La Mujer del Vendaval #137

How Did That Happen?
Amadeo is pretty shocked to hear Selma say she’s pregnant, but she has the test results to prove it.
And how dare he even ask if he’s the father, what does he think she is?
She doesn’t know what to do about it, she’s going to leave the whole burden of decisions on his shoulders
Ilse interrupts the discussion at the crucial moment so Amadeo can say he’ll think about it and talk to Selma again tomorrow.
Selma leaves and Amadeo lies to his mom, telling her nothing’s up.

Al looks through Val’s paperwork and sees that she doesn’t really need his help at all, she’s got things handled pretty well on her own. She distracts him with a bottle of wine, encourging him to confide in her. She’s on his side, ect. ect.

Alba tells Cris, the thing with Amadeo stared out as a way to push him away but now she’s in love with Amadeo too. Far from being disgusted by her confession, Cris is impressed with her honesty. He will go back to the city to talk to Nuria and get the divorce worked out and then he’s coming back for Alba. He’s more convinced than ever now that she’s the girl for him.

Alba is surprised Cris still wants her knowing what he knows, but Cris is confident he can get her to choose him, he can win back her whole heart, and she’s worth the effort, she’s unique and precious.

Lencho gets back to Oct’s suite, she’s pretty ticked off, she doesn’t want him being friends with Mauro, and much less Inez. Lencho says its no big deal, he just needed to go have a good time after last night. Well Oct hopes he feels more “inspired” tonight, she’s got great expectations and he’d better measure up. (oh lordy, I can’t find no way to write about this without everything seeming to have a second meaning, Imma just lean in. ) Lencho gives his crotch a look as if to say ok buddy, don’t let me down.
I don’t know what the crotch had to say about it.

Marcela tells Mateo what’s been going on with her and Al and all her new suspicions about Al and how everything points to Al being in it not for her, but for the ranch. Mateo is surprised and concerned about Al’s new plans for the ranch, are they really going to let him go on with the new crops? Marcela thinks Al still wants the ranch to be a success, he just thinks the hotel is the only way they can.

Alba tells Marcela how relieved she feels now that she’s told Cris the truth. Marcela just hopes now Cris will leave. Alba’s telling her how great a guy Cris is, but Marcela is all yeah, that’s what I thought of Al before we got married too. She’s still on team Amadeo, but Alba still thinks Amadeo loves Selma (too bad Alba didn’t try the truth thing with Amadeo too)

Apparently Lencho, um, fell short of expectations once again (understandable, I personally think Octavia is more scary than sexy at the best of times. )
Oct is livid. Lencho is contrite as she slams into and then out of the bathroom and then straight out of the room. As she heads out in the hallway Oct calls and makes a date with someone else.

It turns out to be skeevy bank guy, who doesn’t have any hesitations or hang ups as they meet up at the club and he immediately starts pawing Octavia.
She wants to make sure their plot to cut off Al’s credit is on before she lets him get intimate.

Val wants to start on another battle of wine but Al realizes he needs to go home.

Amadeo wakes Roman up to tell him about Selma and the little problem.

Amadeo wants a paternity test but doesn’t feel he can tell Selma that. He needs advice. Roman says the simplest answer is to remove the problem, but Amadeo doesn’t feel ok with that as an option.

Amadeo rejects all of Roman’s pretty sensible advice (so why’d you wake him up to ask him, silly? ) He’ll tell Alba all about the whole thing and Selma’s pregnancy himself tomorrow, so there!

Al comes home late, smelling of wine and Marcela is not happy he didn’t even bother to tell her he wouldn’t be home for supper. He tells her she can see Emil whenever she wants, he doesn’t care anymore. She wonders if its the alcohol talking, but he says not.
Ok then, she heads out to the stables to say goodnight to Huracan.

ML meets with her dad, she’s all dressed in black ready to take a run at getting the necklace. Severo wants to know where Marcela keeps his brother’s pistol, but ML says it’ll have to wait till tomorrow and skulks out.

Al sees her sneaking around in the dark and thinks she’s Marcela heading away from the stables. He tries to follow, but ML realizes she’s been seen and hides behind a tree as Al wanders around, more in the dark than usual, looking for his wife.

Severo searches for the pistol but doesn’t find it.

Marcela has her nightly chat with Huracan, but Emiliano is waiting in the stables to talk to her about something that’s eatin him up inside. Eventually he manages, despite using far too many words, and despite Marcela not wanting to hear it, to tell her he loves her.
Just in time for Al to come along and hear.

Al is furious to have his suspicions confirmed and thers’s a big knock down, drag out, roll around in the sawdust, fight between Al and Emil, and it looks like Al’s about to kill Emil, when he sees Marcela unconscious on the floor. Al picks Marcela up, scorning the help of Emil. He’s not welcome there, Marcela is Al’s wife.

Al takes Marcela to the hospital and Emil goes to Val’s house and begs her to go find out how Marcela is doing.
Val goes and hears Al’s version of what happened and does her best to make things worse.

Marcela wakes up and wants to see Al. Val tries to stop him from going in there and confronting her, but Al will not be stopped.
Val calls Emil and tells him Marcela is awake. Emil is worried about what the confrontation with Al will do to an already stressed Marcela.
Hey Val tried to stop him.

ML is heading for her uncle’s grave. She’s pretty concerned that his spirit is hanging around ready to menace her, so when she hears the whistles it startles her pretty bad, but Maria Laura is tough, she hangs in and sees the kids Al has watching the gravesite changing shifts. She realizes Al has had the place watched and she can’t get the necklace.

Severo is back in bed when ML comes to tell him its too risky to go after the necklace because its guarded.

Marcela tries to explain what really happened to Al but all he wants to do is yell at her (I checked out after a couple of seconds, I doubt anything important was said.)
Emil shows up at the clinic, for all the good it does. All he can do is go in Marcela’s room to comfort her after Al storms away.

Al gets back to the ranch and encounters Sagrario and tells her Marcela is in the clinic in town without any further explanation

Sagrario goes to the clinic and replaces Emil at Marcela’s bedside. Marcela tells her what happened. Sagrario thinks that once Al calms down he’ll start listening to her because he loves her. Marcela thinks what Al feels isn’t love.
Mateo came with Sagrario to the clinic and can’t get anybody to explain to him what happened

Self pity time with Alessandro Castelo

Cuchi is on the roof gingerly peering at the ground. Gordo is laughing as he goes to get Nisa so she can see how much she’s loved.
Cami comes up to the roof and eyes the drop and Cuchi both nervously. Both boys are staying a healthy distance from the edge.
Nisa comes up and tells them both off and leaves with Gordo. As the boys fight over her amongst themselves, Gordo tells Nisa that both her boyfriends know she was two timing them and they made a bet between them to see which one would end up with her.

Miguel shows up to Nuria’s to check on her and the baby. The baby is good as gold and not even a smitch of fever. Miguel is sure its all due to the quality of nursing. Nuria offers him coffee and asks him to hold the baby while she makes it.

Selma comes to the ranch just as Alba is trying to get to town to see Marcela in the clinic. After some rigamarole, Selma says what she came to tell Alba. She’s pregnant with Amadeo’s baby.

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