El Gran Final de Betty en NY Monday 8/12/19 #123

Previously on Betty: Armando got hit by a car, Margarita blamed Betty, Betty blamed herself.

Betty’s in the chapel praying that Armando survives. If he dies, she’ll die too. He loves her and he’s sorry, so please….

Joaquin comes in looking for her. What Armando did was stupid. It was completely “crazy.” Because he’s “crazy” for Betty and Betty is for him.

She swears, she tried to forget him!

Joaquin doesn’t need an explanation. He knew it when she ran out of the airport–nothing is greater than the love she feels for Armando. It’s time for both of them to stop fighting.

Betty says Joaquin’s been great. He saw things in her that she didn’t. She owes him so much!

Joaquin disagrees. She doesn’t owe him anything and she doesn’t have anything to feel sorry for. She didn’t lie to him, he just didn’t want to see the truth. Betty has a pure soul and it’s why Joaquin fell in love with her.

He’s sure Armando’s gonna make it. It would be stupid of him to die now that he knows Betty loves him.

“We had a good time, didn’t we?” He gives Betty a last kiss on the forehead and they tell each other to be happy.

In the waiting area, Betty calls Julia. She didn’t think Armando would come after her and she feels like it’s all her fault. If only she had talked to him before she left!

Cata tells Betty Joaquin looked sad leaving. Did he say goodbye? Betty says he did.

There’s been no news about Armando, but they let his parents in to see him.

Roberto comes back, but he doesn’t know how Armando is doing. It breaks his heart to see Armando in bed like that. And the doctors never tell you the truth. He’s worried that Armando’s not waking up.

Roberto suddenly notices Betty. Isn’t she supposed to be in California?

Betty says she’s not going. She has to stay.

Roberto figures Armando must have been desperate to act the way he did.

“Or very much in love,” Cata adds.

Roberto starts to hug Betty, but Margarita shows up and starts in on Betty, telling her she’s not wanted here.

Roberto’s calm finally cracks. He screams at Margarita to cut it out. He’s tired of her telling this story. It’s not Betty’s fault! And she has every right to be here. When is Margarita going to realize that Armando loves Betty. He went after her!

Roberto tells Betty to come with him–Armando needs her.

Betty pushes back the curtain to Armando’s room. She hates seeing him all busted up like this. How could he cross the street like that?! She knows he did it because he was following her. He has to check next time!

Marce listens from the hallway as Betty tells Armando to listen up. She knows he loves her and from now on she’s going to believe everything he says. So she needs him to get up out of this bed so they can be happy. They have so much to live for, so much fun to have…or maybe it’s all bad stuff and lies. She doesn’t care as long as it’s with him and he’s alive. She tells him to live….

Armando’s finger is twitching. Betty reaches down to hold his finger with her finger and then she squashes him because HE’S AWAKE!

“Ow!” He tells her to cry on the other shoulder–this one hurts. “You didn’t leave.”

Nope. She’s not leaving ever. And he’s not going to let them drag her out. “What are you waiting for before you kiss me?”

Again she squashes him, but he doesn’t care. He wants more kisses.

Marcela’s watching from the hallway as they kiss some more and say they love each other. Armando explains he asked Santo Niño de Atocha for a miracle, for them to be together. Next time he asks for a miracle he’ll also ask for instructions! But it’s all good because she forgave him.

Betty says she already had, she was just staying away so they could all get their lives together. Not just the two of them, but Marcela too. Betty never wanted to hurt her.

In the hallway, Marcela wipes the tears off her face and leaves.

Armando asks about Joaquin.

Betty says he left for LA alone.

Armando knows he’s a good guy and he wishes him well…just far away from Betty!

She’s about to kiss him again when his parents come in. Betty leaves them alone with him.

Outside, Betty runs into Marcela and says she’s leaving.

Marce tells her to stay. This is where she belongs, with Armando. She didn’t get married today, not because she doesn’t love Armando, but because he was in love with another woman.

Betty says Marcela holds a special place for Armando–

She’s not done. It took a lot of work to understand it. She and Armando had a good relationship but they were never going to have what Armando and Betty have. And she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life without love.

Betty says she’s sorry. If she had known from the beginning that all this was going to happen, she wouldn’t have gotten close to Armando.

Marcela tells her not to worry about it.  You don’t choose who to fall in love with. She hopes they’ll be happy. She’s going to be fine.

Marcela walks away in tears.

(Awww, last entrada. Whatever, whatever, whatever, whateverrr….)

Marcela walks past the Pelotón in the waiting room and Sofia assumes Armando’s dead. They’re all comforting Betty, saying they’re here for whatever she needs, let it all out, they’re sorry Armando died.

He’s not dead! He’s in serious condition, but he’s going to live. Where is this coming from?!

Sofia babbles about broken phones and how they all need to be more prudent.

Some time later

Nico’s got his finger stuck in the very fashionable knot of the tie that Pati insisted he wear. Roberto makes an executive decision and cuts off the damn tie.

Pati comes in with her awful coffee and complains about Nico’s tie.

Roberto says that, um, ties are kind of out and since Nico’s going to Milan and Paris Fashion Week….

About that, why is Nico going when he’s more of a finance guy?

Pati slaps her hand over Nico’s mouth and says he definitely wants to go and she’s going to go with him to advise him on fashiony things. She can go, right? She’s going to go buy the tickets right now.

Nico offers Roberto some coffee, but Roberto says he can’t have it. Doctor’s orders.

Giovas finishes putting the “BAR Fashion” logo on Demetrio’s office door. He’s inherited the giant picture of Betty from Joaquin. Julia’s impressed with how far they’ve come since they were running the business out of the house.

Demetrio agrees they’ve gone through a lot to get here. College, university, the loan, the mortgage, but of course it was worth it. Betty exceeded all his expectations

Julia tells him not to get all sentimental. And this afternoon they’ve gotta go check out the salon for Betty’s wedding.

Malu, Marcela, Roberto, and Esteban meet in the V&M boardroom. Roberto’s surprised that Malu and Marcela want to leave.

Marcela says she has to get on with her life.

Roberto asks if there’s anything he can do to change their minds.

Esteban has an idea. They can stay on as shareholders, come to a meeting once a year, and keep getting their monthly dividend checks.

Malu says they can’t. They need the money to start their business.

But that’s what banks are for.

Marcela thinks they could ask for a loan. Malu’s going to take her word on that.

Roberto thanks Esteban for helping make sure his daughters come home at least once a year.

Marcela thinks they’ll see him more often than that. And he’s always welcome in their home.

Berta’s taking a pregnancy test in the V&M bathroom. She’s too nervous to read it, so Sofia takes over. The Pelotón have a quiet celebration while Berta’s still got her eyes closed and then Sofia tells her she’s pregnant. Finally!

Months later

Armando’s trying to get Julia to let him see Betty…it’s not bad luck the night before the wedding, right? He tries to get cutesy with her, calling her suegrita and she tells him to back it up. He doesn’t have permission to use “tu” with her. That’s going to take months and she’s going to have to see that he makes Betty happy and MAYBE then she might use “tu” and call him “Armandito.”

But for now he’s Señor Armando and she’s Señora Julia, got it?

Armando swears he gets it and he gets that Betty’s family wants to take care of her and protect her and the only thing he wants is for Betty to be happy. He’d rather die than hurt her again.

Yeah, they’ll see. And now he should go home.

Armando needs Julia to give Betty an envelope and one other thing…. He dashes outside while Julia reads the note and comes back in with AmorOso. Armando explains that he rescued him from the trash thinking that one day he’d give him back. So yeah, give Betty the bear and the card he knows Julia already read.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. Julia fusses at him that he’s not going to win her over with kisses!

Betty’s happy to have AmorOso back. She begs Julia to quit calling Armando “That Man.” He’s going to be part of the family. He’s apologized a thousand times and he practically died. What more does she want him to do?

Julia says he’s just going to have to be on his best behavior and deal with her making faces at him.

Demetrio suggests a toast. It’s Betty’s last night in this house as a single woman. He’s already pouty about her going away.

Julia laughs–it’s four stops on the subway and twenty minutes without traffic and he’ll see her every day at work.

Betty adds holidays, vacations, weekends….

And when Betty and…That Man…go on vacation, they’ll be leaving the grandkids here.

Oh, hey, grandkids! Demetrio forgot about that angle.

Betty changes the subject. She toasts to love and happiness. Julia toasts to family. And Demetrio toasts to grandkids.

Ricky’s got a new job where his boss sexually harasses him. She used to go to school with him and he made fun of her all the time with his friends, calling her fat and ugly. So I guess this is her revenge. She knows he’s on the verge of losing his apartment and his mom’s hospital bill hasn’t been paid in months, so they’re going to go to happy hour at that place where no one from the bank will see them….

It’s wedding time. The Pelotón are all sitting there wondering what’s taking Betty so long. Maybe she changed her mind? Berta wants to start taking bets on whether Armando ends up getting left at the altar. Mariana hisses at her not to bring bad luck! ¡Cancelado!

Roberto checks with Armando, but he’s sure Betty’s on her way.

The wedding march starts. Julia jogs up the aisle to her seat. Betty’s coming down the aisle with Demetrio. She trips and looks like she’s about to go down…just kidding!

When they get to Armando, Julia has to tell him to let go of Betty.

Facing each other, Betty and Armando do the little thing with their fingers.

Danny’s in prison, whining about his sisters “abandoning” him. But Malu got him a lawyer and she’s paying for it. Marcela’s being really optimistic about Daniel getting back to the business world soon. Malu just hopes he doesn’t let money buy out his principles.

They’re all holding hands in the middle of the table when a guard barks at them not to touch.

Back to the good stuff. Betty and Armando’s song plays. Wilson is apparently very weepy. Pregnancy hormones maybe. Everybody stares at him.

The celebrant says that the love this couple professes finds its greatest expression in front of their friends and family…

All the couples make eyes at each other. Ramiro and Mariana are apparently there together. Score!

Berta and Sofia take turns smacking Pati with their flowers.

Hugo and the photographer have attracted each other’s attention.

I cannot believe he’s asking if anyone opposes the marriage. Betty puts her arms around Armando protectively. Margarita and Julia both come halfway out of their seats, staring at each other. Roberto mutters at Margarita not to do it. Demetrio tells Julia this is Betty’s wedding and she’s made her decision.

The celebrant declares them husband and wife and Betty does an excited little dance. They kiss while everyone applauds. Armando asks if he can kiss her again and this time it’s all “Damn, kids, get a room!” The Pelotón storm the altar and try to toss Armando in the air.

Pati fusses to Nico that she doesn’t belong there. If Marce finds out, she’ll kill her.

Well, Marce’s just going to have to understand that Pati’s his “forever sweetheart” and she’s going to go with him everywhere.

In that case, Pati’s going to need him to learn a little phrase for their trip to France: je paye.

Seriously? We couldn’t have one episode without Jenny?! She’s working for the caterer. Pati sneers.

Margarita and Julia are watching Armando dancing with Betty. Margarita thought Julia would be happier on her daughter’s wedding day.

Be1tty is happy, so that’s enough for her.

They look over at Roberto and Demetrio getting on like a house on fire. They can already tell what Christmas will be like. And…Mother’s Day.

Betty and Armando go over to greet Ángel Sanchez, who designed her wedding dress. Hugo comes over to be his snotty, typical self.

Betty gets ready to throw the bouquet. She pulls another “about to trip” gag. Then she takes advantage of the high ceiling and really lets the flowers fly.

They land on Pati’s plate and Nico kind of proposes. She looks terrified and keeps eating canapés.

Great. And now Efrain. He brags to Charlie and Sofia about running the catering company. Jenny brags about Efrain taking her back. The real owner comes over to tell Efrain to hurry up with those glasses.

Marcela’s at the airport. She watches a pre-teen girl sketching on a tablet and goes over to make suggestions about the hem and the neckline. The girl, Tamara, says she knows about fashion, but she wants to know more.

Marcela says she has a fashion company.

Immediately Tamara tries to get herself hired. She has LOTS of ideas!

Marcela thinks they should ask her parents first.

Well, here comes her dad…Joaquin.

Um, yeah, they know each other.

Tamara thinks her dad should have no problem, then, helping Marcela with her company.

Joaquin sends her to go see if the plane’s going to be there on time.

Marcela says Tamara’s talented.

Joaquin agrees, but her mom doesn’t want her getting involved in fashion and he’s just gotten shared custody. Anyway, what’s Marce going to LA for.

Marcela says she and Malu are starting their new company.

Oh yeah. He heard. “Fashion with environmental sense.”

They start picking on each other for the whole Betty/Armando thing. Joaquin admits he’s stubborn and naive. Marce thinks that makes two of them. Love–who understands it?!

Joaquin figures you’ve gotta let yourself be surprised. Love shows up when you least expect it and with the person you never would have imagined.

Armando and Betty are dancing. He convinces her to sneak out with him, but they get busted. They get pulled into a conga line and then Betty goes crowd-surfing.

Nine Months Later

A nurse backs away from a baby’s bassinet with a horrified look on her face.

Julia and Demetrio take a peek and say she’s so pretty!

Roberto and Margarita seem a little put off…but Margarita says they can fix a few things….

Nico shrieks and says she’s pretty.

Armando and Demetrio coo over the baby. Julia says she looks just like Betty and tells Armando to take the baby over to Betty.

Betty welcomes the baby to the world and tells her she’s beautiful and loved.

And now Armando has two beautiful women to take care of and love. And they’re naming the baby Beatriz Aurora Mendoza Rincón. *smooch* Betty and Armando wave their fingers in her face.


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