La Mujer del Vendaval #136

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch
Timo is begging Marcela not to shoot him.
Rosa is the one who has to clean up the mess and she says go ahead and shootim. (now that is a self sacrificing attitude)

Don T doesn’t get shot (shucks) but he is escorted out at gun point, accompanied by lots of angry yelling.
Mateo and the architect he captured meet everyone else in the courtyard and Timo hides while Marcela questions the architect why he is taking photos of her ranch. The architect gives up Timo right away and then Timo is being threatened with the shotgun again and questioned as to what he’s up to. It doesn’t help the the architect keeps disagreeing with his prevarications which weren’t very convincing anyway.
When the architect spills the beans that the land that Severo sold already belongs to Oct, Marcela orders them off her property, and when they don’t leave fast enough puts another hole in her ceiling.
Al and Cris hear the shot and come running to know what’s going on.

Roman tells everybody the story of how Don T made him poison the animals.
Cris says if Roman testifies they have more tan enough evidence to bring charges against Don T, but the girls think that Don T has enough power in the area to make it pointless to try. Cris says he’ll draft a complaint to the higher authority for him. Plus he knows a guy on some kind of human rights committee? That sounds like it has a better chance. They all thank Roman for telling the truth.

Luisitio is recording Lencho singing and likes the result enough to put it on the internet to share with his friends. (note to self search internet for this. ) (ok I can’t find it but here’s this

(and one more just cause)

Cuchi is upset that he’s gonna have to throw himself off the roof too since Cami came up with the idea, even though Nisa’s doesn’t seem too impressed with it, if Cuchi wimps out Cami’ll get the girl. Gordo hopes they both fall to their deaths and clear the path for him.

Nuria is nervous about taking care of a baby by herself but Miguel gives her a pep talk, he thinks she can do it.

Later Nuria is playing with the very cute baby, when Miguel arrives with some baby stuff for him. Apparently baby likes to be held all the time. (sounds like a normal baby to me)

Cris calls his lawyer from the ranch kitchen to ask him to hurry up with the divorce. Alba’s right there and hears, and asks him if he’s sure he wants to do this. Of course, he wants to be a free man so he can be with her.

Marcela and Al are heading out to Emil’s, but first they have to have an unhappy convo about their current predicament. (perhaps Emil should check Al’s eyes too, he doesn’t seem to be seeing people’s characters clearly)

Cami groans to Gordo bout his stupid plan to kill himself. Gordo’s smile goes from ear to ear.

Timo updates Oct on recent events. She’s not too pleased that the jig is up, they’ll have to move the plan forward. Tell the architect to start building now. She doesn’t care what he builds, just get something up on that land already.
Also she’s found the super expensive wedding dress she wants and Timo has to pay for it. 2500 dollars just to put it on layaway. (don’t feel one bit sorry for him, he’s got this coming and then some)
Timo tries to suggest a less expensive dress but Oct is adamant and even pulls out the fake tears so he agrees to send the money. Oh you thought that was the purchase price? Nope just the first payment. Timo looks lost. (mwahahaahha)

All the gals of all ages moon over Amadeo, while he moons over his coffee dreaming of kissing Alba.

In Emil’s office, Al is suspicious of everything. Why does Emiliano know what to do, why does he already have the treatment ready, why does Emil want him to leave the room while he administers the shots. Emil and Marcela get more and more exasperated with Al, who is sure a line has been crossed.
The boys argue while Marcela begs them to quit it and just get on with her treatment. (you know the reason you’re here? )
Finally Marcela convinces Al to wait outside so they can get the treatment over with.

Marcela says the treatment was extra painful this time, probably because she’s stressed out from the fighting and the thing with Don T earlier. Anyway she’d better get going. Emil wants to talk to her, but its not urgent so they’ll meet up some other time.
Alone he thinks to himself he can’t hold back anymore, he has to tell her how he feels.

Mateo asks Sagrario what’s the progress on the annulment. He wants to get married soon. They’re both tired of waiting. Severo watches them from his window and swears he’ll never let them get married.

Silvana asks Nestor if he’s heard from Al. She’s been praying and hoping he’s left his wife by now, but Nestor says Al is too proud to call after how they kicked him out.
Sil calls Al as he’s stuck waiting in the waiting room to tell him if he leaves his wife he can come home anytime. Also she loves him.

Oct gets ahold of Inez’s ex.

She has a lunch date with him during which she proposes he make Inez fall in love with him again.
The guy doesn want to see Inez ever again because she’s kept him away from his son. (I feel like this doesn’t make sense, but maybe I misunderstood)
Oct offers him lots of money to do her plan and now he’s interested.

She explains the plan to Mr Ex but he really only wants to know how much she’s going to pay him.

ML is in her room trying on her new clothes. Her mom asks where she got the clothes and how she paid for them
ML is quite rude and dismissive and claims the money came from calendar sales (*snork* )
Sagrario is surprised but happy ML is doing well and would like to hear about her new job working for Val but ML kicks her out of her room and slams the door.

Nisa tells Inez about her two boyfriends threatening suicide. Inez has some very good advice for Nisa that as usual gets totally ignored, but leaves assuring Nisa the boys won’t go through with it.

Al drops Marcela off at home and is about to head out to see Val but ML wants to talk to him about online classes she’s thinking of taking. Also she needs his help. And she needs to hug him so he can see how much sexxier than Marcela she is. (the fact that she’s keeping him away from Val has me looking more kindly on ML’s strategy)

Marcela calls the judge on Mr Mike’s case and asks is there any way they can get Severo the heck out of her house. The judge agrees to order the necessary medical tests and Marcela is glad, hopeful and grateful.

Nuria gets a call from Sil and they discuss the baby; doing well. Great but don’t get too attached, he has to go back at some point (Ok raise your hand if you think that baby is ever going back to the orphanage. Yeah me neither) Also,  work; a little behind because of the baby, don’t worry Sil understands and there’s no rush.

Alba and Cris discuss whether she broke up his marriage. He says not, apparently there were lots of factors, but mostly he just doesn’t love Nuria anymore; his whole heart belongs to Alba now. Alba is overcome, she grabs him and kisses him.

Some time later she pulls away from the kiss and tries to put the blame on Cris for kissing her. She just doesn’t want to be the cause of Nuria’s pain cause she knows Nuria still loves him and doesn’t want to break up. Cris tries to convince Alba that its not her fault, but since she clearly has feelings for him she hast to break up with Amadeo. He can’t stand how she looks at Amadeo with love in her eyes. Alba tells Cris she hasn’t been completely honest with him, and she has to tell him the truth before he does something permanent.

Nestor’s guy notes and reports Al going to Val’s to visit late at night. Nestor can’t believe Val would be lover to both father and son at the same time. What can she be thinking?
He tells his guy to go spy on them and see what’s up.

Selma comes to talk to Amadeo. She knows its over between them, but something unexpected has happened. She pretends to be distraught.
She doesn’t know what to do. Amadeo tries to calm her down and comfort her, but he doesn’t understand what’s goin’ on.
What’s goin on, is that Selma is pregnant.

Is Amadeo the father of Selma’s fake baby? (I’m just assuming, because Selma)
Will Emiliano get the guts to spill his guts to Marcela?
Is Nestor’s guy going to get an eyefull?
What does Alba just have to tell Cris? And does it involve more kissing?
Find out next time on Mujer del Vendaval.

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