation. She’s taking care of Ricky, but does Marcela have feelings for him?

Marcela says it was a mistake and hell no, she’s not telling Armando! And she doesn’t want Malu saying anything about it either.

Malu thinks Marcela ought to be honest with Armando.

Marcela disagrees.

Most of the Pelotón are in the break room, talking about Ricky getting fired. Berta’s glad, after finding out what a total creep he is. Inés assures Sandra she’s not gonna lose her job–and quit worrying because it’s bad for the baby!

Mariana’s waiting for her next chance to make Aura Maria jealous, but Inés wishes she’d just drop it for today. Instead, when Aura Maria arrives, Berta says Mariana’s going back to Puerto Rico.

Mariana says she misses it so much, she might even stay there.

Aura Maria’s like “And I guess you’re breaking up with Giovas, right? Too bad!”

Mariana says Giovas is coming with her.

Malu meets Ricky for lunch. He announces he’s sold his shares and quit the company!

Yeah, well…about that…a relationship without trust can’t work.

Oh, Ricky totally agrees.

Then when was he going to tell her he had a thing with her sister?

Aura Maria says Mariana can’t take Giovas! Because…because…they’re lovers!

“Oh, Aura Maria, you’re just jealous because you let him get away!”

Aura Maria pulls a note out of her blouse and says it’s a scientific description of how Giovas feels for her…his instinct draws him toward her female essence like a magnet draws iron. She admits she got that from one of her novels. But when their lips meet, it’s like an explosion, etc.

Mariana’s like “Can’t be true or he’d be with you and not going to Puerto Rico with me.” He’s going to ask her parents for her hand.

Aura Maria swears she’ll never let that happen! She takes off, upset. Inés wishes Mariana had just told the truth already.

Sofia realizes Aura Maria’s going to kill Giovas and they all go running after her.

Ricky swears whoever told Malu was lying. It was Marcela? Well, she’d say anything to keep them apart! How’s Malu going to believe her after everything Ricky has done for her?

Right…like manipulating Betty so she falls in love with Armando?

OK, that he admits to, but he only did it because Armando asked him to. What else could he do?

Seriously? If someone asks him to manipulate someone’s feelings and take advantage of their naiveté, he just does it?

He didn’t know it would go so far! He was their puppet! It’s not what she thinks!

“No, it’s worse! You’re a liar, a traitor, a fraud with nothing to offer. I don’t trust you and I never will.”

So they’re…breaking up?

Oh yeah, it’s over–because it never existed! She had no intention of starting a business with him much less having a life with him.

When did she find out?

A month ago.

Ricky’s all outraged. “You used me!”

I love the smile on Malu’s face when she says she sure did! Just like he’s used Betty and all the women he’s been with.

Ricky gets petulant. She can’t do this to him! They have a deal! She can’t leave him!

Malu just smirks.

Giovas is, unfortunately for him, standing on top of a ladder when Aura Maria and Mariana both start shaking the ladder and yelling at him to “tell her!” “No, tell her!” until Sandra interrupts and says maybe they should tell HIM what’s going on.

Mariana tells Aura Maria it’s simple–she and Giovanni are getting married.

Aura Maria asks Giovas if it’s true.

Giovas comes down off the ladder. Aura Maria says she knows she’s been rude to him and she didn’t always return his love, but…he won Tommy’s affection and he’s taken care of him like he was Giovas’ own son. He’s been so great to Tommy. And Giovas has always been there for Aura Maria. He solves her problems like they’re his own. So, thanks…and also she thinks he’s the man she wants to be with. Her heart feels love for him. She wants to marry him. They can do it right away if he wants! Aura Maria grabs his face and plants a kiss on him.

Inés says he should probably say something.

Giovas’ babbling can be summed up as, “Back at ya!”

But he went out with Mariana!

Berta says that’s a long story. They’ll tell her later.

Ricky complains that he gave Malu all his money. She can’t do this!

Yes, she can. But she’s not a thief, so she brought Esteban along to explain.

Esteban comes over from the bar and says nobody has touched Ricky’s money. It’s in an account under his name.

“I want my shares back!”

Well, he can’t have them back, because Malu has them, because Esteban bought them for her. When Betty gives back the company, none of it will be Ricardo’s.

“You ruined my life! Why are you doing this?! What do you want?!”

Malu wants him away from her family. And she wanted to show him how it feels to be on the other side. Because he’s a bad person!

Ricky’s like “No! You are!” and they both keep screaming it at each other until Malu says it loudest. Someone had to give him what he deserved. So chao and namaste.

She walks out. Esteban quickly leaves Ricky the paperwork and gets the hell out of there.

Malu tells Marcela, Armando, and his parents that Ricardo didn’t just quit, he sold her his shares in the company without realizing it. She knew she couldn’t try to buy them directly or he’d refuse. So she used Esteban to represent her. She had personal reasons to want him gone faster. He wasn’t good for the company.

Armando applauds her move and says the Valencias should have the first option on those shares.

Margarita’s upset that Ricardo turned out to be so untrustworthy.

Malu says she’s going to keep supporting Roberto and Betty’s decisions. She bought the shares for the good of the company because she thought they (the Valencias and the Mendozas) should all be united.

In Marcela’s office later, she says she can’t believe peace-and-love Malu pulled this whole thing off!

Malu says when someone messes with her family, Buddhism can wait.

Marcela’s taking it for granted that now she never has to see Ricky again.

Malu still thinks sleeping with Ricardo was a symptom and it’s not too late to call off the wedding.

Betty gets home and finds out moving to LA and taking her parents is practically a done deal. She talks to Joaquin alone and says she hasn’t even made a decision yet.

But family is important to her and why be apart when they can all be together? Demetrio can work for him. And Julia will love the Mexican food in LA.

Betty says he’s just going a tiny bit too fast. She’s more of a turtle.

“OK, well, no pressure.” They can go at her speed.

Before Betty goes to bed, Julia brings her hot chocolate. So they can talk. What’s she going to do about Joaquin?

Betty doesn’t know.

She’s gonna let him go to LA alone? Is she hoping he won’t come back?

Betty says she doesn’t want to lose him. She has a good time with him. Sometimes she even thinks she’s falling in love with him. She knows the smart, logical decision is to leave New York and go with him.

So why not do it? Julia realizes Betty’s still suffering over Armando.

“He’s getting married in a month and I feel like I’m dying.” She feels like she can’t be with Joaquin when she still feels love for Armando.

Julia says she’ll support Betty’s decision. And whatever her heart chooses will be what’s right for her.

One Month Later

Joaquin and Armando get on the same elevator. Joaquin taunts Armando about the wedding and says he and Betty are relocating his business to LA.

Pati’s meeting with David’s lawyer to go over the details of the pre-nup he wants her to sign.

He wants her to move to Connecticut? But she’s made for New York!

The lawyer says that’s his biggest mansion and she’ll have a helicopter at her disposal. And a plane.

And she’ll be his sole heir?

As long as she complies with all the conditions. He hands her a pen….

Ricky got into V&M to try to keep Marcela from marrying Armando. I’m giving Wilson some serious side-eye.

Marcela threatens to call security, but Ricky’s all “Nobody’s here. How do you think I got in?” He’s here for her “bachelorette party.” (No, you fucking creep, that’s called rape!)

In Joaquin’s office, he’s telling Cata he doesn’t want to pressure Betty, but he thinks the time difference would kill their relationship.

Betty walks and says in the least-enthusiastic tone possible that she’s made up her mind and she’s gong with him.

Joaquin’s happy. Cata says there’s almost nothing left now of the Betty who was constantly excusing herself.

Joaquin toasts to their new adventure together and their friendship with Catalina.

Charlie gave Efrain permission to sleep at the exterminator office. Without telling Sofia. She’s pissed off at Charlie for not telling her and pissed off at Efrain for trying to throw Charlie under the bus.

Charlie says he did it for the kids. So they didn’t have to see their dad broke and homeless.

Sofia forgives him, since he did it out of love. But as for Efrain…he’d better enjoy that hamburger and try to get some sleep because tomorrow he’s getting a job and he’s not coming back here.

And now she and Charlie or going home…to enjoy the surprise she has for him…that involves bubbles….

Armando was, thankfully, in the office. Ricky’s got no shame whatsoever at being caught trying to rape Marcela and tries to turn it around on her, saying Armando doesn’t really know her and he’s doing this for Armando.

Marcela, in the middle of all this, is mostly worried about her reputation. Ricky tells Armando he and Marcela had an affair while Armando was having an affair with Betty. Marcela just shakes her head at Armando. All of which is slowing down the process of calling the cops to arrest Ricky. Please?

Armando goes after Ricky for betraying him. And Ricky’s all “You traded me in for a fea!” And Armando tells him not to talk about Betty like that.

“See! Armando still loves Betty! He never loved you! But you love me and you’re going to be mine!”

More fighting. Armando shoves Ricky into Marcela and she holds him back while yelling at Armando to punch him.

Ricky complains about how hard Armando’s hitting him…but it doesn’t change that Marcela slept with him a million times and was constantly throwing herself at him. She was going to do it again soon!

Marcela says that would never happen. It was a mistake!

And Armando screams at Ricky to get out. Really? No calling the cops?

Marcela thinks she knows what Armando’s going to say, but Armando kind of takes responsibility for her cheating on him, because he “pushed” her into it. And since he’s not been terribly faithful he’s no one to judge her. And he doesn’t want to call off the wedding, but could they maybe start over?

Demetrio’s not super thrilled about Betty going to the west coast.

Julia says children are only borrowed. And Betty hasn’t been very happy here. Joaquin loves Betty. He loves Betty the way Demetrio loves Julia.

Demetrio: “I don’t think so.” Awwww!

Julia begs him to take Joaquin’s job offer and they’ll go out there with Betty.

Demetrio’s not sure about starting over at their age.

Betty comes in and says she doesn’t want him to be sad. If he asks her to stay, she’ll stay.

“When did you grow up so fast?” (I’m not even going to pretend I’m not crying.) Their happiness is her happiness. It’s time for her to follow her dreams. So if she’s going, they’re going too.

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”


Marcela tells Armando about the affair with Ricky.

He asks if she’s in love with Ricky.

“Of course not!”  She thought an affair would help get Armando out of her head, but instead she got more stuck on him.

Does she love him?

As much as he loves her.

Malu’s shocked when Marcela tells her what happened last night. And she’s shocked Armando still wants to get married. And that Marcela still wants to.

Marcela says this goes beyond what she wants. It’s about name and reputation and bla bla bla. Besides, she can’t picture herself being married to anyone but Armando.

Betty finishes presenting her report on the company’s financial progress. They are definitely crawling out of the hole and should break even in another couple of months.

Armando praises Betty’s work while Marcela reaches over to grab his hand.

Betty says she’s ready to turn everything back over to them and resign. Armando’s face hates that idea.

Well, Roberto trusts her and he knows Nico’s staying as her representative, so it’s fine by him.

Betty says she’s keeping BAR. She’ll return the initial investment and the interest it generated. And now her tenure as president at V&M is over.

I wish Nico and Pati would just suck face already. They’re in the elevator arguing about David and Cindy when…the elevator stops and the lights go out.

So now we’ll get the honesty. Nico tells Pati she’s the one for him. When he first saw her, he thought she was so pretty she was like a dream of happiness that would never come true for him.

No one’s ever said anything that sweet to Pati.

“Because no one loves you like I do.”

And then they snog until the lights come back on and David White gets an eyeful, but somehow believes nothing happened and invites Nico to their wedding. (So close!)

Wilson brings up with some packages for Armando. Armando asks him to stay and have a drink. Has Wilson ever felt like he couldn’t breathe without the one he loved? Like without her he couldn’t even exist?

Armando can’t exist without Marcela? OK, then Wilson will stay and help him polish off the bottle of booze in the fancy decanter.

Has Wilson ever been in love?

Oh, that’s gonna take a second bottle. See, when he was in elementary school….

Betty says goodbye to the Pelotón. She’s grateful to the universe for bringing them into her life. For being loyal and supportive and being her friends. And she’ll always be their friend–

Armando crashes the party to apologize to Betty for everything. The Pelotón all have a seat to see where this is going. Betty reminds him they’re in front of their coworkers….

“Oh, they already know everything.” Betty seems surprised, but I thought she knew that. Betty thinks they should discuss this in her office…uh, her other office. The Pelotón plus Giovas and Wilson clump up at the door to listen in.

Armando’s confused. He wants Betty to be happy and he wishes her all the best, but he’s also dying knowing she’s leaving.

Betty’s like “You’re getting married TOMORROW.”

He says he’s doing it because Betty pushed him into it by not forgiving him. (Will he never learn to shut his mouth?!) Because if she had they’d be together and they’d be the ones getting married tomorrow. But instead he’s marrying Marcela because she loves him and he abandoned her so much she had an affair with Ricky.

Betty asks how he found out. Yeah, she knew. She caught them kissing one time. She didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t think she was anyone to judge.

Armando can’t blame Marcela. She felt abandoned. And he doesn’t want to hurt her again.

Which is why he shouldn’t be there.

She’s leaving with the Spanish guy, he’s marrying Marcela, and all four of them will be unhappy. None of them will have what they really want. From the bottom of his heart he hopes Betty will be happy and fall in love again. He just wants one last hug. Just a hug. The way you’d hug someone who’s about to die.

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