Betty en NY Friday 8/9/19 #122

Previously on Betty: Betty’s work is done at V&M. Armando’s still whining about Betty not forgiving him.

Armando’s hanging out at the church with all the wedding guests, waiting for Marce. Even Hugo thinks she’s so late it’s time to worry. Pati agrees. She’s even later than, you know, fashionably late. Even Daniel has arrived.

Malu whispers to Armando and he heads out of the church.

Marce’s sitting out front in the car. She says she’s not going in there and she’s not marrying him. But damned if she doesn’t look gorgeous anyway.

Betty and her mom are packing. Betty’s going with Joaquin today and Julia and Demetrio will join them later. But no rush…she tells Betty to get settled first and look for a house for them later. And she’s not sure if they should sell the house or rent it, because what if her dad doesn’t like LA….

Betty starts crying because she knows Armando’s getting married right now.

It sounds like all the advice people gave Marcela has just now kicked in. She doesn’t care about the guests–this is between her and Armando. They’re not marrying for love. It was her dream, yes, but it wasn’t his and marriage is between two people.

She thinks they both deserve better. She deserves a man who loves her and lives for her–who’s not there out of habit or because he’s known her forever. He deserves to be with the woman he loves and that’s not her.

Armando asks her forgiveness, but Marcela thinks she’s the one who needs it. She took too long to stop this madness.

Better now than later. And he’s always going to love her. Marcela says she’ll always love him too. But now what?

Armando says he’ll take care of telling everyone. They promise again that they’ll always love each other.

Marcela gives back the family ring, saying it never belonged to her.

At the door of the church, Armando tells Pati and Malu the wedding is off. Pati’s worried about the gossip. Malu’s only worried about Marcela.

Armando walks back up the aisle, Pati and Malu framing him perfectly, Mariana taking video. He thanks everyone for being here and he’s sorry to have to tell them, but the wedding is off.

Danny starts attacking Armando, asking what he did. Malu jumps in and says Marcela’s the one who called it off. Danny’s surprised, but he sees it as a sign of common sense. He gloats to Armando that he just lost the best woman in the world.

Demetrio tells Betty her mom is always after him about Betty being a grown woman and letting Betty fly. But they’re not birds and Betty’s still his little girl. Like when he taught her how to ride a bike.

Betty remembers. He left the training wheels on until she was 10.

He was afraid she’d fall. Like he is today. What if she gets hurt? Who’s going to console her? But if she’s grown then, OK. Go conquer the world without training wheels and he’ll be back here being proud of her. Is she sure she wants to go? She looks sad.

Betty says she’s sad about leaving her friends behind.

Right, everyone from the company. Did she say goodbye to Armando? He never told her mother, but he thought once that Armando and Betty… Well, they had chemistry! He thought they made a good couple. And he likes Armando way more than he likes Hernán Cortez’s son.

Betty’s says no way would she and Armando have had a thing. He was her boss and he always had a fiancée. He’s off getting married right now so…he should get the idea out of his head, because it’s never going to happen. (Who are you talking to, Betty…?)

At Marce’s Pati is complaining about being the last to know and she’s annoyed at the “investment” she made getting her hair done and dieting for a week to fit into the dress. Malu sends her to get drinks while Marce cries on her shoulder.

At Betty’s house they’re having another goodbye party. Betty thanks the Pelotón for being in her life, for their friendship, and for showing her that together they’re stronger. She’ll miss them. Berta calls for a Pelotón hug. Nico joins in.

Julia answers the door to let Mariana in. That pantsuit looks great on her. She’s kind of hesitant, but she says the wedding didn’t happen. They didn’t even make it to the altar. It’s never going to happen.

The Pelotón start asking Mariana for more details, but Joaquin shows up. Julia tells Nico to help with the bags. Demetrio complains about wanting to toast, but Julia gets him out of the room. Betty’s phone buzzes and Nico figures it’s Armando. Betty just hugs him and cries.

Danny approves of Marcela ditching Armando. And now they can take over the company. Since they have the majority of the shares, he proposes himself as president.

Malu’s like “Seriously, bro?” They weren’t trying to take over the company and now’s kind of a crappy time to talk business. Can’t he show just a little bit of consideration?

Danny says love is a business. Marcela handled it perfectly, leaving Armando at the altar. Now they have to take advantage of that and assume power. They’ll call for a meeting, they’ll call for a vote, and it’s a done deal.

Marce agrees. She doesn’t want to go back there and someone has to keep an eye on their investment.

Pati volunteers to do it.

Malu says she’d sell before letting Daniel take the presidency, after what he did with the investments she left him in charge of.

Danny’s all “I said I’d pay you back!”

Marce doesn’t want to sell.

Pati volunteers again to take over.

Malu begs Marce to think about it, sell off the shares and start over. It would be a mistake to leave everything to Daniel.

“I swear, I’ll pay you back! It was a bad investment!”

Malu tells him to admit it–it wasn’t a bad investment, he’s just a thief.

Inesita comes over to Armando’s to check on him. How’s he doing? Does he hate Marcela? Does he love Marcela?

Armando says he does love her, but he couldn’t call off the wedding.

OK, so basically he’s free now?

Well, yeah, but Betty already decided to leave. She knows about the wedding?

The girls said she does.

Well, she hasn’t called or come looking for him. She wouldn’t go if she cared about him.

Inés says Betty gave her word and she takes that seriously…but she can see how much they’re suffering. He was drunk last night talking about how he loves her and Betty was so upset when he left. Inés thinks if she sees him just one last time….

Armando knows Betty and she won’t want to see him.

In that case, Inés pulls out her medal of Santo Niño de Atocha. If Armando asks for what he wants, maybe he’ll perform a miracle. But he’s a child, so be specific. He’s a very literal saint.

Armando looks skeptical, but he agrees to try.

Danny tries to guilt-trip Malu about getting this way over money. Way to thank him for letting her live free of responsibilities!

She tells him not to manipulate her. Her money was paying for his investments and he’s never given them a good explanation for the rumors they’ve heard. That trip he took seems suspicious. She thinks he’s behind what happened in India.

Daniel’s still busy pretending to be shocked when Roberto and Margarita come over.

From his car, Armando leaves Betty a voicemail. He didn’t get married. He couldn’t, because his love for her was too strong. (Um, you’re manipulating the facts there….) He begs her not to leave and says he loves her. Then he picks up his phone again….

Demetrio’s barely started his toast when everyone’s phones start buzzing. Nico says it’s THE OFFICE calling, right? And it’s really IMPORTANT.

Julia starts rushing everyone out the door and slams the door shut after them. She looks like she’s hoping Betty will be gone before Armando catches up to her.

Roberto and Margarita are telling Marcela that they weren’t expecting what happened today, but they’re here for her.

Daniel starts screaming at them that his family doesn’t need them and that they’re not welcome in this house.

Marcela’s like “TF, Danny?! This is my house!” And if he doesn’t want to see Roberto and Margarita in it, he can get out!

Daniel’s like “I thought you’d finally gotten your dignity back, but I guess you’re just the same arrastrada you always were.” Marce slaps him. Heh. Roberto stands there like he’s prepared to protect Marce if Danny tries anything, but he leaves the apartment.

And downstairs, ahhhhhh…the cops arrest Daniel for human trafficking for the purposes of involuntary servitude and forced labor.

Daniel, of course, says this is a mistake. Hahahahahahaha!

Hugo’s in his workroom, trying to get things organized, pouting over another wedding dress design that came to nothing.

Inés says some weddings aren’t meant to happen.

But what’s she doing here? She must have something better to do than console him.

Well, she’s meeting up with the girls later, so he’s welcome to join them.

The girls meaning the Cheapie Platoon? No thanks.

Hugo’s phone rings. It’s apparently not the first time there’s no one on the other end, but after a long pause, Fabio starts talking. He says he’s locked up for a crime he didn’t commit and he didn’t have anyone else he could call. He begs Hugo to help him.

Marce thinks the tea with valerian is starting to kick in. She’s ready for a nap.

Pati tells her to go for it. She and Malu will be here waiting for her to be ready to go on her honeymoon with them, like in the movie.

When Marce’s gone, Pati starts freaking about how this means none of them have a chance! Successful, beautiful women aren’t made for love! Lately not even Nico is paying attention to her. She feels like everyone’s ignoring her….

She turns around and realizes Malu left.

Armando comes over to Betty’s house. Julia gloats that she’s already left, with her NOVIO! And she’s not going to tell him which airport they’re leaving from.

Demetrio asks if Betty needs to hear what he has to say. He tells Julia and Nico to leave them alone and asks what Armando needs to tell his daughter.

Armando says he has to keep Betty from going with Joaquin because he’s in love with Betty.

Um…wasn’t he getting married today? Did he leave her at the altar?

Armando says Marcela called it off and he’s glad because he didn’t want to marry her. But anyway, he promises when he finds Betty he’ll explain everything. He’ll explain how he fell in love with her and what happened and why Julia hates him.

So she really does hate him? He wasn’t imagining it?

Oh, no, she hates him and she has every right to, but that’s why he’s here begging for the name of the airport.

Hugo visits Fabio in prison. He’s changed his hair. Fabio says he’s keeping track of what Hugo’s up to online and he congratulates him on his success.

But he took off.

Fabio swears he loves Hugo.

And Romina?

Fabio says they separated. He was on a trip with his…boss (in the feminine)…and she tricked him!

His boss? Because the cops said Fabio said she was his partner.

Fabio starts whining that she deceived him, she put the drugs in his suitcase, he swears! He begs Hugo to help him.

Hugo says Fabio’s not going to change. He’s pretty sure Fabio was with his “boss” because she had a lot of money that he wanted to take from her. And Hugo doesn’t want to be with someone who’s only interested in money and who’s capable of being away from his children just to satisfy his ambition. Hugo’s changed and he doesn’t want to hear from Fabio again. Whatever happens is the consequence of Fabio’s actions.

He hangs up the phone and walks out, leaving Fabio screaming at him not to leave him here.

Nico has just finished deleting all of Pati’s pictures on his phone when the real deal shows up, drunk.

Outside the airport, Betty’s telling Catalina it’s too late. She’s made her decision and she can’t back out now.

Cata says she doesn’t have to leave, but once she gets on the plane there’s no turning back. What’s she going to do with all her feelings? She can change everything–if she doesn’t want to go, then stay.

Joaquin comes over to check on Betty and she says goodbyes make her sentimental. She hopes they’ll see Catalina in LA soon. Joaquin agrees. Cata wishes them a good trip. Betty hugs Catalina one last time as Catalina whispers that she hopes Betty’s doing the right thing.

In the waiting area, Betty says she’s just sad about leaving New York. It’s her city.

Joaquin says LA’s her city now and besides, she can come back as often as she wants to. (I kind of want to kick him in the shins for trying to tell her how to feel.)

An airline employee comes over with two glasses of champagne and he hands one to a miserable Betty and toasts to new beginnings. And then he’s like “You could at least fake it a little instead of looking like this is a tragedy.” (Say goodbye to your shins, bro.)

Betty swears she’s sure of her decision, she’s just feeling sad about what she’s leaving behind.

Joaquin’s like “You’ll get over it in a couple of months.” No, that’s not literally what he said, but that’s what it amounts to.

Outside the airport, Catalina’s about to get back into her car when Armando comes running up and asks if they’ve left yet. She says they haven’t, but he needs to let Betty go. Catalina already talked to her. She’s made her decision.

In the waiting area, an employee tells Joaquin their flight is boarding. Betty takes his hand, but she keeps looking back.

Catalina tells Armando if he goes in there he’s just going to make things worse. But Armando insists he loves Betty and he’s not going to let her leave.

He runs across the street. Betty looks back again and sees him get hit by a car.

She runs outside, screaming “no” and calling him “mi amor.”

Armando gets wheeled into the emergency room. Betty’s outside sobbing with Cata. Even Joaquin’s there.

Catalina apparently called Marcela. She and Malu show up at the hospital, but Catalina didn’t give her any details and she didn’t sound optimistic. Marce wonders if it had something to do with the wedding….

Malu’s phone rings. Daniel’s been arrested and STILL he’s insisting he had nothing to do with India. He begs Malu to get him the best law firm.

Nico and Pati had the sex again. And it was so good she sobered up. She also says they’re going to be official novios and everyone’s going to know about it. Is he ready for this?

“Since I was 15.”

No, seriously, being her boyfriend will take lots of discipline. He can’t quit the job.

So what does he have to do?

First off, a makeover. And then he needs to get an apartment, ’cause Jackson Heights is a long way away and she can’t believe he lives with his grandma!

The cops bring Mata into Daniel’s interrogation room, I guess hoping Daniel would admit to something if it was just the two of them? But Daniel keeps blaming everything on Mata. He starts throwing punches and the cops have to break up the fight.

They still haven’t told Marcela anything about Armando. Malu called Esteban to deal with Daniel. Armando’s parents show up. Betty, Cata, and Joaquin come into the same waiting area and Margarita starts blaming everything on Betty.

Roberto drags her away as Cata tells Betty not to pay attention.

Betty says she’s right. She takes off and Joaquin goes after her.

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stealth cacophony
1 year ago

” “I swear, I’ll pay you back! It was a bad investment!”

Malu tells him to admit it–it wasn’t a bad investment, he’s just a thief.” Yess.

“(I kind of want to kick him in the shins for trying to tell her how to feel.) ” ha

I love the recaps. I love that comeuppance is finally coming.
High hopes for the final