Apocalipsis Friday 8/16/19 #5

Previously: Padre Stefano told all to Giancarlo. Osvaldo’s still looking for his son. Felipe and Sabrina are having a baby. Debora and Adriano got married. Alan proposed to Susana. Osvaldo proposed to Leticia.

Debora walks in on Adriano and the wedding guest. Adriano makes snide remarks about thinking she’d be asleep. He grabs her arm and she complains that he’s hurting her.

Wedding guest may not have problems sleeping with a guy who just got married today, or having his pregnant wife walk in on them, but she draws the line at violence. She’s out of here! She tells Adriano to let go of Debora…so Debora attacks her.

Once she’s left, Adriano reminds Debora that he told her he wasn’t going to let being married put a crimp in his style. She’s a Montana now, what more could she want? He applauds her for the most brilliant pregnancy ploy ever.

Debora slaps him and calls him a bastard…and gets hit with demonic abdominal pains again.

A doctor checks Debora out and tells Veronica the baby’s fine, but she has placenta baja (placenta previa) and she’ll need complete bed rest. School will have to wait. The flight from Rome to New York is long and they need to take every precaution.

Well, if she’s not going, neither is Adriano!

Giancarlo scolds Adriano for not taking care of Debora when she’s carrying his child and lost her family because of Adriano.

He says she’s the one who wanted to. As far as he’s concerned, she could be in Israel…or China!

Well, he’s the one who got her pregnant.

Fine, he’s the villain. Poor Debora. He’s going to get some rest now. He already got married, what else does his dad want?!

“Respect!” Yeah, good luck with that.

Debora’s stuck in Rome while Adriano’s in New York flirting with a new unsuspecting woman.

Sabrina and Felipe have hot dogs in the park.

Leticia marries Osvaldo.

Saulo marries Hanna. Alan takes Susana to the wedding.

Four months pass.

Debora’s calling Giancarlo “Papá” now. She starts having contractions. Gloria calls the doctor while Giancarlo calls Adriano. That leaves Veronica to tell her to breathe.

Adriano’s in bed with his latest girlfriend when his dad calls. He swears he’s been studying all night. No, he can’t come home, he’s got a test in the morning.

Giancarlo tells him to get his ass home or he’s disowned.

Debora’s giving birth in her bedroom with the doctor, a nurse, Gloria, and the demon dust.

Adriano got his ass home…and the baby arrived at the same time. The kid’s pretty big for a newborn. He monologues about babies changing relationships. If the couple gets along, a baby can ruin the relationship. That’s why he prefers to do things in a different order. Sex is primordial, love is optional, kids are just a consequence. He laughs that “forming a family” is unnecessary. He likes to put the cart before the horses.

Of course his arrival isn’t just going to affect his parents. He’s got bigger plans. He’s here to destroy the entire world.

Gloria encourages Adriano to come check out the baby. He asks Debora if she knows what she wants to name him yet.

She’s picked “Ricardo.” It means a strong, brave prince.

Adriano’s down with that. He’s actually smiling. He leans over to kiss the baby, then Debora.

Padre Stefano’s having a celebratory drink with Giancarlo. Giancarlo’s already seeing greatness in Ricardo. He radiates strength and authority. Veronica joins them to say Debora finally got to sleep after she fed Ricardo.

Padre Stefano asks about Adriano.

Oh, Adriano just loves the baby. Veronica’s never seen him so enchanted by anyone.

Padre Stefano wants to go in and give the baby a blessing. This oughtta be good…

Debora’s asleep in her bed while the baby hangs out in his crib plotting total world domination. He doesn’t seem bothered by Padre Stefano coming in or talking to him…or welcoming him into the church…or blessing him.

Debora wakes up in time to hear Padre Stefano talking about how he can’t wait for the future, for everyone to kneel to him and the prophecy to be fulfilled and glory restored to the church. She just smiles.

Leticia tells Osvaldo they’re having a baby. Uh oh…this would be the one the demon dust has plans for.

Months later

Felipe and Sabrina are feeding their son, Andre. She gets a little sad when Felipe says they’re never going back to Brazil. They’re finally getting their footing here and he’s been able to send money to his mom. Sure, he’d love for his mom to meet Andre, but you can’t have everything. Or at least, not now. They’re not in the US legally and if they leave they won’t be able to come back.

He wants Andre to grow up in a “first-world” country and learn two languages.

Sabrina wonders if that’s really what’s important instead of growing up near his grandma, his cousins.

Felipe says you have to make decisions. When they’ve got their green cards they’ll visit the family in Brazil.

Including Osvaldo?

Yeah, no, Felipe’s still pissed off at him for whatever.

Alan and Susana get married.

While Alan and Susana are getting married, Debora and Adriano are stuck in Rome. He’s got some kind of event to go to that his dad organized. He’s planning on going back to New York when classes start again.

Debora would like him to stay. Ricardo needs him. And she misses him too. Maybe if they were closer, their marriage would have a chance.

Adriano tells her that the only thing that keeps their marriage going is the ocean that separates them. This is it–their marriage is weak and formal, like the knot in his tie.

Susana’s pregnant. They jump from her small belly to a larger belly and suddenly they’re cutting the cord. They’ve gotta pick a name, but Susana can’t decide. Alan thinks they should name him Benjamin, “son of the right hand.” Susana thinks it suits him.

Leticia and Osvaldo are getting their baby, Zoe, presented to God, since the preacher says baptism isn’t supposed to be for babies. Anyway, everybody puts their hands up to send little Zoe blessings.

Osvaldo’s happy to have Leticia and Zoe, but he still wants to find Thiago. Leticia has faith that they will.

Years pass

Adriano’s older. He’s in business with his dad now and they don’t agree on how to invest their bank’s money. Debora comes in with Ricardo, who doesn’t look especially demon-spawny. Adriano’s definitely jealous of the attention his dad gives Ricardo.

Osvaldo and Leticia are at a hospital, visiting Sandra. She’s in bad shape. The nurse doesn’t know if she’ll make it through the night. Osvaldo starts right in asking where Thiago is.

Sandra wants Osvaldo to take care of him. She asks the nurse to get her bag. There’s an address written down on something in her wallet. Osvaldo promises he’ll take care of Thiago.

Sandra dies. Osvaldo asks Leticia to stay at the hospital and make all the arrangements while he goes to find Thiago.

César, the son of a guy named Luis, is a really good shot and he’s joining the Rio police department.

Demon spawn’s inner narrator talks about how much he hates nature and the cycle of life. It reminds him of the place he got thrown out of. When his work is done here, the planet’s going to be unrecognizable. His physical incarnation whacks at a huge floral arrangement with a golf club.

Gloria sees him and calls his name.

Ricardo stops and walks very slowly into the house as Gloria asks what’s going on. His grandmother picked that arrangement.

“It was a plague, Gloria.”

She says she’s going to tell his grandmother.

No she won’t.

Isn’t he going to apologize?

For what?

Gloria asks what’s wrong with him.

Is she scared? She should be. He raises his golf club and puts it up to the front of her neck. Gloria tells him to stop it. It’s not like he pushes that hard, but her back was to the stairs and she was trying to get away from the mini golf club of death so she goes rolling down the stairs.

She’s still alive when she gets to the bottom. Ricardo ditches the golf club as his parents walk in and heads down the stairs, begging his parents to help. Gloria lost her balance!

Adriano demands Ricardo tell the truth. He saw him smiling. He grabs Ricardo by the shoulders and shakes him. Debora tells him not to touch her son–he’s never acted like a father.

Giancarlo and Veronica come in and Debora says there’s been an accident. She turns to Gloria and tells her to get up like she thinks Gloria’s faking it. Or maybe the evil has brushed off on her.

Gloria can’t get up. Veronica calls for an ambulance. Ricardo whines that he didn’t do it.

Don’t worry, evil baby, mamá knows you didn’t. She asks Giancarlo if it’s not time for Ricardo to go see Padre Stefano. Giancarlo takes Ricardo while Debora tells Gloria she’s fine. There’s nothing wrong. The ambulance will be here soon.

Osvaldo finds Thiago’s neighborhood. He gets threatened by a man with a gun who eventually gives nothing more than a head movement to point him to Thiago’s place.

Thiago’s a drug addict. And he looks nearly as old as Osvaldo does.

Osvaldo says his mom is dead and he’s his dad.

Thago laughs. He doesn’t have a father. His father abandoned him. He wants nothing from Osvaldo. Osvaldo’s a stranger to him.

Osvaldo begs Thiago to come home with him. The guy with the gun sticks his head in and tells Osvaldo to get out.

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