La Reina del Sur Monday 7/15/19 #2.50

Previously: Teresa found out Francesco is Lupo and she’s epically not happy about it. Lupo tells her Alejandro’s in charge of the op. Lupo’s real name is Michele. Jonathan accidentally leads Manuela to the factory.

Lencho dresses as a nurse and gets into Zurdo’s hospital room.

In prison, Faustino and Antón are getting each other caught up. Faustino says Zurdo’s about like a potato purée at this point. He probably even broke his tongue and you know how he likes to talk. Something about him falling off a helicopter and through a zinc (tin) roof.

Antón remembers Teresa was supposed to leave the hotel in a helicopter to pick up her daughter.

Oh. Well that explains it. No ticket, no seat, so she threw him off. Or maybe he tried to get on and fell. Who knows. But Zurdo barely escaped death.

Lencho explains he got himself a fake ID to get in here. What does Zurdo want him to do?

Kill Teresa.

But how, when he doesn’t know where she is?

Find Sanchez-Godoy’s girlfriend, the vampire or whatever, and she’ll lead him to Teresa.

Jonathan says Manuela tricked him. Lupo thinks they need to get out of there and so does Sofia.

Teresa punches him. What? She owed him that. And it’ll help him sell the story.

By the time Manuela finds Lupo he’s tied to a chair. He says Jonathan and Teresa ganged up on him and they’re armed. Manuela asks where they went and puts the gun in his face to get an answer.

Alejandro calls Danilo and tells him to pack a bag. He’s going to Washington. Alone. Alejandro will catch up to him later. I’m completely unconvinced when Alejandro’s all “I love you too.” Anyone want to take bets on how much longer Danilo lives?

Lupo’s story is that he dragged himself to his car, got here, and took care of his wound on his own, like they taught him in the military.

Manuela insists on calling Alejandro to say she found Lupo and he knows where Teresa is.

Jonathan’s driving Teresa and Sofia to the airport, which is exactly where Lupo told Manuela they’d go. Sofia’s surprised to hear that her grandma’s gonna be on the plane with her.

Yeah, about that…Teresa needs to tell her something….

Rocio and Paloma drop off Cayetana and Charo by the plane. I’m tuning out Cayetana and her insults. She gets on the plane while Charo has a proper goodbye with Paloma and Rocio.

Alejandro gives Manuela the order to kill Lupo. It was all weird and coded, so I wasn’t sure until she actually strangled him…but she’s a pro, so why isn’t she shooting him and why did she ease up when he was only passed out and not dead?

Faustino asks Antón how he got caught.

Well, Oleg called for a pickup, but the military guys got him in the elevator. He never made it to the room.

And did Oleg really die?

When he called he was barely able to talk. He just said Zurdo shot him.

Wow. If Zurdo dies now Teresa’s going to pull him out of his grave and kill him three more times.

Batman gets all stitched up and gets his prescriptions from the doctor, who says he’ll be back tomorrow to check on him. The camera lingers over the photos of Batman and the kids and I suddenly remember he went to their grave and Sheila followed him.

Jimena’s on the phone to Ray, who’s apparently cancelling a date. He was supposed to meet her mom tonight, but he says he’s got a work thing….

Jimena thinks it’s more like he has a Paloma thing.

Ray swears he only has eyes for Jimena and Paloma’s like “Dude, that’s cheesy.”

Ray ends up saying he’ll be there later for dinner. Paloma asks if Jimena’s that jealous with everyone or just her. The others arrive and ask if Teresa’s plane has left yet.

Ray says it hasn’t, but she’s at the airport, so she should be taking off soon.

Jonathan, Sofia, and Teresa get out of an SUV at the airport. Jonathan points out the plane and tells Sofia he’ll teach her how to fly it.

Teresa tells Sofia they’ve gotta get out of here. It’s over. And she’s not going to stop trying to make Sofia the happiest kid in the world. (Where’s Tozzi?)

Teresa and Sofia get on the plane.

Manuela calls Alejandro and tells him the bomb she put under the plane will go off in two minutes.

Lupo wakes up handcuffed to a piece of equipment in the factory.

In the plane, Sofia remembers Tozzi. She begs Teresa to get them from the car.

Teresa says they’ll call and have somebody pick Tozzi up, but they’ve gotta go.

Sofia pleads with her. Leaving Tozzi behind would be like Teresa leaving Sofia behind.

Teresa gets off the plane.

Manuela sees Teresa getting off the plane and starts cursing her.

Teresa gets to the SUV and pulls Tozzi’s carrier out in slow motion…just before the plane blows up…THE plane, or just a plane? Because it doesn’t look like the right one from Teresa’s angle.  She calls out for Sofia, but Manuela starts shooting her. Yes please, grab the cat.

Teresa grabs a gun out of the car’s glove compartment and starts shooting back at Manuela…

Who gets into a forklift or something. There’s a lot of smoke and driving around and shooting at each other. And then the army shows up. They tell Teresa they’ll shoot if she doesn’t stop, so she puts her hands up…before driving through the exit gate.

Lupo’s still trying to free himself from the equipment. He uses a keyring that was left on the table to pick the lock on the handcuffs. He finds a bunch of cell phones under his pillow, but as he’s headed for his car he’s surrounded by soldiers. One of them puts a hood over his head.

Faustino tells Antón that according to his lawyer, he’d have to be reincarnated to get out of prison.

Antón’s sure if Oleg were still alive he’d be out already. He keeps trying to call Teresa, but she’s not answering.

Faustino figures she’s on the run again. They might as well get used to their new digs. And their wardrobe. He complains that the shirt looks designer on Antón.

A guard tells Faustino he’s got a visitor.

It’s Rocio. They hug each other, but the guard tells them there’s no touching.

Before Rocio says anything, Faustino wants to apologize for not being able to follow through on his proposal. He’s going to be in there for several life sentences. And here he’d never gotten so much as a parking ticket, but he meets her, he falls in love, he proposes, and look where he ends up!

Rocio says she’ll wait for him.

Sure. She’s young. But he’ll be walking with a cane and he won’t have any teeth by the time he gets out of there.

Rocio knows what she signed up for.

Yeah…he’ll probably get sent up north. Get the electric chair. Does she really want to marry a future chicharrón?

Rocio doesn’t answer.

Faustino changes the subject. How is she? How is Teresa?

Rocio’s been upset since she found out Faustino was here. And Teresa’s with Sofia. They should be far away from here by now.

Faustino’s happy for her. Where did they go?

Rocio doesn’t know and she doesn’t want to talk about it so she doesn’t say anything she shouldn’t.

So what’s this he hears about her throwing Zurdo off a helicopter?

Rocio says she was just defending herself from the guy who killed Oleg. He grabbed onto the helicopter and it was either him or Sofia.

Faustino doesn’t know if Zurdo’s dead or alive now, but he knows Teresa’s got a price on her head. He hopes she’s on another planet by now.

But who’s gonna pay for Oleg’s murder?

Faustino mentions Antón’s in here with him.

Rocio didn’t know. She promises she’ll talk to Teresa once she and Sofia are safe and they’ll get Faustino and Antón out of there.

Faustino tells her to forget it. Even that guy who loves to make tunnels couldn’t get him out of here.

So what does he expect her to do?

She’s young. She should find another man. A good one, though, not just some rat. Someone who appreciates her and treats her like the vampire princess she is. She should make another family and forget him.

Rocio starts crying. What about the promises he made? And the ring? He and Paloma are all she has left in the world.

He doesn’t want her living from visit to visit. And that’s assuming they don’t kill him. What does she want him to do?

She’s sure they’ll think of something. “In good times and bad,” that’s what marriage is about, right?

Faustino says she just did something he didn’t think was possible. She’s crazy. She’s a badass woman.

The guard comes over to tell them to keep their hands to themselves.

Rocio tells him to stay alive. They’ll figure something out.

He promises he will. You survive in here by paying. His people will be here from Colombia in two days with money.

Rocio says she’ll bring the money. Teresa did pay them for the job and what better to use it for than keeping him alive. They kiss over the table until the guard comes over to drag Faustino away.

Rocio goes back to the car, not realizing she’s being followed.

Lupo gets dragged to an auditorium to meet with Alejandro.

Teresa finally gets to somewhere she can stop the car and scream. Tozzi meows at her. Teresa says she’ll be taking care of Tozzi now. She starts rubbing her fingerprints off the car.

Lupo tells Alejandro he threatened to kill the cat so Sofia would get him medicine. Then he got the bullet out and took care of his wound.

And when did she call her mother?

When he fainted after he was done patching himself up. Next thing he knew Teresa and Jonathan were there and he’d lost a lot of blood.

Well, Jonathan’s got a warrant out for his arrest.

Doesn’t Alejandro believe him?

Alejandro says he has to make sure. There’s a lot at stake. He tells Lupo to rest. The plane exploded, the kid died. Teresa wasn’t on the plane for some reason, but Kira’s tracking her down. The mission is almost complete.

Teresa remembers Sofia telling her to get Tozzi from the car. Then the explosion. She walks away from the car and calls someone.

Alejandro tells Lupo that Manuela just called. When she gets there, they’ll know the mission is over and then she and Lupo can go back to Washington and start filling out all the paperwork.

Except Manuela walks in just then and Teresa’s NOT dead. Because the kid remembered about the @#$!@#$ CAT!

But they had a plan. They knew which plane, they put the bomb on it, they put microphones on it so they could hear what was going on…and this all failed because of a CAT?!

Well, when the kid told Teresa, Manuela had already started the timer and there was nothing she could do.

But Jonathan was on the plane?


And did she kill Teresa?

No, because Teresa got all scary and she freaked out Manuela. What? That’s basically what she said. “That’s why they call her La Reina del Sur.”

Alejandro looks at her like he’s not just disgusted at her failure, but he’s disgusted with her lines.

Batman listens to a message from Teresa. She heard from Sheila that he got shot. It had better not have anything to do with her daughter, ’cause he already knows her bad side but he’s never seen her worse side.

Batman’s laughing. If only she knew the surprise he has for her.

He loads up a syringe and tells someone it’s time to wake up. And if the stuff he just put in the IV bag doesn’t work, then he’s gonna inject vodka directly into the jugular.

Dun, dun, dun! Oleg’s alive!

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